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Monday, May 21, 2012

CDF Favorite Calls Dissidents "Parasites"

Edit: where a Cardinal Bernadin or a Cardinal Schonborn have given an ear, advice and credibility to these groups, other Bishops are more critical.

Regensburg Bishop Müller has leveled serious criticisms against "We Are Church" groups:  "It can not be that people who bring nothing into being themselves, attach themselves to large events and become parasitic forms of existence.

Mannheim ( The Bishop of Regensburg Gerhard Ludwig Müller leveled sharp criticisms against various anti-Rman "We Are Church" groups.  These groups bring nothing into being and attach themselves to large events.  They are a "parasitic form of existence".  "It can not be that people, who bring nothing into being themselves, attach themselves to large events and become parasitic forms of existence,"  explained Müller.  The Church may not be a "social form" but must become "evangelical form".  Pressure should also not be exerted by decibel levels or applause.

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

CDF Favorite: Hostile to Tradition, Doctrine and Advocates Liberation Theology

Edit: in addition to other issues with this Bishop who is hostile to Tradition, are his sympathies to Liberation Theology. We've been following this for the last few months as it's been coming from Germany. John Allen was trying to spin his conservative reputation at the Distorter.

In 2008, he accepted an honorary doctorate from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, which is widely seen as a bastion of the progressive wing of the Peruvian church. On the occasion, he praised Guttierez and defended his theology.

“The theology of Gustavo Gutiérrez, independently of how you look at it, is orthodox because it is orthopractic,” he said. “It teaches us the correct way of acting in a Christian fashion since it comes from true faith.”

In the same speech, Müller described "neo-liberal capitalism" as the "infamy of our age."

All that suggests the church might be in for some surprises should Müller indeed inherit the Vatican’s top doctrinal job.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Orthodoxy Averse Bishop of Regensburg is Campaigning for CDF

Heretical goat is being considered for the Church's faith gardener.

(, Regensburg) The Pope has to decide whom he will name to the Congregation of Doctrin and the Faith.

This is what Heresy-Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Muller (64) of Regensburg said yesterday for the German agency 'dpa'.

Msgr Muller has already had talks in Rome about his appointment to the Congregation for Doctrine and the Faith.

The current incumbent, Cardinal Levada (75) will soon retire.

Disclaimer He needs the appointment for his ego

Msgr Muller is at the moment working to improve his heretic image by saying conservative things.

As far as the office goes, he's interested in:

"It would not irritate me in the sense that I needed the nomination for my own ego, but of course it is an activity that has to do a lot with my career as a theology professor.

Dubious theology career

As a theology professor Msgr. Muller presents a very mixed record.

In his wordy and long winded work "Catholic Dogmatic" he denied, among others, the Virgin birth.

Upon this it happened -- says Msgr Muller -- "not to deviate from physiological particularities in the natural process of birth (such as something like the non opening of the birth canal, the non-injury of the hymen and not experiencing the pains of birth), rather it's in the healing and saving influence of the Grace of the Savior on human nature."

The heretical work appeared in 2010 in an uncorrected third edition.

A denier of the Dogma of Transubstantiation

In 2002 Msgr Muller's work " Die Messe – Quelle christlichen Lebens". [The Mass: Source of Christian Life]

There he says that the body and blood of Christ are not "in reality" the material parts of the person Jesus during his lifetime, nor would it be represented by his transfigured body.

Or he believes that the Eucharist is present in that we participate in Community with Jesus Christ through eating and drinking the "bread and wine".

Msgr Muller compared Holy Communion with a small gift: "Already in the interpersonal area it may represent an approximate message of friendship between people and the receiver is to embody and demonstrate, so to speak, the emotional connection to the addressee.

Thus expressions pass like: "The natural purpose of bread and wine must be attached anthropologically.

He denies the Dogma of Transubstantiation -- the essential change in the Eucharistic substance:

The natural essence of bread and wine will be transformed by God in this sense that the being of bread and wine only are understood to consist, realized and present in the holy community with God."

An Ecumenical Kamikaze Attack

Last October Msgr Muller proposed numerous ecclesiological heresies.

He did this with scandalous praise for the Lutheran Laybishop and homosexual propagandist Johannes Friedrich.

As far as the relationship between the Church and the Protestants he said: "We define our relationship to one another no longer actually with existing differences in teaching, life and constitution of the Church, but over the commonalities, which are fundamental, are where we stand."

He openly denied the unity of the Church: "There is therefore -- strictly speaking -- not several churches together, but there are divisions and splits within the one people of God and his house."

Msgr Muller made complete fools of his audience by claiming that 'Dominus Jesus' -- the Declaration of the Congregation for the uniqueness of Christ and the Church he built in 2000 -- did not deny protestants were part of the Church.

On the contrary: The Doctrine is "far away from that", the Protestants adhere to the being of the church -- stated the distorter.

He "won't say no" to the Pope

Msgr Muller will not refuse an offer to the post:

"Formally, you could probably say no, but is simply not enough to say no to the Pope' -- he joked.

The Pope said he desired a correction to the incorrectly translated German words of transubstantiation, which has yet to be carried out in his diocese today.

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Bishop Muller Decries SSPX

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Does One Have to Obey the Disobedient Bishops?

"On the practical level it is often the case that the appeal of Papal instructions are not used by the pastor locally."

Should You Obey the Pope More than the Bishops?
( "How should pastors acquit themselves, when -- as it is mostly -- universal Church and particular-legal regulations contradict one another?"

Fr. Hendrick Jolie (46) asked this question in an interview for the most recent edition of the Catholic monthly 'Kirchliche Umschau'.

Father Jolie is a pastor in the Diocese of Mainz.

The clergyman is remainded then, that is at least in theory the particular law is subordinate to the universal: "On the practical level it is often the case that the appeal of Papal instructions are seldom used by the Pastor locally."

And what did the Cardinal say?

An example of this for Father Jolie is the incorrect translation of the words of consecration in the Novus Ordo Eucharistic Celebration.

The corrections that were ordered by the Pope four years ago have been thoroughly ignored by the old Liberal Bishops.

For this reason, the German 'Network of Catholic Priests' -- in whose executive committee Father Jolie sits -- had written to the Roman Congregation for Divine Worship.

They asked the Prefect of the Congregation, Antonio Cardinal Cañizares Llovera, to answer the question, "how we should conduct ourselves in this inner conflict".

Tactical Chess Move

'Kirchliche Umschau'  suggests that Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller of Regensburg recently pled for an implementation of the Papal wish.

Father Jolie held the push of the Bishop for a compromise, which the German Bishops and the Pope would consider a loss of face:

"Without wanting to step on Bishop Müller, the question is in any case allowed, why is it that it's been four years since this proposal has come to the table."

And:  "Why then these wordy explanations, when in any case, the new edition of the German Missal has already been tendered by Rome?"

For Father Jolie this progress is not understandable:  "There the 26 Diocesan Shepherds to complete a newly revised Missal  -- in which the they have a hearing where  "for the many" [as the Pope asked] is not, rather it remains "for all" still --  and finally one of these Bishops publishes an explanation in which he pleads for another translation of the words of consecration."

Fr. Jolie comments: "Here it appears -- if I may put it politely -- that there is not only a communications problem within the German Bishops Conference."

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Sympathy from the 'Mittelbayerischen': Liberal Paper Defends Episcopal SSPX Critic says about Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Mueller of Regensburg that their criticism has aroused the anger of a German journalist from the liberal 'Mittelbayerische' paper and its editor. It seems that it's not only the German Bishops who wish would go away.

Caught in a crossfire: The neoconservative Potemkin-Bishop is receiving agreement from circles, who are actually his deadly enemies.

The head shepherd is said to be "vilified by conservatives" -- said liberal editor Chistine Schröpf

In 2007 Frau Schröpf published a children's book with private secretary Georg Gänswein. It was called "Why does the Pope Wear Red Shoes? Children's Questions for Benedict XVI."

Now, she is defending the Archbishop of Regensburg like a flaming angel:

"They call him "Bishop-heretic" question his theological reputation and put his loyalty to the Church in question: Bischof Müller stands in the crossfire of ultraconservative Church circles" -- complains Schröpf

Msgr Müller has proposed the giving of Holy Communion to unbelievers and public sinners.

He denied the perpetual virginity of Mary as well as the sacrificial character of the Mass and and opined the notion that Adolf Hitler (+1945), Winston Churchill (+1965) and child molesters finally are recompensed with heaven.

Open Lies

Frau Schröpf believes that the critique of the theological errors of Msgr Muller are a "bill" for the episcopal bluster against the previously occurring priestly consecrations in the Pius Seminary in Zaitzkofen near Regensburg.

She disseminated also the open lie, that these consecrations by the Vatican are "forbidden".

Frau Schröpfs anger directs itself however in the first line against Europe's largest Catholic Internet Platform, ''.

"The authors can best be described as fundamentalist" -- as she portrayed the Portal with cliches.

What she -- or her very rich Media Boss -- wanted to say with that, she left unclear.

Why the Solo-Pirouette of Bishop Müller?

Frau Schröpf maintains that Pope Benedict himself. -- in opposition to Bishop Müller -- is endeavouring, to bring the Society of Saint Pius X back to the bosom of the Church."

The Society has "separated" itself from the Church out of protest against the "modernization"-- are pieces of misinformation with which she has entertained the public.

Then the Regensburg Communications Director, Clemens Neck steps forward.

He maintains, that Bishop Müller is absolved in his rampage against the Society of Pius X, "by being in unity with Pope Benedict".

The Bishop has been invited to an audience with the Pope in Rome -- he mystifies.

Then did the Pope also authorize the Episcopal rampage against the Society of Saint Pius X?

Cross examination Question: Why only in Regensburg? Why also have not the other Bishops not objected to the coming priestly consecrations this 26th June?

Neognostic Theologian

The Diocesan Communications Director also commented about '' -- Articles, which have accused Bishop Muller of heresy have been brought to the light of day.

The "tit-for-tat" of a splinter group-- he said encouraging himself.

Bishop Muller has been "in the first line of those saddened" by the reaction of the Society of Pius X-- said Frau Schröpf with sympathy.

Now the irreconcilable Bishop hopes, that the process of reunification -- curiously because of
lèse-majesté -- "in danger".

Like his master, the Regensburg Communications Director plays the importance and reality of the perpetual virginity of Mary in conflict accordingly:

The real heart of this doctrine is "NOT" resolved by questions of a gynecological speciality, rather -- diffused -- in the "Mystery of the Birth of Christ".

More Slander from the German Bishop's Conference

The Church circles and thoroughly popular portal '' is -- according to the opinion of the Regensburg Communications Director-- "in Church circles famous-infamous".

According to information from observers, the portal has for years broken through the wall of silence put up by neoconservative and old liberals and takes no political position in the Church.

The Bavarian Bishop's Conference would rather have '' silenced before the 'Mittelbayerischen': "no comment" - writes Frau Schröpf.

The German Bishop's Conference are well known for their slanders given by the notorious official functionary Matthias Kopp.

He clarified for the 'Mittelbayerischen' (Middle Bavarian Paper), that '' has in the past been guilty of "more than questionable" statements before.

The site has no official character: "... continual anti-Semitic suggestions and ponderous cheap-polemical shots against the German Bishops are unbearable" -- intoned Kopp

Even the press speaker for the German Society of Pius X, Father Andreas Steiner, distanced himself from the "form" of the criticism on ''.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bishop Müller of Augsburg Decries SSPX Ordinations, Again

Regensburg's Bishop attempts to stir the pot on the SSPX's upcoming ordinations in Germany this year on June 26 in Zaitzkofen as announced on their website, here. The local ordinary, Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller, who undoubtedly has bigger fish to fry, wants to make trouble.

Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller speaks of a "provocation". One such demonstration could do possible damage the reconciliation of the Society of Saint Pius with the Catholic Church.

Zaitzkofen/Regensburg ( The traditional Society of Saint Pius propose the 26th of June to ordain three deacons to the Priesthood. The General head Bishop Bernard Fellay will confer the Sacrament by a Mass in the courtyard of the Seminary in the Upper-Pfalz town of Zaitzkofen, as explained by the internet site of the Society. The three candidates are a 62 year old from Sweden, a 37 year old from Czechia and a 28 year old from South Tirol.

The Regensburg Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller in whose Diocese Zaitzkofen sits, spoke on Monday of a "provocation". One such demonstration may damage the Society of Saint Pius' re-unification with the Catholic Church. At the same time he encourages the Society to forgo ordination till the status of their orders is clarified. Such events should "only be undertaken with the permission and knowledge of the Pope".

Already in the past year, Müller had criticized the then undertaken ordinations. He renews again his claim that it is an act of schism by the Society to ordain priests without the express authorization of the Pope and without the permission of the local Bishop. Whoever refuses to acknowledge the Second Vatican Council or parts thereof, may not have the full Communion of the Catholic Church.

Pope Benedict XVI. had lifted the excommunications of the four Bishops of the Society in January of 2009, including Fellay, in order to initiate a dialogue. Since then there have been talks in the Vatican with the Society to clarify points of contention in Doctrine.

The Society of Saint Pius X, founded in 1969 by Archbishop Lefebvre deny the central Church reforms of the 20th Century. They are not recognized by the Vatican. Unauthorized priestly ordinations by validly ordaiend Bishops are valid according to Catholic Church law even though they lack the permission of the Pope.

Photo: Diocese of Augsburg

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bishop Mueller Accuses Justice Minister's Organization of Promoting Child Abuse

Ex-Communist Federal Chairwoman, Rosemarie Will, is trying a sorry diversionary maneuver against the just reproaches of the Bishop of Regensburg. Despite her denials that her organization promotes sex with children, there is already a unanimous decision by her organization in 2000 that states the opposite, being concerned that criminal prosecution of sex crimes with minors could lead to greater state oppression [(!)].

Here's what Kreuz reports about how Bishop Mueller responded to this organization.

The Regensburger Bishop has publicly portrayed an anti-Catholic Organization as having much sympathy for child molesters. The reaction shows that the Bishop has hit the bull's eye.

( The Anti-Church 'Humanistic Union' threatened Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Mueller of Regensburg with the law, reported the German "Catholic News Agency".

On Saturday, the German ‘Süddeutsche’ from an interview with the Turin newspaper 'La Stampa', accordingly Bishop Mueller said:

The German consultant of the anti-Church Union and Justice Minister "Sabine Leutheusser-Schanarrenberger
"belongs to a kind of Freemasonic-Society, where pedophiles are portrayed as normal, which should be criminalized.

Otherwise she's lied, in the manner she has defamed us. For neither the Holy See nor the German Church has ever given the directive to the clergy to frustrate the norms of Justice."

The Church-hater is now demanding by Monday a retraction of his supposed "slander".

Otherwise, "she intends to take legal steps."

The Communications Director of the Diocese of Regensburg, Clemens Neck, maintains for 'Katolischen Nachrichtagentur', that Bishop Mueller has authorized no interview with 'La Stampa'.

The Dicoese views the possible lawsuit with "unreserved calm".

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