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Friday, May 10, 2013

Vienna Elementary School Removes Crosses From Classrooms

For the firs ttime since the time of the National Socialists the cross of Christ is being banned from class rooms.
The cross as a sign of God is an eyesore to National Socialists, Communists, anti-clericals, 
Jacobins and Muslims. 
Totalitarian systems have always fought it [Image:]

The Cross is Hung in All Classrooms

The Vienna school law rules that in obligatory schools, in which the majority of the students belong to the Christian communion, a cross may hang in all classes.

What is not ruled is, what will happen to the cross if this majority is no longer present, respectively if this is not in the entire school, or if it is still in the individual classes.

Finally, in Vienna the mother of a female student has successfully appealed for the suspension of the cross.  That was last seen during the time of the Nazis.

She feels  "religiously imposed upon".  Clearly she is unteachable and is still placed in grade school instruction.

The mother has been bullying the school for a long time, till it finally gave in.

The socialistically governed city of Vienna (at present through a coalition of Socialists and Leftist "greens") has already been noticeable through its abolition of St. Nicholas Feast in kindergartens.

Atheist Advance

The Jacobin Atheist-Association is pleased to say "religion is a private matter".  Here is another indication that further action will be undertaken.

The president of this Association is Heinz Oberhummer, whipmaster and organizer of the soon to be complaining anti-Church-"people's" desire: "As a humanist I am for service to the humanity, not for service to God."

Counterposition of Freedom

The FPÖ- Education Speaker in the National Assembly was clear in his statement:  "It is already astonishing, how an individual person with her minority opinion can boss around the majority. ... Normally such questions must be decided by the school council. That on the other hand a single person can force a silent majority, has nothing to do with civil courage, but with a failure of mature democracy.  It doesn't mean that it is only his will what is imposed, who screams the loudest."

Parallel Case in Lower Austria

The attacks on Catholicism are not new.

Already in 2009 a "self-described" lower Austrian atheist demanded the removal of a cross in a kindergarten.

He wanted that his daughter, "be raised to religious maturity without a religious denomination, but committed to be open to the world and pluralism,"  he waffled.

He would have his human rights violated through this.  Through Thanksgiving and the Feast of St. Nicholas, the atheistic upbringing of his daughter was made impossible, although the participation was not mandatory.

Therefore his daughter is really not "open to the world", but raised in anti-clericalism (and even preventing the acquisition of Catholicism by the other kindergartners).  Perhaps he probably wouldn't have a problem, that his daughter also learns about Christian holidays.

ÖVP for the Installation of Crosses

At that time the standing ÖVP State representative Johanna Mikl-Leitner (now Interior Minister) in a positive statement for the installation of crosses explained:  "It is a proposal which goes against the foundations of the West."

In March 2011 the Constitutional Court recognized the installation of crosses in a kindergarten as constitutional.

Initiative comes from publicly visible advertising?

If the Church haters are consistent, a referendum against advertising in public space may be expected in the near future - so that the children do not "patronized" but can be educated as "open to the world".

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Regensburg Gymnasium Must Remove its Cross

The Cross in the classroom was removed in the Albert-Magnus Gymnasium after a protest from parents.  Even the morning school prayer was reduced to a good morning meditation prayer circle.

Regensburg []  As one father weighed in, the cross was removed from Albert-Magnus Gymnasium's classroom and the usual school prayer was mangled into a neutral good morning circle meditation. This was reported in the Mittelbayrische Zeitung.  With this we see the effect Crucifix-ruling of the Federal Constitutional Court.

The driver of the Cross removal, a physics professor from the University, sat in a circle of parents and made an unofficial determination. This had made him the class leader, according to his own determination,  the atheist told the Mittelbayerische Zeitung.  Accordingly, he mentioned that this situation  with the Cross had only been a "byproduct". He had originally upset that his son had been praying for two years in class.  He refused to take that in talks with the school leadership. "And when one is already on the way, naturally the cross is going to come down at the same time."

In the initiation of the Cross removal, six pairs of parents made a statement through a spokesperson: "The Cross simply was removed, irrespective of the other 32 parents and children, and we don't find that okay.  We are not even in church every Sunday."  Four parents formulated a letter thereupon to those opposing the Cross.

There are four to five cases of Cross removal registered in the Bavarian Internal Ministry pro year, with a number of 33,000 classrooms with a population of more than a million, reported Mittelbayrische.  In the Diocese of Regensburg there have been a number of cases brought into effect and registered, not all receive publicity.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"Freethinkers" Want to Ban Summit Crosses in Switzerland

The Free-Thinker Society of Swizterland wants to ban crosses. They see that the religious neutrality of Switzerland is damaged by crosses.

Zurich/Luzern [] The Free-Thinker Society of Switzerland (FVS) wants to ban summit crosses. The weekly "Central Switzerland on Sunday" reported this. The mountain.

Reta Caspar, business manager of the FVS said, the Society wants "no new summit crosses". Most have been standing for years, but today building permit. "And now we expect from the authorities that there will bee a moritorium," said Caspar to the Times. As far as building permits for new summit crosses the FVS will establish a caveat. That will also apply to the replacement of existing crosses, said Casper.

The Freethinkers refer to a decision of the Swiss Supreme Court from the year 1990. The high court ruled then that Crucifixes in public schools would breach religious neutrality.

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Jewish European Lawyer Warns of Hate Against Christendom

Europe is the most faith deprived region of the world, a cool zone of the gray secularism on the globe, whose own pious fervour has grown damp.

[] The Munster Publicist Felizita Küble published an article in a broadcast in the church-antagonnistic German weekly 'Die Zeit'.

The article was published on 6 August. There she interviewed US Attorney of European Law, Joseph Weiler.

He defended the Cross and warned of hate for Christians.

Weiler is a practicing Jew. he carries the Kippa -- the Jewish head covering.

In his Text he reports that Armenia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Malta, Russia, San Marino and Cyprus must come before the chambers of the European Court for human rights.

There the questions will be adjudicated, if crucifixes in Italian classrooms may be hung, because these transgress against the religious neutrality of the State.

The named countries are openly concerned about similar attacks on their own Christian Culture. for that reason they have become parties for the defendant, Italy.

Their joint court attorney is Weiler. He has put -- according to a report in 'Die Zeit' -- "his shoulder impressively to the wheel for the School Cross."

Frau Küble maintains that Europe is the most faith deprived region in the world -- "a cool zone of secularization on the globe, which has otherwise damped its pious fervour."

Christendom is increasingly being pushed on the margins of Europe.

As an example Frau Küble pointed out the example of 'British Airways', who fired a stewardess, because she refused to remove the cross from around her neck, to the discussion of the EU-Constitution, where the fight for the mention of God or Christianity didn't have a chance.

Weiler calls this syndrome "Christophobia" -- as the fearful flight of Europeans from their own Christian roots and imprinting.

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

EU Continues to Back Communist Activista in Banning Cross in Italy

The Red Finn responsible for this case is an Italian citizen of Finnish prominence who is decidedly interconnected with influences beyond the Pale.

The Italian government has appealed a ruling from the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg that would remove crucifixes from Italian public schools.

The government made its appeal today before the Grand Chamber of the Court, in a case that the Vatican and many European nations will be watching closely.

Ten other countries signed on to show their support for Italy in the case, several of them Orthodox strongholds, including Greece, Russia and Cyprus.

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