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Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Cardinal Duka Calls out Evil Cardinal Marx

Cardinal Dominik Duka accuses Cardinal Marx of apparently defaming Pope Benedict XVI.

(Munich/Prague) The Czech bishops are jumping to Benedict XVI's side to protect him because the German bishops are obviously unable or unwilling to do so. Cardinal Dominik Duka, Archbishop of Prague, defends Benedict XVI. in an open letter against the dirt bucket campaign that is underway in Germany against the former head of the Church. At the same time, he accuses Cardinal Reinhard Marx, the incumbent Archbishop of Munich and Freising, "of having defamed and tarnished his reputation".

The heckling from Prague shook the bishop's palaces in Munich and Limburg like thunder. Cardinal Duka, the primate of Bohemia, reads his German brothers the riot act in an open letter. Even more: He practices devastating criticism of one of the most powerful bishops in Europe.

The report with which Benedict XVI. is "unjustly slandered and hurt," as far as is now clear, is not worth the paper it is printed on. This report "probably cost hundreds of thousands of euros," said Cardinal Duka. The words weigh as heavy as lead: The Czech cardinal says frankly that apparently a lot of money was paid to drag Benedict XVI. through the dirt.

Cardinal Duka, persecuted by the Communists, knows how directed discrediting campaigns work. The Munich lawyers who prepared the report were unfair to Benedict XVI. because, as the cardinal implies, they apparently already had the intention of pillorying the former pope. The motivation remains unclear for the time being. Cardinal Duka ignores it. Do the lawyers just want to attract attention in a cheap way, make themselves important? One thing is certain, according to Duka: "No evidence" was presented, only an "opinion" was given.

The canon lawyer Stefan Mückl, who in the course of the dirt bucket campaign against Benedict XVI.  explored the allegations made in detail, meanwhile, came to a clear conclusion: More than 40 years ago, the then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Archbishop of Munich and Freising, had "no knowledge of the criminal acts of these priests", contrary to the assumption in the Munich report.

Specifically, there are four cases. The report scandalized the fact that the archbishop at the time knew about the cases but did nothing to counteract them. "But it's not true. He didn't know what these priests did," said Mückl after studying the files.

Monsignor Bätzing, Bishop of Limburg and President of the German Bishops' Conference, plays an opaque role in the matter. In any case, he did nothing to improve and defend the reputation of Benedict XVIOn the contrary, after the publication of the dubious allegations by the Munich report, he was ready to join the chorus of critics of Benedict. Cardinal Duka does not mention Bätzing by name, but the head of the German bishops is also washed with it. 

Far more serious is the accusation that Cardinal Duka makes against Cardinal Marx. Marx, former President of the German Bishops' Conference and representative of Europe in the Council of Cardinals, which advises Pope Francis in the governance of the universal Church, was guilty of "defamation", the defamation of his predecessor as Archbishop of Munich and Freising and later Pope Benedict XVI.

Cardinal Marx, who has twice offered his resignation to Pope Francis in connection with the cases of sexual abuse by clerics, albeit only pro forma, is standing in front of a pile of rubble. Cardinal Duka's accusation weighs heavily: the Archbishop of Prague says that Cardinal Marx has lost his credibility.

It really is time for Marx to resign.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image : Wikicommons

Trans: Tancred


Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Cardinal Marx Donates 50,000 Euros to Islamic Invasion Fleet

According to the archdiocese, the money comes from funds that are "available" to Marx - theologian David Berger: Marx is making more dead refugees in the Mediterranean  - Captain of the boat on Twitter: "Team Umvolkung" [Umvolkung is a National Socialist German word for the process of making the German people forget who they are.] for  and "tug king"

Munich ( The Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx has donated 50,000 euros for the not uncontroversial private sea rescue by the German ship "Lifeline" in the Mediterranean. This was confirmed by a spokeswoman for the archdiocese, as the BR reports.

Numerous critics accuse the private rescuers that they are contributing to trafficking through these "rescue operations". According to the archdiocese, the money comes from means "available" to Marx. However, it is unclear whether Church  taxpayers' money will be used or Marx paid for it privately. His monthly income is according to the BILD newspaper 12.526 euros. Most recently, the Lifeline attempted to sail under the Vatican flag. This was rejected by the Vatican.

In his blog, the theologian David Berger sharply criticized Marx's donation: "With the donation of 50,000 euros to the NGO / Mediterranean ship Lifeline, Cardinal Marx from Munich is not only negligent in dealing with funds that do not belong to him, he also causes more dead refugees in the Mediterranean Sea and supports the Islamization of Europe, and those who continue to co-finance it are complicit.

Claus Peter Reisch, the ship's captain, also distributes controversial T-shirts on Twitter, which read "Tug King" and "Team Umvolkung". [Team Deracination] 

Kathnet tweets an admonition to the Cardinal about the passage in Mathew that a man who gives alms should not let his left hand know what his right is doing. Bravo Kathnet!

Mr. Plantiko points out that this is Church-tax money, not money from his own estate.
Sea Captain Reisch thanks the Archdiocese for the 50,000 to fund an Islamic invasion of Europe and Germany. Apparently, the AfD Party which is influential in Freising wont be happy about this.

Here’s the “Tug King” with one of his controversial t-shorts.

Trans: Tancred


Thursday, February 16, 2017

Munich Priest Speaks of the "Natural Disobedience" of the Priest

Controversial Munich priest Schießler praises the DBK statement "free decision of conscience" for the remarried divorced and now calls for the "blessing of homosexual people", Catholic-Evangelical liturgy and abolition of priestly celibacy

Munich ( The German bishops have written "a word for renewed marriage and family pastoral in the light of Amoris Laetitia,"  the "individual, personal and free conscience of the person concerned" ... "finally!" Praised the Munich priest Rainer Maria Schießler in a guest commentary in the "Zeit" - entitled  "Christ & Welt". Then he went on to explain that the Church was "far from the end of this path." It is important to see, to formulate and to put into practice "many things: the blessing of homosexual people who simply have to realize that they are not capable of a heterosexual partnership; The communion with our evangelical sisters and brothers, because it is not about equality, but about the unity that we already possess in Christ; Or the free choice of life for all those who also aspire to the higher, that is, the priestly ministry, in the Church, because the priestly proclamation of the gospel can also be entrusted with good faith, even in people who live in a loving relationship."

In addition, Schießler warned "of a verbal disarmament in the tone". This was addressed to those whom he described as "the ultra-conservatives in our Church." Supposedly, they would speak of the "Communion of adultery." But those who were "concerned with statements of a Communion of adultery or other conceptions" would not "just injure men," but "inflict a considerable harm on the Eucharist". For "the Eucharist community of Jesus of Nazareth is not a body of perfects, as we would like to see. They are the unsaved, the broken, who have just been given a new (higher) life perspective through the communion with Christ."

At last, Schießler wrote in "Christus & Welt", "this ruthless rejection of the seeker is no longer valid," "finally the individual believer decides, in his own personal freedom, what he is called to." According to Schießler  "the former reward and punishment mentality on this subject" had nothing to do with the Church of a Jesus of Nazareth, who deliberately sought the failed and the stranded."

Schießler is incardinated in the Archdiocese of Munich as a pastor, TV personality and author of the bestseller "Himmel - Herrgott - Sakrament: auftreten statt austreten. [Heaven - Lord God - Sacrament: encounter instead of leaving.] He openly acknowledgesy "Gunda", who has been at his side for 20 years. According to his self-understanding, he does not violate his promise of celibacy, because "the sexual act is definitely excluded", but "tenderness" is "important", has reported. In other respects, too, he tends to be a media-active celebrity. For example, he had aroused anger when, in the summer of 2011, he built a beer table in front of the altar steps of his church and demonstratively enjoyed a liter of beer during an interview with "Munich.TV" (photo above), has reported. He once even expressed the wish to make a restaurant with a beer garden from a side chapel of St. Maximilian.

Trans: Tancred

Thursday, April 2, 2015

April Fool's Joke and Serious --- Good Friday Processions in Paris and Munich

Pope Francis Blesses Political Stunt Prop
(Paris / Munich) From April Fool's back to serious. As a number of readers immediately realized  that the report on the Prohibition of the Good Friday processions was an April Fools joke. The French Blog Salon Beige wanted to illustrate the latent to open aversion shown by the French Government against Christianity in a joke. A serious issue was packaged into a joke.
At  several Parisian parishes, Good Friday processions are held as usual again this year.
So back to serious. Tomorrow is Good Friday, Cardinal Reinhard Marx, the most influential supporter of the Kasper theses among the diocesan bishops is leading the Good Friday procession in Munich. He will wear the so-called "Lampedusa Cross", which was made on the Italian Mediterranean island to bring attention to the "fate of asylum seekers." This was announced by the archbishop's press office  yesterday.

Cardinal Marx's politically correct Good Friday procession

In July 2013, the island of Lampedusa was thrown in the spotlight when Pope Francis made his first trip abroad there.
The "Lampedusa Cross" is made of two planks of a ship, with which immigrants from North Africa came to the island, which belongs to Italy.  Lampedusa is off the coast of Tunisia and is the first destination of migrant vessels coming today mainly from Libya to bring illegal immigrants to Europe. Lampedusa is the first place where the arrivals are first received by the Italian Government  before being sent to  Sicily or the European continent.
The 60 kg cross was made by the carpenter Franco Tuccio of Lampedusa and shown to Pope Francis on April of 2014 at St. Peter's Square and blessed by him. It is apparently the symbol of a "spiritual relay race". "Whoever requests it,  gets it," said Emmanuele Vai, Casa dello Spirito, Director of the Foundation e dell'Arte, which supports the action.

"Lampedusa Syndrome"

Cardinal Marx and the Cross
Cardinal Marx thus leads a "crossroads of peoples", who are gathered in "the various linguistic and ethnic groups", said the press office of the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising. The motto of the Good Friday procession is "I was a stranger, and ye took me in." It will provide the focus,  on the "often life-threatening exodus of asylum seekers."
In Italy, critics speak of a "Lampedusa syndrome", which had been introduced into the political debate. In this escapees and refugees would be interwoven with migration and migrants and generalized into the extreme example of immigrants in fragile boats in  distress off Lampedusa and stylized into a symbol that serves as a taboo for the immigration debate in Europe.
In reality, distress tragedies - thank God - even off Lampedusa, are a rarity. In addition,  only a tiny part of Europe's immigration comes by sea to Lampedusa. It is therefore inappropriate to give the impression to make Lampedusa a synonym for millions of migrants to Europe.

"The Cardinal always has the pulse of the times and the State"

Cardinal Marx thus puts the accent on Good Friday by manipulating a politically-correct issue. "The Cardinal  always has the pulse of the times and the State," said a Bavarian canon, who wishes to remain anonymous, with an ambiguous smile. "He's  taken a heavy cross to bear" in reference to the weight of Lampedusa Cross. 
The SSPX spoke in connection with the Pope's visit to Lampedusa 2013 of a "slant-progressive simplification" of a complex issue.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Famiglia Cristiana
Trans: Tancred

Friday, March 6, 2015

"Renaissance" Not "Reconquista" -- Cardinal Marx: "The Church's Doctrine Must Develop Further"

(Munich) Archbishop Reinhard Marx of Cardinal of Munich and Freising was interviewed for the March issue of the French Jesuit journal Etudes. In it he says that the Church needs "Renaissance" and not "Reconquista." At the Synod of Bishops of the cardinal spoke of an "open Synod" on the family, because "the teaching office may continue to develop."
"We do not need religious entrepreneurs, but witnesses of both genders," says the President of the German Bishops' Conference (DBK) and a member of the C9 Cardinal Council to advise Pope Francis. The Italian translator of the interview for Vatican insider who knew what to do with the German gender-speech, translated the site with "Zeugen und Zeugnisses."[Inclusive language for the word witness has no English equivalent.]
"An important step toward reaching people is the step towards self-evangelization," said the most powerful German prelate dialectically. The Chairman of the President of the European Bishops' Conferences COMECE also said: "We ourselves as a church must read the Gospel again and again and learn to live with it."

"The term 'New Evangelization' gives me problems"

March issue of "Etudes" with Marx Interview
The term "new evangelization" is a concept, said the Cardinal, which causes him "problems". "I admit that I 'have my problems with the concept of the new evangelization. It could be confused with the model of a spiritual, Reconquista,' as it is a question of reconquering lost ground. But it's not about restoration or repetition of what once was, but a new beginning, a new approach, in a new situation. And it is not simply a communication problem. This would mean that if we had more people and more money and more media coverage, we could achieve the goal. I can accept very well the concept but if it is to emphasize that we do have, not only in Europe, but as a whole, in a new situation for the faith and we must respond with renewed thinking. Actually, this is really a process that the whole Church goes through throughout history. The Gospel is always new, Ecclesia semper iuvenescens, the Church is always young, so the Church Fathers have said.
Because with "many concepts and discussions about new evangelization, I have the impression that many think: The great history of Christianity lies behind us and ahead of us is an insecure and rather frightening future. So you can not evangelize in any case,"  said the cardinal.
The Church can bring the Gospel " forth in all fields of human activity, thought,  adding value to commerce, continuity, and questions to think about. The cultural workers, politicians, philosophers and artists are open to conversations and meetings. I experience this again and again. But in our words, actions, in our liturgy, public appearance,  and in the specific pastoral care on site it must be visible through the quality of our work. I think in this context often of the term "Renaissance". Yes, I believe in a renaissance of the Christian faith, but it is a long way of deep religious and spiritual renewal," said Archbishop Marx of Munich.

Synod: "Will Decide the Future Prospects of the Church in the Field of Marriage, and Family"

At the Synod of Bishops on the family  the cardinal said, "Clearly  on one side, great expectations were awakened while fears were aroused on the other side. All this has been shown during the discussion in the Synod Hall and in the working groups. The Holy Father has made it clear once again in his closing speech, just how much he has also  appreciated and desired  open debate. This is an important step forward. For particularly in the field of marriage and family the future prospects of the Church will be decided. It is too early for an appraisal. After one Synod, there is another Synod! "
The Pope, according to Marx, "guarantees unity with  tradition and the Church's unity internally. But that is why it is necessary to openly argue with each other in a spiritual way about the future path of the Church in these existential questions that clearly touch  almost all people and all the faithful." "Of course you have to make sure that it will not be a political-tactical process. I do not know if we have always avoided this. It requires a fundamental openness and a real confidence to find common ground. There may indeed be no winners and losers at the end of a synodal path, but all need each other to try and think of others and our new common steps going into the future," said Cardinal Marx.

"Doctrine of the Church must Develop"

Basically the DBK- President described  the family Synod like this: "In teaching, the Church must indeed develop without giving up its  position, but throughout the entire history of the Church, its dogma is still developing and has been deepened. This is also true with regard to marriage and family. So there is no end point for the search for truth."
The "open society" is at this moment of time "yet, is also progress in  the gospel. So the question is not whether the majority share in our opinion, but whether we are also a pluralistic society that still has something to say to our way of life and our thoughts and many can win the way for many to follow  the Gospel in the fellowship of the visible Church"  said Cardinal Reinhard Marx for Etudes .
The complete German translation of the interview was published by the German Jesuit journal Stimmen der Zeit.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: MiL
Trans: Tancred

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Record Building Costs in the Archdiocese of Munich and No "Swank Cardinal" - Campagne -- The Background

Expenditure Politics of the German Bishops' Conferene
(Munich) "Are punitive measures soon to be weighed against the power hungry Archbishop Reinhard Marx of Cardinal of Munich and Freising?" Asks Corrispondenza Romana . Will the German press launch a campaign against the "Swank-Cardinal"? Will Rome exile Cardinal Marx   for a break in a monastery and then  cashier him coldly? If you read the numbers on the cost of construction for the Archdiocesan campus in Munich, one would have to expect a repeat of the outrage, as occurred in the case of Limburg, only harder.
The Archdiocese is currently building a chancery  in the city on the Isar. Now, the costs have been published. 51 million euros for the beautification of the Archdiocese, says Vicar General Peter Beer. At seven and a half million more than recently estimated, because the roof was to blame. Whether you have reached the end of the story, it seems not yet to be clear.
The diocesan employees were outsourced for the construction and distributed to six locations with additional costs. There they have to stay longer than planned. Probably until the end of the 2015.

Limburg Bishop Subjected to Public Lynching

However, it is surprisingly quiet in the media forest. The calm before the storm? Not at all. Really amazing when you think back to the smear campaign against the Limburg Bishop Franz-Peter van Elst Tebartz who went through all the tabloids last year. From the "bishop of bling" was the kind of talk  which was circulated by the media or better by the cocoa poured to the amusement of the "people".  There was talk about a gilded bathtub  and particularly brave, intelligent contemporaries   actually made a determined search, but they could find nothing.
The bishop was summoned to Rome and is supposed, according to his own claims, to have had an encouraging conversation with Pope Francis. And so it happened: the "hopeful" bishop had been banned by the Pope to a convent and after being allowed to mull  over the matter with some Montegras, so that the pious people of God might not yet even think of an uprising, he was deposed.

If in Doubt It's Against the "Conservatives"

The reason was suddenly no longer the money. The bishop had divided the diocese. In fact, it was because the bishop was, according to the progressives, a  "conservative",  "pious" and "normative", they have broken away from him. But in the German Conference of Bishops in Rome and saw it differently. They wanted to see it differently anyway. The maxim is too long: in  a case of doubt for the faithful shepherd. Since we in our time should but always consider the positive things, can also be applied to the devise: translated "When in doubt, for the Progressive". Ideal are bishops who find themselves  easily "in the middle of society," so when in doubt they rub elbows with "progressive" secular elites too much.
Cardinal Meisner defended his brother Limburger and praised his "theological depth and decidedly Catholic orientation". A description of the Tebartz van Elst that already stood out from the majority of the German bishops. But nobody wanted to hear, media, liberal laity and priests and Brothers in the Episcopate had tasted blood. The hypocrites indeed railed mightily  about the money, but in reality it was about a factional dispute within the Church. The mob, which calls for the crucifixion, is there  always.

Behind Money Debate There Was Factional Dispute in the Bishops' Conference

It was just Cardinal Marx, who vehemently and also in Rome campaigned for the removal of Tebartz van Elst. So loudly that Cardinal Joachim Meisner, Archbishop of Cologne at that time  pointed to the lack of "episcopal fraternity" being exhibited at the time for the Limburger Pastor, who was actively exposed by  some clergy and lay church officials to a public lynching. Meisner called out Cardinal Marx explicitly by name. And what the attitude of the German bishops was really  concerned with: Only a handful of bishops in the Bishops' Conference had resisted the Marx-Woelki-Langendörfer-Synod which attempted to enforce the sexual revolution in the Church.
The Archdiocese of Munich is to rebuild its chancery for 51 million euros. Maybe even more. Nevertheless, there will be neither a front page on the Bild newspaper with a portrait of Cardinal Marx and the accusatory headline "Swank-Cardinal". There is neither a cost-campaign, nor accusations of being in a race to spend  against the President of the German Bishops Conference. The indifferent silence to Munich's case reveals the "Bling" campaign directed against Limburg as a hypocritical intrigue.
Limburg's deposed Bishop Tebartz van Elst belonged to the disruptive minority in the Episcopal Conference, which defends the priest celibacy, which is against a "democratization" of the Church with free elections of bishops and priests, who is against women priests, against the genuflection before the zeitgeist,  against the sale of the marriage sacrament in favor of remarried divorcees, and against  "gay marriage," wild marriages and all other "gradual" forms of cohabitation.
Cardinal Marx, however, is DBK President, he represents the majority. He may, as a members of the Synod in Rome continue unabashedly to represent a "new openness" and "new charity",  demanding a change in pastoral practice and even the Church's teaching on the sacrament of marriage. Any questions?
What happens to bishops, who disturb too much that "episcopal unity", seem to have become a very valuable commodity among Zeitgeist sailors, at least where Progressives set the tone, that's well known, especially since the dismissal of Bishop Rogelio Livieres of Ciudad del Este .
Text: Andreas Becker
Image: Corrispondenza Romana
Trans: Tancred

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Cardinal Marx "Affirms" the Indissolubility of Marriage

Edit: I see what you did there.  

DBK-Chairman: Church is bound up in this question to the word of Jesus. Sacramental recognition of the second relationship after failure of the first is "excluded".  But there are "Other forms of recognition"  to be considered.

Frankfurt ( The chairman of the German Bishops' Conference, Cardinal Reinhard Marx (photo), has reaffirmed the Catholic understanding of the indissolubility of marriage. The Church is bound up in this question to the word of Jesus, said the Archbishop of Munich and Freising, "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" (Friday). At the same time,malif Marx admitted that the church had to face the fact that marriages fail and break up families.

"We need to overcome silence in the face of failure," Marx said. So the question arises, what does the Church have to say about a second relationship, which also could have its "own moral quality". A sacramental recognition is, however, in the words of the Cardinal "excluded". But probably there are "other forms of recognition" which have not yet been considered sufficient, says Marx. Further details were not mentioned by the Cardinal.

He did not anticipate the Synod of Bishops being convened by Pope Francis on matters of marriage and family.

In the fall, the bishops will meet in the Vatican, to discuss these issues. A second meeting is planned in the coming year.

Individual theologians refer to overlooking the handling remarried divorcees considering the practice of the Eastern Churches, in which, although no second marriage is consummated, the second relationship can blessed as a community of responsibility. Another question in this context is the admission to the sacraments. Under current understanding, the divorced and remarried are excluded from receiving communion.

(C) 2014 CBA Catholic News Agency. All rights reserved. Marx Cardinal Photo (c) Archdiocese of Munich and Freising

Trans: Tancred

Link to Katholisches...


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

FSSP to Take Over Baroque Church in Munich

On behalf of the Archdiocese of Munich from September 1st, the complete pastoral care will be taken over the already existing for many years at the Munich Damenstiftskirche worshiping congregation from 1 September. Hl daily. Planned fairs in the old rite

Munich ( The Fraternity of Saint Peter (FSSP) will take on behalf of the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising the entire pastoral care of the Damenstiftskirche congregation from the 1st of September, which has already been existing for many years. This was announced by the community that celebrates Holy Mass in the old rite, in a press release. The Society therefore is sending a second priest to Munich, for the offering of the Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form [Immemorial Mass of All Ages]. It is planned that a celebration of Mass in the old rite is to be offered daily.

Notice for Mass times from the 1st of September 2014: Sundays and public holidays: 9:30 hours, Monday: 8:00 hours, Tuesday to Friday: 17:30 hours, Saturday: 8:00 hours. Photcredit, Merkur...

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Cardinal Marx Elected to Presidency of the German Bishops' Conference and Most Influential Religious Leader in Europe

(Bonn) At the meeting in Münster Spring Plenary Meeting of the German Bishops' Conference , Cardinal Reinhard Marx was chosen as the Archbishop of Munich-Freising, as expected, to be their new President Cardinal Marx, in the power of consciousness it is said, he has actually become presently the most influential religious leader in Europe. The term of office for the DBK President shall be six years.
The Archbishops of Munich and Freising and Cologne are traditionally contenders for the presidency of the DBK. Exceptions, such as the appointment of Cardinal Karl Lehmann (Mainz) and Robert Zollitsch (Freiburg) were expressions of complex internal conflicts between the bishops, but also with Rome. The archbishopric of Cologne is currently vacant, and therefore the largest German diocese could assert no influence in the election.
Cardinal Marx has been Chairman of the European Bishops' Conferences (COMECE) and as a member of the European representatives was appointed by Pope Francis to his C8 Cardinals' Advisory Committee. By choosing Cardinal Marx as DBK President, he has finally become the most influential religious leader in Europe.
In the conflict over the admission of remarried divorcees to Communion,  Cardinal Marx had intervened  last fall publicly against the Prefect of the CDF, Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller.   Müller had criticized the Freiburg Circular  for Family Ministry and recalled the Church's teaching on the Sacrament of marriage. Cardinal Marx evaluated Müller's opinion as an attempt to "end the discussion" and refused.
Archbishop Marx was elected on the fourth ballot, with "wafer-thin majority" (FAZ).
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Vatican Insider
Trans: Tancred

Monday, December 30, 2013

Ariel Levi di Gualdo About the "German" Problem and a Current Schism

(Munich), the militant Jewish convert and Catholic priest Ariel Levi Stefano di Gualdo has expressed his opinion on  the "German" problem in the Catholic Church and speaks of a current, complete schism. Specifically, he recalls his experiences some years ago in Munich with Archbishop Reinhard Cardinal Marx.
"The real problem of Reinhard Marx, Archbishop of Munich and Freising, is that things are always the same, which plagues German representatives of the church: first they are German, then perhaps they are Catholics, but always on their  own terms with an ineradicable Teutonic arrogance. The reason for this is not  that they have remained the old pagan German people in their innermost being, but that they are  always hostile minded to Rome, or because they reject  Romanitas as a center and engine of Catholic universality. The reason for this is the thinking of Martin Luther with his, "I stand here and will not be moved,'" says Levi di Gualdo.
Of Cardinal Marx the Roman priest describes him presently: "by the result of an obvious error made in good faith, errors by two different popes: Benedict XVI, promoted the young and aspiring bishop to the Bavarian Archbishop's chair and created a cardinal, and Francis, who wanted him for his commission of the eight wise men."

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Recycled Accusations at Ettal Benedictine Monastery?

Edit: perhaps this is like the Modernist Monastery in Collegeville? Or perhaps this is a recycled story designed to attack the Holy Father whose Diocese this was? Unfortunately, it will be unlikely that there will be any allowances or distinctions made for corporal punishment which was practiced virtually everywhere before 1980. Of course it doesn’t help that the story is covered by the anti-Clerical Suddeutsche Zeitung.

It was clear earlier that Cardinal Marx was allegedly covering up for one of the Ettal educators.

Cardinal Marx has been guilty of reemploying an abusive priest before, but there’s been no outcry about it. The Archbishop of Munich assigned one of the administrators of the infamous Sankt Polten seminary in Austria who was guilty of using child pornography to seduce his seminarians.

Of course, the Benedictine Monastery of Ettal isn’t know for its rigor, devotion or orthodoxy. Its abbot and another priest associated had been rehabilitated police raided the Monastery.  A recent report doesn’t appear to have thrown any more light on the problem:
A new report shows that monks in Ettal used violence and sexual assault systematically. Until the eighties, they were part of the pedagogical repertoire.

In the investigation into the abuse cases of the boarders at the Benedictine Abbey of Ettal, new results show that the monks have used systematic violence. According to experts' report , there was an oppressive system using violence and sexual abuse in the school.

Violence had been "specifically used as an educational tool," writes the Süddeutsche Zeitung , citing a study report, which the Bavarian monastery itself had commissioned. Sexual assault of the monks were part of this system of violence. The investigation report of the social science institute IPP will be presented on Thursday in Munich.

From a translation at Cathcon, read further...

Monday, February 11, 2013

Munich Canonist: Pope May Retract His Resignation

Edit:  the following statement was made at the end of his Lectio Divina lecture where he made some extemporaneous comments, taken from the Italian commentator, Sandro Magister:

"Naturally, there is a false optimism and a false pessimism. A false pessimism that says: the time of Christianity is finished. No: it is beginning again! The false optimism was that after the Council, when the convents were closing, the seminaries were closing, and they were saying: but it's nothing, everything's fine . . . No! Everything is not fine. There are also grave, dangerous downfalls, and we must recognize with healthy realism that this is not all right, it is not all right when wrongful things are done. But also to be sure, at the same time, that if here and there the Church is dying because of the sins of men, because of their unbelief, at the same time it is being born anew. The future really does belong to God: this is the great certainty of our life, the great, true optimism that we know. The Church is the tree of God that lives forever and bears within itself eternity and the true inheritance: eternal life.” 

Stephan Haering:  it is canonically speaking the Pope would have time yet till the 28th of February to retract his resignation.

Munich (  Pope Benedict XVI. will, according to the opinion of the Canon Lawyer Stephan Haering would hold the status of a Bishop Emeritus.  Officially there is no clear ruling for a Pope emeritus, said Haering on Monday to Munich's Church Radio.  Canoically speaking the Pope would still however have until the 28th of February to withdraw his resignation.  Haering expects that Benedict XVI. will withdraw from public.

In relation to the coming Conclave the Professor from Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich in doesn't not venture any speculation on the Pope's decision over the next two weeks.  "I don't think he will name any more Cardinals, but he will probably undertake the usual functions of the Papal office."

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The "Confession Mobile" Is Coming to its Next Location

Munich (  The "Confession Mobile" of the worldwide Catholic help organization "Kirche in Not" [Church in Need] is traveling from the 20th to the 24th of February as a guest in Munich also offering free-time Masses "".  This one of a kind "traveling confessional" has been set up for talks and pastoral counsel with Father Hermann-Josef Hubka.  Catholics could also take confession in addition.  Father Hubka is otherwise an expert on caravans and camping -- for a year the priest worked as a pastor in the Australian Bush.

The "Confession Mobile" has is a converted VW Bus, which has been under way as a traveling confessional for seven years in Germany.  The vehicle has received the blessing of John Paul II as well.  This blessing is valid also for all the faithful, who seek encouragement and absolution in the "confession mobile".

The "Confession Mobile" can be visited on the 20th of February in Halle B5 of Munich Messe on Platform 463.

With the traveling confessional, "Kirche in Not" recalls the tradition of "Chapel Wagons".  With these traveling converted trailers, the founder of the charity, Father Werenfried van Straaten, helped after the war to secure pastoral care among the homeless Catholics.  Later "Kirche in Not" also has provided floating churches in the Amazon as on the Volga and Don, that the Church can come to people in difficult to reach areas.


Kirche in Not
Lorenzonistr. 62
81545 München
Telefon: +49 / 89 / 64 24 888 – 0

Kirche in Not: Spenden online

Foto: Das Beichtmobil im Einsatz in der Erfurter Fußgängerzone (c) KIRCHE IN NOT

Monday, December 17, 2012

Cardinal Marx Doesn't Exclude Women Priests

Reinhard Cardinal Marx
[] The Archbishop of Munich, Cardinal Reinhard  Marx is clearly holding unity with the Zeitgeist as more important than being true to the Faith.  According to a report in KNA the Cardinal said on Wednesday at a talk on the faith at the Maria-Ward-School in Munich, if Jesus can call God "Father", it isn't to be understood sexually.  As to the question if the office of priest is open to women, Marx told the 250 school girls:  "Perhaps it is still not the end of the road, that we walk along together."  He left the question open.

With that Cardinal Marx weighed against the Magisterium of the Church, according to which this is not an open question any more.

Above all, Pope John Paul II, explained in his Apostolic Letter Ordinatio Sacerdotalis of May 22, 1994: "Wherefore, in order that all doubt may be removed regarding a matter of great importance, a matter which pertains to the Church's divine constitution itself, in virtue of my ministry of confirming the brethren (cf. Lk 22:32) I declare that the Church has no authority whatsoever to confer priestly ordination on women and that this judgment is to be definitively held by all the Church's faithful."

The Congregation for Doctrine and the Faith attempted in 1995 to make another clarification, in which the Pope furnished the following question:  "Doubt whether the doctrine, which is contained in the Apostolic Letter 'Ordinatio Sacerdotalis' is final, according to which the Church does not have the power to give women priestly ordination, is to be regarded as part of the deposit of faith.

The answer: yes.

This doctrine demands final agreement, because it is based on the written word of God and has been from the beginning to the end defended and declared by the infallible universal and ordinary Magisterium,  (compare.  Vatican Council II, Dogmatic Constitution Lumen Gentium 25.) .  From this basis the Pope in view of the current situation of his own office, to exhort the brethren (LK 22:32), to assert the same doctrine with a formal declaration, in whose expressed representation, what has always been believed, everywhere and by all the faithful, in so far as it belongs to the deposit of the faith.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Oktoberfest Mass! First Communion in Beer Tent

Edit: really nice kids, but it's a terrible shame they have no understanding of what's going on in the Mass, and no wonder.  What a horrible initiation into deeper Christian life.
Hanging out at the Beer Garden During "Mass"

Germany.  Last Thursday a Domincan, Father Paul Schäfersküpper, held a First Communion Mass in a beer tent in the Munich festival hall Bayernland.  This was according to the website '' with photos.  Father Schäfersküpper is the director of the department of Tourism, Healing and Pastoral Care for the Archdiocese of Munich-Freising.  The First Communion involved two sons of carnival employees.  They consumed the Blood of Christ grimmaced -- which is clearly visible in photographs -- ostentatiously about the taste with their lips.  With that they gave the impression that they did not understand what was happening in the photos.

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cardinal Marx Reaffirms the Church's Teaching on Homsexuality and Divorce

Cardinal Marx Tricks The Homosexuals

Homosexually disordered persons may be certain: the Church will not "accommodate a negative pastoral approach" -- and the same goes for sodomites.
Clever as a Snake

(, München)  Yesterday Reinhard Cardinal Marx of Munich and Freising explained his most recent statement primarily related to the Munich Diocesan paper, that adulterers and homosexually perverse are "failed and broken people".

On the same day he made a statement to the ‘Süddeutschen Zeitung’, with which he took the  homosexual paper for a ride.

He employed a similar tactic for his own homosexual paper.

The Cardinal began by deflecting the comments, saying, He was "very unhappy" with the reportage of his statements.

You would supposedly "not say that homosexuals-- or even the divorced -- were failed people."

Because: people can always begin again.

Actually, he presumed that an unrepentant, homosexually disturbed individual is a failure.

The Homosexually Perverse Go with Hair and Skin to Hell

Somewhat curious is the Cardinal's insistence, to this that such a person only "Fails in one's course of life, but not actually in his person, because that itself is the creation and likeness of God".

Saintly Doctor of the Church Petrus Damianus († 1072)

"The [homosexual]contagion undermines the foundation of the Faith, weakens the strength of hope, destroys the bond of Love. It removes justice, undermines strength, banishes chastity, enfeebles refinement and prudence."

If the Cardinal were to desirous to deny the existence of Hell with this statement, he would no longer be in the bounds of the Gospel.

So answered Jesus Christ in the 13th Chapter of the Gospel of Luke to the question if few are saved:

"Strive to enter by the narrow gate; for many, I say to you, shall seek to enter, and shall not be able."

That is applicable especially to homosexual depravity, which according to the witness of the Old Testament highly prized by the Jews is a sin which cries to heaven for vengeance.

Actually, it follows from the context that the Cardinal simply said that the person, so long as he lives in this world, at least has the chance, theretically speaking, to do penance before the end.

God to Catherine of Sienna († 1380):
"The sin against nature is even repulsive to the Demons, not because they abhor the evil or rejoice in the good, rather because of their angelic nature and therefore is repulsed, if they see, how such an enormous sin is committed."

Thomistically Well Formulated

Finally, the Cardinal explained: "A homosexual may be condemned as any other person, not actually, therefore, how he is."

That is well formulated thomistically.

Because sin -- even homosexual degeneracy -- is not a part of being, rather a disorder and therefore a deficiency of being.

They are also to be condemned for their deficiency in being.

The Cardinal then explained joyfully on this, that "in our present time" homosexually disordered people are no longer condemned.

The phrase "no longer" is a suspicious appeal to the Enlightenment, that people are damned solely on the basis of their own being.

This is how the Enlightenment thinkers mistook blacks for animals.

No one will be "accompanied in a pastorally negative way"

In reality and Church teaching Cardinal Marx doesn't skim: "As the Church we clearly say that the fulfillment of human sexuality is expressed by a person in the matrimonial bond of man and woman, which is a life-long connection and open to the procreation of life."

In other words: perversity is unfulfilled sexuality.

Saint Pius V († 1572)

Every horific crime, for which the corrupt and obscene cities (Sodom and Gomorrah) were burned by Divine punishment, fill us with the most bitter pain and spur us considerably on, to quell such crimes with the utmost zeal.

Then the Cardinal acknowledges that for "many people" -- as the Cardinal expresses it -- is not possible.

With the expression "many people" he means adulterers and the homosexually disordered. The turn of phrase "not possible" is a description of their failure.

These failed people must "receive a positive pastoral accommodation" by the Church.

That is the truism which is valid for every manner of pastoral accommodation.

Because the Church doesn't want to greet anyone on his way through life with a "accommodated to a negative pastoral approach".

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ongoing Vandalism in Munich Church

The St.-Georgkirche in the North Munich neighborhood of Milbertshofen: Youth disturb evening Mass, ignite paper and throw it on the pews, they even urinated in the baptismal fonts.

Munich ( The ongoing vandalism in the church of St. George in the North Munich neighborhood of Milbertshofen is becoming more than a nuisance. Youth have disturbed the evening Mass, ignited paper and threw it on the pews, they even urinated in the baptismal fonts. The youth are known by name, according to the "Süddeutsche". Pastor Olivier Ndjimbi-Tschiende has written a letter to local politicians in the area, receiving immediate support as well as the advice to turn to the police.

The Pastor of St. George, Olivier Njdimbi-Tshiende, had withdrawn an ad that described the church community as child friendly. Anton Peter of the church administration reported that the church community has tried to work with the families of youth, but these have shown "no interest".

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

'Welt' Accuses Cardinal Marx of Covering up Abuse-- Archdiocese Threatens Lawsuit

Editor: as earlier reported, Regensburg Diocese has already sued 'Spiegel'.

A serious accusation: Cardinal Marx is said to have covered up a suspected sexual abuse, in order to use this "politically" -- The Archdiocese of Munich is taking legal steps.

Munich ( "Cardinal Marx covers suspected abuse". With this headline on late Wednesday afternoon the newspaper "Die Welt" has aroused the concern of the Archdiocese of Munich. "There was an impression that Marx himself was the one who was aware of the abuse at first. Actually, he held back the information of a suspicion of sexual abuse, in order to use it later for political reasons.", wrote the paper. It is maintained in a report that the Munich Archbishop Cardinal Reinhard Marx, according to information from "Welt Online", is suspected of allegedly covering up an abuse for over three months and through that he could allegedly permit a man exposed as a pedophile to continue working as an educator at Cloister Ettal.

The "Welt" declared that it should have been the case that the victim of the educator who had informed the Diocese at first on 5. April 2010 was brought to the attention of the abuse delegate of the Archdiocese. Supposedly this was reported three months later to the State Prosecutor of Munich. The Cloister in Ettal, where the educator was active, should have been the first to have been informed, actually.

According to information from "Welt Online" Archbishop Marx is supposed to have been personally aware of the accusations against the Ettal teacher. Corresponding guidelines of the German Bishops Conference for the handling of sexual abuse require that the abuse delegate is "immediately" informed over these events. Otherwise the suspected victim according to "Welt" is supposed to have spoken later to Marx personally.

The paper reported that there was a conflict in the background between the Archdiocese of Munich and Cloister Ettal. In February 2010 Archbishop Marx had demanded the resignation of the then Abbott and the director of the Ettal Dormitory, both of whom were later rehabilitated by the Pope. The Diocese then directed, according to "Welt", the suspicion against the Ettal Educator to after a month of inactivity in the same week in which the rehabilitation of the Ettal Abbott was made public. "Possibly, these recent negative allegations could draw a cloud over the positive media-echo for Ettal", writes Welt.

The Archdiocese of Munich and Freising has condemend the report from "Welt" as untrue. "The "Welt" is called to retract and omit the untrue and damaging information. We plan on taking legal steps to obtain retraction and omission." they said in an official statement.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Even Here the Celebrated Abuse-Hoax is Instrumentalized

The Old Liberal decline nibbles at the tradition rich Munich Benedictine Abbey of St. Boniface. Translated from Lukas Meisner's German.

Wreckovated Benedictine Chapel

( Benedictine Cloister of St. Boniface in the center of Munich has been a bulwark of filthy Oldliberalism for decades.[In German]

The decline began with the former Abbott Odilo Lechner who was praised highly in anti-Church circles.

The Cloister directs the parish of St. Boniface.

There is usually on Sunday, taking place around 11.30, the so-called "Weisswurst" Mass.

The Priest loves to abuse the Mass, to engage in polemics against the Church hierarchy, which secures for him a living.

In a recent Pastoral Letter Fr. Benedict was praised as "Art Replacement Man" for the recently deceased in July, tie-Jesuit, Fr. Albert Keller or for the Philosopher of Religion, Fr. Eugen Biser (91).

Both were active year around as anti-Church agitators in Munich.

Useful Abuses

The Pastor of St. Boniface, Fr. Korbinian Linsenmann, was in high spirits in the introduction of the new Pastoral Letter about the abuse-hoax:

"The overriding theme of the last year was naturally the discovery of the various cases of violence and sexual abuse by clergy and employees of the the Church."

In reality, according to the abuse report of the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising, from 1945 to 2009  there have been only 26 priests who were credibly condemned for reasons of serious sexual sins of varying degrees of severity.

Among the condemned there isn't a single living Diocesan priest.

The Archdiocese found that in a total, 159 had been "conspicuous".  It is in any case difficult to determine what that means.

There the complete number of priests in the time covered was not named, so it is impossible, to estimate its relationship to the abuses.

It is, however, possible to estimate that over 99 percent of those priests active in this time period were not guilty.

There is where Fr. Korninian used the abuse hoax to promote the Old Liberal ideology, which is the first basis for abuse itself:

"We may perhaps still hope that there will still be more consequences in the Church, than only paper from the Bishops Conference."

The Benedictine would like to use the abuses, in order that "much" can be reconsidered - as one  the Bishop considers, who determines the suitability of priests or who undermines the office of the priest. German

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Professor at the Catholic University of Munich is Sought by Police

Germany. Sheich Abu Adam (40) who is the Egyptian Imam of the Darul Quran Mosque in Munich is alleged to have beaten one of his three wives so that she suffers from many bone breaks.  This was according to the website of the 'Bayrischen Rundfunks'.  The victim is 31 years old.  She called the police by telephone.  These came and freed the woman and brought her to the hospital.  The Imam is wanted for the charge of causing dangerous physical harm.  He serves as the well regarded guest of the integration group of Munich's social services.  A week ago the Imam held at the Catholic University, a lecture which plays out the theme:  An Islam Which Distances Itself from Violence.

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