Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Homosexual Propagandist Abused Boy: Priest Sentenced Ten Years

Editor: It certainly bears repeating.  There is a confluence between liberalism and the sexual abuse of children by homosexuals.  It also goes hand in hand with what the Holy Father said recently.

This priest has fought publicly for the widening of homosexual perversion in the Church.  Actually now, he's behind bars.

Fr. Pezzini on the Website 'repubblica.it'
(kreuz.net)  Fr. Domenico Pezzini (74) has been sentenced today to ten years in prison in an abbreviated trial for the charge homosexual abuse.

He must also pay his victim 50.000 Euro.  This has been in the Italian media.

Fr. Pezzini who was always clothed as a civilian was known as the "Priest of the Homosexuals".

He is been in jail since his apprehension in May.

In June a Judge refused a release on bail because of the "alarming way of carrying on" of the Priest and because of his numerous contacts with young men from the third world.

His condemnation was based on the serious sexual abuse of a pubescent male from Bangladesh.

Pezzini had repeatedly raped him between the years of  2006 to 2009.  The abuse began when the boy was 13 years old.

The victim lived in the street and was picked up by the priest in a park.

During the investigation he requested one more foreign victim by undercover Police.

It was clarified that the homosexual priest was to have abused a boy younger than fifteen years old.  This misdeed was in any case barred from taking place.

Fr. Pezzini was a professor for English Linguistics at the University of Verona and was also an instructor at the Catholic University of Milan.

For years he promoted the homosexual ideology in the Italian Church.

He founded homosexual groups and fought for Church rectification of homosexual perversion.

One of his last books bore the title: "The Hands of the Potter:  a homosexual son.  What must be done?" [If the book title sounds like it's creepy, it probably is.  Reminds us of "Father" Richard Rohr, who advocates getting naked on retreats.]

In the past the abuser criticized the former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger for the uncompromising repudiation of homosexual perversion.

So he said in 2005 for the newspaper "Corriere del Veneto':  "In homosexual circles, even among Catholic homosexuals, the name Ratzinger doesn't sound good."

The priest's house yielded  an abundance of homosexual pornographic materials.

The earlier preisident of the largest homosexual organization of Italy, 'Arcigay', Arelio Mancuso, pretended to be surprised at the arrest of Fr. Pezzini:

"In this moment there are a lot of discouraged homosexual Catholics , who knew Pezzini personally or through his deeds."

Homosexual lechers  could "always" depend on the attentiveness of the priest.

The abuser is said to be "a defender of the worth of homosexuals within the Church."

Translated from kreuz.net...


Terry Nelson said...

>The abuser is said to be "a defender of the worth of homosexuals within the Church."<

As you know, since you often refer to the culture at St. John's Abbey and within our Archdiocese - this is pretty much the attitude throughout much of the hierarchy. I alluded to it in a couple of posts of my own on the Pope's curial Christmas greetings, as well as the Boston case involving Fr. Kavanagh.

Do you think it is ever going to change or be reformed? They say no homosexuals may be ordained, yet they continue to admit and ordain them.

Tancred said...

One thing I've come to understand about pathological people or those who've been given a certain kind of liberal formation, is that they never stop. They repeat offend and if they're smart enough, they're never caught and are never brought to any earthly justice.

The Bishops have to contend with the society as a whole, as well as an atmosphere that gives pity to evil deeds to the disservice of the men who performed those deeds.

It's a very rare thing for a male authority figure, who's been steeped in the tradition of modern liberal education, to do what he needs to do to change everything he's done for most of his life. There are few priests and bishops left who remember what it was like to be educated in a Catholic milieu.

Humanly speaking, there's nothing that can be done. The only solution for this will be a supernatural one. The good news, literally, is that it will be obvious to those who are attuned to it that something has changed and a miracle has taken place in the heart of a Pope, the Bishops, priests or any individual you happen to know.