Monday, November 15, 2010

Regensburg Gymnasium Must Remove its Cross

The Cross in the classroom was removed in the Albert-Magnus Gymnasium after a protest from parents.  Even the morning school prayer was reduced to a good morning meditation prayer circle.

Regensburg []  As one father weighed in, the cross was removed from Albert-Magnus Gymnasium's classroom and the usual school prayer was mangled into a neutral good morning circle meditation. This was reported in the Mittelbayrische Zeitung.  With this we see the effect Crucifix-ruling of the Federal Constitutional Court.

The driver of the Cross removal, a physics professor from the University, sat in a circle of parents and made an unofficial determination. This had made him the class leader, according to his own determination,  the atheist told the Mittelbayerische Zeitung.  Accordingly, he mentioned that this situation  with the Cross had only been a "byproduct". He had originally upset that his son had been praying for two years in class.  He refused to take that in talks with the school leadership. "And when one is already on the way, naturally the cross is going to come down at the same time."

In the initiation of the Cross removal, six pairs of parents made a statement through a spokesperson: "The Cross simply was removed, irrespective of the other 32 parents and children, and we don't find that okay.  We are not even in church every Sunday."  Four parents formulated a letter thereupon to those opposing the Cross.

There are four to five cases of Cross removal registered in the Bavarian Internal Ministry pro year, with a number of 33,000 classrooms with a population of more than a million, reported Mittelbayrische.  In the Diocese of Regensburg there have been a number of cases brought into effect and registered, not all receive publicity.

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