Monday, October 22, 2012

Renewal of the Church Through Gentrification and Adultery

Call to Disobedience

The Zeitgeist ones want a lobby for the adulterous.  On the contrary the adulterers don't have any interest in this lobby.

(, Linz)  Yesterday the dissident assocation "Pfarrer-Initiative' held their General Convocation.

This was reported by the anti-Church newspaper 'Der Standard' today.

Most Stayed at Home

At the General Convocation which took place on Sunday of all things,  so only a fifth of the five hundred charter members of the group showed up.

Those present decided to expand the board from eleven to eighteen members.

At a press conference they announced the Zeitgeist concerns yesterday evening, that they intend to hold in disobedience.

They denounced the idea that this is "out of fun and games" -- rather allegedly out of "love of people".

Vienna's Cardinal Pays for His Inactivity

The head of the wheechair reform, Fr. Helmut Schüller wants next to agitate the Parish Council.

They are rebelling against the planned destruction of Vienna's parish structure.

Fr. Schüller expects to organize a meeting for next spring for that reason.

Gentrify the Church

The anti-Church newspaper 'Die Presse' reports that the Disobedience Initiative will stop talking about the laity.

They have invented the term of "Kirchenburger" (Church Citizen).

Additionally the wheel chair reformers want to demand women's ordination in contradiction to the Gospel.

Talk up Adultery

They want to define adultery as a "second marriage".

The same immoral conception must also apply for a third or a fourth marriage and function for bigamy too.

In any case Fr. Schüller wants to "lobby" for adulterers.

The problem: adulterers don't have any interest in the Church.

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