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Consecration & Conversion of Russia 🇷🇺

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Franciscans Elect Aberrosexual Superior

 Edit: this flamer is clearly open to turning his Province into a gay bathhouse. His Province community knew about his disorder and chose to elect him anyway. Prepare for more closings of friaries in the future in the Saint Elizabeth Province.

The Synodal Way is merely a mechanism to build public consensus for a preordained agenda while identifying and marginalizing any opposition.  

Catholic Snooze Network can barely muster the slightest emotion about this, and probably endorses degeneracy. 

[Catholic Snooze] The 300-member Franciscan province of Saint Elisabeth in Germany has elected as its new superior Father Markus Fuhrmann, who a few weeks ago publicly came out as homosexual.

In an interview with MK-Online, the official news website of the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising, Fuhrmann explained why he went public with his homosexuality.

“If I am gay myself, then I want to show that I can also be part of the Church in this ministry. That's important because it's not supposed to be like that in the Church. Unfortunately, there is too much institutional hypocrisy in our Church,” he said.

In addition, the new Franciscan superior said that he “personally supports the efforts of the Synodal Way, I am in favor of a critical rethinking of celibacy in the priestly way of life and I am in favor of women having access to ordained ministries.”


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Holy Steve Does Weed!!

Edit: what’s next? Is Holy Steve going to become Rastafarian? His posts are becoming even more incoherent and boozy.  He keeps talking about how prayer doesn’t really do it for him. Weed probably acts as a stand in for a legitimate spirituality.

His posts are getting even more incoherent now that he’s a degenerate druggie.


Tying it all together. How the Gay Disco explains Ukraine, the Covid scam, and subversion.

Dr. Jones discusses the gay disco on Operation Scorpio and how homosexuality, drugs, and public education are being used as social engineering on a global scale.

I see a fair number of Libertarian "memes" on FB, most of them touting the Libertarian claim that they they only want to leave people alone. Nothing could be further from the truth. Libertarians and Classical Liberals have a hierarchy of values, which they expect to be defended by the State. I know and admire many of them for their lucid thinking and their commitment to personal Liberty, and I have voted LP on a number of occasions, but a typical exchange with Libertarian intellectuals can go something like this. The Libertarian asserts the right to read, publish, sell any books he likes. When you point out that certain books have destructive effects on disordered personalities and should be restricted, he digs in his heels, and when you say, "OK, let's just decriminalize kiddy porn: You can print and sell what you like anywhere you like, and I can burn your shop down,, if that is my decision, and neither side can call the cops," he immediately becomes a statist. I am not suggesting they are worse in this respect than other ideologues, only that, like all ideologues, most of them are self-deceived. By the way, I had the above conversation with more than one celebrated Libertarian intellectual (not the saintly Murray Rothbard, who was much too smart to fall into the trap). I prefer Dr. Johnson's view of censorship, that everyman has the right to say what he likes, and every other man has the right to knock him down for it. There is the famous apocryphal statement supposed to be made by Voltaire to the effect that I may disagree with what you say, but I shall defend to the death your right to say it. Really? Suppose I am a Jew and you are Julius Streicher. Will I really defend to the death your right to demonize me and my people and call for our annihilation? Suppose I am an American Christian after the Revolution and the evil tax-collector Tom Paine gets in trouble for publishing his anti-Christian lies in Common Sense. Are we absolutist in defending Streicher and Paine? Simply because I don't like HItler does not mean I have to make an alliance with Stalin. Most of what is written on either side of most issues is pointlessly stupid, and what a waste of time it is to run around defending either Jordan Peterson or his enemies.  Thomas Fleming

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Canadian Pop Star Who Had Death Vaxx Canceling Tour — Has Facial Paralysis

Justin Bieber announced Friday that he’s canceling his world tour after being diagnosed with “Ramsay Hunt” syndrome. His wife had a similar facial paralysis event as a result of a cerebral hemorrhage  in March. Blood clots are a characteristic and occasionally fatal side-effects of the vaxx which all too often leads to strokes and heart attacks. So here we have another healthy young person suffering from effects indicative of having the death vaxx.

The Canadian singer has been circumspect about  having received the vaxx, but being a Canadian residing in Waterloo, he would need the Vaxx to re-enter Canada from abroad, and has been a participant at events requiring it.

In a video posted to Instagram, the 28-year-old singer said he has full facial paralysis on the right side of his face.

“As you can see, this eye is not blinking. I can’t smile on this side of my face. This nostril will not move,” he explained.

Another  Canadian is  receiving damages from the ill effects of the clot shot.


Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Bergoglio Receives Award from Jewish Frreemasonic B'Nai B'rith

Bergoglio receives award from the B'nai B'rith 

Edit: this is from TIA.  I haven't seen this anywhere else in Catholic media, and until more Catholic organizations comment unfavorably on these kinds of events, nothing is going to change for the better.

In the photo above, we see the CEO of B'nai B'rith International Daniel S. Mariaschin giving Pope Bergoglio a gold chalice with Jewish inscriptions and symbols. This was a symbolic award to thank Francis for his constant support for this Jewish Masonic organization. This took place during a meeting in the Papal Library when Francis received a delegation of 27 members of that organization on May 30, 2022.

Commenting on the encounter, Mariachin told the Jerusalem Post: “From his years as Cardinal in Buenos Aires until today, Pope Francis has expressed a special interest in furthering Jewish-Catholic relations." He continued, “Our audience with him gave us an opportunity to demonstrate our appreciation for this support, to confirm our shared aspirations for peace and mutual respect." 

 In a formal speech, the president of the Jewish organization Seth Riklin asked for papal support for the Abraham Accords, which is a Jewish initiative to make Arabs recognize the State of Israel. This was an implicit request for the Holy See to exercise its influence over the Middle East Arab countries to accept Israel. This is what B'nai B'rith calls its work for fraternity and peace.


Masonic infiltration in the Vatican

Hey Mark Shea: Do you want to get serious about gun violence?

 Or, would you prefer to use Jesus as a sock-puppet for your Leftism?

Monday, June 6, 2022

Gänswein of Vatican: "Some dry and rotten things fall off by themselves"


Benedict's private secretary in the Vorarlberg "Kirchenblatt": "Mainly talking about gossip and scandals" - lack of priests: besiege God with requests for vocations.

Feldkirch ( KAP)

When talking about the Vatican, "then it's mainly about gossip and scandals." As Archbishop Georg Gänswein, Pope Benedict XVI's private secretary for many years explained in an interview with the Vorarlberg "KirchenBlattes" (June 2nd edition), one can "read or hear a great many outlandish things originating the center of the Catholic world, which certainly inspire a flourishing imagination, but do not represent reality."  After 27 years in Rome, he answered the question about changes in the Vatican by referring to continuity: Vatican employees should primarily help the pope as the shepherd of the universal Church so that he can fulfill his ministry as the successor of Peter in the best possible way.

According to Gänswein, little has changed in concrete terms over the past three decades, "however, it is noteworthy that the workforce has become more international and the number of laypersons, both men and women, has increased". The exchange between the bishops worldwide and the Pope is of great importance. "It's about one faith, but it's about different tasks."

The Archbishop compared life in the Vatican to a large tree. Sometimes it's "hands-on" and the branches and foliage have to be trimmed "so that it doesn't run rampant," says Gänswein. "Some dry and rotten things fall off by themselves."

Vocations: Do not "water down" the priestly image

In order to awaken more spiritual vocations in Central Europe again, he does not know of any recipe. The words of Jesus "The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few" show that even in the times of the New Testament there was obviously a need for vocations. As he said, the curial archbishop considers the biblical postscript "pioneering and helpful": "Ask the Lord of the harvest, and he will send you workers." It is necessary to assail God with requests for vocations. "Pray, pray and pray again: this is the first and most important answer to the lack of spiritual vocations." How long the current dry spell lasts is uncertain, as Gänswein said. "But Christ didn't just take off, even if it sometimes seems like it."

At the same time, the archbishop warned against "watering down" the image of the priest. A young man on the path to the priesthood must know what he is getting himself into. "We have to have the courage to fully stand by the faith of the Church and to celibacy," emphasized Gänswein. This is "not an annoying obstacle, but a gift from Christ".

Archbishop Gänswein came to Maria Bildstein (Vbg.) at the invitation of the Benedictine brother Fidelis Ellensohn to celebrate an anniversary service: The youth movement for vocations in the Church, KIM (circle of young missionaries), set up by the Vorarlberg religious in Tyrol and Vorarlberg, celebrated its 50th anniversary.


Trans: Tancred


New Springtime: Monastery in Berlin Closing -- Interfaith Initiative Attempts to Keep it "Spiritual"

The initiative "Pro-Kloster Gabriel" is intensively committed to continued spiritual use and also has concepts ready.

Berlin ( In the former monastery of St. Gabriel in Berlin, school lessons will take place instead of worship in the future. The so-called "Rosa Sisters", as the Steyl missionaries were affectionately called in the vernacular because of their delicate pink habit, had to leave the monastery at the beginning of the year due to problems with – new vocations reported []. It was unclear for a long time what would become of the monastery building, which belongs to the Order and is under monument protection.

Already in October 2021, when the planned closure of the monastery became known, the initiative "Pro-Kloster Gabriel", an association of different denominations and backgrounds, was formed with the aim of continuing the spiritual use of the church and monastery, especially in the sense of a place of prayer including care for the poor and disadvantaged. Religious from Africa are ready to start working in Berlin immediately; because especially in times of great mental and physical distress, people need prayer, fellowship and grace, says the initiative. To this end, a petition was launched to Berlin's governing mayor and the Superior General of the Order and a benevolent open letter was written to an interested party, the private Berlin Schele School, with the request to refrain from buying.

The background is that the Schele School would not use the building for spiritual purposes, but would offer school lessons. This would contradict the founding spirit of the monastery, whose initiator is Blessed Bernhard Lichtenberg, who was killed in action for Jews and other persecuted people and in the resistance against the National Socialists. According to "Pro-Kloster Gabriel", the handover of the buildings to the operator of an old people's home could already be prevented. The initiative continues to rely on the power of prayer and hopes for insight from those responsible, for the benefit of the city of Berlin. 


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Robber Baron Kicked Downstairs?

 Edit: Barron has an obsession with muscular men, “they follow him everywhere”. Will they be following him to the corn belt? Recently,  one of Barron’s muscleheads got fired from Turd one Fire for sexually harassing people (I think they were women!). So, Barron is now being sent to a remote diocese in “nowhere land.” It sounds like a bit of  a nothing burger moment of the increasingly discredited #metoo movement, and once again, I feel called upon to defend someone I really despise. Robber Barron has bigger problems than fostering “misogyny,”frankly. Maybe  in addition to  heresy and muscle men, there’s a roid rage problem?

Remember how close he was to Cardinal Bernardin and Father Andrew Greeley?  Considering how close he was to them, what did he know about Chicago’s Lavender Mafia?  Where would we be without Novus Ordo Watch to archive things like this, like the obviously aberrosexual Bernardin showing up to a murder scene while the blood was still fresh? To this day, Frank Pellegrini is unavenged.

Barron will be replacing a byproduct of a pink palace seminary.

This is also where the SSPX once had its main seminary in North America, Saint Thomas Aquinas (once a Dominican Friary) is now a Novitiate and  retreat center. The SSPX seminary had to be moved because it was overflowing with seminarians. I don’t think Barron is going to have  this many vocations, despite having access to Saint Mary’s College and Winona State.

Barron’s Chicago connections may  play out here, as Winona is a beautiful locale where wealthy Chicagoans of its poshest families have long had summer homes in the towering hills overlooking the winding Mississippi River. (Maybe this is the gold pocket what Robber Barron is sizing  up?)

The Diocese also has access to world renowned Mayo Clinic in Rochester, and is also an hour and a half drive from one of the largest gay Metroplexes in the Globohomo, the Twin Cities.

There is substantial infrastructure in the Metro area to support a content creator like Turd on Fire and Barron will be able to pay significantly smaller salaries to his staff.  Will he be bringing his flaming turd with him?

Father Steve of Turd on Fire

It’s unknown how Barron will be able to manage a diocese with 130k Catholics and 109 parishes successfully AND run his media company, but we’ll see. That showboat Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen wasn’t successful at running a diocese either.


Thursday, June 2, 2022

Abbess: "The Church is not a religious association that creates offices for itself"

Abbess Christiana Reemts: "What we in the German Church have to understand again is that a bishop did not receive his office from the congregation, but from the apostles and thus ultimately from Christ."

Mariendonk ( “What we in the German Church have to understand again is that a bishop did not receive his office from the congregation, but from the apostles and thus ultimately from Christ.  The Church is not a religious association that creates any offices for itself, but a foundation of Jesus Christ.  Christiana Reemts OSB delicately explains as she explains on her blog on the website of the Mariendonk Benedictine Abbey, however, “that this visible church, which we often find so annoying, provocative or petty-minded, is the object of our faith”.  The Church is not a human work, but the “Church of Christ”.  Nevertheless, at the same time it is also “naïve to attribute everything in the Church directly to the earthly Jesus.  Of course there is development in the Church.  But above all there is the Holy Spirit, who guides the Church and lets it stand firm in faith for all time - and I am convinced: also in our time."

In her blog posts, which are always kept discreet, you can feel how much the theologian rubs up against current developments in the Catholic Church in Germany.  She is currently staying with fellow sisters at Mariavall Abbey in Sweden.  She admits that she "frankly enjoys... being in a Catholic environment where there is gratitude for the faith and fellowship of the Church."  Most Swedish Catholics today are “immigrants or converts.  Almost all of my fellow sisters are also converts, i.e. they made a very conscious decision to believe as adults.  The Catholic Church in Sweden is small and poor, but it doesn't have the German problems."

A Swedish priest asked her in a conversation, she reports in another blog post, “whether everything he had heard from the German Church was true.  I could only confirm that."  With reference to Andersen's fairy tale "The Emperor's New Clothes,” she states: "In Germany we are like this Emperor and they cheat him, because we think we could reinvent reality and language.  But at some point a small child will come and call: "There's nothing on him!" But we'll probably just keep going like the emperor..."

Dr. Christiana Reemts OSB (see link) has been the abbess of Mariendonk Abbey in the diocese of Aachen since 2005.  Among other things, she has published works on the Church Fathers.  Mariendonker nuns have been working since 1990 on the "Fontes christiani", a bilingual edition of the Church Fathers, as well as on the edition of the Vetus Latina and the Novum Testamentum Patristicum.

 Photo: icon image

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New Prefect of Congregation of Divine Liturgy Officiated at Jimmy Saville’s Funeral — Rank Evil!

 Edit: Damian, he mad! The new Liturgist has a history of destroying Liturgy, it seems.  He will be Prefect of the Congregation of Divine  Liturgy.

Interesting to  us that ++Roche was the celebrant at Freemason and prolific  sex predator, Jimmy Saville’s funeral!


Wednesday, June 1, 2022

The Hermeneutics of Bergoglio: Dead Traditions

We should abandon the old forms which were never that great in the first place.

Edit: surely he means dead Traditions like Marty Haugen and David Haas?  Maybe it’s time to start reading Benedict XVI through Bergoglio? 

Perhaps he intends to discredit the Bologna School by promoting a devotee of Sodom and Gomorrah, Cupich, to advocate for it in Rome!! Genius!!

[Catholic Snooze Network] Pope Francis on Wednesday criticized people who “call themselves guardians of traditions, but of dead traditions,” saying that failing to move forward is dangerous for the Church today.

Speaking to the organizers of a conference on education on June 1, the pope said that it was vital to make progress by “drawing from the roots.”

He said that “there is the fashion — in every age, but in this age in the Church’s life I consider it dangerous — that instead of drawing from the roots in order to move forward — meaning fine traditions — we ‘step back,’ not going up or down, but backward.”

“This ‘back-stepping’ makes us a sect; it makes you ‘closed’ and cuts off your horizons. Those people call themselves guardians of traditions, but of dead traditions.”


Bergoglio Has Caused a Doubling of Old Catholics

Laicized monk: "When the big no from Rome in the final papers of the synodal path is here."

Anselm Bilgri was dismissed from the clergy as a punishment by Pope Francis and is now campaigning for the Old Catholics.

Munich ( "I can imagine that the Old Catholics, when the big No from Rome to the final papers of the synodal path is there, will get a large influx of all the disappointed ones." Pope Francis explained this as a punishment.  Ex-Prior of the Andechs Monastery Anselm Bilgri, who was released from the clergy, told the "BILD".  The 68-year-old Bilgri "married" his longtime boyfriend a year ago.  Bilgri apparently blames the actual responsibility for the break in his own life story on the Church officials: “These officials are in such a bubble and only follow their own rules, they no longer notice anything else.  All of this completely ignores the reality of society.”

After leaving the Roman Catholic Church, he joined the Old Catholics and is now a volunteer priest. Most things here are “as I know them”.  He just has to "get used to certain peculiarities - to small formulations that are different than he is used to, to other melodies, a different singsong," Bilgri told the "Bild".  Incidentally, the words “Jesus Christ” and “Bible” did not appear in the newspaper report.

The "Bild" further reports that in the past year the Old Catholics recorded twice as many admissions as in 2020.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Bergoglio Leading Rosary for Peace at Santa Maria Maggiore with Faithful

 Families from Ukraine, Syria and Venezuela as well as military chaplains and refugees are praying the rosary in Santa Maria Maggiore

Rome ( Pope Francis prayed again for peace worldwide - especially in Ukraine - in a special celebration on Tuesday evening.  In Rome's Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore he led a rosary prayer in front of the statue of Mary Regina Pacis (Queen of Peace).  In view of the ongoing war in Ukraine, he called Mary: "Give us the great gift of peace and let us soon put an end to the war that has been raging in different parts of the world for decades and has now also invaded the European continent."  The Pope also asked "to reconcile hearts filled with violence and revenge".

People affected by war and conflict prayed the rosary with Pope Francis at Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome's main Marian church: a Ukrainian family representing all families experiencing the violence of war;  military chaplains who offer hope and comfort to affected populations;  Volunteers, representing all people who continue their service for the benefit of others, even in situations of great danger and uncertainty;  a Syrian family and a Venezuelan family representing those suffering from the conflicts, as well as some refugees who had to leave their homes and are now trying to build a new life.  Bishops and diplomats also attended the prayer, among them the Ambassador of Ukraine to the Holy See, Andriy Jurash.  At the same time, at the end of the Marian month of May, peace prayers were held in Marian shrines around the world - for example in Ukraine, Iraq, Syria and Bahrain.  Francis had previously asked all Christians worldwide to participate.  Since the start of the Ukraine war, the Pope has repeatedly called for peace.  At the end of March he dedicated all of humanity, especially Ukraine and Russia, to the Mother of God in a solemn act in St. Peter's Basilica.  Many Christians from all over the world had joined his supplication for peace.

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Monday, May 30, 2022

Old Liberal Midwife to Francis Pontificate Cardinal Angelo Sodano Deceased

Angelo Cardinal Sodano with Pope Francis, to whom the former chief diplomat of the Vatican had opened the door to the pontificate.

(Rome) Last Saturday the death of Angelo Cardinal Sodano was announced. The former Cardinal Secretary of State of Pope John Paul II died in Rome on Friday, May 27 at the age of 94. He made a particularly controversial statement about the Third Secret of Fatima. Above all, he was the door opener to the pontificate of Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio.

From farmer's son to chief diplomat

The Vatican diplomat from Piedmont was the son of a farmer and a Christian Democrat member of parliament. He was ordained a priest for his native diocese of Asti in 1950 and then sent to Rome. There he earned a doctorate in theology and then a doctorate in canon law from the Pontifical Lateran UniversityIn parallel, he graduated from the Pontifical Diplomatic Academy and entered the diplomatic service of the Holy See.

In 1977 Paul VI appointed him titular archbishop and apostolic nuncio. In 1988, John Paul II appointed him Vatican Foreign Minister at the Roman Curia, and in 1991 appointed him Cardinal Secretary of State.

Benedict XVI, who was the same age, removed him from this influential position when the German Pope pushed back the influence of the Vatican diplomats on Church leadership. From 2005 to 2019, Sodano served as Cardinal Dean, the highest-ranking representative of the College of Cardinals. As such, he played an important role after the surprising resignation of Benedict XVI.  and during the Sedevacante and the preparation of the conclave at which Pope Francis was elected.

On February 11, 2013, on that historic day when Benedict XVI. announced his resignation, Sodano answered him as cardinal dean in the assembled consistory that this announcement came "like a bolt from the blue". This did not seem credible to many observers. However, the image of lightning became a reality in a different way that same day, when actual lightning struck St. Peter's Dome a few hours after the announcement. A unique and shockingly symbolic phenomenon that, contrary to claims at the time, has not taken place before or since.

It was then-Cardinal Sodano who, as Cardinal Dean, convoked and led the General Congregations before the conclave, although he himself, being over 80, could not take part in the conclave.

Is the Third Secret of Fatima Really Past?

As Cardinal Secretary of State, Sodano helped publish the so-called Third Secret of Fatima. Shortly before the announcement, he read a statement on May 13, 2000, at the end of the Mass celebrated by John Paul II in Fatima. It contains the controversial sentence:

"(...) the events to which the third part of the Mystery of Fatima refers now seem to belong to the past".

Cardinal Secretary of State Sodano with Condoleezza Rice

After the former Apostolic Nuncio in the USA, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, had commented on this, Wolfram Schrems wrote in May 2020:

“Finally, Viganò names the policy of concealment and lies of Cardinal Angelo Sodano, then Cardinal Secretary of State (1991-2006), and Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Sodano’s successor in this office (2006-2013). He accuses them of having persuaded the people of God that the words of the Virgin Mary had nothing to do with the crisis in the Church and with 'the collusion of modernists and Freemasonry behind the scenes of Vatican II'. (As is well known, the Vatican stated in the publication mentioned that the vision of the Third Secret referred to the assassination attempt on John Paul II on May 13, 1981, was thus fulfilled and lay in the past, further questions are superfluous: Please go on, here there is nothing to see.)” 

Relentless opposition to Benedict XVI.

Sodano couldn't get over his disempowerment by Benedict XVIThe German Pope was never forgiven for appointing Cardinal Bertone, a non-diplomat, as Cardinal Secretary of State. Sodano became his bitter opponentThe circle of Vatican diplomats close to him did not belong to the secret circle of Sankt Gallen, but they made life difficult for the Pope from Marktl am Inn and sought revenge.

In the 2013 conclave, the progressive Fronde around Team Bergoglio managed to form an alliance with the Sodano group, expanded to include Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York and those Italians wearing the purple, most notably Cardinal Scola, who wanted to prevent the Archbishop of Milan, and Benedict XVI's desired successor. This formed a heterogeneous majority that elected Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio as Pope. As the Corriere della Sera reported two days after the conclave, the newly elected Pope Francis addressed the cardinals in the Sistine Chapel and acknowledged his election with the words:

"May God forgive you."

Flows of money for looking the other way?

It was Archbishop Viganò who, in connection with the Vatican's McCarrick Report, asked why the former Cardinal Secretary of State Sodano was not heard. The report was intended to clarify the serious allegations made by the former Apostolic Nuncio in the USA, but in fact, it clarified nothing and covered up even more. Monsignor Viganò asked what Cardinal Sodano knew about McCarrick and why he still didn't prevent his rise.

In this context, revelations by WikiLeaks of Julian Assange already pointed in a certain direction. It is about opaque cash flows in the tens of millions. It is well known that money is power. This was evident in the case of the unspeakable founder of the Order of the Legionnaires of Christ, Marcial Maciel Degollado, and also in the no less unspeakable case of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. Both appear to have secured themselves by lavishly donating money to influential figures in the Vatican, thereby avoiding investigations and sanctions. 

According to the British historian Henry Sire, who published the explosive book The Dictator Pope under the pseudonym Marcantonio Colonna and was expelled from the Order of Malta for it, Maciel provided the then Cardinal Secretary of State, Sodano, with hefty sums of money. McCarrick's cash flows have never been investigated. The McCarrick Report prevented that, too.

The Corona Narrative

Cardinal Sodano's health had deteriorated in recent days. The Corona narrative should not be missing either, as the Italian press agency ANSA claimed a connection with a “recent Covid 19 infection”. In fact, the cardinal had routinely been tested positive by a PCR test in the course of examinations, which, as is well known, means nothing. 

In fact, ANSA immediately weakened their suggested connection by stating: "The disease joined other diseases from which the famous cardinal had been suffering for some time." The pseudo-pandemic is primarily a product of the mainstream media, to which they remain true to against all evidence. The cardinal was “vaccinated” three times with the experimental spike preparation and belonged to the silent crowd of churchmen who found not a word of criticism of the arbitrary and disproportionate harshness of Pope Francis’ Corona measures.

On May 27, Angelo Cardinal Sodano died at the age of 95 in the Roman Columbus Clinic, which belonged to the Foundation of the University Hospital.

Requiescat in pace.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image : Wikicommons/MiL

Trans: Tancred


Sunday, May 29, 2022


Another Queen becomes a Prince of the Church

Pope Francis announced on May 29 that he will create 21 new cardinals, 16 of them electors with a right to vote in the next conclave, including bishops Robert McElroy of San Diego, Calif., and Arthur Roche of England.

The choice of Bishop McElroy is the biggest surprise of this consistory for the church in the United States. A graduate of Harvard, Stanford and the pontifical Gregorian universities, Bishop McElroy has demonstrated that he is one of the strongest supporters of the pope’s vision of church among the American bishops since Francis appointed him to be bishop of San Diego in March 2015. By choosing him to be a cardinal, instead of others, Pope Francis is sending a powerful message to the American bishops and church.  Continued

Update:  Karin, not only will we not remove the survey, we're including a link to it in the original post:


Based Republican Opposes Israeli Control of Congress

Edit: if he were talking about Russians, no one would bat an eye.

[Free BeaconCalifornia's upcoming primary elections could deliver Rep. Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.) an unlikely foreign policy ally—Republican Greg Raths, who last week said the "Jewish community" uses money to "control" U.S. politicians. 

Raths's anti-Semitic rant [Its a rant, huh?] came during a May 20 Orange County Islamic Foundation candidate forum, which saw the Republican claim that U.S. support for Israel is bought and paid for by the "Jewish community." Raths, who is running against Republican congresswoman Young Kim in California's 40th Congressional District, also called to "rein in" U.S. foreign aid to Israel, a position he said he is able to support because he hasn't taken "one dime" from Jewish sources.

"That's the problem. Israeli PAC in Washington, they got money and they control a lot of these politicians. And the other side, the Palestinians, they don't have the clout. So these politicians go where the money is, unfortunately," Raths said. "The Jewish community is very well organized in the United States and they control a lot of politicians. That's why the foreign aid is so large going to Israel. … The Jewish community has never given me one dime, so I'm not beholden to them at all."