Wednesday, October 17, 2012

German Homo-SS Bites Granite

Good luck, German homosexuals:  The world is still far away from supporting your brown struggle against truth and freedom.

( The police of the former Nazi Capital of Berlin have broken their teeth on the Catholic site ''.

The one responsible for the Christian-hunt at the command of the brown homosexuals is the German Censor Policeman Philip-Henrik Költzsch.

German Mind-Snoops are at Work

Several days ago Költzsch contacted the current server company for Europe's largest Catholic site, ''.

He described himself as a subordinate of the homosexual lobby:

"Here [in muzzle-Germany] an investigation is being conducted regarding public incitement to hate (§ 130 Strafgesetzbuch) by reason of, among other things, contents offensive to homosexuals by the web-presence of ''.

The kind of National Socialist law in the preceeding paragraph being cited by Költzsch is illegal according to international legal standards.

The official censor also mentioned paragraph 95 of the German criminal code and demanded from the server company a "handing over of the complete available dates about the owner of the site, inclusive of payment dates and the IP-addresses of the last ten logins and exact times and data for the time zone."

The Basket

The firm answered the inquiry with a legal lesson: "According to the German 'Telemedia laws', an internet service provider "may" grant information, however it must not."

Paragraph 95 of the Criminal Code Order is subject to a requirement of judicial decree.

Only in "imminent danger" may a prosecutor order distrainment.

The Cold Shower

But that's not all.

The firm informed the muzzle official also, "that we are not a BRD (German) registered company and thusly do not fall under German law.

And: "We don't back up communications - payments and other information in any way."

The firm had to disappoint the Homo-SS:  "Even if we wanted to we couldn't provide any information."

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