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Monday, May 7, 2018

Tendentious Church Journalism

Edit: it's like there's an editorial template for this sort of thing that journalists in the Western world are expected to use when it comes to distort the public's understanding of these power struggles. Never mind that they're like the ritual combats of professional wrestling.

What has recently been read in aggressive commentaries and reports against conservative bishops brings to mind the papal expression "explosive hostility." This is how Pope Benedict XVI. had complained in 2009 complained of media reactions to his statements.

A guest contribution by Hubert Hecker.

At the Spring General Assembly, the majority of German bishops adopted a paper on pastoral care for sectarian marriages. Thereafter, a Protestant spouse should then approaching Holy Communion would be admitted if they affirmed the Catholic understanding of the Eucharist and at the same time disallowing Communion would plunge the spouses into a "serious spiritual emergency".

Campaign for Intercommunion [In this corner, weighting in at 130 kilos!]

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Statement by Rota Dean "Corrected": "Francis Will Not Take Away Cardinal's Rank"

Interview of Dean of Roman Rota was "Revised"
(Madrid) Last Tuesday, 29 November,  a report by Religion Confidencial struck like a bomb - and led to a significant image problem for Pope Francis. Now a "corrected position" has appeared, with which the image problem was corrected.The criticism by the four cardinals, on the other hand, was not withdrawn.
Msgr. Pius Vito Pinto, Dean of the Roman Rota , one of the supreme courts of the Catholic Church, was took part the day before in a conference on the new marriage tribunal process in Madrid. On this occasion he gave an interview to the Spanish news site, Religion Confidencial.  He was quoted as saying that Pope Francis would strip the four cardinals Brandmüller, Burke, Caffarra and Meisner of their dignity as cardinals,  because by posting their Dubia (doubts) to the controversial post-synodal Letter Amoris laetitia, they had given "serious offense".
The words of the Rota Dean, coupled with further criticism of the four Dubia presenters was understood as threat and intimidation.

The old and the new version

Meanwhile a "correction" was made in the publication Religion Confidencial, which is more of a clarification (RC). RC said that Msgr. Pinto had answered the questions in Italian and that the translation into Spanish was "incorrect". The new title of the RC interviews is now: "Under another pope, the four cardinals who wrote him could lose their cardinalatial dignity."
First, RC had published the following reply from Msgr. Pinto:
"What church are these Cardinals defending? The Pope is faithful to the teaching of Christ. What they have done is a very serious offence which could cause the Holy Father to deny them the Cardinal's hat, as has happened in other times in the Church. "
The revised body is now:
"What church defend these cardinals? The Pope is faithful to the teaching of Christ. What they have done is a very serious offence. He continued, that Pope Francis, however, is not a pope of the past, who would take away the Cardinal's hat, as Pius XI. did with the famous French Jesuit theologian Louis Billot. 'Francis will not do that,' he said." 

The tarnished image that was feared has been left behind - but criticism of the four cardinals remains

After Msgr. Pinto's statement, which was first distributed by RC, caused worldwide attention, there seems to have been a corresponding intervention to reduce the position. The original statement conveyed a very bad impression of not very "merciful" administration by Pope Francis. The image of a pontificate in which even the highest dignitaries are heavily punished just because they ask questions, could be an image shredder.
It is striking that the first version was consistently indicated as a statement by Monsignor Pinto, whereas in the revised version, the controversial passage is only indirectly reproduced. RC reported a translation error.  We are more closely acquainted with the fact that the results obtained by Mgsr. Pinto last Monday, reveals a threat posture in Rome some because active imagination went too far. Still the criticism of the four cardinals was not weakened by the "correct position".
According to Pinto, the attitude of the four cardinals is so serious that they would deserve to lose the cardinalatial dignity, but it is just their good luck that it is Pope Francis who is reacting and not "another pope."
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Religion Confidencial (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred
Link to Katholisches...

Friday, October 24, 2014

Cardinal Meisner Complains that John Paul II. Was Excluded from the Synod

Emeritus Cardinal criticizes organizers of the Synod of Bishops "St. Pope John Paul II was inexplicably excluded as it were from the preparatory bodies of the Synod.  How are we to explain this?"

Cologne ( The Cardinal of Cologne Joachim Meisner has been critical of the Extraordinary Synod of Bishops in Rome in a comment in the "Daily Mail", since no representatives at the Synod of the Rome ecclesiastical institute of "Saint John Paul II." were allowed to be there. This looks as though an exclusion of the holy Pope from the Synod took place. Yet many bishops have nevertheless mentioned the holy Pope John Paul II's "Theological basic data on marriage and family" in the Synod. "The continuity in the teaching and preaching was always the guarantee and the soundness of our faith," said Meisner.

Emeritus Archbishop of Cologne pointed out that faith is a "lived doctrine." "Why is it conceivable that you want to change only the practice, but not the doctrine? 'The Word was made ​​flesh and dwelt amongst us'(Jn 1:14). This is the heart word of the Christian faith."

The word and doctrine are both together from "the Word made ​​flesh, the Christian faith." "Saint Pope John Paul II. was inexplicably excluded as it were from the preparatory bodies of the Synod. How do you explain this?"

Meisner then recalled that  months before  John Paul II. was canonized there were many pilgrims from Poland  in Rome . "For the synod organizers that seems to be without meaning: Vox populi - vox Dei  The voice of the people of God was not desirable and seems to have been therefore not heard." link to the comment in the "Daily Mail": " Joachim Cardinal Meisner. excluded The Saint John Paul II . " Cardinal Meisner and John Paul II.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Cardinal Joachim Meisner has Resigned -- Germany Will Miss His Voice -- Who Will His Successor Be?

(Cologne) Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of the Archbishop of Cologne, Cardinal Joachim Meisner. The 80 year old Silesian was born on 25 December  in 1933 in Breslau. He was as archbishop one  of the most influential figures of the Catholic Church in Germany for the past 45 years. Meisner was for a long while a bishop. First, as Auxiliary Bishop of Erfurt from 1980 to 1989. Bishop of the divided  Berlin, then at the request of Pope John Paul II, almost simultaneously with the collapse of the Communist dictatorship and the end of the GDR to the Archdiocese of Cologne. With Cologne, Meisner stood at the head of the largest and most influential diocese in German speaking countries. A bishop's seat, which was connected in the Holy Roman Empire with the electoral dignity. Cologne has been a Great archbishopric since the time of Charlemagne. The archbishops first elected the Holy Roman Emperor. Since the fall of the Old Kingdom of the bishop's throne is connected to the dignity of Cardinal, which is why they have chosen Popes ever since.

Meisner Could Never Form  German Church, But Constituted an Important Counterpoint

It would be an exaggeration if one were to say, Cardinal Meisner had left his stamp on the German Church. He succeeded only in part, to a lesser extent. He was part of the attempt of Pope John Paul II at the restoration of a Catholic Church, which showed signs of disintegration in the post-Conciliar period in the German language area. Cardinal Meisner was busy trying to fill holes and form a counterweight to the oppositional tendencies among the German bishops. That his weight was strong but not decisive, the elections showed the chairman of the German Bisschofskonferenz. An office which he never reached. A Meisner majoritywas never established  in the German Bishops' Conference. When choosing the Bishop of Mainz, Cardinal Karl Lehmann 1987, he would not have a say. Through the Wall, the East German Bishops were forced to organize themselves in the Berlin Conference of Bishops. In 2008, he had to accept Archbishop Robert Zollitsch of Freiburg, because he did not create a  strong minority.

Significant Elector for Pope Benedict XVI, Not for Francis

Nevertheless, Cardinal Meisner in recent decades under John Paul II and Benedict XVI. was a safe and reliable contact  in Rome. The choice of the German Pope, he had been jointly significant. Same does not apply to the election of Pope Saint Francis, which he showed clearly irritated immediately after the conclave.

Decline in Seas Becoming Stormy 

At the request of Benedict XVI. he remained significantly longer in office than is the case under Church law. He was the oldest active cardinal of the Catholic Church. By the end of 2008, he offered his resignation upon  reaching the age limit of 75 years for the first time. On Christmas Day 2013, he was 80 and was still a tower of strength. His departure takes place at a time where the the seas are truculent. Under Benedict XVI.   seemed to have been more calm  in the German Church. Cardinal Meisner was able to promote some of his auxiliary bishops to diocesan bishops. The resignation of Benedict and the election of Pope Francis showed that it had been a deceptive calm. Obviously progressive circles were resigned as a result of their marginalization. With the election of Argentine Pope they have scented morning air. Supposedly faithful bishops, even those that approached Meisner well-meaningly in office and dignity, even to the dignity of Cardinal, turn out to be disguised progressives. The German church shows a picture of disobedience and rebellion that is reminiscent of the time of the Second Vatican Council.

Stigma of the "Morning After" Pill Decision

Meisner himself took a controversial step, which overshadowed the end of his episcopate. A year ago, shortly before the resignation of Benedict XVI., he allowed hospitals in Catholic-run, at least one third of the entire Cologne hospital system, and Catholic doctors to dispense the morning-after pill. It was a unilateral decision that he secured its acceptance by the Bishops' Conference with a Machiavellian text. The morning after pill can also act as  an abortifacient. The opposite,  which Cardinal Meisner described, has not yet been confirmed by science.

Even in the Archdiocese of Cologne nothing desired by the Archbishop was put into effect. Under Pope Francis and in view of Meisner's age, some already ushered in the post-Meisner era. Meisner offered in many socio-political debates a safe reference point for Catholics and all people of good will. Meisner stood out from the other bishops also in that he knew how to speak in clear language. This was especially true after the untimely death of the Fulda Bishop Johannes Dyba.

Man of Clear Words Are Missing in Germany

Who will succeed him? Who will lead the most important German diocese, one of the largest dioceses in the world and, not least, one of the richest dioceses of the world church? A personal decision, which is of great importance for the German-speaking world, but also for the Universal Church. A decision that is entitled to Pope Francis.

It is hoped that Cardinal Meisner, as also the 80 year old Cardinal Walter Kasper, will prove to continue to raise his voice in the universal Church. One is related to the disposal of Cardinal Joachim Meisner fixed already: His voice is missing in Germany.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: La cigueña de la torre

Saturday, May 25, 2013

In 2013 Pope Francis Can Fill 20 Newly Vacant Church Provinces and Name 12 Cardinals

(Vatican) Pope Francis  has today accepted the resignation put forward on grounds of age resignation of Cardinal Julio Terrazas Sandoval CSsR as Archbishop of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. The Cardinal of the Redemptorist order is already the third cardinal and Conclave participant.  The Pope has accepted his resignation in the two months of his deadline. The new Pope has shown little willingness to extend the terms of office beyond the intended minimum set in canon law.
Only a week ago, on 18 May the Pope accepted the resignation of Cardinal José da Cruz Policarpo as Patriarch of Lisbon.  On April 5th Pope Francis had accepted the request of Cardinal Audrys Backis as the Archbishop of Vilnius. All three Cardinals are in the 77th or 78th year of their lives. Pope Benedict XVI. had granted them an extension of the term of office. At least the resignation of Backis and Policarpo was "no loss" for the church, as the Church Historian Francisco de la Cigoña remarked.
Church law provides that diocesan bishops and members of the Roman Curia must offer their resignations at the age of 75 Years of age to the Pope. It  doesn't operate as an age limit. The scheme will offer the opportunity to the Pope to decide on officials theoretically appointed for life, without notice. If the Pope does not act on the request, the request must be renewed in the interval of two years.
While Pope Benedict XVI. tended to extend the terms of office, especially when they were archbishops and even more if they were cardinals, Pope Francis is seeming to follow a different line. The three Cardinals  will continue until the age of 80 years to be of an age eligible to vote in a conclave. When retired, they are no longer in active employment as Cardinals, however they are so de facto excluded from among the papabili.
On the 25th of December, Cardinal Joachim Meisner, archbishop of Cologne is 80, Cardinal Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone on the 2nd of December had his  79th,  the Vietnamese Cardinal Pham Minh Man was born in 1934. Since his birth is not known, the 31st of December applies as the date.
In total there are 18 cardinals who could have their resignations accepted by the Pope at any time, including with Cardinal Meisner and Cardinal Lehmann, who are also Germans. So the Pope has the opportunity to fill aout 20 new leading ecclesiastical provinces and make important decisions in the Roman Curia.
By the end of the year there will be 12 places  free to reach the number of  voters for Pope at 120  limited by Pope Paul VI.. It is therefore believed that Pope Francis probably could convene his first extraordinary consistory in autumn, to create new cardinals.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Picture: Blog Papa Ratzinger
Translation: Tancred

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Will Archbishop Gänswein be Appointed to Cologne?

(Vatican)  Pope Francis has made his first appointments.  Following the practice of the Holy See, he confirmed the second secretary of his predecessor, the priest Alfred Xuereb from Malta in office. It is customary that the first secretary resigns with the end of a pontificate and is replaced by a confidant of the new pope. The second secretary of the predecessor is however retained for a transitional period in order to have a smooth transition. In a second moment, as a rule, he will be replaced by the new Pope. Pope Francis has not appointed an first secretary.
Pope Benedict XVI. appointed his first secretary, Monsignor Georg Gänswein in fall 2012, as Prefect of the Apostolic House. As such, he could, if confirmed by the new Pope,  continue performing his duties at the Vatican. The prefect has no influence on the decisions of the Pope, but he coordinates all visits and meetings with outsiders from  leaders to ordinary believers. Msgr Gänswein also remains personal secretary of Pope Benedict XVI., Who currently lives in Castel Gandolfo.
Now, reports the online daily news Cattoliche is that Msgr Gänswein could be appointed as Coadjutor Archbishop of Joachim Cardinal Meisner with right of succession. The secretary of Pope Benedict XVI. could be the next Archbishop of Cologne. It falls on the parallels with Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz, the first secretary of Pope John Paul II, who Pope Benedict XVI. was appointed  on 1 June 2005, two months after the death of his predecessor to be Archbishop of Krakow,  the seat of a metropolitan, which had been previously occupied by the late Pope. On 2006 Archbishop Dziwisz was elevated to Cardinal status. Cologne is also an archbishop seat that is traditionally associated with the Cardinal. Cardinal Meisner is at the end of his 80th year.
Pope Francis has also followed the practice, all of the Roman Curia Dikasterienleiter confirmed with the usual formula for donec aliter provideatur until is to make different choices. Therefore nothing can be read in his personal politics for the time being.
Before jumping to higher applies Monsignor Lorenzo Baldisseri, the former nuncio to Brazil and hitherto secretary of the Congregation for Bishops and Secretary of the College of Cardinals, which is why he played a special role in the conclave. As Pope, Francis, just elected, received the white Pileolus of the Pope, he put on his purple Cardinal’s pileolus  on Msgr. Baldisseri. This spontaneous gesture is seen as a sign that the Curia, that the Archbishop will be raised by the next Conclave to the Cardinal rank. The elevation of Cardinal Conclave Secretary certainly has a tradition in the church. Benedict XVI. created the then secretary Curia Archbishop Francesco Monterisi, not the first consistory, but later.
An appeal to the Curia could affect Monsignor Nicola Girasoli, the nuncio in the West Indies. He has been friends with the new pope for some time and until 2005, worked for six years as a Counsellor at the Nunciature in Buenos Aires.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Messa in Latino

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cardinal Meisner Accuses His Diocesan Council of Misrepresenting the Faith

Cardinal Meisner criticized his own Diocesan Council for statements on the dialog process, "who have distorted the teaching of the Catholic Church or actually contradicted it".   Disreputable demands for allowing Communion to remarried divorced and ordained women priests.

Cologne (  The "positive view on many successes of the dialog process, which our Diocesan Council has undertaken,  has been significantly overshadowed in any case by statements which have distorted or even contradicted Catholic teaching."  This is what Cologne's Joachim Cardinal Meisner said in a now published statement on his Diocesan Council of September 8, 2012 on the dialog process. documented the statement of the Archbishop as follows from our translation:

The purpose of the dialog process of the Diocesan Council to Catholics in the Archdiocese of Cologne has been published.  As Archbishop I am thankful for the serious efforts, that are behind these suggestions and proposals will become visible.  Some proposals are helpful for pastoral care, for the work in councils and societies.  The particular stress of social responsibility of the laity and their societies has spoken to my heart.

Also if the collaboration of our lay Christians in pastoral care is indispensable and surely also in various places can still be more intensive, but there is however a retreat in lay engagements in the inner-Church space which is a great error.   That the Diocesan Council has expressly intervened for the protection of work free Sundays and decisively engaged for the maintenance of Catholic grade schools, I heartily regard.  The faithful in the areas of pastoral care may and could not be released from the responsibility.

With great interest, I perceive also that is on the way of the work looked critically at our bodies in the association and the general pastoral care. The "session Catholicism" really requires a critical and honest reflection: What is beneficial? Which is a hindrance? What can be improved?

With its clear statement on the protection of the disabled and the unborn Diocesan clearly indicates what we must ultimately be measured, including particularly the laity involvement.

This positive view of the many ideas of the dialogue process, which has resulted in our Diocese is, however, considerably darkened by statements distorting the teaching of the Catholic Church or even contradicting it. Thus, Eucharistic Communion presupposes full communion and requires a life that corresponds to the Catholic faith. The statements on marriage are blurred here and ignore their unique significance for human coexistence. This is very unfortunate.

That the Diocesan Council has addressed the issue of celibacy thusly, I've actually expected this, because it thoroughly corresponds to today's mainstream. Only this expression of opinion contributes nothing to the question of priestly vocation. The Diocesan Council remains here only discouraged and stuck to the too familiar mainstream in its published opinion. I regret this and this would have expected statements independent of the mainstream.

To the priesthood, the doctrine of the Church is completely unique. In his Apostolic Letter of 22 May 1994 Pope John Paul II declares: "So therefore, any doubt about the important matter related to the divine constitution of the Church itself is eliminated, I declare by virtue of my office, to strengthen the brethren, that the Church has no authority whatsoever to raise Women to the priesthood, and that all the faithful of the Church finally have to abide by this decision." Suggestions and demands that are inconsistent with this final decision will result in ecclesiastical error, and will not lead to any positive results. Quite the contrary! You confuse and paralyze the forces in the effective use of the Church for the evangelization so urgently needed in this society.

+ Joachim Kardinal Meisner Erzbischof von Köln

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bored by Synod: Cardinal Meisner Encourages Going to Confession More Often

"Since then, it hasn't been going forwards, but backwards."

Edit: in other words, it's not just going to confession, but having a good resolution to do something about your obligations and the state of your Diocese.

Nothing besides the Sacrament of Penance:  Joachim Cardinal Meisner recommends going to confession more often -- instead of solving the problems in the Church.

(  "We have sat here since the past week and have listened to the interventions from early morning until the evening -- which are very interesting."

The Neoconservative Cardinal Joachim Meisner Cologne reaffirmed this yesterday for his Old Liberal Flamer-Site '' [They were preaching out against the "sins" of homophobia, earlier and Cardinal Meisner hasn't done anything to correct them.]

When he was asked to explain "very interesting", he explained:  "Everyone has the opportunity, to give an intervention.  This makes the work a bit laborious.

Because: "Getting down to business" in discussion circles -- where the Germans stew in their own juices.

Bla-bla Isn't Enough

The Cardinal spoke of a "disappearing faith".

One has to ask "very seriously":  "What have we done wrong?"  -- he asked.

He described himself as a veteran of synods who has participated in ten such gatherings.

Only: "Since then, it hasn't gone forward, but backward."  -- insisted the Cardinal soberly.

Certainly he could not bear the hard reality for long, but  quickly got out of it by talking about the "Holy Ghost".

Despite which -- according to his own account -- the ten Bla-bla Synods he had gotten through, he still effused optimism:  "I am of good hope that the Snod can have a good result."

More Penance?

His website  attempted to hack back into it:  "Can you talk about what has been done wrong up until now?"

Cardinal Meisner retreated:  "I can only say what I've done wrong."

Or:  "And that's something you must also ask yourself."

Here is a solution:  "Are we going regularly to confession, that the sins of our life will be effaced and we will make room for the Holy Ghost?"

Fact: At least based on the situation of the Church in Cologne and in Germany it can be concluded that Cardinal Meisner isn't going to confession enough.

The Problem is not the World

He cited John Paul II:  "The conditions in the secular society have become significantly more difficult."

Still, the problem isn't the world, but the priests and bishops who've become more worldly -- and its vanishing faith.

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cardinal Meisner Oversteps Mandate: Condemns the SSPX

He excommunicates his own people:  "Whoever rejects completely or partly doctrinal statements, can not be in full communion with the Church".
Joachim Kardinal Meisner
Pressebild Erzbistum Köln

(  The Society of St. Pius X is schismatic.

This nonsense is maintained by the Neoconservative laissez-faire Cardinal Joachim Meisner of Cologne on his website ''.

The Neoconservative Prince of the Church, who allows Old Liberals to do as they please, has shown himself  to be a bitter enemy of the Society.

Second Vatican Council:  "Abortion is a horrible crime"

In his Diocese the Cardinal lets the Devil dance.

So does the aid agency 'Caritas' which is under his supervision, link to the Nazi founded anti-Church child murdering chain 'pro familia', despite numerous protests.

'Caritas Cologne' propagates its gender madness and would like that children live in abnormal sexual role models.

The Catholic pregnancy counselor of the Archdiocese of Cologne  sends pregnant mothers to advice counseling, which issues death certificates for child slaughter.

From Cardinal Meisner's own people, there is no demand of the acceptance of the statement of the Second Vatican Council that abortion is a "horrible crime".

Stupid statements and completely out of the question

The text of the Cardinal consists of bowing and scraping to the Pope and various problems against the Society of St. Pius X.

Benedict XVI. has experienced a setback, he winced:  "Only think of the stupid and completely unacceptable statements of Bishop Williamson."

It is related to a legitimate historical request, which hasn't received till today an answer.

Yet he still has no problems collaborating with an Old Nazi organization like 'pro familia'.

Did Christ not Die For the Jews?

The Holy Father has "always made it clear" that the Society must unmistakably accept the Magisterium -- writes Cardinal Meisner of the Pope.

The recognition of the Magisterium contains acceptance of all of the Councils.

To that belongs -- the magisterially sparsely binding -- Decree 'Nostra Aetate' on the relationship of churches to non-Christian religions.

This is distorted today by the supporters of Cardinal Meisner in a distorted anti-Semitic meaning related to the Jews , that Christ did not die for the Jews.

Vague Allegations

Cardinal Meisner complains that the Society should withdraw its "criticism of the Holy Father.

They have -- supposedly -- said, that the Pope is "not right believing".

It is completely unclear what the Cardinal is accusing the Society of doing.

Dusted off the schism club tucked away before the Council

The Prince of the Church even had the insolence to project things which are really applicable only to the Conciliar Church of German, onto the true believing Society.

"Whoever rejects partially or completely the doctrinal expressions of the Council,  can not have complete communion with the Church."

Cardinal Meisner's unjust condemnation against the Society is in reality a break with the Conciliar Church.

Conciliar Church without a Future

They remain "thus they are suspended and continue as a schismatic group along with their bishops" - rants the Cardinal, but has nothing to say about the gay-friendly Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki of Berlin.

 The state of the Brotherhood will only change when they fully recognize the "Second Vatican Council" fully, including its decrees on religious freedom, the relationship with the Jews and the currently valid form of the Liturgy of the Catholic Church."

 The problem is that before that happens, the dogmatically unbinding Pastoral Council, together with the Conciliar Church, will be long since piled up on the trash heap of history.

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cardinal Meisner: People Are Afraid of Offending Muslims, Not Christians

Cardinal Meisner:  "It is significant that Christians are often the targets of satire and blasphemy.  With Muslims, one goes much more carefully, because one fears that there will be anger".

Cologne (  Cologne's Cardinal Joachim Meisner criticized the treatment of Christians in Germany.  It is "significant" that Christians are often the targets of satire and blasphemy., said the Bishop to the «Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger» on Saturday.   "With Muslims one has to be more careful, because one fears that they will become angry."  Such public outrage is merely "the false reaction" and is denied to Christians.  It is "unfair, for them to distinguish themselves when it doesn't cost them anything".

Cardinal Meisner defended the Pope's legal action against the satirical magazine "Titanic".  "It looked to me as though they wanted to whipe their dirty boots on the Pope's white cassock," said the Cardinal.  Under the headline "The Leak is Found" thePope was shown in a white cassock with a yellow patch on the front and a brown one on the back.  The Hamburg regional court has  prohibited the further spread of the title picture through an injunction.

Meisner confides that he himself has never seen the picture, because he "doesn't want to pollute his eyes with it".  Some things "you should not come into close proximity to."


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cologne Cardinal Insults the Church

Edit: He's not the worst Cardinal in Germany, but he shouldn't be allowed to say things like this. Misrepresentation is almost a hobby with these people.

Heil Abuse-Hoax: Now the German Decadence Bishops have taken up the the theme, in which they give the opportunity to take a slimebath to everyone deserving or not.

( Cardinal Joachim Meisner of Cologne is walzting in the dirt for the media bosses.

He appeared on Ye Old Liberal Cologne 'Domradio' yesterday.

Excuse me? The Church is in a Glass House?

The Cardinal used an invitation by the media in Cologne for some cringing, creeping and groveling.

He described the last year of the media boss directed abuse-hoax, for these journalists, as an "Annus horribilis" -- horrible year -- for the Church.

The Church is now sitting in a glass house after the experience of this last horrible year --- maintains the Cardinal.

The Neo-Conservatives Have a Problem With Reality
[Yes they do]

The sense of the Cardinal's words left him at a want for reality.

In an indescribable play of words on the abuse-hoax he complained to 'Domradio' that the Church "in view of the quest for truth sometimes held back by its own claims'.

For that reason its "for many in questionable positions, even the believability of our mission that has been battered."

Actually the real problem isn't with the abuse-hoax, rather it is with the neo-Conservative nomenclature, which Cologne's Chat Cardinal makes use.

This has compromised and water down Catholic reality for years with the invocation of the fatal Pastoral Council.

The goal of this thinning of reality is the laicization and phasing the Church into a society of decadence.

Hard Words are Only for the Defenders of the Truth

And furthermore, the Cardinal called the journalists present, not to be that, which the scope of their profession is -- namely "manipulators of the so-called public opinion."

In a fairly creepy way, the Cardinal looked the last defenders of Catholic truth in the face.

He first engaged in some flattery of the Pope. He is said to have taken "very much" on himself, in order to "bring home" the Priestly Society of St. Pius X.

Then he insisted -- in contradiction to what the Vatican actually said -- the qualification for the regularization of the Society:

If the Traditionalists "don't accept the Council, they must remain outside."

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© Pressefoto Erzbistm Köln

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Some News Coverage of David Berger in the Wake of His Dismissal

Now he lies again: "I never once attacked the Church."

Now the homosexual David Berger will enjoy a place in the daily Socialist Media with a place between the cadaver of Osama and the palaver of Obama. Here are some howlers from the Socialist media.
David Berger on his earlier homepage

The notorious liar David Berger

"Berger, says the dpa, that his dismissal is owign to pressure from the extreme conservative forces,  who had sponsored petitions and even encouraged the death penalty for homosexuals.  "That shocked me the most."  He identified, among others, the internet sites '' [yay] and ''.  '' commented on the revocation of the teaching license with the sentence: "Now the homo has what he wants."  Berger challenged the notion in his dpa interview that he had attacked the Catholic Church as such."

 From an article in the Berlin newspaper 'Tagesspiegel'

Still more homosexual lies

"Berger has the corresponding opportunity of specificity in Canon Law of response, and not to address his comments instead to the media.  In contradiction, the theologian said to 'Frankfurter Rundschau', that [Cardinal] Meisner had given him no opportunity,  to address the charges made against him.  The paper reported, [Cardinal] Meisner used the concepts "homosexuality" or "gay" in none of the parts of his decree."

From an article on the website ''

David Berger accused the Pope of being a Sodomite:

"When you talk privately with theologians, they will all tell you that: naturally, Ratzinger is homosexually inclined. He comes from an ecclesiastically stamped culture, in which that is an absolute taboo. What he hates in himself, he projects on others and fights against it."

In any other Company, he'd be let go

"'It is the common impression", said Meisners speaker Christoph Heckley. 'With any other employer that would lead to consequences.  That's like a bank teller publicly saying: 'I'm not so good at calculating, and with settling an account, I'm not always accurate.'"

From an article in ''

A 'Spiegel' -  Lie

"A year ago it was rumored in conservative circles that Berger is homosexual."

From an article in ''.  The Portal '' had already identified Berger as a sodomite in May of Mai 2007,

'We are Underwear' piped up

"The Movement 'We Are Church' sharply criticized Meisner's decision. This is a sad sign of our unholy and increasingly evident homophobia within the Roman Catholic Church, said a statement. In place of this the Church sexuality should offer life giving power even for homosexual people and also accept them within the Church."

From an article by information service 'dapd'

The Socialist Imperium Strikes Back

"'I knew the tribal factionalism, and for that reason this decision came from Cologne as a complete surprise', said the liberal pastor Winfried Jansen: 'In any case no one has any problems with Berger in Erfstadt. But after the publication of his book, where the criticism of the official Church was clear, that something had to happen. The Imperium strikes back now.'"

From an online-article in the daily news 'Kölner Stadtanzeiger.'

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

David Berger Now Accuses Pope of Being Homosexual

Editor David Berger is up to no good. Since trying to ride the sex abuse scandal on anti-Church magazine Der Spiegel for all it's worth, he's now taken to attacking the Pope. Cardinal Meisner does nothing.

The homosexually disordered David Berger spits poison and gall in the ecclesiastical pot from which he eats.  Cardinal Meisner isn't bothered in the least.

( The scatological-theological plump-plump of David Berger, who's still employed by the Archdiocese of Cologne, has broken off again.

He is bad mouthing the Pope for a dirty magazine known as "Fresh".

The laughable little devotional book says that Berger is to be congratulated for being a "high Church functionary".

The homosexual Berger is "in and out of the Vatican" -- insists this magazine.

The garbage theologian serves the magazine with his fantasizes about a supposed "inner life of the Catholic Church".

In reality Berger's insider knowledge, which he has put in a still-born smear novel already, doesn't exceed the level of the readers' opinions at '', the largest Catholic news portal throughout all of Europe. [shameless plug]

He recalled for 'Fresh' his participation in a march, where he says he freely and finally let everyone know about his homosexual disorder.

That wasn't what happened.  Bergers holy sheen was revealed by ''.  [he was dumb enough or indifferent enough to publish his activities on Facebook]

The Usual Unproven Suggestions

The magazine did not ask Berger the not unfair question, why the Pope offered his "thoughts about Homosexual Prostitutes".

Berger answered that he finds the Pope's insinuated ideas "completely fantastic", that a prostitute in the Vatican would call the Vatican and ask if he could use a condom.

In another context Berger could have said that the sexual disease of AIDS is so furiously spreading is because the Vatican forbids condoms.

Then Berger projects -- as is usual with him -- his sexual disturbances, this time on the Pope.

This one supposedly has himself "a permanent fixation on the theme of homosexuality".

In truth the present Pontifex never brings up the theme in his personal work.

Berger relies on his back alley gossiping, supposed theologians -- that he's invented himself.

From Berger's fantasy theologians are "almost all" of the view that Benedict XVI is "naturally homosexually inclined."

The Holy Father comes though from an ecclesiastical culture, in which the homosexual disorder is "an absolute taboo":

"What he has himself, he projects and attacks it" -- projects Berger as usual.

The Gomorrhist is even setting rumors loose in the world, which can make him some money.

There are "earlier homosexual contacts of the Pope".

Face these unscrupulous calumnies the Cardinal of Cologne will not deal with much longer, as if Berger were not a Church contracted religion instructor in his Archdiocese.

Berger calls upon the conspiracy theoress Valeska von Roques to substantiate his slanders for 'Fresh'.

She has according to Berger, validated the "evidence" that the Pope had even in his time in Rome as Cardinal "attended regular homosexual contacts".

The problem:  Why is Frau von Roques telling these things to an inconsequential homosexual, instead of earning a pile of gold then -- if the allegations are true?

According to Berger's story, Mrs von Roques theories rely on the word of a Swiss guard and others active in the Vatican.

In any event Cardinal Ratzinger didn't live in the Vatican and would have been deprived of the prying eyes of the Swiss Guard.

Homosexual Berger is also slandering the Bishop Franz-Joseph Overbeck of Essen.

He's already criticized the homosexuals from Hell, in order to become the next Cardinal in Cologne.

Berger concludes:  If another Pope would promote the same underwear themes, "then [Msgr.] Overbeck would say the opposite".

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Empty Rhetoric: Cardinal Meisner Complains About Theology Memorandum

Editor : The same sorts of problems occur over here, although our Bishops tend to avoid responsibility for the Theology faculties altogether by saying that they have little power to effect what happens in their Universities.

The Cardinal of Cologne complains about the theologians, whom he himself had named, and about the situation with religious instruction where he has unleashed church haters and homosexually disturbed persons upon the children.

Six weeks late the neo-Conservative Cardinal of Cologne has criticized the Old Liberal theologians' pamphlet against celibacy.

The Cardinal's statement was published in the Newsletter of the Archdiocese of Cologne.  The pamphlet being criticized appeared in the beginning of February.

"In my episcopal service -- in any case almost thirty six years -- there has seldom been an announcement from the theological side made known to me which was so shocking and saddening as this Memorandum"  -- the Cardinal emotionally explained at the beginning of his address. 

The specifications and suggestions of the pamphlet must be contradicted "almost in every point".

Then followed the obscure verbiage.

For example, this:  "That I have to take it on myself to express there is already a disagreement:  for the first and foremost belongs foremost thing is the service of the office in the Church: to spread the truth of Christ, 'if one will hear it or not'. 

Or, directly after:  "This proclamation is in no way a "message of biblical freedom", rather in the power of the Holy Ghost in the passing down and continuation of the word and grace of the Son of God made man."

Wishy-washy in place of clear words

One can not bring concerns and criticism in such a way as if the Church were just "any human institution" -- said Cardinal Meisner.

A fruitful discussion within the Church can only succeed if one affirms the Church in its "deepest natures".

These "deepest natures" the Cardinal defines with a wishy-washy term used in the Church Constitution of the Second Vatican Council, "universal sacrament of salvation".

All Are Guilty, Just Not the Bishops

  He locates the problems particularly -- where the blame should fall squarely on the Bishops  -- on deficits in the faith knowledge and in a widespread lack in living the faith.

These should bring the theologians "to thinking to what extent this actually casts their bad influence in their ranks upon their brothers and sisters in the faith-- and just look at what is taught in religious education!"

The Bishops are responsible for the quality of religious instruction -- not the theologians.

The teachers were appointed by the Bishops

The the Cardinal turns a melodramatic pirouette.

"I can not conceal my greatest concern"  - he sighs:

"How can I entrust the Church to future priests, deacons, religious instructors and pastoral caregivers whose lives are a deficit to the life of the Church."

The Cardinal is not one to cry over this like a woman, what he won't defend like a man.

The following active Cologne theologians have signed the pamphlet:

-The lay theologian Michel, Andreas, since 2006 at the University of Cologne

- The lay theologian Saskia Wendel, since 2008 at the University of Cologne

- The lay theologian Hans-Joachim Hohn, since 1991, at the University of Cologne

Cardinal Meisner has been in office as Archbishop of Cologne since February of  1989.

He appointed these theologians and should do justice by them.

Original,, here...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

German Bishop Performs Penance

Like Father Z, we've been suggesting penance for the Bishops for a long time too. We just belatedly stumble across his post in another forum. Even Cardinal Meisner has been urging greater Penance on the part of priests.  Remember when the Irish Bishops were supposed to make some sort of Lenten Penance for this issue of abuse.  It would be nice to see them do penance for their other crimes, like Archbishop Diarmuid Martin showboating, making ambiguous statements about homosexuals and pretending to be a problem solver?  Anyhow, we digress, thanks to Father Z for posting this.  We might also point out that the idea of Penance is sorely lacking amongst the laity as well.  Indeed, we didn't call Penance the "Sacrament of Reconciliation" back in the day, we called it "going to penance" for which you received penances from the Priest, however small, however great.

Haven't seen the transcript, but the reporter talks about the "structural sin".  There is no such thing.  Sins are always personal in nature.  Institutions may be capable of creating Hell on earth, but they don't go to Hell, people do.  Here's Bishop Bode performing penance:

Just as a small point, the commentators of the ancient and true Douay-Rheims version of the Bible, refer to the protestant mistranslation of metanoia as "repent".  As the English Fathers point out, it's supposed to be "do penance". 

It's a clever way of making us forget that we ought to make use of the priestly office and do penance this advent for our sins for which we deserve death?

Friday, December 3, 2010

New Auxiliary Bishop in Münster

Editor: another clerics averse pastor for the Diocese that gave us the +Clemens von Galen and Joseph Pieper.

Today Pope Benedict XVI has elevated the Münster Cathedral Chapter to Auxiliary Bishop.

(, Münster)  The Diocese of Münster has published the naming of Stefan Zekorn as Auxiliary Bishop.

Msgr Zekorn assumed the assignment from Msgr Franz-Josef Overbeck, who has been Bishop of Essen since 2009.

 The new Auxiliary Bishop was brought to the light of the world on 3. October 1959.

 On 8. October 1984 he received priestly ordination in Rome by Cardinal Joachim Meisner.

Then he was released for his study in the Doctorate.

In 1985 he was made chaplain of Warendorf St. Larentius.

Two years later he became the private secretary and chaplain of the old Liberal Bishop Reinhard Letterman.  At the same time he was Cathedral Vicar of St. Paul's Cathedral and employed at the Episcopal Office in Münster.

By  1992Msgr Zekorn was Formation Director in the Borromaeum at Münster and Master of Ceremonies in the St. Paul Cathedral.

In 2006 the Bishop named him the Pastor at the Marian Shrine of Kevelaer in the same year also the non-resident Cathedral Chapter in Münster.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Three Year Odyssey in Bonn: At Most the Old Mass in Cologne is Tolerated

The Neo-Conservative, muzzled, Cardinal Joachim Meisner of Cologne is probably a Pap-idolater but no friend of the old Mass. He doesn't care much for the numerous Traditionalists in his Diocese.

[, Bonn] For more than three years already, a group of Traditionalists in the south of the 320,000 population city of Bonn have been fighting for Old Mass.

This Odyssey has been recounted by Friederike Weigmann on the website ''.

Frau Weigmann speaks of a "blocked wall" against the old Literugy of the Church, which the engaged laity can hardly break through.

Bonn belongs to the Archdiocese of Cologne. The current Cardinal Joachim Meisner appears as an enemy of the Old Mass, although he appears at them and has ordained priests using it.

In Bonn there is only one Old Mass every fourteen days, which happens at 5 O'clock.

Bonn needs no Old Mass

Already on 17th November 2007 eighteen Traditionalists from southern Bonn approached Cardinal Meisner for an Old Mass.

They form today the 'Society for the Promotion of Summorum Pontificum Bonn e.V.'.

Shortly before Christmas in 2007 the request bit the dust. There is in the "Cologne Church" -- what is meant is the giant Archdiocese of Cologne -- already at four locations which have a regular Old Mass -- according to the Archdiocese.

In Bonn the qualifications for one regular Sunday Mass according to the so-called guidelines of the German Bishops Conference are not fulfilled -- decreed the Archdiocese.

In the same time frame the Archdiocese advertised a calendar of events of countless Carnival Masses in local Dialect.

The Cry For Help That Was Run in Circles

On December 29th 2007 'The Association for the Promotion of Summorum Pontificum in Bonn' descried its situation in distant Germany for Traditionalists to 'Pro Sancta Ecclesia'.

There the Traditionalists received further requests, which had likewise requested an Old Mass in Bonn.

Furthermore, the Society sent "the rejected request to Pro Sancta Ecclesia' to the Papal commission 'Ecclesia Dei"

Local Negotiations

On the 19th of December 2008 the Society spoke with a priest in the south of Bonn, Father John Nampiaparambil. He was newly established in his office.

The minister engaged in more discussions in the priests council, than he should have.

In summer 2009 he was surprised with an alleged sabbatical year in India.

After a reorganization came the new Pastor, Fr. Josey Thamarassery.

In this June the Society spoke also with him.

There he was also informed, that the number of those interested in the Old Mass had grown in the last three years.

Actually Fr. Thamarassery wanted to be informed over the applicants.

On the 20th of June he put off an invitation to a unique and privately organized gathering him reference to other obligations.

Another discussion date is not presently forthcoming.

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