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Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Evil Cardinal Schönborn Attacks Archbishop Gänswein

Edit: the Pornokardinal is incensed that ++Gänswein outed him to the rest of the liberals by mentioning how he supported Benedict accepting his election as pontiff.  

Viennese cardinal confirms information from Benedict XVI's private secretary: "Yes, that was so. So far, I have deliberately kept silent about it." Reprimand for publication: "Unseemly indiscretion."

Cardinal Christoph Schönborn was the person who, in the event of his election as Pope, encouraged Joseph Ratzinger to accept this decision of the conclave. This small "revelation" can be found in the book written by the long-time papal secretary Archbishop Georg Gänswein under the title "Nothing but the truth" ("Nient'altro che la verita"), which was published last week in Italian.


Cardinal Schönborn confirmed Gänswein's statements on Wednesday, according to which he, Schönborn, had written Cardinal Ratzinger "a letter just in case" before the conclave. "Yes, it was. So far, however, I have deliberately kept silent about it, although it happened within the framework of the Cardinal Assembly, and not at the conclave itself," said the Archbishop of Vienna.


At the same time, the cardinal distanced himself from Gänswein's book project, calling it an "unseemly indiscretion." Schönborn said: I don't think it's right that such confidential things are published, especially by the personal secretary."


Benedict's "Guillotine" speech 

Specifically, the private secretary of Benedict XVI. refers in his book in the chapter on "Schönborn's letter" ("La lettera di Schönborn") to a speech by the newly elected Pope a few days earlier to a German group of pilgrims on April 25, 2005. At that time, Benedict XVI. spoke surprisingly openly about his emotional state at the conclave and said: "When slowly the course of the votes made me realize that the guillotine would fall on me, so to speak, I felt dizzy. (...) I said to the Lord with deep conviction: Do not do this to me! You have younger and better people who can approach this great task with a completely different vigour and strength. I was very touched by a small letter written to me by a confrere from the College of Cardinals."


The fact that Cardinal Schönborn was meant by the "confrere" mentioned by the Pope has only now been made public by Gänswein with his book.

And what was the content of the letter? Benedict XVI. also gave detailed information about this in his speech to his compatriots at that time: "He (Schönborn, note) reminded me that I had placed the sermon at the divine service for John Paul II from the Gospel under the word that the Lord said to Peter at the Sea of Galilee: Follow me! I had shown how Karol Wojtyla received this call from the Lord again and again and had to give up a lot again and again and simply say: Yes, I follow you, even if you lead me where I did not want to."


The confrere (Schönborn, note) wrote to me: If the Lord should now say to you, 'Follow me', then remember what you preached. Don't refuse! Be obedient, as you said of the great departed Pope. That fell into my heart. The ways of the Lord are not comfortable, but we are not made for convenience, but for the great, for the good."


With Benedict XVI. the Du form of informality

Gänswein also mentions in his book that Schönborn and Ratzinger were on a first-name basis. Apart from Benedict's childhood friends, Cardinal Schönborn, who belonged to the Ratzinger circle of students, was one of the few who addressed his former teacher as you, writes Gänswein.

The second episode described in Gänswein's book - a short but very personal conversation between the newly elected Pope Benedict XVI. and Cardinal Schönborn - had also happened in this way, confirmed the Archbishop of Vienna

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Monday, June 6, 2022

Gänswein of Vatican: "Some dry and rotten things fall off by themselves"


Benedict's private secretary in the Vorarlberg "Kirchenblatt": "Mainly talking about gossip and scandals" - lack of priests: besiege God with requests for vocations.

Feldkirch ( KAP)

When talking about the Vatican, "then it's mainly about gossip and scandals." As Archbishop Georg Gänswein, Pope Benedict XVI's private secretary for many years explained in an interview with the Vorarlberg "KirchenBlattes" (June 2nd edition), one can "read or hear a great many outlandish things originating the center of the Catholic world, which certainly inspire a flourishing imagination, but do not represent reality."  After 27 years in Rome, he answered the question about changes in the Vatican by referring to continuity: Vatican employees should primarily help the pope as the shepherd of the universal Church so that he can fulfill his ministry as the successor of Peter in the best possible way.

According to Gänswein, little has changed in concrete terms over the past three decades, "however, it is noteworthy that the workforce has become more international and the number of laypersons, both men and women, has increased". The exchange between the bishops worldwide and the Pope is of great importance. "It's about one faith, but it's about different tasks."

The Archbishop compared life in the Vatican to a large tree. Sometimes it's "hands-on" and the branches and foliage have to be trimmed "so that it doesn't run rampant," says Gänswein. "Some dry and rotten things fall off by themselves."

Vocations: Do not "water down" the priestly image

In order to awaken more spiritual vocations in Central Europe again, he does not know of any recipe. The words of Jesus "The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few" show that even in the times of the New Testament there was obviously a need for vocations. As he said, the curial archbishop considers the biblical postscript "pioneering and helpful": "Ask the Lord of the harvest, and he will send you workers." It is necessary to assail God with requests for vocations. "Pray, pray and pray again: this is the first and most important answer to the lack of spiritual vocations." How long the current dry spell lasts is uncertain, as Gänswein said. "But Christ didn't just take off, even if it sometimes seems like it."

At the same time, the archbishop warned against "watering down" the image of the priest. A young man on the path to the priesthood must know what he is getting himself into. "We have to have the courage to fully stand by the faith of the Church and to celibacy," emphasized Gänswein. This is "not an annoying obstacle, but a gift from Christ".

Archbishop Gänswein came to Maria Bildstein (Vbg.) at the invitation of the Benedictine brother Fidelis Ellensohn to celebrate an anniversary service: The youth movement for vocations in the Church, KIM (circle of young missionaries), set up by the Vorarlberg religious in Tyrol and Vorarlberg, celebrated its 50th anniversary.


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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

The Pope’s Revenge — Archbishop Gänswein Fired

Curia Archbishop Georg Gänswein is the most recent victim of Pope Francis.

(Rome) Francis has been described as vindictive and vengeful by several authors critical of the Pope. The retaliation for the latest book by Cardinal Robert Sarah and Benedict XVI follows: Pope Francis removes Archbishop Georg Gänswein from his office as Prefect of the Pontifical House.

There have been similar rumors several times in the past, but now it's fixed. However, official confirmation of the latest Bergoglian sentence is still pending. "Apart from the media advance notice, Santa Marta is once again afraid of it," said a Vatican employee. This should be less to be expected, because Pope Francis has so far not been deterred by critical voices in his intentions, least of all if they come from faithful circles.

The "Black Pope", Jesuit General Arturo Sosa Abascal, formulated the situation on September 16, 2019 after six and a half years of the current pontificate:

"Pope critics know that Francis will not change his mind."

[Katholisches] The words were geared towards the Amazon Synod still pending at that time and its main intention to abolish priestly celibacy. This is exactly what the book of Cardinal Robert Sarah, Prefect of the Roman Congregation for Divine Worship and Order of the Sacraments, and Benedict XVI. did. Together they made a plea for priestly celibacy and the sacrament. With their “hands off celibacy” they drew a red line, the first unspoken addressee of this is Pope Francis. The post-synodal letter on the Amazon Synod is still pending, but it shows what faithful Church groups have feared since 2014: Francis creates an exception to the rule that leads to the intended dam break. The German bishops have been waiting impatiently for a long time. A whole series of bishops in the German-speaking world, in Austria and Switzerland it is no different, can hardly wait to dispose of celibacy on the dung heap of history. He is said to be carried to the grave with unctuous ramblings. That is why the Bergoglian bishop generation is not embarrassed (see Married Priests? What bishops of the German-speaking area say about this).

The book by the cardinal and the past pope, which makes it clear that Pope Francis crosses the red line with a softening of celibacy and breaks the tradition of the Church, caused an outburst of anger in Santa Marta. The result was a scandalous media theater, staged by the papal inner-circle, with which confusion about the authorship of Benedict XVI. was generated. Since the secular mass media has a wider reach, well-meaning Catholics still believe Benedict XVI. had denied authorship and must somehow have been "concocted" by Cardinal Sarah. In reality, the fake news campaign aimed to counteract the effectiveness of the book and its defense of priestly celibacy. Contrary to the widespread claim that celibacy is "only" a law of the Church and therefore can be changed at any time, it is "of divine and apostolic origin" (Roberto de Mattei), see also Cardinal Sarah: "Celestial celibacy is not just a law the Church". Celibacy, however, stands in the way of the "sexual revolution" and its view of sexuality. This has been the mainstay of the fight against celibacy since the 1960s.

Archbishop Gänswein came, because of his double position as private secretary of Benedict XVI. and as Prefect of the Pontifical House of Francis immediately and directly into the line of firing. He now also feels the revenge of Santa Marta, which affects him, but of course also and not least,  this means Benedict XVI. It remains to be seen whether the retaliation will be packed into a dismantling of the Papal Prefecture. Whatever the packaging should look like, Msgr. Gänswein is removed from his office, the motivation and the papal intention are clear.

The convinced Bergoglian and pope biographer Austen Ivereigh already asked in an interview on August 10, 2019 to isolate Benedict XVI, whose authority has remained unbroken in large Church circles worldwide. Ivereigh's invitation to Santa Marta was:

"We have to get the circle around Benedict XVI. under control."

Note the personal pronoun "we", which, besides Ivereigh, means the papal inner-circle and Pope Francis himself. The first, closest and most important “circle” of Benedict XVI. is his private secretary and long-time, loyal employee of Archbishop Georg Gänswein.

Ivereigh was the spokesman for Cardinal Cormack Murphy-O’Connor, a member of the ecclesiastical “gang of four”, which he referred to as Team Bergoglio, and Ivereigh himself revealed their existence. The four-member cardinal group (Kasper, Lehmann, Murphy-O'Connor and Danneels), according to the British journalist and author, organized the election of Jorge Mario Bergoglio as Pope as the executive arm of the inner-Church secret circle of St. Gallen.

A struggle is raging in the Church “between two churches”, as the historian and President of the Lepanto Foundation Roberto de Mattei analyzed, one of which could not be the Church of Jesus Christ.

[Update, 12.05 p.m.] Curial Archbishop Georg Gänswein was "put on leave”  by Pope Francis. Informally, it is embellished that Gänswein should have more time to look after Benedict XVI. And take care of him. Vatican circles currently do not expect the post of Prefect of the Pontifical House to be filled. Access to the Pope, one of the prefect's main tasks, was handled by Francis from the start through other hands. Archbishop Gänswein's duties were largely reduced to the duty of attendance when receiving state visits and as an extra for papal activities.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: MiL
Trans: Tancred