Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"Freethinkers" Want to Ban Summit Crosses in Switzerland

The Free-Thinker Society of Swizterland wants to ban crosses. They see that the religious neutrality of Switzerland is damaged by crosses.

Zurich/Luzern [kath.net] The Free-Thinker Society of Switzerland (FVS) wants to ban summit crosses. The weekly "Central Switzerland on Sunday" reported this. The mountain.

Reta Caspar, business manager of the FVS said, the Society wants "no new summit crosses". Most have been standing for years, but today building permit. "And now we expect from the authorities that there will bee a moritorium," said Caspar to the Times. As far as building permits for new summit crosses the FVS will establish a caveat. That will also apply to the replacement of existing crosses, said Casper.

The Freethinkers refer to a decision of the Swiss Supreme Court from the year 1990. The high court ruled then that Crucifixes in public schools would breach religious neutrality.

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Anonymous said...

I love crosses on the top of Alps mountains, not only in Swiss, in France, Italy etc...
Here are the places where one feels the closest to God on Earth.
The crosses remind the vicinity of God while the soul contemplates the beauty of His Creation. Thanks God.

Unknown said...

When I was in the Army in Germany and got to Austria a lot for skiing, I thought it was wonderful that the Bavarian Austrian mountain peaks all had crosses on them.

And I wasn't even gong to church at the time.

But I suppose in relativistic Europe, especially Calvinistic Switzerland, moratoriums could be expected.

Of course, the Alinsky theory will demand that once the moratorium on new crosses is passed, then the demand will be the removal of all crosses as an infringement of "freedom of view."

degu said...

Self proclaimed 'freethinkers' join together in an organization of like-minded people and start telling other people what to do. Yeah, that makes sense.