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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Palpable Shift to Old Liberal Decadence in the Vatican

Edit: Here's a which entertains the point of view that the palace conflict surrounding Vaticanleaks has yielded these Old Liberal appointments.

Bischof Gerhard Ludwig Müller
© Presse.Nordelbien, Flickr, CC
Qualified Capitulation:  The Pontificate of Benedict XVI. is crumbling beneath the blows of the Old Liberal document thieves.  Benedict XVI has enraged Catholics this week with  scandalous appointments.

(, Vatican)  The Regensburg  Heresy Bishop with a problematic character, Msgr Gerhard Ludwig Müller, is the new Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

The Reform of the Reform isn't present

The Vaticanist Andrea Tornielli spoke last week about this, that the Pope has shuffled the cards in a "less conservative" way with the recent wave of appointments.

In other words:  The Old Liberal decadence has returned to the Vatican.  The much praised Reform of the Reform is not among them.

Tornielli has described a "deadlock" in the Catholic wing of the Roman Curia.

Benedict XVI has returned to the prudent opportunism which has guided him his entire life.

A replacement for the in the meantime very weak Secretary of State, Tarcisio Cardinal Bertone, is not anywhere on the horizon.

Catholic he is not

The new President of the Papal Council for Family Bishop Vincenzo Paglia is described by Tornielli as an Ecumenist.

He is especially attached "to the poor".

In ecclesiastical political terms Msgr Paglia is clearly in the Old Liberal camp,.

Is this what the Pope means by "Reform of the Reform"?

The new Secretary of the Congregation for Liturgy, the English Bishop Arthur Roche is seen by Tornielli as a "modern Bishop".

He is -- as ever --- a proponent of the Pastoral Council and has "surely no traditional program".

The well-known English blogger '' published a negative opinion of him in 2009. [A member of the Magic Circle]

For the new Secretary of the Liturgy Congregation as the Breakaway Bishop of Leeds had closed down many churches.

He is an enemy of the Old Mass.

His episcopal chapel consists of a supper table in the middle of the room with a blue upholstered television chairs around.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

News: Italian Cardinals Stand Behind the Pope

Vatican.  Several Italian Cardinals are standing themselves behind Pope Benedict XVI in view of the disappearance of documents in the Vatican.  This was reported by 'Radio Vatican'.   The emeritus Archbishop of Ravenna, Ersilio Cardinal Tonini (97), asks that the Pope be left in peace.   He doesn't understand why "some rogue is allowed to throw dirt".  The President of the Pontifical Council for Peace and Justice, Cardinal Peter Turkson (63) explained to 'ansa' that the selection of employees is a delicate situation and goes on in the Vatican as in other governments.  The President of the Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Immigrants, Antonio Maria Cardinal Verglio  (74), spoke of a "moment of sadness and of chaos."

Why is this Impossible in Germany?

Italy.  Today, Bishop Giuseppe Zenti (65) of Verona celebrated the Immemorial Mass for confirmation in the parish church of St. Fermo Minore de Bra. This was reported on the site ''.  The website '' asks itself why similar things aren't possible in Germany:  "Apparently, there is are  "sub-castes" in the Bishops' Conference, where one is put when one is suspected of being receptive toward the desires of the Pope."

It's not a senseless meeting for a change

Germany.  From November 28th to December 1st the "15th Cologne Liturgical Meeting" will take place.  This was reported by the site ''.  At the event the Ordnary of the anglo-Catholic Ordinariate "Our Lady of Walsingham", the priest, Father Keith Newton, will celebrate a pontifical Mass according to the Anglican 'Book of Divine Worship.  The aforementioned program of the event is available online.

Reconciliation of the Society of St. Pius X: "In God's Hand"

"We have on our side done what duty has laid before us:  the pursuit of a visible union with Rome, but under the protection of the full Catholic Faith.  Everything else is in God's hands.  If it comes to a canonical solution, we thank God;  if it doesn't happen, then the time is just not yet ripe.  Then we remain without any bitterness, still longer in exile, pushed there by the anti-Christian powers within the Church, till God's hour strikes.

Father Franz Schmidberger -- German District Superior  of the Society of St. Pius X -- in the forward of the June edition of the monthly newsletter "Mitteilungsblatt".

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Friday, June 1, 2012

French Historian Blames John Paul II for Current Crisis

France.  The Council Blessed John Paul II let important tasks slip and his successor "to pay the price for this incompetence".  French historian Philiippe Levillain (71) said this in an interview with the Catholic news 'La Croix'.  Levillain named as examples, the abuse-hoax, the Legionaries of Christ and the reconciliation of the Society of St. Pius X.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pope Complained of German Bishops Forsaking Him

The Vaticanleak Book is a Hastily Built, Chaotic and Untrammeled Thing

It is to laugh:  As the Church-hate media use Bishop Richard Williamson as a pretext to get started on the Pope, he expects backing from the German Judas-Bishops. 

(, Vatican)  The book from Italian journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi, armed with books from the 'Vatican Leaks', is a hastily knit messy framework.

This was established by the German news "Welt" yesterday.

Nuzzis' book is entitled "Sua Santita -- Le Carte Segrrete di Benedetto XVI" -- Or, His Holiness -- the Secret Letters of Benedict XVI.

It was published two weeks ago.

"Only civilly married"

Nuzzis' book cites hundreds of secret documents or memos and handwritten notes from the Pope.

The facsimile of thirty confidential letters are in the appendix at the end.

Many of the  papers are confidential letters concerned only with Italian affairs -- "a dinner between the Pope and the President of Italy, also the dismissal of the chief editor of 'Avvenire', the newspaper of the Italian bishops' conference,"  says the newspaper.

At dinner with the ex-Communist and Italian President Giorgio Napolitano they discussed family law, euthanasia, abortion and children.

There is only one note about the Italian president on the Vatican document, "Only married civilly."

Massive Donation Slump

Another letter comes from the emeritus Cardinal Paolo Sardi (76) -- the Pro-Patron of the Order of Malta.

He criticized the poor coordination of the various departments in the Vatican.

A letter of the Papal delegate to the beleaguered congregation of the Legionaries of Christ, Cardinal Velasio De Paolis (76) reported on the massive donation slump of the order and their severe financial situation.

A protest against the Pope insultress

A memo to the German Nuncio, Archbishop Jean-Claude Perisset, asked for "a clear word of protest" directed at the Bundeschancellor Angela Merkel.

This statement refers to her interference in the lifting of the Excommunications against the four Bishops of the Society of St. Pius X in 2009.

The chapter on the German Chancellor contained seven pages.

Benedict XVI noted himself in his report the word "media tsunami".

In Nuzzis' book, there were also conflicts specified  between the Old Liberal Mainz Cardinal Karl Lehmann and the Pope.

But there's even more -- at 'Weltbild'

In an interview with the German 'Tageschau' Nuzzi said that onoly some documents in his book come from the Pope himself.

During the media scandal regarding Bishop Richard Williamson the Pope personally criticized to the German Nuncio that the German Judas-Bishops did not defend him. [Remember when Father Schmidberger of the SSPX did just that?]

Nuzzi explained still more that there were still more documents regarding "Weltbild" [The pornography distributor of the German Bishops].

This information could be included in a planned German version of the work.

News Reports: Cardinals Interrogated!?

Cardinals interrogated

Vatican. In addition to the papal chamberlain Paolo Gabriele, several other people were questioned. This is what the speaker for the Vatican press bureau, Father Federico Lombardi, told reporters yesterday. The Italian press is reporting that Cardinals were also interviewed. According to Father Lombardi, the valet is merely accused of grand larceny. Gabriele's motives are still unclear. Father Lombardi called the revelation of scandal, "a severe charllenge for the Pope and the Curia."

The Curia was belittled

Vatican. Pope Benedict XVI. was very saddened about the current scandal revelations. Archbishop Giovanni Angelo Becciu (63) - the substitute, second husband, the Secretary of State - said to Vatican newspaper 'L'Osservatore Romano'. When asked about the visible rifts in the College of Cardinals as revealed by the documents the substituted demurred. Disputes are not unusualin all institutions where decisions are made: "In short, we are not mummies" Different points of view or even conflicting views are normal.

Abortion brutalized society

Germany. In Germany every week on average three children die through violence or neglect. The reports of the German station ''. Last year, 146 children under the age of 14 died in this way. 114 of the victims were under the age of six years.

A manager with "a little prayer or something"

Germany. Many things in the everyday life of Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki of Berlin are comparable to the daily routine of a manager - "only the income is not." The cardinal told the ''. He tries to structure his daily routine to spiritual needs generally. "I take my time for personal prayer, as a break." Usually he uses car trips, "to pray a little bit or something." Cardinal Woelki describes himself as a conservative , "Because I am conservative in not looking at it as something negative but as something necessary." He wants to preserve the origins and sources.

Unfortunately true

"The fact that Benedict XVI. has no knack for personnel decisions we know from his days as a university professor. That it was unwise to Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Secretary of State, to appoint him as the head man of the Curia - and there is no doubt about that. Bertone like Ratzinger as a theologian in the CDF, as a "man for dirty jobs" [man fuers Grobe] who had helped much, but he lacks the managerial skills to direct an administrative authority and any political sense. "

From a hate article by Paul Kreiner in the 'Stuttgarter Zeitung'.

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Vatican Leaks: The Butler Did It!

Edit: as was promised, the man who leaked the Pope's confidential mail to a malicious journalist is going to jail.
[Guardian] The pope's butler has been arrested by Vatican police on suspicion of leaking a large number of confidential letters addressed to Benedict XVI which have lifted the lid on alleged corruption and nepotism at the Holy See.

A Vatican spokesman declined to confirm the butler's arrest, which was widely reported by Italian media on Friday, stating only it had arrested a person discovered in illegal possession of "confidential documents".

Paolo Gabriele, 46, who has worked as Benedict's butler since 2006, was reportedly taken into custody after investigators found a mass of documents in the Vatican apartment he shares with his wife and three children.
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