Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Masses for Remarried Divorced and Aberrosexuals with Communion "For Everyone"

(Vienna) A "disobedient" priest and a suspended deacon "anticipate the Vatican." They have announced that they will be offering this  summer of  their own "services for remarried divorcees, gays, lesbians and single mothers" as Die Kleine Zeitung Graz reported.
The whole thing takes place in the Diocese of Graz-Seckau in Pfarrverband Kirchberg an der Raab-St. Margaret in the Austrian province of Styria. Bernhard Preiss, the pastor of the parish association, is one of the "disobedient" priests of the Pfarrers Initiative of the former Vienna Vicar General and Caritas Director, Helmut Schüller.

"Disobedient" Pastor and Suspended Deacon  

For Preiss and his deacon there are "signs of change". Starting this  summer the Parish Community will offer  a "service" for "remarried divorcees, homosexuals and single mothers", in which "all can receive Communion." The initiator and organizer is Deacon Gottfried Url, who defers together with pastor Preiß,  to Pope Francis. Deacon Url is actually no longer a Deacon because he was suspended from duty. He is himself  divorced and remarried and is thus is engaged in his own self-interest.
"I have now read many texts of the Pope - and everywhere  Francis writes of compassion and solidarity", said Url who is quoted by the Kleine Zeitung and draws  arbitrary and just as far-reaching conclusions. "My office has been made quiescent, but when I'm asked, I help", is how Url describes his idiosyncratic understanding of obedience. He "assists" at funerals, Easter food blessings or, "this year at the Easter Vigil in Loipersdorf".

Second Marriage "No Contradiction" Main Thing "First Partner is Financially not Left Hanging"

The fact that a second marriage is not contrary to the ideal of lifelong  bond  is something  of which the deacon is "convinced" for obvious reasons. The teaching of Christ on the sacrament of marriage does not seem essential to the "deacon".  What is "Important"   for him is only, "not to alienate first partner  and not to leave him financially in the lurch." Marriage teaching for him is just a product of Church history, which is why he also does not have to respect this.

"Spring Awakening in the Church" by Pope Francis

Pastor Preiß sees in  Pope Francis a "Spring awakening in the Church." In the new parish Journal 2 /2014 of the parish association, he writes: "Spring Awakening means that new impulses, the Sun of love and fertile rain of trust are also effective in the Church."   The new "Spring Awakening"  Preiß presents in direct connection with the Second Vatican Council, which had overcome "a 400-year long period of intransigence and control.". The Church's doctrine and its defense is reduced by the "disobedient" pastor to  "fears, institutional thinking, ideologies, stubbornness, habits, and questions of power." John XXIII. had  "reformed" the Church by the "vernacular", "people's altar", the "appreciation of laymen versus the Cleric (Priest) in the Church" and the "priesthood of all people." But then  "the reinforced rather re-enforced  reactionary forces."  Now, however, "only with Pope Francis, once again we hear other sounds from Rome."
The Austrian bishops returned from Rome "thrilled and full of praise." Cardinal Schönborn had admitted that they had yet  been too "timid" in Rome for "local church autonomy" and "decentralization". Preiss quotes the Cardinal with the words: "I struck    my bishop 's breast: We have surely trusted too little,  to say what our situation required and how we see things."  "A good, albeit late acknowledgment," says  the rebel Preiss who feels himself confirmed. According to Preiss also quotes the words of the Honduran Cardinal Maradiaga, who criticized  Cardinal Prefect Müller: "The world is my brother is not so. You should be a little flexible when you hear other voices. "

From "Carnival Mass" to "Homo-Liturgy"

For Pastor Preiß there is no Mass, but only "Worship". In  last March 2 he called on all "worshipers" to come "masked" as to the "Carnival Mass" because "God loves to laugh."
Url turns with his "service" to all of those who are "Excluded", he arbitrarily says. The "services" to be held "alternately in Kirchberg and St. Margaret" and  four times a year "on the first Sunday" in season. The first date is going to be 22 June at Kirchberg.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Picture: My district (screenshot)
Trans Tancred


Anonymous said...

Yeah, he hears voices alright. Bet they all do.

Anonymous said...

It is a sin not only to do what is forbidden by the law of God, but to consent to those who do such things (Rom. 1: 32). With these things and Catholic teaching being so unwelcome among "Catholic" crowds, as events of North Carolina and elsewhere showed, if the Novus Ordo had valid priests and sacraments, the amount of sacrileges there would be would cause God to destroy to world with fire and brimstone. It is a mercy that the Novus Ordo is invalid.

Anonymous said...

This is so very evil. Promoting mortal sins as a purposeful way of living. Promoting sacrilege and contempt for the Blessed Sacrament - the source and summit of the One True Faith. These are apostates and declared enemies of God and His Holy Church. Blessed Michael, the Archangel, defend us in the hour of battle ...

Damask Rose said...

Why is Fr Preiss not dismissed and laicised? Adulterer ex-Deacon Gottfried Url shouldn't be allowed to do anything in a Church context, not even make tea for after Mass. I guess the "pastoral solution" really works for him....

I feel sorry that the single mothers and their children are being polluted by these aberro-masses. The Church should really be trying to help these single mothers live the Catholic True Way and help them bring their children up in the True Faith.

(I don't know, but I feel compelled lately reading these threads and writing a comment to put One True Faith or True Way. I shouldn't have to do this. It's sad really.)

As for Priess and his "no Mass, but only "Worship"", these clerics are shooting the Church in the foot. Isn't Obama's administration trying to push freedom of "worship" instead of religion? It's the same with Sr Jane Laurel and lately Fr Rocky (on Fr Z's blog) booed for teaching Catholic Truth and people who want notification in advance of Church teaching. These people are setting up a possible scenario where the state will come in and demand that the Church only teaches certain things or otherwise prosecution will entail. Think "hate crimes".

God forbid that increasingly more priests still "in the closet" will play out their secret agenda and undermine parishes by starting to bless these aberro-sexualists openly and do special services for them as this Preiss is doing, all citing some kind of pseudo-pontifical approval. The parishioners will just lap it up, especially if their children are sinning.

But then I think it's all one big massive set up. Don't catechise the laity for decades, and when the time's right in the world and their faith is weak enough, they're ripe for any sexing up the Church will throw at them. Yes, the Church. A lot of priests seem to be sexually sinning at the moment. The laity are being lured, duped and ultimately lost through sex.

Now they're suggesting married priests. Married priests, divorced priests. I think the ex-deacon is a prime example of damage done here.

It feels like something's been unleashed. Some big, nasty, snarling, fanged animal is prowling about.

Liam Ronan said...

While Pastor Preiß sees in Pope Francis a "Spring awakening in the Church", I suggest it is time to do so serious 'Spring House Cleaning' and scour-out the likes of Pastor Preiß and his ilk from the Church.

Anonymous said...

Don't expect their buddy, Pope Francis to do anything to stop these revolutionaries. They got their ideas from him. He'd rather persecute the FFI. Six months to the SINod...

Anonymous said...

The bottom line for all this is"THANK YOU FOR ALL THIS, POPE FRANCIS".

Traditional and faithful Catholics, including bishops and Cardinals must act.
If this pope tries anything to change the Chruch teaching and practice of centuries regarding marriange and divorce and communion for the divorced etc., there MUST be a reaction from uprising and protest to get this Pope to resign.
Benedict XVI who was a true Pope was forced to resign.....we must do the same with a false pope like Francis.

Tancred said...

This sort of thing was going on during Benedict's reign, but at least he seemed to be rolling back the carpet. I don't think any bishops are being sacked under Francis.

susan said...

The only 'bright spot' in this may be that there is obviously no Mass here and no valid Eucharist, praise be to God for that.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

What a loser. What a clown. Pope Francis that is, not the Muslim man.

Anonymous said...

It's very interesting that you feel some big, nasty, snarling, fanged animal is prowling about. I normally attend Tridentine masses, but recently went to a Novus Ordo mass. The overwhelming feeling I had was that the wild beast known as Satan was not bound, as he is by the many protective prayers in the Tridentine Mass. At the Novus Ordo mass, instead of being held prisoner in a cage outside the church, he is allowed to escape his confines and prowl around the sanctuary at will. It is total chaos and a grave danger to souls!

LeonG said...

He could be a candidate for Novus Ordo Conanisation "subito".