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Who Had Altered Parts of the Holy Father’s CELAM Speech? -- Lifting Celibacy, Women’s Ordination, Enneagram …

(Rome / Rio de Janeiro) Pope Francis maintains a spontaneous manner in sermons and speeches. He makes additional thoughts and makes addendums in the prepared written statements, formulated by individual pages or from half or whole sentences. Of course it is the spoken word that is mostly transmitted by the media live to the world. The simultaneous translators have a lot of work. They receive, as well as with previous popes, the written version, which only has a provisional character. The translator must listen carefully, so as not to hear the spontaneous additions and changes of the reigning Pontiff. As for the translation, the one or other mishaps happen. has reported it. The final written texts are usually established in some major languages ​​later by the translation department of the Vatican, which correspond to the spoken word of the Pope.

It was not the case in the context of the Pope's address before the Coordinating Committee of the Bishops' Conference for Latin America and the Caribbean (CELAM). The meeting took place on the 28th of July in the study center of Sumaré in Rio de Janeiro. reported earlier with the article, Not Gnostic, not Pelagian, but Protestant - dangers that threaten the Church from within: CELAM speech of Pope Francis. The speech of the Pope is considered the most significant programmatically, which he held in his Brazil trips, even if other events had greater media interest. The speech has now been published by the Vatican in different languages ​​( see here ).

It is striking that the provisional version of the CELAM speech was published as a final version. The spontaneous additions by Pope Francis were missing, including some that are not of minor importance. In Chapter 4, "Some temptations against the order as a disciple and missionary," Pope Francis discussed the danger of “Gnostic" ideology. In the official version of the speech it reads:

c) The Gnostic solution. Closely linked to the previous temptation, it is ordinarily found in elite groups offering a higher spirituality, generally disembodied, which ends up in a preoccupation with certain pastoral “quaestiones disputatae”. It was the first deviation in the early community and it reappears throughout the Church’s history in ever new and revised versions. Generally its adherents are known as “enlightened Catholics” (since they are in fact rooted in the culture of the Enlightenment).

In his speech, however, the Pope went beyond the written version of this and called some concrete examples of what he means by a new Gnosticism. To the Latin American Bishops Francis said that he meant those who enthusiastically congratulated him after the election, then immediately addressed demands on him:

"So that the priests are allowed to marry, that nuns are ordained priests, and that the remarried divorcees are to be admitted to Communion,"
is the only way the Church is to become "modern" and it is high time. On the video recording of the speech, hearty laughter of the Bishops is heard after the second demand.

The three topics specifically mentioned by the Pope belong to the central list of demands by progressive church groups, especially marginalized schismatic groups and impact how we are Church or the pastor initiatives. The rejection of these claims by the Pope are of considerable importance for the current debate in the Church. Therefore, the misappropriation of this passage in the official version of the speech was surprising. It was all the more surprising because at least on one point Pope Francis clearly rejected the ordination of women, even in the improvised press conference on the return flight to Rome.

In the same way the papal criticism was leveled against the fraudulent Enneagram method. As a danger to the Church from within, Pope Francis also named "psychological reductionism" and as a concrete example of the negative Enneagram method as a darkening of Christian spirituality. The Enneagram method was invented at the beginning of the 20th Century by Russian mystics Georges Gurdjieff (">see Enneagram instead of cross - Esoteric and occult lead Catholic religious orders astray ).

It is due to ACI Prensa that the video recording of the Pope's speech has since been published in full on the Internet.

Thus, questions remain: Who is responsible for the omission of the spontaneous speech by Pope Francis? Why were they altered? How to interpret the omission?

 Text: Giuseppi Nardi Trans: Tancred

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