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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Radio Vatican Cuts Down Holy Rosary and Latin Mass on Its Regular Shortwave Broadcasts

Edit: picked up this story from Reviewbrah and thought it might be of interest. The following report is from Portale Italradio, dated from the end of July.

No more short waves fort two of the most followed lithurgical broadcasts of Vatican Radio. As from 1 August 2016, Latin Mass at 05:30 UTC and Rosary prayer at 18:40 UTC will be broadcast on the usual frequencies only on Sundays and catholic holy days. No motivation is until now available.

The decision has been taken earlier this week by the Vatican Secretariat for Communications. Both broadcasts were especially meant to reach isolated people, travellers and all those who are prevented to attend a Mass in their country or to have a free access to the Internet.

Italradio express deeply concern for a totally inexplicable decision, a "hertzian-suicide" as we define it in a word. As from 1 August the Mass is broadcast on SW only on Sunday and holydays: 15595 kHz. 3975 kHz 6070 kHz at 05.30 UTC. The Rosary prayer on 11625 kHz, 3975 kHz, 6070 kHz, 9660 kHz, 9755 kHz at 18.40 UTC.