Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Germany: Degenerate Artist Who Commits Sacrilege is Fined

Artist: "I did not want to make fun of the Catholic Church or hurt the feelings of believers." - With VIDEO controversial action in Saarbrücken Baroque Basilica - UPDATE: Artists pay a fine!

Saarbruecken (kath.net) "I did not want to make fun of the Catholic Church or hurt the feelings of believers." According to the "Saarbrückener Zeitung", the 38-year-old Alexander Karle has to appear in Saarbrücken District Court. He had entered the sanctuary illegally in the Catholic Baroque Basilica of St. John in Saarbrücken (Diocese of Trier) and performed about 30 pushups on the altar. According to the prosecutor's office, this was a "crudely inappropriate behavior demonstrating a purely disrespectful attitude." The event, which took place approximately between Christmas Eve on 2015 and  January 1 2016, had been recorded by Karle with a video and published in a Saarbrücken shop window and also via Youtube. Karle has studied at Saar University of the Arts and understands his action as art, as other media reported. The video, entitled "Pressure to Perform", was designed to investigate the extent to which religion and performance pressure were related.

In the Catholic church community, however, the video was perceived as provocation and defamation, said Rev. Eugen Vogt. Therefore, the church community had contacted the police. According to the public prosecutor's office, the action does not fall under the rule of freedom of artistic expression and speech and has therefore applied for a fine of 1,500 euros at the Court of Justice. Justification: violation of religious freedom and trespassing. After the artist's appeal, the court is now adjudicating the decision.

The "Saarbrückener Zeitung" summed up Karle's further explanations as follows: During the action "a few people were praying in the basilica, who did not say a word," assures Karle. And he is also a Catholic, if only on paper.  "After all, he had also taken a small camera," so very discreetly, "and carefully removed the white cloth on the altar before performing his pushups, then laid it back down again.

The church of St. John was consecrated in 1758 by Pope Paul IV. [thanks DJR] as a minor Basilica. It is listed as a monument in Saarland's memorial list.

The Court of Saarbrücken decided a few days ago that the defendant must pay 700 euro fine for trespassing and disturbance of the free exercise of religion. This was reported by "Bild" and other media. Judge Simon explained in the reasoning of the verdict that freedom of art is not guaranteed without limits. If an altar is equated with a gymnastic mat, then that shows disrespect of faith.

The documentation: The video of the artist with the controversial action


Anonymous said...

It's just a Cranmer table but were I there I would still physically mess this guy up, just fair warning, anyone tries this at a Catholic Church I'm in and I will jack you up to the best of my physical ability.

DJR said...

"The church of St. John was consecrated in 1758 by Pope Paul VI..."

Paul VI?

Barnum said...

"The video, entitled 'Pressure to Perform,' was designed to investigate the extent to which religion and performance pressure were related...a fine of 1500 Euros at the Court of Justice... appeal.. Court of Saarbrucken decided... a 700 euro fine..."

Maybe if he had used an insanity defense he could have gotten off scot-free.

Anonymous said...

Judge Simon? Slap on wrist because attacking Catholic Church it is open season. Let that deluded ¨artist¨ try that stunt in a Mosque or Synagogue. Perhaps Judge Simon would give a far harsher penalty.

Blotto said...

He's a "performance artist" so the insanity bit goes without saying.

Wouldn't be at all surprised if he's acquitted on appeal or at least if the fine is greatly reduced.

Blotto said...

Turn the other cheek...except when a hammerhead is committing and filming sacrilege. I LOL'd at your comment!

In London in July 2005, there were four simultaneous and unsuccessful suicide attacks in various locations. All FOUR wannabe mass-murderers made good their respective escapes (but were thankfully all captured in the following days). I remember a commentator saying at the time that if the same thing had happened in New York for example, the brain-dead bombers wouldn't have got very far before having their mobility severely reduced. I'm guessing you're from the US! (I won't ask what 'jacked up' means but I would imagine it would make the recipient wince).

PaxTecum77 said...

I don't believe this is the total fault of this guy. After all Modernism programmed us to believe that the house of God is just an ordinary building. If this guy is taught by a Traditionalist about the holiness of Catholic sacred buildings and does this again then hang him. It is my opinion that we are placing the fault on the wrong person. We must demand Modernist heretics to stop their blasphemous and sacrilegious teachings and practices.

Anonymous said...

"I did not want to make fun of the Catholic Church or hurt the feelings of believers."


Anonymous said...

You hit the nail on the head. If he tried a stunt like that in a mosque/synagogue in the US, he'd go to prison and they'd throw away the key, plus make him undergo sensitivity training (never mind the fact that real Catholics are sensitive to having their churches desecrated [sarcasm]).

Barnum said...

Seriously, the fact that he didn't try his stunt in a mosque is proof of sanity.

southwillriseagain said...

""I did not want to make fun of the Catholic Church or hurt the feelings of believers." Really?? Would you try that stunt at the front of a mosque you coward? Or would you be afraid of losing your head (literally)? Phony coward.

southwillriseagain said...

If he went to prison, he wouldn't last long once the Moslems in the prison found out about him and what he did.

Anonymous said...

Doubtless this sacrilegious and erroneous activity will find its justification in an Apostolic Letter imploring us to be inclusive, to be mindful of the sacred need to preserve the habitation of the flesh, and to start smelling like the sheep.
Is it really that much of a leap from what we endure?

Anonymous said...

The conciliar church is in error but when the Novus Ordo heresy is over,these bldgs will once again belong to the Lord Jesus Christ' Catholic Church.
What this boy did is committ the sins of blasphemy & abomination.
The "Bishops" aren't doing their jobs,obviously.To contemplate this act,let alone going through with it,shows just how degraded and demoralized the Roman Rite is in the West.

Anonymous said...

The Moslems would terrorize him until he converted to their false pagan idolatry.
They are street smart and know an easy mark instantly.