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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Kim Kardashian Wistfully Comments on Her Eternal Future

Edit: this is truly pathetic, but probably (and tragically) true. It reminds us of what a hoary Jesuit of great antiquity once told us retreatants, "If you want to know the failures of the world, look in the newspaper." As an Armenian Christian, she must have some presentiment of these words.

Monday, February 16, 2015

"Unbearable" Papal Populism and "Non-Catholic Thinking in Catholicity"

Brueger's the Blind Leading the Blind

(Rome) For the first time it has not been my lot to participate at St. Peter's Basilica in the public consistory with the CREATION of the new cardinals. I was not the only one.
Given the dismal decline of the faithful, even in the province, given the low point in the priestly and religious vocations, and given the silence at the Islamist massacre of Christians, lay and ordained, things have - shall we say - become extremely intolerable with the lean papal liturgies and their populist touch, which is stressed by the mass media (also Catholic).

Cleric harasses the Church with human "solutions" - and deadly for the faith

"Velociter currit ad finem" even if we trust as Catholics on the cleansing work that the Holy Spirit will also act on the dying Church, which is beset by those clerics who only propose human "solutions"  as they administer the  beleaguered believers administered with cocktails that are lethal to the faith, instead of bringing them the divine healing medicine.
One should mind his own front door, but one's right of residency is not served by  blindness. So instead of a European, I'm going to talk about a Latin American message that depresses me.  The Archdiocese of Cochabamba in Bolivia announces that the number of Bolivian secular priests  has shrunk in 20 years from 900 to the current 500. A country of nine million inhabitants, of which eight million are Catholics, there will be fewer priests than in the Diocese of Vicenza in northern Italy, from which comes the Acting Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin.
Some areas of Latin America have remained difficult   to access into the priesthood. Until 20 years ago, each year, there were 20 candidates in the seminary. In the past five years, there were on average only four. Ten years ago, the country had another 150 branches of women religious. Since then, 50  have closed down for lack of vocations. 20 years ago there were 50 male religious houses. Today there are still 20.

"When the Son of man returns to the earth will He still find faith?"

If I read sentences like these by Pope Paul VI.: "We are as a church on the way to a deep and global renewal. In order for this renewal to be truly catholic, they must intermesh all historical dimensions of the Church,"  I wonder what the Pope would be   led to say at this exact moment of such an assessment and what has become of this path. We experience in our own skin those clerics who are now so fashionable and lead the faithful to the abyss of loss of faith.[!]
From Paul VI. comes the sentence: "There is great unrest in the world of the Church and what is in question is the faith. So it happens that I find myself repeating  the dark sayings of Jesus in the Gospel of Saint Luke, 'When the Son of man returns, think ye he will still find faith on earth " (Luke 18.8)?.
It happens, not only today, that books appear, in which  belief is in decline in important ways, and that the bishops are silent, and that many clergy and laity find nothing strange about it. This, however, seems strange.
Recently, I sometimes read what the Scriptures say about the last times and realize that some characters are recognizable. Are we near the end? We will never know.  [Till it happens] The Lord says we should always be ready. This has been true for almost 2000 years. It may be to the two thousandth anniversary of His death on the cross. It may take a very long time.

Rise of the non-Catholic thought unstoppable? - The small flock

What moves me these days and has kept me from the halls in Saint Peter's Basilica Consistory, is what moved  Paul VI. to say in his speech of September 8, 1977. "What moves me when I consider the Catholic world is that within  catholicity occasionally a thought seems predominant, that is not Catholic, and it may be that  non-Catholic thought within  catholicity will even be the strongest tomorrow." 
Looking back over the past fifty years, this thought seems inexorably to seize the Church step by step. The various attempts to counter this development have not  been to be averted, only delayed. These experiments were important and correct, but not consistent enough to shortness of breath, too superficial, too tolerant and even itself made sickly by non-Catholic thinking. On the other hand: How should a faithful priest or layman who wants the best, give more, if he himself does not understand it any better because of an incomplete and incorrect training or education?
Paul VI. 1977 ended his reflections with the words: How  strong might this non-Catholic thought  in the church be. "It will never represent the thinking of the Church. It is necessary that a small flock persists, be it ever so small."
Let us pray for the Church, for the Pope and for all the faithful.
Text: Traditio Catholica 
image: The Blind Leading the Blind by Pieter Bruegel the Elder (1568), Naples
Trans: Tancred

Friday, April 19, 2013

Fatima and the Third Secret -- Why is Pope Francis Having the 97 Year Old Secretary of John XXIII Come to Rome?

(Rome) Is there a Marian reading of recent church events? Antonio Socci focuses on this question in the news daily Libero (April 14). Pope Benedict XVI., who sees his powers dwindling  and does not feel strong enough to face the challenges of the time announced his resignation on the 11th February, taking place on the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes,.
His successor, Francis is elected on March 13 , a date that commemorates the apparitions of Fatima. In the small Portuguese city, the Mother of God appeared between the 13th of May and 13th of October on the 13th of each month before three children. The 13th Day of each month is Fatima Day in  Catholic piety  and thus is a Marian date.
Sister Lucia of the Immaculate Heart,  which was the religious name of one of the children, wrote down the Third Secret of Fatima in 1944 after much reluctance. Only when she was stopped from writing expressly by her bishop, she got the call. The minutes were kept by the Bishop of Leiria, since 1957 and they are located in the archives of the Congregation for Doctrine and the Faith in Rome. Each newly elected Pope is shown the content of the the Third Secret by the time of his inauguration.  Only in 2000, did Pope John Paul II  order the publication of the secret to counteract speculation about a near end of the world or a third world war.
Much has been puzzled about the Third Secret of Fatima, about "a Bishop dressed in White, which was written of by the Sister Lucia dos Santos, one of the three seers: "We had the idea that it was the Holy Father.” 
Pope John Paul II referred to the prophecy when he and the then Secretary of the Congregation, now the Cardinal Secretary of State, Tarcisio Bertone, made to reveal the third secret in the Holy Year in 2000 by the then Prefect of the Congregation of the Faith, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. In the belief, which was granted to the shepherd children by Our Lady, they saw that the white-robed Bishop is killed by soldiers. In 1981, a few months after the assassination attempt on John Paul II by the Soviet hired assassin Ali Agca, Cardinal Ratzinger, the previous Prefect of the CDF, Franjo Cardinal Seper, had made a connection between the vision and  the Pope surviving the severe injuries inflicted by the attack . The attack was on May 13th was committed on the day of Fatima. The Pope ascribed his salvation to the Mother of God.
Early on, however, there were doubts whether the publication was complete. Due to past testimony of several top church officials, several lines seem to have continued to be kept secret. However, doubts were also placed on the interpretation. Among others, it was the Austrian Bishop Kurt Krenn of Sankt Pölten, who publicly reported a little later about such doubts of Joseph Ratzinger. The Prefect of the CDF had therefore been of the opinion that the prophecy was not referring to the assassination, but had a far greater dimension. One dimension that concerns the whole Church, as well as the popular intuition showing in the murder of the other bishops, priests and lay Catholics. So the Third Secret concerns future events that have yet to occur.
Recently, the question is raised whether the words referred to the resigned Pope or to his successor, who likes to call himself "Bishop of Rome".
Francis saw how Pope John Paul II had a special devotion to Mary. The Mother of God is Francis' first "escape" from the Vatican on the day after his election, when he went to venerate the icon in the Papal Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, and also prayed at the grave of Pope St. Pius V.  In his first Angelus in St. Peter's Square, he mentioned Fatima.  About two weeks ago  Pope Francis surprisingly called  Archbishop Loris Capovilla.  The now over 97 year old, retired Curial Archbishop was the first secretary of Pope John XXIII from 1958 to 1963.  On Easter Monday, the 1st of April, the phone rang. The Pope was personally at the other end and told Capovilla  he wanted to meet with him. The Monsignor promises soon to come to Rome, where he has not been any more since the beatification of John XXIII on 3 September 2000.
The reason it is said that the old prelate was to be placated, that  the Pope wanted to say thank you for a brochure that Monsignor Capovilla had written for the Year of Faith and Cardinal Comastri had given to the Pope. The Pope’s call merely to say thanks for a brochure was not convincing in the least for a set of Vatikanisten.
Capovilla was the last topic of conversation, because he talked about a memorandum that Benedict XVI. had written for his successor. The Vatican denied the allusion. At the meeting of the two Popes in Castel Gandolfo, in any case, a box full of documents and a large, sealed envelope was seen.
"Why has the Pope contrived to want to see  the former secretary of Pope Roncalli in the first month of his pontificate and at he exclusion of the public? What was so urgent?” asked Antonio Socci.
On the 7th of April the Patriarch of Lisbon, Cardinal Jose Policarpo of the Portuguese Episcopal Conference, of which he is chairman, announced that Pope Francis had asked the patriarch to consecrate his pontificate of Our Lady of Fatima. The consecration will be on 13 May, taking place on the 96th Anniversary of the apparition.
Is Pope Francis talking with Archbishop Capovilla about the Third Secret of Fatima? He, therefore, is making him come to Rome, as the timing of the announcement made shortly after he consecrated  as his pontificate to Our Lady of Fatima suggests? What does the Pope think or know related to the prophecy and the future of the Church? What must we expect?
Text: Martha Weinzl
Picture: Fatima
Translation: Tancred
Link to Katholisches… 

Additional background on Antonio Socci’s work…and Cadinal Capovilla...

Sunday, October 21, 2012

New Testimonies About Alois Irlmaier

The Third World War

The Bavarian seer who died in 1959 knew already about 'Zuban' - boxes: "People also play with them."

(  The Bavarian well builder Alois Irlmaier (+1959) was a exceptionally gifted seer.

The website '' documents testimonies about him.

The Testimony of a Woman

Among others, there was a woman (65) who had visited Irlmaier a dozen times between 1954 -1957 in the Bavarian town of Piding population, 5,300, near the Austrian border.

She reports that Irlmaier made many predictions which have since been confirmed.  

Precise Descriptions

Irlmaier talked about a third world war, according to her report.

This would be preceded by a lapse of faith. Before that there will be a single currency.

In the year of the war's start the Bavarians will be able to mow already in March.

The event will be let loose when things go haywire in the middle east.

After the third world war, things will be so warm in Bavaria that oranges and limes can be grown in Piding.

Credit Cards and Mobile Telephones

According to the woman's information Irlmaier mentioned a "card board" that people would pay with.

He mentioned also a 'Zuban-box'.  'Zuban' was a cigarette factory in Munich, which manufactured filtered, filterless and cigarillos.

Irlmaier added: The "people speak closely in the Zuban-box -- to play with it."

Snowflakes on the Watzmann

The website also cited a man in Berchtesgaden, whose family had befriended Irlmaier.

The man reported that Irlmaier talked about the large snow cap on the Watzmann mountain near Berchtesgaden which lasts year round.

When this cap can no longer be seen, then the great darkness will follow.

In the mean time, the cap is almost impossible to see in summer.

Warnings About the Euro

A man from Siegdorf near Traunstein in upper Bavaria reports that Irlmaier had been asked about the introduction of the D-Mark, how it would be as new money.

Irlmaier is to have then said, that the new currency was ok.

But he warned about what would come after.