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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Celibacy and Its Opponents

Bishop Bode, pictured with new "liturgical" headgear, is preparing the German public for the introduction of married priests. A plan with far-reaching consequences ...

(Berlin) If there were any doubts that the Amazon synod would be programmed, they should be dispelled. The Amazon synod is will not just be somehow programmed, but in the background from the German-speaking countries. The German Church is said to be recovering from the German spirit, not just since the 1960s. Like with Hegel the tourist in his rucksack, they seem to have a fixed view of the Protestantism that emerged from German lands as a role model. The demand is already old, but now it should really lunge for the neck of celibacy.

On German nature ...

The Amazon Synod is being prepared on behalf of Pope Francis by  the emeritus Austrian missionary Bishop Erwin Kräutler and German-born Brazilian Cardinal Claudio Hummes. Hummes (born 1934) is a personal friend of Pope Francis. Kräutler (born 1939) is the bishop who "does not agree" when it comes to praying priestly vocations.

Amazon Basin
Both have spoken repeatedly in favor of celibacy's demotion to a voluntary basis, which amounts to its de facto abolition, as practice in the Orthodox churches shows. In Protestantism, it never came up again. Both already spoke out for the ordination of women. The Amazon synod with the aim of a married clergy is therefore only a first stage in the attack on the sacrament of Holy Orders.
Kräutler is head of Repam Brazil and Hummes is head of the entire Repam network. Repam, in turn, was founded in late 2014 through episcopal conferences in all Amazonian states to prepare the Amazon synod on behalf of the Vatican. Thus, Kräutler and Hummes have a central influence on the direction of the synod.
The main concern of the Synod, which has since been barely hidden, is, unlike allegedly, not a "cry" of the indigenous Amazon people, because they have no priests. Hummes himself immediately smashed an unwanted proposal to remedy the alleged shortage of priests for the maximum of 300,000 Amazonian Indians. Why? Because the primary goal is not the pastoral care of the Indians, but the abolition of celibacy.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

German Bishop Performs Penance

Like Father Z, we've been suggesting penance for the Bishops for a long time too. We just belatedly stumble across his post in another forum. Even Cardinal Meisner has been urging greater Penance on the part of priests.  Remember when the Irish Bishops were supposed to make some sort of Lenten Penance for this issue of abuse.  It would be nice to see them do penance for their other crimes, like Archbishop Diarmuid Martin showboating, making ambiguous statements about homosexuals and pretending to be a problem solver?  Anyhow, we digress, thanks to Father Z for posting this.  We might also point out that the idea of Penance is sorely lacking amongst the laity as well.  Indeed, we didn't call Penance the "Sacrament of Reconciliation" back in the day, we called it "going to penance" for which you received penances from the Priest, however small, however great.

Haven't seen the transcript, but the reporter talks about the "structural sin".  There is no such thing.  Sins are always personal in nature.  Institutions may be capable of creating Hell on earth, but they don't go to Hell, people do.  Here's Bishop Bode performing penance:

Just as a small point, the commentators of the ancient and true Douay-Rheims version of the Bible, refer to the protestant mistranslation of metanoia as "repent".  As the English Fathers point out, it's supposed to be "do penance". 

It's a clever way of making us forget that we ought to make use of the priestly office and do penance this advent for our sins for which we deserve death?