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Monday, August 5, 2019

Bavarian Interior Minister Noticed That Immigrants Are Violent

Joachim Herrmann (CSU): "Obviously, people from other cultures come to us, in whose homeland the non-violence, as we cultivate it, is not so obvious"

Munich (
The Bavarian Minister of the Interior Joachim Herrmann has pointed out after the deadly railroad track attack commutes by an Eritrean on an eight-year-old boy in Frankfurt Central Station of the increased risk of violence among migrants. "Now there are obviously people from other cultures who come to us, in whose homeland non-violence, as we cultivate it, is not so self-evident," said the CSU politician to the "Passauer Neue Presse." This must be clearly stated that people come to us who jump to violence much faster. Consequently, they themselves have experienced a significantly higher level of violence than we have. We have an increased risk here, as the crime statistics clearly show. "For Herrmann there is a solution:" Consequence. Consistent action, consistent punishment, if necessary consistent identification. "The CSU politician also calls for a revision of the Dublin Agreement, because in any case not all abide by the rules of the game.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Marx: "German Bishops Stand Behind Kasper" -- Schönborn Also

Cardinal Marx and behind, Archbishop Zollitsch
(Rome) "The majority of the German bishops are in agreement with Kasper's proposal," Cardinal Reinhard Marx said on Monday, and so made outright admission of remarried divorcees from Communion. He took in the Synod Hall     immediately after the Relatio of the Rapporteur Cardinal Erdo.  Austria's Cardinal Schönborn agreed with Kasper. The German-speaking bishops in the Synod of Bishops immediately went on the offensive and sought to assume leadership. The new edition of the Rhenish alliance has already taken place in the German language area. The "Liberal" party is well organized.
Cardinal Marx, Archbishop of Munich-Freising, Chairman of the German Bishops' Conference , soon also Chairman of the Conference of European Bishops' Conferences, representative of Europe in the C9-Cardinals' Advisory to advise Pope Francis for reform of the Curia and management of the universal Church and chairman of the new Economic Council of the Holy See. A man with influence and in full awareness of his power .

German Offensive

"The Synod has a very open atmosphere," said the German cardinal. Even his Austrian counterpart, Archbishop of Vienna, Christoph Cardinal Schönborn immediately signaled a readiness to be open  regarding the "positive elements" of civil marriage.
"We have discussed and deepened this topic and I've written the Secretariat of the Synod to inform him" about the German position, Cardinal Marx, whom Benedict XVI. named in 2008 as Archbishop of Munich-Freising, with which he has enabled his rise to his the current positions. Marx, born in 1953, has been Bishop of Trier since 2002  and before that  in 1996, he was Auxiliary Bishop of Paderborn.  
"In Germany we have decided that the debate should be public. Pius XII. had spoken of the public opinion in the Church and we need to see the family as it is today and talk about all issues and all challenges with pastoral sensitivity. For Christians, the truth is not a system of ideas, but a living person with whom we are in  dialog," said  Marx at the press conference of Vatican Radio .
In the Synod Hall there is  no climate of conflict, just to listen and be respectful. One must look at the complexity of reality and also to the life stories of people who are or were not always all positive or all negative.

No to Faster Approval of the Nullity of Marriage Instead of Communion for Remarried Divorcees

Marx also added that the German bishops were not interested in an acceleration of the marriage annulment process.  Benedict XVI. had already called for an acceleration of  methods while dealing with the same content, as a possible answer to the drama of failed marriages, because it is lawful to examine the validity of the marriage.

Cardinal Schönborn stands behind Kasper: the new Rhenish Alliance
But the German bishops  do not want to keep putting it off. They demand as the only acceptable response to  current "real life", the approval of remarried divorcees to Communion. At least, this is the suggestion  of Cardinal Marx.  Because if the marriage foundered after many years, it is difficult to decide whether the marriage validly occured or not. Finally, want to "we do not want to think about   a kind of 'Catholic divorce'', said the Cardinal dialectically.

Cardinal Burke Spokesman of the "Conservatives"

On the afternoon of the first day   Synod,  after Cardinal Walter Kasper , Cardinal Raymond Burke also took the floor. He belongs with four other cardinals, as  the author of a book against Kasper's proposal. Cardinal Kasper is,  with papal benevolence, the spokesman of the "liberal" party, Cardinal Burke is regarded as the spokesperson of the "Conservative" party. In psychological guerrilla warfare that was tried before the Synod, to set the traditional to beset the Cardinal with rumors and threats of pressure. It is noticeable also that in the external perception of the Synod, what penetrates widely to the outside was represented as the opinion of the "Liberals", while those of the "conservatives" on the other hand,  should have been largely suppressed. The progressive Dehoniana journal Il Regno, which is close to the school of Bologna, set up a special website to continually report on the Synod's activity. A filtered reporting.

Cardinal Schönborn's (expected) Shoulder to Shoulder with Kasper

In the afternoon, Archbishop Christoph Cardinal Schönborn of Vienna and President of the Austrian Bishops' Conference and Ratzinger disciple, spoke up. He shared a number of Kasper's statements about the existence of elements of Christian marriage in the civil marriage: the public obligation, the duty to the spouse, the stability and more. As the Second Vatican Council has recognized that the true Church of Christ subsists in the Catholic Church, but it is possible to recognize elements of  Church also in the other churches and Christian communities, so it would be possible, given these positive elements of Christian marriage to recognize civil marriages. Therefore, with Kasper's  consideration, one could, for a time of penance, consider the situation of remarried divorcees on a case by case basis, and admit them to the sacraments.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Il Foglio / eponymousflower.blogspot
Trans: Tancred
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Friday, August 16, 2013

Demonstration Against Aberromarriage in Munich

French Mass Movement Comes to Germany

Erstellt von Andreas Gehrmann am 15. August 2013 um 18:40 Uhr Munich

(Catholic news / JF). The French mass movement “Manif Pour Tous” [Demonstration for All] is coming to Germany. On Saturday, the Alliance, which advocates for the marriage of a man and woman in France and brought millions of people onto the streets, is calling for a rally in Munich. The demonstration, which is at 12 clock on the Karlsplatz (routes to) will start near the train station, and is going to stand up for the rights of children and families. The French movement "La Manif pour tous” had staged several enormous demonstrations where it emphasized the right of children to a mother and father and taken a stand against homosexual adoption and surrogacy at several mass rallies. The cause of the protests was at the socialist government’s introduction of gay marriage in France. The Munich demonstration organized by young French Catholics of the group Saint Gatien. Nearly a hundred faithful, priests and religious have been on pilgrimage since the 5th of August on the trail of Benedict XVI. in Bavaria. The event in Munich is the end of the pilgrimage. Back in March there was a protest of the "Manifesto for All" before the French Consulate in Munich. (Cr) Source: Junge Freiheit

Photo: Wedding Bank - Source: Alexander Hauk /

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

New Testimonies About Alois Irlmaier

The Third World War

The Bavarian seer who died in 1959 knew already about 'Zuban' - boxes: "People also play with them."

(  The Bavarian well builder Alois Irlmaier (+1959) was a exceptionally gifted seer.

The website '' documents testimonies about him.

The Testimony of a Woman

Among others, there was a woman (65) who had visited Irlmaier a dozen times between 1954 -1957 in the Bavarian town of Piding population, 5,300, near the Austrian border.

She reports that Irlmaier made many predictions which have since been confirmed.  

Precise Descriptions

Irlmaier talked about a third world war, according to her report.

This would be preceded by a lapse of faith. Before that there will be a single currency.

In the year of the war's start the Bavarians will be able to mow already in March.

The event will be let loose when things go haywire in the middle east.

After the third world war, things will be so warm in Bavaria that oranges and limes can be grown in Piding.

Credit Cards and Mobile Telephones

According to the woman's information Irlmaier mentioned a "card board" that people would pay with.

He mentioned also a 'Zuban-box'.  'Zuban' was a cigarette factory in Munich, which manufactured filtered, filterless and cigarillos.

Irlmaier added: The "people speak closely in the Zuban-box -- to play with it."

Snowflakes on the Watzmann

The website also cited a man in Berchtesgaden, whose family had befriended Irlmaier.

The man reported that Irlmaier talked about the large snow cap on the Watzmann mountain near Berchtesgaden which lasts year round.

When this cap can no longer be seen, then the great darkness will follow.

In the mean time, the cap is almost impossible to see in summer.

Warnings About the Euro

A man from Siegdorf near Traunstein in upper Bavaria reports that Irlmaier had been asked about the introduction of the D-Mark, how it would be as new money.

Irlmaier is to have then said, that the new currency was ok.

But he warned about what would come after.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Lutherans: Not Interested in Distancing from Old Rhetoric

As is commonly known, Luther persistently reviled the Pope as a heretic. Should you not take the wooden head of Wittenberg simply at his word?

(, Regensburg) The Protestants should finally distance themselves from the barren polemic of their founder Martin Luther († 1546).

Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Mueller of Regensburg advocated this on Tuesday for the news service 'dapd'.

"It is time that on the official Protestant side that they officially distance themselves from the teaching that the Pope is anti-Christ."

Such expressions can do nothing but be reduced to an obsolete polemic -- explained Msgr Mueller.

Beating around the Bush

Actually, yesterday the members of the Protestant Communion refused the long overdue distancing.

The Bavarian "Bishop" Susanne Breit-Kessler said that the Bishops public proposal cam "as a complete surprise".

This was in the anti-Church 'Suddeutschen Zeitung'.

"No one today would describe Benedict XVI as anti-Christ. That's not something any person would say" -- she said speaking of the bush.

The president of the Evangelical National Synod in Bavaria, Dorothea Deneke-Stoll, took a similar tone.

As if she had spoke with the "Bishopress", Mrs Deneke-Stoll gave the same content for the 'Suddeutschen Zeitung':

"This Luther citation isn't something I've heard from any active protestant in this form. I can only imagine that anyone would dare to use it."

Bishop Mueller received a knife in the back from the supposedly Catholic Vice President of the Bavarian National Assembly, Comrade Franz Maget.

The Comrade reached up and took the abuse-hoax out of thin air, saying:

"Clearly, [Msgr] Mueller is worried that the abuse discussion of 2010 has been far more problematic than it has been for the Evangelical."

Sure enough: of course, the Comrade was silent about the real men in the charge of this abuse discussion.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Regensburg Gymnasium Must Remove its Cross

The Cross in the classroom was removed in the Albert-Magnus Gymnasium after a protest from parents.  Even the morning school prayer was reduced to a good morning meditation prayer circle.

Regensburg []  As one father weighed in, the cross was removed from Albert-Magnus Gymnasium's classroom and the usual school prayer was mangled into a neutral good morning circle meditation. This was reported in the Mittelbayrische Zeitung.  With this we see the effect Crucifix-ruling of the Federal Constitutional Court.

The driver of the Cross removal, a physics professor from the University, sat in a circle of parents and made an unofficial determination. This had made him the class leader, according to his own determination,  the atheist told the Mittelbayerische Zeitung.  Accordingly, he mentioned that this situation  with the Cross had only been a "byproduct". He had originally upset that his son had been praying for two years in class.  He refused to take that in talks with the school leadership. "And when one is already on the way, naturally the cross is going to come down at the same time."

In the initiation of the Cross removal, six pairs of parents made a statement through a spokesperson: "The Cross simply was removed, irrespective of the other 32 parents and children, and we don't find that okay.  We are not even in church every Sunday."  Four parents formulated a letter thereupon to those opposing the Cross.

There are four to five cases of Cross removal registered in the Bavarian Internal Ministry pro year, with a number of 33,000 classrooms with a population of more than a million, reported Mittelbayrische.  In the Diocese of Regensburg there have been a number of cases brought into effect and registered, not all receive publicity.

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Seed of John Paul II. Bears Fruit in Munich

Blasphemous Homosexual, divine services and inter-communion for dogs and cats: in the decadent former Archdiocese of the Pope, everything is possible.

By Christiane Strobl

[] Another Munich Parish has established that the dirty old liberalism of yesterday is more important than the living Catholic Faith, which men have believed for centuries.

It takes place at the Munich Parish of St. Paul. It occupies one of the most impressive churches in the city.

The Parish is located on the Ludwigvorstadt in the Teresienwiese - on the place where Oktoberfest happens every year.

The administrator of the Parish, secular priest Rainer Hepler, is also a collaborator of the "Art Ministry" of the Archdiocese of Munich. In his Church there are also sodomitical church services.

This was relocated from the suburbs to the city center first in the spring in 2010 by the order of the old liberal Archbishop Reinhard Marx of Munich and Freising.

The authorization for this pastoral appointment in the Archdiocese comes from Secular Priest Manfred Rutsche, who is officially responsible for this horror.

From the side of the Archbishop, he enjoys the fullest trust. It pleases him that there are always more priests participating in his Queer Liturgy. Recently, one can discover noteworthy things from the Pastoral Administrator, Fr. Rainer Hepler's signed Pastoral Letter.

"May protestants participate in Communion?" read the philosophical question.

The answer was practically Catholic: "According to other opinions of many, the Eucharistic celebration of the separated confessions isn't presently possible."

Actually, then John Paul II. (2005+) has come to the field with his encyclical 'Ecclesia de Eucharista' in paragraph 45.

According to that this qualification is not applied "to individual persons belonging to Churches or Ecclesial Communities not in full communion with the Catholic Church."

In this case it goes namely for this reason, that "the intention is to meet a grave spiritual need for the eternal salvation of an individual believer, not to bring about an inter-communion which remains impossible until the visible bonds of ecclesial communion are fully re-established"

This is how Fr. Hepler comes to the practical knowledge: "The answer reads therefore in legitimate individual cases: yes."

Image: is from the website advertising this "Queergottesdienst", ''

Friday, June 18, 2010

Sympathy from the 'Mittelbayerischen': Liberal Paper Defends Episcopal SSPX Critic says about Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Mueller of Regensburg that their criticism has aroused the anger of a German journalist from the liberal 'Mittelbayerische' paper and its editor. It seems that it's not only the German Bishops who wish would go away.

Caught in a crossfire: The neoconservative Potemkin-Bishop is receiving agreement from circles, who are actually his deadly enemies.

The head shepherd is said to be "vilified by conservatives" -- said liberal editor Chistine Schröpf

In 2007 Frau Schröpf published a children's book with private secretary Georg Gänswein. It was called "Why does the Pope Wear Red Shoes? Children's Questions for Benedict XVI."

Now, she is defending the Archbishop of Regensburg like a flaming angel:

"They call him "Bishop-heretic" question his theological reputation and put his loyalty to the Church in question: Bischof Müller stands in the crossfire of ultraconservative Church circles" -- complains Schröpf

Msgr Müller has proposed the giving of Holy Communion to unbelievers and public sinners.

He denied the perpetual virginity of Mary as well as the sacrificial character of the Mass and and opined the notion that Adolf Hitler (+1945), Winston Churchill (+1965) and child molesters finally are recompensed with heaven.

Open Lies

Frau Schröpf believes that the critique of the theological errors of Msgr Muller are a "bill" for the episcopal bluster against the previously occurring priestly consecrations in the Pius Seminary in Zaitzkofen near Regensburg.

She disseminated also the open lie, that these consecrations by the Vatican are "forbidden".

Frau Schröpfs anger directs itself however in the first line against Europe's largest Catholic Internet Platform, ''.

"The authors can best be described as fundamentalist" -- as she portrayed the Portal with cliches.

What she -- or her very rich Media Boss -- wanted to say with that, she left unclear.

Why the Solo-Pirouette of Bishop Müller?

Frau Schröpf maintains that Pope Benedict himself. -- in opposition to Bishop Müller -- is endeavouring, to bring the Society of Saint Pius X back to the bosom of the Church."

The Society has "separated" itself from the Church out of protest against the "modernization"-- are pieces of misinformation with which she has entertained the public.

Then the Regensburg Communications Director, Clemens Neck steps forward.

He maintains, that Bishop Müller is absolved in his rampage against the Society of Pius X, "by being in unity with Pope Benedict".

The Bishop has been invited to an audience with the Pope in Rome -- he mystifies.

Then did the Pope also authorize the Episcopal rampage against the Society of Saint Pius X?

Cross examination Question: Why only in Regensburg? Why also have not the other Bishops not objected to the coming priestly consecrations this 26th June?

Neognostic Theologian

The Diocesan Communications Director also commented about '' -- Articles, which have accused Bishop Muller of heresy have been brought to the light of day.

The "tit-for-tat" of a splinter group-- he said encouraging himself.

Bishop Muller has been "in the first line of those saddened" by the reaction of the Society of Pius X-- said Frau Schröpf with sympathy.

Now the irreconcilable Bishop hopes, that the process of reunification -- curiously because of
lèse-majesté -- "in danger".

Like his master, the Regensburg Communications Director plays the importance and reality of the perpetual virginity of Mary in conflict accordingly:

The real heart of this doctrine is "NOT" resolved by questions of a gynecological speciality, rather -- diffused -- in the "Mystery of the Birth of Christ".

More Slander from the German Bishop's Conference

The Church circles and thoroughly popular portal '' is -- according to the opinion of the Regensburg Communications Director-- "in Church circles famous-infamous".

According to information from observers, the portal has for years broken through the wall of silence put up by neoconservative and old liberals and takes no political position in the Church.

The Bavarian Bishop's Conference would rather have '' silenced before the 'Mittelbayerischen': "no comment" - writes Frau Schröpf.

The German Bishop's Conference are well known for their slanders given by the notorious official functionary Matthias Kopp.

He clarified for the 'Mittelbayerischen' (Middle Bavarian Paper), that '' has in the past been guilty of "more than questionable" statements before.

The site has no official character: "... continual anti-Semitic suggestions and ponderous cheap-polemical shots against the German Bishops are unbearable" -- intoned Kopp

Even the press speaker for the German Society of Pius X, Father Andreas Steiner, distanced himself from the "form" of the criticism on ''.