Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cardinal O'Malley Bars Old Liberal Founder of Pfarrer's Initiative

Edit: the decadent Ex-Monsignor (He had the honor stripped last year) and former Rector of Vienna's scandal Diocese is in the news again. It's fitting he will not be allowed to speak in a Catholic Church, but in a Unitarian one instead. Now someone needs to convince Cardinal Schönborn to join him.

Now we hope he does the same for the comparable Father Bryan Hehir.

Cardinal Sean P. O’Malley is banning an Austrian priest from speaking at a Catholic parish in Dedham because the priest advocates ordaining women and making celibacy optional, stances that place him in opposition to church teachings.

The Rev. Helmut Schuller was invited to speak at St. Susanna Parish July 17 as part of a 15-city tour of the United States called “The Catholic Tipping Point: Conversations with Helmut Schuller,” sponsored by a coalition of reform-minded Catholic organizations, including Voice of the Faithful, based in Needham.

But O’Malley has declared he will not allow anyone to speak on church property who advocates beliefs in conflict with church doctrine.

As a result, the coalition that invited Schuller has moved its event to a nearby Unitarian Universalist church.

Schuller is the founder of the Austrian Priests’ Initiative, which advocates allowing women and married people to become priests and greater lay participation as ways of addressing a priest shortage. About 1 in 10 Austrian priests are members, the Austrian Independent newspaper reported; priests’ groups have sprung up in several countries, including Ireland and the United States, and Schuller has said he hopes the movement will spread worldwide.

Link to Boston Globe... No one wanted to talk about the hundreds of priests and lay faithful who signed Gehorsam (Call to Obedience).

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