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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cardinal Rodé Exonerated by Paternity Test

At the end of August it was still maintained that the Slovenian-German Peter Stelzer was still the son of a Curial Cardinal.

( The Slovenian Curial Cardinal Franc Rodé (78) is not the father of Peter Stelzer (42), residing in Germany. This was reported on the website of the Slovenian Bishops' Conference yesterday.

It was jubilantly reported at the end of August in Germany that a Cardinal had a child with a living Slovenian woman.

The powerful media bosses in their bitter hatred of the Church, took this opportunity to besmirch the Church.

Yesterday, it came to light

A DNA test from the Institute for Legal Medicine at the University of Munich proved that the Cardinal is not the originator of the German Peter Stelzer.

This was according to an attorney for the Cardinal, Nina Zidar Klemencic, on Tuesday in Laibach.

The defamation is said to have injured the slandered Cardinal.

The Journalist has to pay

The slander was spread by an article in the Slovenian scandal sheet 'Delo'.

Stelzer's mother had clearly been involved with so many different men, that she didn't remember who the father of her son was in order to establish the paternity of her son at all.

According to reports from the District Attorney, Stelzer has been forgiven by Cardinal Rodé.

Now the Cardinal will sue the author of the slanderous article.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

David Berger Now Accuses Pope of Being Homosexual

Editor David Berger is up to no good. Since trying to ride the sex abuse scandal on anti-Church magazine Der Spiegel for all it's worth, he's now taken to attacking the Pope. Cardinal Meisner does nothing.

The homosexually disordered David Berger spits poison and gall in the ecclesiastical pot from which he eats.  Cardinal Meisner isn't bothered in the least.

( The scatological-theological plump-plump of David Berger, who's still employed by the Archdiocese of Cologne, has broken off again.

He is bad mouthing the Pope for a dirty magazine known as "Fresh".

The laughable little devotional book says that Berger is to be congratulated for being a "high Church functionary".

The homosexual Berger is "in and out of the Vatican" -- insists this magazine.

The garbage theologian serves the magazine with his fantasizes about a supposed "inner life of the Catholic Church".

In reality Berger's insider knowledge, which he has put in a still-born smear novel already, doesn't exceed the level of the readers' opinions at '', the largest Catholic news portal throughout all of Europe. [shameless plug]

He recalled for 'Fresh' his participation in a march, where he says he freely and finally let everyone know about his homosexual disorder.

That wasn't what happened.  Bergers holy sheen was revealed by ''.  [he was dumb enough or indifferent enough to publish his activities on Facebook]

The Usual Unproven Suggestions

The magazine did not ask Berger the not unfair question, why the Pope offered his "thoughts about Homosexual Prostitutes".

Berger answered that he finds the Pope's insinuated ideas "completely fantastic", that a prostitute in the Vatican would call the Vatican and ask if he could use a condom.

In another context Berger could have said that the sexual disease of AIDS is so furiously spreading is because the Vatican forbids condoms.

Then Berger projects -- as is usual with him -- his sexual disturbances, this time on the Pope.

This one supposedly has himself "a permanent fixation on the theme of homosexuality".

In truth the present Pontifex never brings up the theme in his personal work.

Berger relies on his back alley gossiping, supposed theologians -- that he's invented himself.

From Berger's fantasy theologians are "almost all" of the view that Benedict XVI is "naturally homosexually inclined."

The Holy Father comes though from an ecclesiastical culture, in which the homosexual disorder is "an absolute taboo":

"What he has himself, he projects and attacks it" -- projects Berger as usual.

The Gomorrhist is even setting rumors loose in the world, which can make him some money.

There are "earlier homosexual contacts of the Pope".

Face these unscrupulous calumnies the Cardinal of Cologne will not deal with much longer, as if Berger were not a Church contracted religion instructor in his Archdiocese.

Berger calls upon the conspiracy theoress Valeska von Roques to substantiate his slanders for 'Fresh'.

She has according to Berger, validated the "evidence" that the Pope had even in his time in Rome as Cardinal "attended regular homosexual contacts".

The problem:  Why is Frau von Roques telling these things to an inconsequential homosexual, instead of earning a pile of gold then -- if the allegations are true?

According to Berger's story, Mrs von Roques theories rely on the word of a Swiss guard and others active in the Vatican.

In any event Cardinal Ratzinger didn't live in the Vatican and would have been deprived of the prying eyes of the Swiss Guard.

Homosexual Berger is also slandering the Bishop Franz-Joseph Overbeck of Essen.

He's already criticized the homosexuals from Hell, in order to become the next Cardinal in Cologne.

Berger concludes:  If another Pope would promote the same underwear themes, "then [Msgr.] Overbeck would say the opposite".

Monday, March 15, 2010

Germany's 'Spiegel' offers 1 Million Euro Bounty on Pope Benedict


Seems like they're desperate because they want to crown their assault with something more sustainable. You know, it's a cruel irony in all this, though we repeat it often, that the people responsible for the abuse in the first place are themselves, largely of the same political and philosophical bent as the journalists and political low-jobbers craving the power and financial resources of the Church.

It's funny too since 'Spiegel', Germany's 'Time', was founded by a National Socialist.

[] The Goebels-Successors want to celebrate Pope's homosexual violation. The thing does not need to be in tune, the main thing is that it be set forth into the world.

Whoever accuses the Pope of a homosexual violation, 'receives one million euros from the Anti-Catholic German magazine, Spiegel'.

This was reported by German web page '’ yesterday with 'apparently reliable' press circles.

The 'Spiegel' was founded by a former Nazi-Journalist apprentice and Lieutenant in the German Wehrmacht.

The Schmiermagazine will offer multiple former Seminarians and Theology students of the 60s and 70s who studied in Munster and Tubingen, this enormous bounty, "if it nails the Pope as a homosexual child molester."

According to the data of '', the accusation does not have to be correct. It is primarily the concern of 'Spiegel' to set these slanders loose in the world.

The offers are going to make the rounds for two weeks.

'Spiegel' informers are to have thick bundles wagged in front of them.

The German Street Magazine, 'Stern' -- of a former National Socialist journalist based - only offers 50,000 for its Pope slanderers.

The magazine doesn't "have so much money any more" since its pratfall with the falsified Hitler diaries in the early 80s according to ''.

According to the web page, the investigative journalist and political editor of the 'Süddeutschen Zeitung’ Hans Leyendecker (60) "crept incognito into the Vatican as as a boy prostitute and ran into German journalist colleagues there."

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Photo: Dallas Observer