Thursday, September 7, 2017 Austrian Catholic Site Owner of '' Found Guilty For Incitement

Edit: they haven't gone after him yet for kreuznet of 2012.
Four months for "degrading humiliation of homosexual men" on private website - judgment not legally binding
Vienna ( The responsible person of the Internet portal "" was convicted on Tuesday of the Viennese regional court for criminal cases for incitement to a four months of imprisonment. The Austria Press Agency (APA) reports this after the end of the trial, which should have taken place already in July and had to be postponed due to the lack of the defendant. The punishment was conditionally reviewed by the operator of the website, with a probationary period of three years. The judgment is not final.

The subject of the proceedings was a contribution to homosexuals published in December 2015. Among other things, it was said that syphilis is "God's punishment" for "homo-unbreeders". The accused pled "not guilty". At the hearing, according to APA, his defender Kurt Kadavy stated that the term "homo-fornicator," was "not a term of pleasantry", but "in the Catholic context, fornication is a theological concept which means a serious sinful behavior, namely, sexual intercourse outside the sacrament Marriage". "Homo" was preceded by the term "only to specify", added the defendant.

"God's punishment", according to Catholic morality, is the consequence of serious sins. Whoever does not do penance for this in his lifetime can not find an entrance into Eternal Life, said the accused. He conceded that the contribution was "pointed, no question". But he is not punishable. Whether the defendant had written the article himself, the operator of the website did not want to answer several questions asked by the judge.

"If you do not see that is detrimental, and if you do not understand that the state needs to protect this group from doing so, then there is nothing left but to condemn it," according to APA, said Gerald Wagner, the negotiating judge. There was undoubtedly a "degrading humiliation of homosexual men." The judge said that in his understanding this is a broad condemnation such as wishing syphilis upon them.

The Internet portal "", which can also be accessed under "", claims to spread "Catholic news". It is a private website. [It's a lot better than the internet commerce site kathnet.]

Previously, another website with the similar name "" had already been targeted in 2012 for anti-Semitic and homophobic contributions to the Austrian and German constitutional protection. [If you recall, the German Bishops made common cause with Green Volker Beck to destroy anyone associated with it.] The public prosecutor's office in Vienna undertook an investigation against the anonymous site operators. The head of the Media of the Austrian Bishops' Conference, Paul Wuthe, called for the blocking of the page in November 2012. The judiciary is engaged and has an active interest. A few weeks later, at the beginning of December, the site went surprisingly off the net and is still no longer accessible.

Shortly afterwards, a new website called "" went online at the beginning of 2013 under the Internet address "". As a media owner, editor and site manager, the now convicted person before the Viennese regional court does not appear to be legally convicted.
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JBQ said...

What is troubling here is the thread of "no sin". P. Francis has made statements also to that effect. Without guidelines, the people will act according to their base instincts in line with original sin. --- Christian children are taught that there are certain standards of behavior. Those in the African-American community have no father in 75% of all births. For homosexual men, there are no standards of behavior. Heterosexual men have a wife to whom they pledge faithfulness.

Catholic Mission said...

We have to affirm our Catholic faith and prepare for prison.To be legal is to support Satan, directly or indirectly.