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Monday, June 6, 2022

New Springtime: Monastery in Berlin Closing -- Interfaith Initiative Attempts to Keep it "Spiritual"

The initiative "Pro-Kloster Gabriel" is intensively committed to continued spiritual use and also has concepts ready.

Berlin ( In the former monastery of St. Gabriel in Berlin, school lessons will take place instead of worship in the future. The so-called "Rosa Sisters", as the Steyl missionaries were affectionately called in the vernacular because of their delicate pink habit, had to leave the monastery at the beginning of the year due to problems with – new vocations reported []. It was unclear for a long time what would become of the monastery building, which belongs to the Order and is under monument protection.

Already in October 2021, when the planned closure of the monastery became known, the initiative "Pro-Kloster Gabriel", an association of different denominations and backgrounds, was formed with the aim of continuing the spiritual use of the church and monastery, especially in the sense of a place of prayer including care for the poor and disadvantaged. Religious from Africa are ready to start working in Berlin immediately; because especially in times of great mental and physical distress, people need prayer, fellowship and grace, says the initiative. To this end, a petition was launched to Berlin's governing mayor and the Superior General of the Order and a benevolent open letter was written to an interested party, the private Berlin Schele School, with the request to refrain from buying.

The background is that the Schele School would not use the building for spiritual purposes, but would offer school lessons. This would contradict the founding spirit of the monastery, whose initiator is Blessed Bernhard Lichtenberg, who was killed in action for Jews and other persecuted people and in the resistance against the National Socialists. According to "Pro-Kloster Gabriel", the handover of the buildings to the operator of an old people's home could already be prevented. The initiative continues to rely on the power of prayer and hopes for insight from those responsible, for the benefit of the city of Berlin. 


Trans: Tancred


Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Islamic Cutthroat in Berlin Destroys a Life and Smiles

The accused Abdul Malik A. (29) at the start of the trial in the Berlin district court


 05.04.2022 - 21:16

Berlin – A hobby gardener is trimming mahonia in the front yard when a man comes by and stabs her into a coma.  The trial before the Berlin district court began on Tuesday.

Room 700. Accused: Abdul Malik A. (29) from Afghanistan.  Since 2015 in Berlin.  Apartment in Wilmersdorf.  "A very nice guy," says his cousin to BILD.  An insidious murderer who was prevented by others from completing his bloody work, says the Berlin Attorney General's Office.

The accidental victim Regina G. (58) is paralyzed today, a nursing case

Photo: Private

Flashback: It's September 4, 2021, Saturday, 1:30 p.m.  Regina G. (58) trims shrubs in front of her rental house at the corner of Güntzelstrasse and Prinzregentenstrasse in Wilmersdorf.  Shortly there afternoon , nothing is as it was: stitches in the neck and head, coma, forever requiring nursing care.  She only survived because her neighbor Klaus F. (66) interfered with the words: "Tell me, are you crazy, leave the woman alone!"

The spot where the woman was stabbed

 Photo: Timo Beurich

The former nurse  plays the drums, and was coming from rehearsal.  This is how he experienced the madness of the  attack: "I see a well-dressed man in a blue caftan, blue trousers, creases.  The woman is busy with the hedge trimmer in the front yard.  He approaches from behind.  A scream.  She kneels.  He is holding her hair with his right hand and a knife to her neck with his left.”

Klaus F. continues: "I shout: 'Leave the woman alone!'  He looks pitiful.   He drops her and comes for me.  Gets the throat and larynx.  I ran to the barber shop with the last of my strength and call out: 'Get the police, they want to kill a woman!'"


Klaus F. (66) stepped in and protected his neighbor from further stab wounds

 Photo: Olaf Selchow

The knifeman smiles.  He relies on a self-defense claim: "The woman attacked me!  She had big scissors.  I only have a small knife for bread and melons.” The judge: “Did you mind that the woman cut flowers?” The knifeman gently: “Yes, beautiful flowers, please don't cut them, I said.” His lawyer emphasizes: “He has no problem with women!”


 Berlin pensioner Klaus stopped the Afghan knife


 The Two Faces of the Knife Afghan

A police officer (49) who arrested him at the time: "He said his God had ordered the woman to be killed because she kept cutting the flowers."

Instead of being in jail, the knifeman is now behind bars in the psycho hospital.  “The food is better there too,” he says with satisfaction.  The judge: “The woman is paralyzed today!” The accused: “God sees everything.  Mistakes happen.  I'm not a terrorist.  Send me back home.  Or release me!”

 The verdict is due to be issued on May 24th.


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Berlin Capitulates to Leftist Terror

Burning car in Berlin (archive): Pampered terrorists Photo: dpa
Whoever speaks these days about Berlin has to talk about terrorism.   Cars have been burning daily for weeks, police officers are attacked and shop windows of businesses and politicians offices  are repeatedly destroyed. Yes, that's terror. What else would it be?
That national media and federal politics, if it ever addresses the issue, does it just as a side note for a simple reason: The perpetrators are left-wing extremists. Wearing disguises and armed with stones, paint bombs and explosives, they track each night throughout the capital.
Politicians call for discussions and de-escalation
A "black July" was announced with attacks on police officers and all "beneficiaries of the prevailing logic" by terrorists from Riga Street. "As much as you can take is what's allowed!" This is the provocation to the citizens of the city. They are the ones who have to co-finance the terror of dubious "democracy programs" and in the "fight against the right".
But Berlin would not be Berlin if the hatred of the Left was not at  least combined with stupidity and insolence of the politicians in charge. Berlin's mayor, has now called for a "de-escalation approach" something like the quintessential Berliner slum factor. Yes, even talking with the left-wing extremist scene. This should break the "spiral of violence."
Went even further the domestic policy spokesman for the pirate faction in the Berlin City House, Christopher Lauer. His logic: give leftist extremists their squat, then they will stop the violence.
A thought experiment shows all the madness
A thought experiment is enough to understand the bizarreness  of these proposals. What would Lauer and Müller do if  right-wing extremists or Islamists occupied a Berlin trolley and daily attacked policemen and set cars on fire? But would be what's going on.
At least inside Senator Frank Henkel (CDU) has recognized this and just drawn this comparison.Just help the Berliners with this little hindsight. For years, the excesses of the left-wing scene was downplayed, ignored, relativized or even celebrated.
No, Berlin does not need a de-escalation concept and no ominous "civil society". Berlin needs a war on terror.
Link to Junge Freiheit..  Trans: Tancred

Friday, May 27, 2016

University Dismisses Math Professor for Being Critical of Islam

BERLIN. The authorities of two Berlin universities have deprived a professor of his teaching positions for anti-Islamic statements. A mathematics graduate Wolfang Hebold has published "discriminatory, xenophobic and misogynistic forum entries," wrote the University of Economics and Law (HWR) in a statement. The Academy of Sciences Berlin (HTW) has dismissed the scientist. In addition to the criticism of Islam he's assigned questionable tasks in his statistics course.
Previously the RBB had learned from a student that allegedly, Hebold has assigned Islam-critical tasks in his seminars. In his blog, Hebold has expressed himself critically of headscarf-wearing Muslims, which he described as "the headscarf Muslim."
And if  it really isn't one of these obese Muslim women of Kreuzberg hidden underneath, then there often remains an open question, what sex is hidden here (...). But if a woman does not want to show that she is a woman - why should she still be encountered as a woman? Is it not far more appropriate, if they were not even perceived as a woman. They therefore are no longer spoken of as "she", but as neutral creatures? - Wolfgang Hebold
Lecturer relies on freedom of expression
The RBB quoted a student: "We should calculate what statistical relationship there is between the number of terrorist attacks and the proportion of Muslims in the population."  The students were also expected to make calculations  of the relationship between the Muslim population, and genital mutilation in Egypt.
Hebold replied, statistics aren't just about numbers. It could also be used in examples that were "relevant in everyday life" and  in politics. In addition, the mathematician pointed out to the broadcaster on the right toward freedom of expression.
"I have a feeling that what I wanted to say was viciously twisted by RBB," Hebold criticized the Berlin Tagesspiegel.  Some items of which he is now accused did not come from him. "I'm anti-Islamic as I am also anti-communist and anti-fascist. Political Islam is a problem, but I'm not racist."

So far, no abnormalities

According to the RBB, Hebold has regularly written comments about Islam on his blog. In it he referred to Muslims as "Muselmen" or "Mossis". Besides the political remarks he has published on his website, he also provides information for students. The Math Professor rejected the broadcaster's criticism of his methods: "Then you putting this on the table, that a lecturer should never make any statement in any case, where a student might feel hurt."
According to the HWR, where he has taught since 2011,  there have  been no irregularities so far. On the website of HTW, the profile of the professor has now been deleted. (Ls)

Link to Junge Freiheit...
Trans: Tancred

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Berlin's New Archbishop Koch Warns of Fiasco for Cathedral "Renovation"

Edit: reading between the lines, you can tell that he means to destroy more of the Catholic heritage of a predominantly Protestant city.

The new Archbishop Heiner Koch seeks an amicable solution in the controversial renovation of Berlin's St. Hedwig's Cathedral,  because "to renew a building so that it destroys the community, does not make sense."

Berlin ( In the controversial renovation of Berlin's St. Hedwig's Cathedral, the new Archbishop Heiner Koch seeks (Photo) an amicable solution. "To renew a building so that it destroys the community, does not make sense," he said on Wednesday in his first press conference in Berlin. "Then the renovation is a fiasco," said Koch, who was   appointed by Pope Francis to succeed Cardinal Rainer Woelki.

For the renovation and remodeling of the cathedral there is a design that took first place in an architectural competition a year ago. At issue is especially the plan to close the large bottom opening applied 50 years ago in the center of the cathedral with staircase to the lower church. The new Archbishop has to decide on the implementation. 

Koch has  already said he has received many "menacing, sharp" emails on the renovation design. "If you agree to this approach, you will not have many friends," he quoted from it. Koch takes office on 19 September. The designated Archbishop announced that he would "look again exactly" at the plans. At the same time, he stressed,   there was a stress on "urgent action".  Moreover, the competition had been completed, and there were already ​"factual decisions" made.  Moreover, there are different liturgical requirements for the Cathedral today   than 30 years ago.

Even with the also controversial structural reform of the Archdiocese, Koch signaled his willingness to talk. The criticism is particularly the plan, which is to currently combine  105 parishes in Berlin, Brandenburg and Pomerania to around 30 large parishes by 2020. Koch also has received his own words already from letters that clearly made ​​a "tremendous fear of anonymity and homelessness".  

The future archbishop promised "to familiarize himself with the local communities on the way." He defended the foundations initiated by his predecessor for reform: "I can not see that it is factually incorrect."  The question of the best structures should, however, "not be answered uniformly," he conceded at the same time. "Since the archdiocese is too different." But he also warned that he was to reform the structures. They are only the means to an end. The principal issues were "how the Church can fulfill its responsibilities in a changing society." [Get ready for more modernism in Berlin.] (C) 2015 Catholic News Agency KNA GmbH. All rights reserved. Photo Bishop Koch (c) Diocese of Dresden / M. Kasiske
Trans: Tancred
Photo: Wiki

From Wiki:

After the Kristallnacht pogroms that took place over the night of 9–10 November 1938, Bernhard Lichtenberg, a canon of the cathedral chapter of St Hedwig since 1931, prayed publicly for Jews in the evening prayer following. Lichtenberg was later jailed by the Nazis and died on the way to the concentration camp at Dachau. In 1965 Lichtenberg's remains were transferred to the crypt at St. Hedwig's.


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Dresden's Bishop Koch to be the New Archbishop of Berlin

The Berlin Cathedral Chapter have voted with the majority required for Koch as new archbishop of Berlin, says the Catholic News Agency (KNA) from well-informed circles - appointment by Pope Francis is still pending.

Berlin / Vatican City ( The Dresdner Bishop Heiner Koch (60) is to become the new Archbishop of Berlin. The Berlin Cathedral Chapter have voted with the majority required for Koch as new archbishop of Berlin,  well-informed sources told the Catholic News Agency (KNA). If the states of Berlin and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern have no objection, Pope Francis may appoint Koch in the coming days or weeks as archbishop of Berlin.

The former Cologne Bishop Heiner Koch was Bishop of the diocese of Dresden-Meissen two years. The born Düsseldorfer has led  the German Bishops' Conference, the Commission for Marriage and the Family. He also is involved in the preparation of the family Synod in Rome for October. The Archdiocese of Berlin has been about eight months without archbishop. Last September, Cardinal Rainer Woelki had left the capital diocese after three years  at the head and is turning over the reins of the archbishopric of Cologne. 
  (C ) 2015 Catholic News Agency KNA GmbH. All rights reserved.Photo Bishop Koch (c) Diocese of Dresden / M.Kasiske
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Monday, September 23, 2013

Over 4,500 Germans Participate in March For Life in Berlin Last Weekend

Edit: in addition to the pro-Life march in Catholic Slovakia, there were 80,000 participants last weekend according to Aletia, there was a Pro-Life demonstration in Berlin. Nothing else on this march appears in the media. Also, there was an event, an ecumenical one reported on and supported also by the SSPX in Germany, of the Pro-Life March for Life in Post-Protestant Berlin with 4,500 participants. Not to fear, the numbers are growing and headway is being made.

SSPX did point out that the Germany media (Including the Catholic) downplayed the numbers at the event. German police authorities estimated the turnout at 4,500.

Here's a report from Kathnews:

Berlin (Catholic news / BVL). More than 4,500 participants took part this year in the March for life in Berlin, which was much higher than last year, in which 3,000 participants were counted. The Chairman of the Right to Life Federation, Martin Lohmann, said "The pro-life movement in Germany is on the rise. Even and especially among younger people there is a growing awareness of life. This is evidenced by the numerous young participants in this year's silent march - an impressive and peaceful witness to life". The March for Life began at 1 O'clock with a rally in front of the Federal Chancellery. The RTL chairman Martin Lohmann stressed: "We are for peace, but against any violence! We are in for real self-determination, for freedom, for true humanity, for tolerance, for creation. Together with Albert Schweitzer we say: Without reverence for life, the human race has no future."

At the rally, a woman who had an abortion of one of her children gave a testimony. "Immediately after the appointment was over, I knew that I had killed my child." An young woman affected by Down syndrome said: "I'm glad that I am in the world, and live!" Hedwig von Beverfoerde, coordinator of European Citizen's Intiative, "One of Us" in Germany, proclaimed at the stage program: "Last week the European quorum reached one million supporters! In Germany alone, more than 92,000 citizens have signed. This is encouraging." Martin Lohmann pointed out at the end of the march: "This year, the Peace March for Life was run without any major complications. The protests against our freedom of movement are ultimately only a strong confirmation that we needed a peace march for life. We say yes to human life and the dignity of every human being, from the beginning until its natural end! We do not want a suicide on demand, prescribed or not prescribed suicide because of old age or disease.

We are for all people, for the life of all people! Those who advocate, referring to his own body, to want to live and love without being patronized, we call for: We like to "patronize" of spirit, heart and mind! We know that we are more than our bodies! Responsibility and freedom have something to do with mind, heart and soul. This is lived freedom. This is the freedom of life. This is freedom for life! We are not afraid of true freedom. We have no fear of life!" March for Life participated with more than 4,500 participants in an ecumenical worship service in the Berlin Cathedral at its end. Here Hans-Jörg Voigt, Bishop of the Independent Evangelical Lutheran Church (SELK), gave his episcopal blessing. Planning: Martin Lohmann, Georg Dietlein Photo: March for Life, Berlin 2013 - Source: Burkard M. Lang Link to Kathnews...

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Berlin Cardinal Wants More Socialism and Women Cardinals

Since Pope Francis sees himself as the “Pope of the Poor”,  the clergy is lined up “stirred and uncertain in a good sense”.  Cardinal Woelki:  “In Germany we will make it clear, what Church is really about:  That we won’t live any more for money and status, rather more for social justice and more on love, which are those things which are priceless.”

Taxation of Disposession

In a discussion with the Berlin “Tagespiegel” on Easter Sunday 2013,  Cardinal Woelki endorsed a stronger taxation of estates, explicitly the increase of inheritance taxes for a more equitable distribution between rich and poor.

Number of Hartz-IV Receivers Remains Constant

In the same breath the Berlin Cardinal wants to increase the length of unemployment benefits.  The number of unemployed has dropped, yet the number of Hartz-IV receivers has not sunk.

A connection with (unwilling) willingness to work in parts of the Hartz-IV recipients is not something Cardinal Woelki sees.  Cardinal Woelki also doesn’t betray us, since he wishes to reduce the number of Hartz-IV recipients.  Mandatory resocialization courses for Berlin-Kreuzberg dwellers?

Cheap Apartments in Kurfurstendamm?

Even the homelessness is very closely connected.  In Berlin there are 350,000 residences at moderate addresses.  373,000 Hartz-IV households and a further 500,000 low income households compete for these.

Cardinal Woelki sees a great danger that “many in the center will be pushed to the margins of the city, as is also the case with other large European cities”.

In a (system Cardinal Woelki describes as a “good system”)  free market economy, the centrally located real estate is even more highly valued than would be encountered in the (industrial and trade ) peripheral areas.  As if that weren’t enough, the rents and sales prices are higher.

Nazi-Church Tax is a “protected system"

The Church-tax which was directed to the dispossession of the Church is defended by Cardinal Woelki:  “It is a protected system, through which the church members make contributions for the maintenance of ecclesiastical commitment.  Through that they also do something for the common good.”

Cardinal Woelki: Women as Cardinals

As regards the false content of the commentary of the “Tagespiegels” (Claudia Keller and Rainer Woratschka): “In canon law it may even be possible, to name women as Cardinals” to which the Cardinal answered “somewhat” surprisingly: “You are right.”

And also:  “Even at the level of the Universal Church women must be more significantly connected to responsible positions.  The Pope needs good advice and one should be well consider, how the advisory boards in the Vatican should be occupied.  We were very pressed just days before the conclave, to get to know each other for the first time.”

The erroneousness of the Cardinal, who “isn’t one of the narrow minded"

If Cardinal Woelki had now explored the theological and canonical foundations for his positive answer to “Cardinaltrixes”,  we would have been grateful.

Already on Katholikentag in Mannheim the Cardinal dumbfounded with a private theory on homo-depravity: “I consider it as conceivable, that there, where people are acting responsibly for one another, where they live in a stable homosexual relationship, that it can be regarded in a same manner as heterosexual partnerships.”

“”: “Homo-Kardinal"

The Catholic internet site has dubbed Cardinal Woelki for that reason with the honorary title of “Homo-Kardinal”. (previously even borrowed from Cardinal Schonborn)

For the adoption of a “distinction”, the gay homo-lobby decisive but really not courageous enough:  “For such implicitness he can’t distinguish himself."

2012 no Priestly Ordinations in Berlin

Thus he was named as the Archbishop of Berlin and had been created by Benedict XVI. as a Cardinal with a productive mission: the growth of priestly vocations.  In the year 2012 there hasn’t been a single priestly ordination.

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Newsbytes -- Berlin's Cardinal Woelki Nominated for Homosexual Award

Celebrant in the Old Pontifical Mass in the St. Peter's Basilica -- Berlin's Cardinal Honored by Homosexual Organization -- Israeli Military Vehicles Enter Gaza Strip -- Reconciliation with the SSPX not Desired -- Legionaries of Christ Under New Leadership

Vatican.  The Traditional Pontifical Mass on the 3rd of November celebrated in St. Peter's Basilica will be celebrated by the Prefect of the Liturgy Commission, Antonio Cardinal Cañizares Llovera.  This will be reported by the organizers shortly.  There are several thousand pilgrims expected for the pontifical Mass.  At first there were rumors circulating that Pope Benedict XVI was going to celebrate the Mass.

Berlin Cardinal Nominated for Homosexual Prize

Germany.  Berlin's Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki has been nominated for a dubious homosexual honor.  This was according to the Berlin association "Bündnis gegen Homophobie".  The alliance is advertised on the homepage of the anti-Church association "Lesbians and Gays Germany".  The Cardinal is on a list of nominees with the singer Gabi Decker, the Turkish feminist Seyran Ateş and the infamous German urine showered David Berger.  At the end of November one will be chosen.  Cardinal Woelki was nominated because at the Katholikentag (an festival event going over days with a lot of "ecumenism" which could be described as unCatholic) in Mannheim in harsh contrast to the Faith, he recognized homosexual unions:  "If two homosexuals responsibly take care of one another, if they are stable and true with each other, you must see that in a similar way like heterosexual relationships."

Israeli Military Vehicles Drove into Gaza Strip

Occupied Palestine.  Israeli military vehicles drove this Wednesday several hundred meters into the area of the village of Sofa over the border zone-- east of the 71,000 population city of Rafa on the southern border of the Gaza Strip.  Two bulldozers accompanied the border guards as usual.  They were greeted by massive rifle fire fro the houses of those surprised living nearby.  Then as usual, the fields, which were full of crops just before the harvest, were rolled over.  This occurrence was followed by an air attack by the Israelis on the 60,000 population city of Beit Lahya in the north of the Gaza Strip.  A rocket attack destroyed homes there.   There was panic among the inhabitants.

No Reconciliation is Desired With the Society of St. Pius X

Vatican.  It is up to the Society of St. Pius X to reconcile itself.  That is what the Faith's Guardian, Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller said for the Catholic newspaper 'Tagespost'.  The Pope has exhausted all possibilities:  "We could not persuade them."  The Vatican is supposed to never have sought a compromise in doctrinal questions:  "The Church is not a negotiating partner where the truth is convened."  They don't wish their separate parts to return as part of negotiations.  There are no compromises possible in doctrinal questions -- explained the Archbishop, known for his own doctrinal errors.

Legionaries of Christ Under New Leadership

Mexico.  The General Superior of an order troubled by the abuse scandal,  'Legionaries of Christ', Father Alvaro Corcuera (55) has been put into retirement.  This was reported by the Order in a press release.  The reason was because of necessary health and ability, to lead the Order in this historical moment. Transitionally, the General Vicar, the German Sylvester Heereman (38),  will lead the Order.  The Papal delegate of the Order, Cardinal Velasio De Paolis (76), stressed that this is not an official ouster and that no new director will be elected.

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Lion of Berlin

This Lion is known everywhere he goes

He doesn't use a car or a television.  For that reason he's often in the streets of the German capital in his soutane.  by Marko Bader

( The Aachen born Provost Gerlad Goesche (51) is the founder of the Berline Institute of St. Philipp Neri.

In the year 2011, he began his 25 year Priestly Jubilee.

The Other Side

A previous article made a critical report about him.

Certainly there havee been people ever and anon, with whom he has had a falling out.

One has to see the other side.

Provost Groesche is at the present besides the Abbot of the Trappist Cloister of Mariawald in the Diocese of Aacen , the only Traditional Superior on German soil

He steps into the open

In Berlin he is known all over the place.

His Church -- St. Afra in the Berlin district of Wedding -- is full like a hopping club. The Church music is always the finest.

Prelate Goesche combines in his person a Catholic zeal, fine education and a baroque manner of life.

He doesn't use a car or television . For that reason, he's often in the streats of the German capital on the way in a soutane.

There he loves to give out wonderful coins and alms to the beggars.

Many Battles

His way to Tradition wasn't easy. In the German Seminary of the Old Liberal Jesuits in Rome he was already being discriminated against for flights of Catholicism.

As Pastor in the Community of Blindenmarkt in the Dicoese of St. Pölten he climbed into his chancel like the Lion of Münster.

He damned the then anti-Church initiatives of the Old Libeerals, which was called the "Church People's Referendum" and was supported by his Pastoral Council.

Similar to Pastor Andrzej Skoblicki of Kopfing in the Diocese of Linz, Fr. Goesche paid for his confessionalism with the loss of his pastorship.

He was moved

While as a retreat in the Traditional Benedictine Cloister Le Barroux in Southern France he found an attachment to the Old Mass.

He turned to Tradition, as he looked through the face of the all knowing new believers.

Without Provost Goesche and his good connections to Rome the Institute of St. Philipp Neri would never have existed.

Some conversions, increasing baptisms, a Sister's investiture and even Priestly ordinations are happening there.

He conquered the Monster

The purchase of the Institute Church was a risky financial adventure for Provost Goesche.

But actually the undertaking didn't cost more than the Old Liberal destruction of Freiburg [castle] of Münster.

After the Council St. Afra was the first Catholic Church in Berlin which was damaged by a wreckovation.

Actually, Provost Goesche reconsecrated the sanctuary of un-Catholic elements and put the monster down on the ground at the same time.

The Institute of Provost Goesche doesn't live on the Church-tax, rather from the Holy Ghost and gifts from the faithful, who feel personally responsible for the work.

Healthy Reversals

His activity for the healing of an immortal soul cost Provost Goesche with a heavy setbacks in health.

With thirty he sufffered a nervous breakdown, at forty a seizure. At fifty he contracted diabetes.

Never the less he is still in the spirit of the Good Shepherd, full of drive and energy.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Berlin's Archbishop Defends the SSPX Against Politician

Archbishop Woelki

Germany. Archbishop Rainer Maria Woelki of Berlin has defended the SSPX against the Bundestag-homo, Comrade Volker Beck. 'Katholische Nachrichtenagentur' reported on this. The bugged out Comrade had slandered the Society as a "hardcore anti-Semitic and anti-Democratic Sect". In reality the father of the founder of the Society was murdered by Germans like Volker Beck in the Second World War. Msgr Woelki believes that the talks with the SSPX are important. The unity of the Church is a high priority for the Church. It doesn't mean that the Pope identifies with the views of all of the members individual statements. The homosexually disturbed Beck may apparently criticize the Pope: "would that there was more differentiation and less polemics, would be adequate," said the Archbishop.

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Meanwhile, the SSPX are considering legal action against Beck, although the complaint will likely rest on some of the principles the SSPX is supposed to be fighting against, like pluralism, for example.

Correction:  sometimes with all the homosexuals running Germany, including the Mayor of Berlin, it gets confusing to say nothing of disconcerting.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Berlin's Archbishop Understands Car Burners' Pain

"These acts are a cry for help: When people burn altar-tables, then it's a protest and an expression of their hopelessness.'
( Besides the so-called Neonazis or a Traditionalist, you can be anything in Nazi-mad Germany.

Even car burners.

In an interview with the "Swabian Times" for the 3rd of September, Archbishop Rainer Woelki of Berlin found sympathetic words even for these last mentioned. Their acts are "a cry for help", answered the all-understanding one to the question, if whether the waves of leftist car burning in Berlin bode a new kind of terrorism. He continued: "when people burn cars, it is a protest and even an expression of their helplessness."  

So much understanding for the non-believing

  The Archbishop says he has developed, after only a week, a "deep understanding for the spiritual life of the overburdened, unbelieving people of the city of Berlin". He invites the motorists of the city, to consider the Bishops' words:  

"We should go and ask ourselves sincerely in our hearts, if we were not overly quick in our harsh judgment of those hopless people, who cried out to us for help with their bbq lighters. How could we assume, they are simple criminals?

Let us ask the Lord for forgiveness!“

It was even a nice Protest

Archbishop Woelki's may not sit well with many of Berlin's motorists. The faithful Catholics of Berlin, however, are deeply grateful for his words. Because in the same sense that Msgr Woelki has certain understanding for this even, he would understand how those horrible altar-tables in Berlin churches could be ignited.

That would be a wonderful sight in the light of the coming Papal visit, to express "hopelessness", which burdens the modern Liturgy in Germany.

Every burned up altar-table would be a real cry for help for the faithful people, who can't go into the Church any more, to have to endure the self-satisfied Conciliar comic, who has planted himself in the place of the Holy of Hollies. [Many NO spaces have a "Presider's Chair" where the Eucharistic Lord should be.]

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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Berlin Cardinal Has Awakened From his Coma

Berlin Cardinal Wakes From Coma. [Germany] The Emeritus Cardinal Georg Sterzinsky (75)of Berlin has been awakened from an induced coma, according to the speaker of the Archdiocese, Stefa Forner, according to the German news agency 'dpa'. "He's feeling better, but still not good" --- said Forner. In February the Pope accepted his resignation on ground of age, whether or not he is in a coma.

Original, here...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Berlin Cardinal in Induced Coma

His 75th birthday brings Georg Cardinal Sterzinsky to the intensive care unit of a Berlin hospital.  His condition is serious.

( For already two weeks Georg Cardinal Sterzinsky has been in a hospital in the middle of the Berlin district.

According to reports of the Regional edition of the German boulevard magazine 'Bild' for Berlin-Brandenburg, Georg Cardinal Sterzinsky has been operated upon at the end of January for stomach cancer.

"At that point the health of the patient worsened,  the doctor of the wearer of purple put him in an induced coma" -- reported 'Bild' today.

On last Friday the surgeons attempted a second operation according to 'Bild'.

After the most recent reports the Cardinal should be ready for a fourth operation.

In the meantime the induced coma established a condition so that the Cardinal is not able to speak.

According to reports from 'Bild' the Cardinal's close relatives and ecclesiastical benefactors will gather at his sick bed.

It is self-evident that Cardinal Sterzinsky is being cared for by the Sister-run Franciscan Hospital on Budapest Street.


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Will Prelate Imkamp [Conservative] be the Next Archbishop of Berlin?

(Berlin, Director of the Shrine Maria Vesperbild in the Diocese of Augsburg, Wilhelm Imkamp (59), is the most qualified candidate to succeed the former Archbishop of Berlin.

This was according to 'Bild' today in its Berlin edition. The paper gave no source for its alleged information.

Cardinal Georg Sterzinsky of Berlin will reach his 75th birthday this coming February and must submit his resignation. The boulevard magazine informs us that he is weary of his office.

They have profiled the Catholic Prelate Imkamp as "well connected in the Vatican".

He would be like a breath of Don Camillo and Peppone in the Red Capital: "For the Reverend with stately baroque stature 6'2 fears no one besides God."

Least of all does Imkamp fear politicians. That's already been the experience of a few Christian Democrats in Bavaria already.

The son of a tobacco grower and coffee roaster he he is held to be a "modern soul catcher".

In his methods as Pastor he's as "modern as Microsoft" -- was the well-intentioned but failed compliment.

I Faith he is "as conservative as the Pope" -- the paper doesn't understand the unchanging content of the Faith.

The success of the Prelate can't be denied by 'Bildzeitung': "While many colleagues preach to almost empty pews, churches with [Prelate] Imkamp must close their doors because they're regularly overflowing.

As a secret of success the paper attributes it to the Prelate's short sentences -- in order subject, predicate, object, point.

Because -- the 'Bild' manipulates with 'despite' -- his uncompromising approach to the Faith, he is a man full of joy for life. [pfft, at least they don't feel the two are mutually exclusive]

Finally 'Bild' did notice while Preaching on New Year's, how Prelate Imkamp had a bottle of champagne on the podium:

"This was founded by the Benedictine Monk, Dom Perignon. And the Widow Clicquot had to hide an underground priest in the champagne cellar because of persecution during the French Revolution.

The Widow Clicquot would be the only woman I'd want to run off with" -- this is the boulevard magazine's attempt to make an acceptable citation for a decadent audience.

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