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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Pope to French Parliamentarians --- Act on "Gay Marriage... Override it again"

(Rome) Pope Francis has urged the French parliamentarians he received, by quite frankly telling them to "override" the already adopted law legalizing "gay marriage" again. Laws must be overridden if they are not "possessed of the necessary quality that elevates and ennobles man", said the head of the Catholic Church. The Pope was referring to the law on "gay marriage," the law of adoption for gays, abortion and euthanasia. [Aka Taubira's Law]

He reminded the MEPs that they must engage in legislation "not only the ideas and fashions of the moment". The Catholic Church is willing "to contribute to basic questions that allow a more complete picture of man and his destiny." The Pope addressed the members of a large Vatican friendship group of Parisian deputies, as he received them on Saturday at the Vatican.

The meeting with the deputies had been expected with anticipation because of the simmering for months in France dispute over the "gay marriage", which was recently legalized by the Socialist majority in the French Senate and the National Assembly. Without explicitly interfering in domestic issues, the Pope gave his rejection of "gay marriage" to recognize adoption rights for gays, abortion and euthanasia clearly.

The pontiff stressed the principle of secularity of the French state could "mean no hostility towards religion, and not their exclusion from social life and the debates held there." The Pope showed himself pleased, addressing the mass rallies Manif Pour Tous, without naming them by name, "about the fact that the community of the French has rediscovered a certain image of man and his dignity" representing the will "of the Church and others".

Millions of people have since the fall of 2012, protested with the participation of many church groups in Paris, and many other cities to protest against the introduction of "gay marriage".

A note in its own right, [from Mr. Giuseppe Nardi to his German readers]. We apologize for the initially muted coverage of the statements of the Pope to the deputies. It was based on the report of the German editors of Radio Vatican, where the content and scope Pope words were either not understood or was deliberately trying to downplay this possible.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi Image: L'Osservatore Romano Link to katholisches... Editor's note: let's face it, Radio Vatican's coverage usually leaves a lot to be desired and a lot of it never makes it into English.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Austrian Television Worried About Rebirth of Czarist Russia

A television program “Orientierung" by Austria’s national broadcaster ORF has addressed conservative Orthodox groups in Russia, which was concerned with the continuous counter wind against the Sodomite question.
What is good for the Church, is good for the State -- The movement “Holy Russia”
is defending against the desecration of Russian Sacredness and social perversion.
[Photo: Swajataja Rus]

[Edit: the article as follows from] “Orthodox Faith, absolute sovereignty and Russiandom -- these were the three pillars of Czarist Imperial Russia before the Revolution”.  It is ORF’s opinion that it will be brought about again by Putin.  A good sign for Russia!

As an indication for this, the homo-lobby is facing an upswing, take the conservative, orthodox groups like for instance, “Moscow is the Third Rome”, the movement “Holy Russia” or the orthodox “Flag Bearers”.

The ban on homo-propaganda in Russia with only a dissenting vote among the several hundred member Duma has horrified the homo-lobby and Left journalists --- also that of the Religion Department of the Leftist Austrian State Broadcaster.

Hard times are coming in Russia for gays, lesbians and other minorities.  The problem is, says a “religion expert” of the clearly even for Russia, Left Humanities Faculty (if Marxism is also taught as part of the curriculum?), that Liberalism and the secular Freemasonic State is in danger.

In the Duma it is completely understood what “Orthodoxy and the healthy popular feeling” expects.

In addition there is a law in preparation that the defamation of the feelings of the Faithful is penalized (up to two years imprisonment), included discussed is a law outlawing abortion.

“Aids and Hepatitis -- Gays Suffer this 40 Times More than normal Males.”

Dmitri Enteo, one of the “stars” (according to ORF) of the group “Moscow is the Third Rome”,  will also be quite clear:  “Our country was built upon the Orthodox Church and homosexuality destroys our home -- morally, ethically and demographically!  Propaganda for homosexuality means also an advertisement for AIDS and Hepatitis.  Gays suffer from this 40 times more frequently than normal men.  We do not want such a future for us and certainly not for our children!”

“The Goal of these … Sodomites, Gays and Lesbians is the decay of the Traditional Family”

Iwan Otrakowski, formerly a Captain in the Airborne Infantry, spent several years in the war in Chechnya, found a way to the Faith and became the founder of the movement “Holy Russia”:  “We are  a society of Orthodox Christians, who would like to serve God, the people and the Fatherland.  We want to be strong and moral.  We meet together for sport, train in operating weapons and go to church.  Thus we find our way to God.  Evil, jealously and hate fall away from us.  … The goal of these so-called Sodomites, gays and lesbians is the decay of the traditional family.   They provoke us, call us Orthodox Fascists, for that they are actually paid by the West, and if the Faith is defamed, we will turn to violence.  Not to demean people, but to bring them to reflection, so that they will not live in sin any more.”

Orthodox “Flagbearers”: “Homosexuality is a Sickness”

The Orthodox Flag Bearers also protested against gays and lesbians, in the summer of 2012 during the attempt of a gay march in Moscow.  Igor Morisnitshenko, Orthodox Flagbearer:  “We don’t want any gays and lesbians in Moscow.  Because Moscow is a city, which is holy to all Russians.  … Homosexuality should be punishable by the law and then: deportation.  Our country is great: to Magadan on the Kolimar.  There they should work, because work heals.  Homosexuality is a sickness which leads to despicable sins.”

Their attention was also drawn to a photo they burned, which showed the Pop-granny “Madonna” in underwear with spread legs, and described her as a witch.

Ecumenism With Orthodoxy and Not With the Zeitgeist Confessions!

Archpriest Vsevolod, chaplain accurately described the character of the Orthodox:  “The Orthodox Christian is a fighter, he must be to defend his homeland and his church.  Naturally within the bounds of the law.  An Orthodox Christian must be prepared to defend his homeland and his Faith with weapons in his hand.  Pacifism is an anti-Christian worldview and the Orthodox Church has always nurtured its faithful to be warriors.”

And: All of the churches of the world which are against homosexuality, it is said from the Moscow Patriarchate.  Western churches are only too cowardly to also say it.

One gladly hears the Humanities religious expert:  “The official position of the Orthodox Church toward homosexuality, for example,  does not differ essentially from that of conservative Catholics.”

Quod Erat Demonstrandum

To draw a contrasting program the Left’s papabile Vienna’s Archbishop, Cardinal Schönborn is cited, as he reported with a creased face about gays in the parish community of Stutzenhofen:  “As I have heard, he is a candidate who lives in a civil partnership, so I said: That won’t do, it is not compatible, Parish Counsellors have to hold the teaching  of the Church and the discipline of the Church” -- and then took, “impressed” by the gay, him under his wing.