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Friday, January 8, 2021

Trump in Posession of Pelosi's Laptop after Siege of Capitol -- Vatican Involved in the Steal!

Edit: as Simon Parkes mentioned before, the Vatican has been implicated in the Steal.

Update:  Lots of Stories in the MSM about Pelosi's Missing Computer


Monday, April 8, 2019

Vatican Warmly Receives Aberrosexual Lobby

(Rome) Today, for the first time, homosexual activists were officially received in the Vatican, but unlike the visitors initially announced and expected. Nevertheless, it was a historic event in the history of the Church.

Last week, French sociologist and gay activist Frederic Martel announced that Pope Francis would welcome an international group of homosexual activists. He referred to an Argentine compatriot and personal friend of the Pope, the former Supreme Court Judge and homosexual left-intellectual Raul Eugenio Zaffaroni.

Martel's announcement caused a great deal of commotion after the Vatican had just left the Christian World Family Congress in Verona a week ago. While the supreme ecclesiastical body has distanced itself from Christian associations committed to marriage and the family, does the Pope receive homosexual activists? The optics hung doubly wrong.

Martel, citing Zaffaroni, had also announced a "historical speech" by Pope Francis in favor of homosexuality. Yesterday, he dialed back. The speech was "canceled". Thus Pope Francis had missed "a historic opportunity". The apology, however, added to the sociology, as the Pope is under constant observation of his critics in the Church.

Vatican spokesman Gisotti also denied yesterday that Francis will be giving a "historical speech" today. He did not deny the audience. The decisions seem to have fallen only at the last moment. The trick was to send a signal of "openness" to the gay lobby, but not to give the inner-church resistance to the papal course too much impetus.

The result showed today. It was not Pope Francis who received the delegation of homosexuals, but Cardinal Secretary of State Parolin. It was also the cardinal who last week announced the distancing of the Holy See from the World Family Congress.

Behind the scenes, it seems that the last one has been worked out, because it seems hardly believable - however extravagant Zaffaroni may be - that the former Supreme Court Judge invented the audience with the Pope and his "historical speech" and even signed his own signature.

By noon this morning [5 -April], the invited homo-activists knew about the exact program. Homosexual organization Egale Canada tweeted:

"Today in the Vatican, we are witness to a historic meeting with the Secretary of State of the Holy See, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, to discuss the situation of discrimination and violence against LGBTI [He forgot “P”] people in the world." 

“We expect a historic meeting in the Vatican"

Vatican spokesman Alessandro Gisotti then gave, unlike after numerous private audiences, an official statement.

"Cardinal Pietro Parolin received today in the Vatican a group of 50 persons, who work in different ways against the criminalization of homosexuality."

The Cardinal Secretary of State was on this occasion, Zaffaroni and Martel had already announced, "a study on the criminalization of homosexual relations in the Caribbean" passed.

"Cardinal Parolin gave a short greeting to those present, reaffirming the position of the Catholic Church in defending the dignity of every human being and against any form of violence.
“After listening to the comments of some of the participants in the meeting, Cardinal Parolin assured that he would inform the Holy Father about the content of the study. "

The "Globo Homo” was very pleased with the audience, even if it was not given by the Pope himself. The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA) tweeted:

"ILGA World attended the historic meeting and called for a deeper dialogue."

ILGA World in the Vatican

ILGA World, the Globo Homo umbrella organization, also published a detailed statement.

In fact, the audience was "historic" even without Pope Francis. For the first time, the Gay Lobby was officially able to incorporate its more ventral positions into the Vatican, and was recognized by the highest government representative of the Pope, the Secretary of State, as a dialogue partner at state, not pastoral level. The attendees were not received as persons with their individual destinies, but - for the first time in history - as representatives of the organized gay lobby.

Egale Canada wrote on Twitter:

"We are proud to participate in this moment in history. This is the first time that #LGBTI activists have met #Vatican. At a meeting with Cardinal Parolin, we called on Pope Francis (@Pontifex) to make a statement condemning the criminal laws that persecute LGBTI people.”

How much balancing act does the Church engage in behind the closed doors for the Christian World Family Congress and the open doors to the organized gay lobby?

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Twitter (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Vatican Forcing Communion on the Tongue -- But the Proud Resist

Who is the one behind the one with his hand out?
It was Pentecost Sunday and several priests refused sacrilegious Holy Communion in the hand in Vatican St Peter's Basilica. They put the consecrated Host, as is proper, on the tongue.

Twitter-User CatholicSat explained (May 25) that there have been increasing abuses over the recent months.  Apparently, someone cares in the Vatican?

Therefore priests have been reminded again that Communion in the hand is prohibited in the Vatican. No idea as to whom.  It's not very humble in the spirit of this pontificate.

Furthermore, the priest behind the one with his hand out, refused to receive the Host humbly, but insisted on receiving a Calvinistic and sacrilegious Communion.  Who is that guy?

Therefore whosoever shall eat this bread, or drink the chalice of the Lord unworthily, shall be guilty of the body and of the blood of the Lord. But let a man prove himself: and so let him eat of that bread, and drink of the chalice. For he that eateth and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drinketh judgment to himself, not discerning the body of the Lord. Therefore are there many infirm and weak among you, and many sleep.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

The Vatican "Admonishes" the Communist Venezuelan Government

The events in Venezuela have made the Holy See a rare gesture

Venezuela ( Events in Venezuela have led the Holy See to a rare gesture as "Radio Vatican" reported. The Vatican Secretariat of State has called on the government under Socialist President Maduro to refrain from dissolving the constitutional assembly. Initiatives such as these are "to be avoided or suspended" because, "instead of favoring reconciliation and peace, fuel a climate of tension and struggle and burden the future," the Vatican says. It was only on Thursday that Cardinal Secretary Pietro Parolin, in an interview, had made it clear that the diplomacy of the Holy See for Venezuela was characterized by low tones and "proactive, non-reactive diplomacy." According to the report, Pope Francis very closely follows the events in Venezuela and continues to pray for the country and its people. The letter from the Vatican reminds Venezuela's politicians and, in particular, the government that the crisis should be solved through negotiations. Venezuela should follow the guidelines which the State Secretariat had indicated to the government in its letter of December 1. This included, inter alia, the release of political prisoners for the opening of negotiations. The armed forces were called upon to refrain from an "excessive and disproportionate use of force". Cardinal Secretary Pietro Parolin is known as Venezuelan, since he was previously nuncio in Caracas.

Trans: Tancred

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Vatican Reforms With Few Results

Italian journalist Massimo Franco in Corriere della Sera: The reforms in the Vatican by Pope Francis have brought very little results so far

Rome ( The reforms in the Vatican by Pope Francis have brought very few results so far. This is the opinion of the journalist Massimo Franco in Corriere della Sera. The journalist recalled that Francis was elected with a strong mandate for reform. In particular, the pontifex promised "shock therapy" in the Vatican's finances. The ambitious plans have, however, been set aside, Vatican employees have since returned to their usual behavior, and the State Secretariat again took control of administrative matters. The journalist recalled that, with Cardinal Pell and Libero Milone, two key figures have now left their posts and have not been replaced. Franco then prophesies that with Jean-Baptise de Franssu, the President of the Vatican Bank, the next key player would soon leave the field because he was in constant opposition within the Vatican.

Trans: Tancred

Monday, January 30, 2017

Exorcist: "I wish that one day a Great Exorcism will be carried out in the Vatican."

(Rome / Madrid) Father Gabriel Amorth, who died in September 2016, was severely criticized when he repeatedly said in interviews that there were satanic sects in the Vatican. Now another exorcist, "I wish that one day a Great Exorcism will be carried out in the Vatican."
In January 2008, Father Amorth said in an interview of Alexander Smoltczyk for the weekly magazine Der Spiegel :
"There are satanic sects in the Vatican. You can not see them. But there are."
Criticism of this statement also came from other exorcists. Father Amorth was exorcist of the diocese of Rome from 1986 until his death. From 1992 he was even the main exorcist in the diocese of the Pope (see Father Gabriele Amorth, the main exorcist of Rome, is dead - 30 years in the fight against the devil ).
Now Father Amorth was indirectly affirmed by another exorcist. Don Antonio Fortea, also priest and exorcist, said in an interview to the Spanish edition of Newsweek :
"I hope that one day a Great Exorcism will be carried out in the Vatican."
Don Fortea himself has already led aseveral large exorcisms . In one even "a cardinal" also took part.
The Spanish Don Antonio Fortea was ordained priest for the diocese of Alcalá de Henares in 1994. In the following years he devoted himself mainly to demonology. In 1998 he completed his studies of theology and Church history at the Facultad de Teología de Comillas with the work "The Exorcism in our time." When confronted in the course of his pastoral work as a priest with "problems of demonic nature", he deepened his studies on the subject and was awarded a doctorate at the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum  in Rome with a thesis on "Theological problems of exorcism practice."
He developed his own form for the Great Exorcism, which is directed against the presence of demons in certain places, buildings or even whole cities. This form is not approved by the Vatican, according to his own account. This is true, but it is more important, if it is not "forbidden" by the Vatican or any other ecclesiastical authority, specifies Don Fortea. There had so far been no Church complaint. Even a Cardinal had participated in such a Great Exorcism. He is always willing to defend this form before the competent authority.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Wikicommons
Trans: Tancred

Friday, November 20, 2015

Wailing and Lamentation From the Vatican

The Vatican in View
Guest Post by Manfred Ferrari *
In these days a time bomb has exploded in the Vatican, whose existence was long known to insiders. The Pope from Argentina had tried to transform the existing framework into a "church of the poor". He did so with good intentions.  He ignores the fact that the Vatican is a construct that has been shaped over the centuries. Francis could not or would not see that the Curia is a powerful apparatus whose middle management is more important than the honorable leadership of cardinals and bishops. The Pope from distant Argentina, whose authoritarian management style is well attested, veiled by a populist posturing, is  able to enforce his new thinking against the wishes of the powers of the Vatican.
Now a "palace revolution" has been inflamed. The anonymous prelates of the second rank have made themselves known to journalists. For many connoisseurs, the outbreak of this situation had  long expected. The more his acceptance by the Catholic foot soldiers increased, the more the internal anger at the unconventional style of leadership became known. Dozens of wrong decisions were never made public because they were hardly interesting for the media. They concerned marginal theological questions but   fell well within the competence of middle management.  Curial archbishops and Cardinals are easily interchangeable. The "Middle Management" of the Vatican rarely changes rapidly. Yet many of the papal decisions were and are marked by a shocking naivety. It was quickly  becoming known that Francis was planning changes that would change the very structure of the Church to its foundations.
A small example. For decades it was customary that the diocese of large dioceses were occupied by bishops from smaller diocesan sees. So the experience of aspirants could be tested and a pool career could be created. Francis  took over it filled the major archdioceses of Bologna and Palermo with simple priests. Imagine how dismayed the passed over episcopal candidates were, and the pontiff grumbled.
At the beginning of his pontificate, the Pope spontaneously made the managing director of his priests  retirement fund,  chief director of the IOR, an important post in the Vatican.  It soon became apparent that Mons. Ricci was dismissed from the diplomatic service years ago, because of his aberrosexual affairs.  Ricci's personnel dossier simply  lacked these distressing pages.  Francis refused to reverse the decision. How should the Curia take such Pontifex seriously? Almost everyone at the Vatican knew of the misconduct of the priest.
And the waste in the Vatican under Pope Francis has increased rather than decreased. While the Pontiff symbolically pulls up in the small car in front of the White House, he flies his Cardinals in private Swiss MAX AIR to Astana in Kazakhstan to attend the inauguration of the new Greek Catholic Church, a convenience that should have cost around 20,000 Swiss francs.
For many members of the curia this Pope is simply no longer acceptable, because no one really knows where he stands morally. Francis has become famous for his contradictory statements. Was it  not  he himself who said on the flight from Manila to Rome: "Who am I to judge?" And then many more prelates ask, who else may judge, if not the Pope?
The Pope  continues to "wallow"  in the enthusiasm of the masses. The trouble is that departures from the Catholic Church in Germany have risen sharply.  Where is the eagerly anticipated "Francis effect"? Italy's (left)  media cheers him, and the atheistic Scalfari, editor of La Repubblica, boasts to be a friend of Francis. But there remain a few hundred hypocrites in the Vatican who perform for kippers before the pope and give him the illusion of a "pope
 for all".  But the pope from Argentina is in danger, even before his death, to find a new place to live. In the Vatican itself there will be little room for a second Pope pensioner.
* Manfred Ferrari, Vatican expert,,
Trans: Tancred

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Inexplicable Censorship -- Vatican Publisher Presents Transcript of Proceedings on Emperor Constantine the Great

In Hoc Signo Vinces - censorship in the Vatican against Constantine the Great
(Rome) "The impudence of those who are obviously moved, to the detriment of the truth by an ideological schema, is always worrying," said Corrrispondenza Romana.  During proceedings at the Vatican publishing house,  the conference transcript about the Emperor Constantine the Great and the Constantinian Shift has recently appeared. It's a transcript with curious surprises, revealing an alarming censorship.
From the 18th-21st April 2012 on  the occasion of the 1700th anniversary of the Battle of the Milvian Bridge, an international meeting of historians took place on the figure of Emperor Constantine the Great. The meeting had been initiated by the reigning President until 2009 of the Pontifical Committee for Historical Sciences, Cardinal Walter Brandmüller. Renowned speakers discussed  key issues that ranged from the conversion of the emperor, to the relationship between Christians and the Roman Empire, and Constantine's vision before the decisive  victory of October 28th, 312.

Speech by Professor de Mattei disappears

Recently, the Vatican publishing house will publish the title "Constantine the Great.  On the Roots of Europe,"  as the conference's volume and which will be presented  in the Augustinianum in Rome. Among the "most important experts in the field", as the acting President of the Pontifical Committee for Historical Sciences writes, there was also the  historian Roberto de Mattei, who illustrated in a highly regarded paper, the "archetypal significance of the Battle of the Milvian Bridge." The presentation by Professor de Mattei is, however, gone. It is not found in the conference proceedings in which the papers were published. De Mattei was also not invited to the presentation of the volume, which can be assessed as an additional personal rebuff by the publisher.
"How is such an inexplicable censorship possible?" asked Corrispondenza Romana. To many it may have caused some upset  that Professor de Mattei regarded the Vision of Constantine, with its luminous signs in form of a cross on the sun with the words "In Hoc Signo Vinces," as genuine.   In a time in which even Catholic theological faculties of priest-professors deny the authenticity of the miracles of Jesus, "because they are  scientifically impossible,"  someone may have felt provoked.

Vision and Victory of Constantine of "Archetypal Meaning"

Constantine the Great
The upset stomach of many must have grown, as de Mattei pointed out that in the vision of the emperor and its consequences  became a model for the following centuries, can be seen, and therefore taken up by Saint Pius X which he testified in the Apostolic Exhortation Universi christifidelibus, with which he announced the Constantinian Jubilee in commemoration of the historic event announced on 8 March 1913:
"At that time the Church Militant finally obtained the first of those triumphs which was relieved from previous epochs of all kinds of persecutions and stood ready on that day in the company of the human race for ever greater deeds."
What is significant to the battle of Saxa Rubra as  "military and political triumph," says Professor de Mattei in his speech, is "not separate from the wonderful intuition of Constantine." He continues: "Christ himself called on Constantine and his legions to fight on His behalf. Thus, He established the principle that it is lawful to fight on behalf of God, when the cause is just and the war is declared a holy war. The battle of 28 October proved not only the legality of Christians to serve in the army, but was declared instinctu divinitatis the first holy war of the Christian era."

"In Hoc Signo Vinces" means not only "internal victory over sin, but also public, armed victory"

So the motto "In Hoc Signo Vinces," the "Signum Crucis, binds the symbol of the cross to a victory that is not only the inner victory over the disordered passions and sin, but also a public, armed, military victory."
Although these statements by Professor de Mattei were covered in detail by the sources, they seem not to have fit the picture of someone in the Vatican, whether the Pontifical Committee for Historical Research, the Vatican publishing house or even someone in a high position. To invite a speaker as a designated expert to a meeting and then to dismiss his paper without any justification, without even mentioning the name of the speaker, is not only a personal affront, and not just a violation of all intellectual and academic practice, but pure censorship. It's a manipulation behind which hides a falsification of history.
Corrispondenza Romana provides the additional question: "Who is afraid of Constantine the Great?"

Second Lecture also Disappears

It was not only de Mattei's lecture which has disappeared. But  the presentation by Professor Gianluigi Falchi from the Lateran University also can not be found in the conference proceedings. Professor Falchi talked about freedom of religion and the baptism of Constantine. In this case, there was no "plausible" explanation either,  as the historian had died in the meantime and thus his text could no longer see the printing. However,  a complete eradication is still not justified. Propriety entirely demands the publication of  papers in such cases with a note.
The case of Professor de Mattei, however, offers no "plausible" explanation.  Therefore, there remains only the assumption that the contents of the lecture were not in fitting with the picture of that hasty distancing from the "Constantinian shift" matches in which to practice numerous church representatives.
When emerged from the Battle of the Milvian Bridge, as the chairman of the Pontifical Committee for Historical Sciences, the French Premonstratensian Bernard Ardura, writes in his foreword to the conference proceedings, really a "new world" and a Europe "in which the values ​​of human dignity, freedom of conscience, freedom of religion and freedom of worship flourished ", it is difficult to understand that all this is depressed at the same time in connection with this meeting through censorship with feet that just wanted to emphasize these principles.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Corrispondenza Romana

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Drugs Discovered in Vatican Diplomatic Vehicle

Two men had used the Ford for a drug jaunt to Spain

Vatican City ( The French police have seized four kilograms of heroin and cocaine in the car of a cardinal. As the radio station RTL reports two Italians have been arrested in a Ford with Vatican diplomatic plates at a customs roadblock in Chambery, near the Italian border. Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi confirmed on Tuesday that it was the official car of the 91-year-old Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mejia, of course, who was not in the car.

There were reports that the secretary of the Cardinal some few days earlier, had brought his boss' car into Rome for repair and maintenance. Two men had then apparently used the car for a drug jaunt to Spain. The event had already occurred on Sunday. French customs officials noticed the Ford with diplomatic plates. The inspection revealed that the two occupants - men aged 40 and 31 years - had no diplomatic passes and had nothing to do with the Vatican. In the trunk, they then found a suitcase and the drugs. The two men were then arrested. It is for the police to investigate the incident, says Lombardi.

Copyright 2014 Catholic Press Agency, Vienna, Austria All rights reserved.

Link to
Trans: Tancred

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Vatican Recognizes International Association of Exorcists

Rom, 3.7.14 (Kipa) The Vatican has officially recognized the International Association of Exorcists. The Congregation of Clergy has approved their statutes on July 13th, reports «Osservatore Romano» (3. Juli). The Association has about 250 Exorcists from 30 lands.

It's president, the Italian Franciscan, Francesco Bamonte, is pleased with the Vatican decision. He hopes only that ore priests "who often are unaware or underestimate a dramatic situation" , give their attention, he said, regarding possession by the Devil. Exorcism is also a form of charity for suffering people, wrote «Osservatore», citing him.

The Association Doesn't Speak for the Church

The Exorcist Association only has the status of a "private association of the faithful" and is a legal entity, which means it can assume legal rights and responsibilities. It has no official character, and doesn't "speak in the name of the Church".

The international gathering of Exorcists was established in 1994 at the initiative of Gabriel Amorth, the previous Exorcist of the Diocese of Rome. Previously there was the founding of an Italian Association of Exorcists in 1991. Amorth was the first president of the Association till 2000. (kipa/cic/bal)

Friday, August 30, 2013

Pope Francis Names Nuncio Pietro Parolin to Secretary of State -- A Few Days After ++Dolan's Criticism

(Vatican) Pope Francis has appointed Italian Archbishop Pietro Parolin, Vatican diplomat as the new Secretary of State. The decision has been made even if it has not yet officially been announced by the Vatican. Monsignor Parolin, currently Apostolic Nuncio to Venezuela, will be the successor of Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, whom Pope Benedict XVI. had appointed to the Secretary of State. At age 58, the diplomat from Veneto will soon belong to the youngest cardinals of the Catholic Church.

From 2002 to 2009, Monsignor Parolin was Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs at the State Secretariat of the Roman Curia. The career development shows that the Vatican diplomat comes from the school of former Secretary of State Cardinal Angelo Sodano and is close to him. His name was mentioned immediately after the election of Pope Francis among the possible candidates for the highest office in the Roman Curia behind the Pope.

The press agency of the U.S. Bishops Conference Catholic News Agency (CNA) had already reported in late June that Nuncio Parolin would succeed Cardinal Bertone in office and his appointment was predicted for those days ( see separate report ). It came to naught. For the time being. At the end of July the influential Archbishop of New York, Cardinal Timothy Dolan unexpectedly issued a harsh criticism of Pope Francis ( see separate report). The main point of criticism was that he had not yet gotten to the appointment of a new Secretary of State. Cardinal Dolan criticized the new Pope in an abrupt tone a lack of "management" and "leadership". The cardinal said in an interview with the National Catholic Reporter, is expected to have a change at the head of the Secretariat of State more concretely before the summer break. "I expect that after the summer break one or the other signal more in the direction of change in the administration." Shortly after the criticism of Cardinal found a wider audience, then the appointment of the Apostolic Nuncio to Venezuela is to be number two in the Vatican, as it had already announced CNA one and a half months ago.

As Under Secretary, Monsignor Parolin was responsible for diplomatic negotiations between Israel and the Holy See, inter alia, by 2009. In 2011 the diplomate seemed to be the fifth proposed replacement for the Archdiocese of Milan, but did not reach the three proposed candidates. Benedict XVI. appointed Archbishop, the then Patriarch of Venice, Cardinal Angelo Scola.

He was born on 17 January 1955 in Schiavon, Pietro Parolin was ordained a priest on 26 April 1980 of the Diocese of Vicenza. In 2009 he was appointed Apostolic Nuncio to Venezuela, and thus in the active service in the Vatican diplomatic corps in this activity. At the same time, Pope Benedict XVI. appointed him Titular Archbishop of Aquipendium. His episcopal consecration was on 12 September 2009 by Pope Benedict XVI. The diocese itself was established in 1649 in the Papal States Acquapendente (Lazio) and was thus abolished in 1986 by John Paul II, and was incorporated into the diocese of Viterbo. In 1991, was the first appointment of a titular bishop.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
 Image: Settimo Cielo
Trans:  Tancred

Holy Father recalls Dietrich von Hildebrand's Warning About False Irenicism.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pope Francis Admits "Gay Lobby" in the Hierarchy

Edit: here's an article from France 24 on this subject.  The pope is appointing at least three Cardinals who've had problems with this issue in the past.  Cardinal Marx himself has even appointed a priest dismissed for accessing child pornography in the infamous Sankt Polten Seminary scandal,  to parish work.  These Old Liberal celebrity predators never seem to get in trouble with the media bosses for their coverups.
AFP - Pope Francis has admitted the existence of a "gay lobby" inside the Vatican's secretive administration, the Curia, according to sources cited Tuesday by religious media. 
"In the Curia, there are truly some saints, but there is also a current of corruption," the 76-year-old is quoted as having said during an audience last Thursday with CLAR (the Latin American and Caribbean Confederation of Religious Men and Women). 
"There is talk of a 'gay lobby' and it's true, it exists," he said. 
The Argentine pope has made reforming the Roman Curia -- the heavily criticised and intrigue-filled administration of the Catholic Church -- a keystone of his papacy, but said it would be "difficult". 
"I cannot carry out the reforms myself," he said, explaining that he was "disorganised".
For that reason, the task will be handled by a commission of eight cardinals from around the world whom Francis appointed in April to help him govern the Catholic Church, set to meet for the first time in October.

We cite the following:

  • Cardinal Giuseppe Bertello of Italy, President of the Government of the Vatican City State;
  • Cardinal Francisco Javier Errázuriz Ossa of Chile, the retired archbishop of Santiago;
  • Cardinal Oswald Gracias of India, archbishop of Bombay (Mumbai);
  • Cardinal Laurent Monsengwo Pasinya of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the archbishop of Kinshasa
  • O'Malley;
  • Marx;
  • Cardinal George Pell of Australia, the archbishop of Sydney;
  • Cardinal Oscar Andrés Rodríguez Maradiaga of Honduras, the archbishop of Tegucigalpa.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Vatican Participates in Satanic Art Exhibition to "Dialog"

Giacomo Grosso - The Supreme Meeting - 1895
Edit: came across mention of the Venice Bienalle which is featuring artists which have been "sponsored" by the Vatican in the Guardian two days ago.  Since then, Father Ray Blake has given a fairly unenthusiastic review.  The Vatican is spending 750,000 Euro on this exhibition which features masters of decadence like Courboursier, and the money being spent (granted, from independent sources), features modern forms of self-expression which are difficult to credit with actually being art.  What's even more frightening is that Cardinal Ravasi plans on encouraging the increasing involvement of these immoral expressions in Church settings.  It's easy to see that the Cardinal has little appreciation for the incompatibility these expressions have with the Church's message, as reported in The Independent:
AC & Frieda Harris - Thoth Tarot "the devil" - Artwork exhibited at the Venice Biennale

"Our presence at the Biennale is the first step in a long journey that involves not only the building of churches in a contemporary style, but the creation of new liturgical objects," Cardinal Ravasi said. He confirmed that contemporary artists will be paid to design new altars, baptismal fonts, tabernacles and lecterns. [God help us]
Among his favourite architects, he said, are the Spanish Santiago Calatrava and the Japanese Tadao Ando, as well as past Modernist masters, Le Corbusier and Alvar Aalto. "We will get artists from all continents involved and in particular we need women artists; they have another language." A plan to fill one of the rooms of the pavilion in Venice with work by the Colombian-born sculptor Doris Salcedo, featuring flowers of the Amazon, was thwarted by incessant rain over the last week in the Italian city, he said.
It's difficult, moreover, to justify the Church's involvement in such an event, particularly in light of the overt Satanic dimensions of the Bienalle, which has been typically hostile to Catholicism in the past, is no less so now that the Vatican has decided to participate.  Blogger  Francesco Colafemmina at Fides et Forma blog actually points out the diabolical nature of the event by the presence of Tarot Cards designed by Aleister Crowley, whose name he only abbreviates as AC, so evil is this man's reputation. Colafemmina writes:

In this capacity, however, the Biennale will host some tarot cards painted by C.and Frieda Harris.  I quote the statement of the Ordo Templi Orientis (the entity created by AC esoteric initiation) published on its website:
"The international headquarters of the OTO and the Warburg Institute organized the inclusion of nine paintings of the Thoth Tarot (Thoth tarot cards NDT) of AC and Frieda Harris. [...] The Biennale is the first occasion on which he so many paintings of the Tarot will be exposed to the public for such a long period - about 5 months.  The participation at the Biennale has reached 400,000 viewers, so this occasion will be a way to introduce Thoth Tarot at a wide and sophisticated audience. We would like to thank Massimiliano Gioni and his assistant-curator Helga Just Christoffersen for the inclusion of the works, and the Warburg Institute, for having made possible the loan of works. It also adds that this year's Biennale includes works by two other  Thelemite painters (the pseudo-religion): Harry Smith and Xul Solar. "
I wonder, quite simply, how the Holy See may once again justify its  presence  in a similar measure from the decadent taste and irreverent fin de siècle. We are mutatis mutandis at the same level of 1895, the Patriarch Sarto Interdict, when the Biennale hosted the work of Giacomo Grosso "The Supreme Meeting." [Except fin de siècle artists were actually talented.] Set in a Church, it showed a girlie spread on a coffin ... After more than a century, we are still at the same point. But the struggle has become more thin, overtly occult, esoteric and ambiguous communications relaxations by a Vatican preaching more or less good and falling badly, very badly indeed.

For our part, we remember meeting ++Ravasi a few years ago at an art event associated with a certain decadent Basilica which features the same kinds of diabolical associations.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Vatican: Priests Must be Recognizable by Their Clothing

Vatican City (kathnet/KAP) The Vatican has called upon active priests, to wear their priestly clothing in service and in public. With a circular letter in October, which has now been made known, Cardinal Secretary Tarcisio Bertone reminded his priestly colleagues of valid ecclesiastical norms.

Especially in a secular world it is important that a priest can be visibly recognizable as a man of God and servant of the Church, is how it has been relayed to Roman ecclesiastical circles.

According to a Church canon 284, clerics are encouraged, "in accordance with the norms given by the Bishops' Conference and the justifiable locale customs to wear appropriate clothes."

The Italian Bishops' Conference has prescribed the cassock or the clerics -- black or dark grey suit with white priest's collar (see photo). The Roman Diocesan Director has disseminated these norms for all priests who are active in their area.

It is not entirely clear who the recipient for this new decree is. There Bishops and Monsignore are almost continuously directed according to clerical dress codes, may be meant as an example and a signal for priestly guests, who visit Rome, say observers.
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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Msgr. Guido Pozzo Promoted to Archbishop as Pope's Almoner

Vatican Logic:  Because he hasn't arrived to his most recent post, he will be promoted to Archbishop.

(, Vatican)  Today at noon, Pope Benedict XVI. named the present Secretary of the Papal Commission Ecclesia Dei, Prelate Guido Pozzo (60), to his Almoner and promoted him to Archbishop.

This was reported by the Vatican press service.

This appointment had been announced already at the end of September by Andrea Tornielli.

Unimportant Function

Msgr. Pozzo will be the successor of the Spanish Bishop de Blanco Prieto (75).

He was the "Almoner to His Holiness" for five years.

This unimportant office is directly under the Pope.  It is an abuse of the Sacrament of Holy Orders to ordain someone a Bishop for it.

Active in the Souvenir Business

The Papal Almoner cares for the Pope's charitable giving and distributes financial assistance.

He is a member of the Papal Household.  Its occupant has am inactive place in the Papal Liturgies of the Pope.

The position also draws income from the marketing of papal blessings on decorative paper. These can be purchased in the souvenir stores around the Vatican.

In the last years, Archbishop Pozzo has been a Vatican discussion partner for the negotiations with the Society of St. Pius X.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

1924 Film Version of >>Quo Vadis<< Discovered in Vatican Archive

In the Vatican film archive a copy of an early filming of the novel >>Quo Vadis<<  by Henry Sienkiewicz was discovered.

Vatican City (  IN the Vatican film archive a copy of an earlier film treatment of a novel by >>Quo Vadis<< by Henry Sienkiewicz has been discovered.   It is a German-Italian production by Gabriellino D'Annunzio and Georg Jacoby from 1924, as it was reported by the Vatican newspaper "Osservatore Romano" on Tuesday.  The silent film was not cataloged all this time.  It is was stored with other highly flammable celluloid films in low temperatures, now the rare find must be transferred to safer material, it read.

The discovered film also included, said the paper, a remake of  Enrico Guazzonis' monumental film from 1912.  The most famous adaption of the love story of a Roman general for a Christian is the US-American production of 1951 with Peter Ustinov as Kaiser Nero.  The Vatican film archive was established by Pope John XXIII (1958-1963) to collect and preserve films of church life and cultural significance.  The collection contains more than 7,000 films.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

News Reports: Cardinals Interrogated!?

Cardinals interrogated

Vatican. In addition to the papal chamberlain Paolo Gabriele, several other people were questioned. This is what the speaker for the Vatican press bureau, Father Federico Lombardi, told reporters yesterday. The Italian press is reporting that Cardinals were also interviewed. According to Father Lombardi, the valet is merely accused of grand larceny. Gabriele's motives are still unclear. Father Lombardi called the revelation of scandal, "a severe charllenge for the Pope and the Curia."

The Curia was belittled

Vatican. Pope Benedict XVI. was very saddened about the current scandal revelations. Archbishop Giovanni Angelo Becciu (63) - the substitute, second husband, the Secretary of State - said to Vatican newspaper 'L'Osservatore Romano'. When asked about the visible rifts in the College of Cardinals as revealed by the documents the substituted demurred. Disputes are not unusualin all institutions where decisions are made: "In short, we are not mummies" Different points of view or even conflicting views are normal.

Abortion brutalized society

Germany. In Germany every week on average three children die through violence or neglect. The reports of the German station ''. Last year, 146 children under the age of 14 died in this way. 114 of the victims were under the age of six years.

A manager with "a little prayer or something"

Germany. Many things in the everyday life of Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki of Berlin are comparable to the daily routine of a manager - "only the income is not." The cardinal told the ''. He tries to structure his daily routine to spiritual needs generally. "I take my time for personal prayer, as a break." Usually he uses car trips, "to pray a little bit or something." Cardinal Woelki describes himself as a conservative , "Because I am conservative in not looking at it as something negative but as something necessary." He wants to preserve the origins and sources.

Unfortunately true

"The fact that Benedict XVI. has no knack for personnel decisions we know from his days as a university professor. That it was unwise to Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Secretary of State, to appoint him as the head man of the Curia - and there is no doubt about that. Bertone like Ratzinger as a theologian in the CDF, as a "man for dirty jobs" [man fuers Grobe] who had helped much, but he lacks the managerial skills to direct an administrative authority and any political sense. "

From a hate article by Paul Kreiner in the 'Stuttgarter Zeitung'.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Vatican Leaks and the Dark Nights of Benedict XVI

"It is important to have friends around one's self"  

(Vatican)  He is called Luigi Martignani and is a Capuchin.  He is employed to the Investigation Committee of the Vatican State Secretariat, whose mission from the Pope should uncover the Vaticanleaks scandal.  What is meant are the confidential documents which have been skimmed from the Vatican and manipulated by the press.

Pope Benedict XVI has approached the incident not without concern.  From his circle much is hear that the Pope is very distraught over the document theft and the breach of trust associated with that which come from his closest associates.  At yesterday's lunch with the Cardinals, which the College of Cardinals gave in honor of his 85th birthday, he said these words not accidentally:  "It is important to have friends around you."  Then he continued:  "In my life I have experienced wonderful times, but also dark nights.  Even the nights were necessary, and today, surrounded by Cadinals, my friends, I feel myself sure in this company.  The evil will master the world, and does this either through violence or by presenting itself as good.  In this manner, it destroys the moral foundation of society."

Margignani must operate on another level.  He is the operative arm of Cardinals Herrnaz, Tomko and De Giorgi, who are directing the investigation.  Their mission is to find out who the person responsible for the theft of documents is, whom Journalist Nuzzi has given the code name "Maria" in his tell all book.  The journalist insists, that behind this is not only one person, rather several.  In the Vatican ne suspects that behind this statement by Nuzzi is a distraction in order to protect his informant.

The figure of the secret traitor is naturally a no recent occurrence.  Every Pontificate had its leak.  The deceased Doyen of Vaticanistas, Benny Lai wrote many times in his Vatican diaries about this.  For the most part it was the doing of one person within the Leonine walls who's been allotted "strong protection", which can be so strong, that even when he himself is unseen, it is not said that he can be far from his post.  Lai maintains that for the collection of information he relied on all imaginable methods available. "We ourselves paid 10,000 Lire every month to Riccardo Galeazzi Lisi for that reason, ( Lisi was the doctor of Pius XII)  so that he could inform us about the course of the Pope's health."   As Pius XII discovered that Galeazzi Lisi betrayed him, he did not dismiss him, but said, "If he wants to remain in the Vatican, he should stay, but arrange for it so that I will no longer see him",  said the Pope.  And the corrupt Archiatros thanked him not, rather arranged to take photos of the dying Pope with a hidden mini-camera.

The history must be repeated, however.  The mole of 2012 can at least not count on that.  He is not in any case shut out, that even he, once detected, will stay in his position.  Even with his improvised camouflage he will be discovered.  The Vatican Gendarmes have already made their investigation. The mole had access to the archives of the State Secretariat and that the part in which Msgr Gänswein, the private secretary of Pope,  which correspondence addressed  to himself and the pope was filed after their dispatch. The circle of people is very small.

Text: Palazzo Apostolico/Giuseppe Nardi
Bild: Palazzo Apostolico
Trans: Tancred

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cardinal Cottier Sees the Anger of Satan in Vaticanleaks

As regards self-destructive powers in the Church and in the Vatican:  Satan is angry, because the Church is alive. A further chapter of "Vatican Leaks" turns. by Armin Schwibach

Rome (  "Benedict XVI is the structural pillar":  the newspaper of the Italian Bishops' Conference, "Avvenire" entitled its interview on the 21st of February with the former theologian of the Papal House, George Cardinal Cottier (90).  In his address before the Consistory last week the Cardinal expressed himself on the most recent scandal in the wake of "leaks", through a confidential document from various posts of the Roman Curia were to the outside.

Although it seemed that the problems were solved primarily by the security services of the Vatican, the problem and those responsible have been identified, and the story of "Vatican Leaks" will have a sequen this Wednesday on the 22nd of February.  The TV channel "La7", which three weeks ago had broken the story of a letter with revelations of the former Secretary of the Governorate of the Vatican City State, and today's Nuncio to the United States, Carlo Maria Vigano', and his criticism of "corruptoin", he ascribed in the Vatican, will now interview one of the moles in the Vatican.

As far as this, the mole has also to disclose the motives of the "spies" and their number, which is given  in total about 20. What is clearly brought to the fore is that this is not the result of a "media campaign" but that the colleagues of the Pope in the Curia break their oaths of office and wage their own campaigns in the media.[!]  Why is this happening?  From anger or tedium, this is what the "mole" says in an interview with the show "Gli INtoccabili" (The Untouchables).

Probably it goes perhaps something more of what Cardinal Cottier pointed out in his interview with "Avvenire".  Benedict XVI does not allow himself to be daunted by the thunder storm and flood, which has the intention to shake the Church, because: he knows that the foundation will outlast the superficiality of this aspect.  Cottier had already considered the events of the last weeks during the days of the Consistorium and has contended with other Cardinals about it.

On this he has observed that he had not been the only one to have had these thoughts:  "In the past travails around the Church the work of Satan can be seen.  In the sense:  If the Church were only asleep in mediocrity or only concerned with intrigues and rivalries, the devil would not have much to do with it.  If he is interested in causing much disruption, that means that there is a vitaility in the Church, which Satan wants to oppose.  And this vitality is the power of the Faith, it is the Christian life, which advances all over the world these days."

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Vatican: The Leakers Are Discovered

'Promotions and reassignments':  two high ranking monsigniori are preparing themselves for a 'ONe-Way-Ticket-Trip" to the far East and Africa.  by Armin Schiwbach

Rome ( The scandal of confidential documents, which have flown from various 'leaks" in high positions of the Vatican State Secretariat, appear to have come for the time being to a conclusion.  The ones who have disseminated the documents, will in the near future probably find themselves in an office on Nuncio in a land of the far East and Africa,  "very far from Rome, where they can't do any more damage", says a "source" of the Italian news portal "".  Punishment in fthe form of a "promotion and relocation" corresponds to the classical Vatican style of "promotion for the purpose of elimination":  anything that doesn't change can be handled by a heave-ho.

"Vaticanleaks" and its end: and the announcements in the  upcoming appointments to "Vatican Information Service" will be will be interesting in the next coming weeks should contain those guilty of news leaks.  There will be at least two Monsignors who once offered their services to State Secretariat.

That those "promoted and reassigned" by the nomination to nuncios, that is, of ambassadors of the Holy See, are already selected to leave, as the source says of "," suggests that the acts of these disloyal Monsigniori were not those of lower employees (or flunkies) act, but very high-ranking employees in the immediate vicinity of State, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone.

The Vatican's security services have been used extensively with a high-priority job, in finding the  "source". "Finding the chatterboxes out quickly in order to plug news leaks," Cardinal Bertone "lost his patience" this time. The Pope had been informed that the anti-mole-operation may have to take their beginning, with the result: "Exile and the possible end of promising careers." As far as those guilty of a breach of trust, it had been to monsignors that had been very critical of Cardinal Bertone and had begun to spread confidential documents to harm him, "It was an attack that came from inside. This time there was no mandate," said " ".

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