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Monday, September 20, 2010

Jewish European Lawyer Warns of Hate Against Christendom

Europe is the most faith deprived region of the world, a cool zone of the gray secularism on the globe, whose own pious fervour has grown damp.

[] The Munster Publicist Felizita Küble published an article in a broadcast in the church-antagonnistic German weekly 'Die Zeit'.

The article was published on 6 August. There she interviewed US Attorney of European Law, Joseph Weiler.

He defended the Cross and warned of hate for Christians.

Weiler is a practicing Jew. he carries the Kippa -- the Jewish head covering.

In his Text he reports that Armenia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Malta, Russia, San Marino and Cyprus must come before the chambers of the European Court for human rights.

There the questions will be adjudicated, if crucifixes in Italian classrooms may be hung, because these transgress against the religious neutrality of the State.

The named countries are openly concerned about similar attacks on their own Christian Culture. for that reason they have become parties for the defendant, Italy.

Their joint court attorney is Weiler. He has put -- according to a report in 'Die Zeit' -- "his shoulder impressively to the wheel for the School Cross."

Frau Küble maintains that Europe is the most faith deprived region in the world -- "a cool zone of secularization on the globe, which has otherwise damped its pious fervour."

Christendom is increasingly being pushed on the margins of Europe.

As an example Frau Küble pointed out the example of 'British Airways', who fired a stewardess, because she refused to remove the cross from around her neck, to the discussion of the EU-Constitution, where the fight for the mention of God or Christianity didn't have a chance.

Weiler calls this syndrome "Christophobia" -- as the fearful flight of Europeans from their own Christian roots and imprinting.

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

EU Continues to Back Communist Activista in Banning Cross in Italy

The Red Finn responsible for this case is an Italian citizen of Finnish prominence who is decidedly interconnected with influences beyond the Pale.

The Italian government has appealed a ruling from the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg that would remove crucifixes from Italian public schools.

The government made its appeal today before the Grand Chamber of the Court, in a case that the Vatican and many European nations will be watching closely.

Ten other countries signed on to show their support for Italy in the case, several of them Orthodox strongholds, including Greece, Russia and Cyprus.

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Friday, December 4, 2009

Why are Jews trying to Wreck Italy?

This is from an article in 2005 and it demonstrates not only longstanding Jewish intolerance of religious expressions outside of Judaism, but it shows a certain similarity with other planned cause celebs launched by the SPLC, ADL and ACLU. Hello, Saul Alinsky. The Italian government will ignore this judicial bullying.

Italian Jews’ Crucifix Stand

The leader of the Italian Jewish community has called for public displays of crucifixes to be outlawed.

In a statement released last week, Amos Luzzatto, Chair of the Italian Union of Jewish Communities (UCEI) spoke out against the symbols as irreflective of all members of society.

"We do respect the Christian people,” Luzzato said. “But a symbol of divine presence in a public school should be recognisable by the citizens of all faiths and it should address them all in an equal manner.
“Now, since every school hosts citizens with different beliefs or no belief at all, we should rather avoid displaying any symbol".

Silence broken

The new declaration broke the August quiet of Italian politics and followed Pope Benedict XVI’s homily on Assumption of the Virgin Day, August 15.

From his summer residence in Castel Gandolfo, a village on a hill close to Rome, the Pope said that it is important to continuously display the divine presence "through the cross symbol in privates homes as well as in public buildings".

Since the revision of the 1929 Lateran Pacts of between Italy and the Holy See in 1984, the issue of displaying the crucifix in public buildings such as schools, hospitals and law-courts has been controversial and the subject of much debate.

In 2000, the Court of Cassation ruled as illegitimate the presence of the crucifix in polling stations. And, in its court order four year later, the Italian Constitutional Court, recognised that "The mandatory display of the Crucifix in classrooms would violate the state’s duty of equidistance with respect to different faiths and would contradict the need for a neutral public space".

However, the Court has somehow delegated the local authorities to decide whether to display the cross or not.

Rabbi reacts

Rome’s Chief Rabbi Rabbi Riccardo Di Segni, reacted with detachment to the situation.

He declared to the press: "I think there’s absolutely no new official position of the Church on the issue" he declared.

"It is important that the Pope underlined the religious aspect of the symbol. Benedict XVI is a Pope who talks very openly. In the previous polemics some were defending the idea that the crucifix is a cultural symbol (of the Western world); it is clearly not the case and we must take note of this clarification," Di Segni added.

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The response

Vatican Condemnation.

Judicial Activist, all part of the initial plan.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Greek Orthodox solidarity in face of crucifix ban

The Turks were a good incentive for talks of reunion at the Council of Lyon in 1276 and at Ferrara-Florence in 1438. Now we together face both Islam and Secularism at the same time. Examples like this are further encouragements for those of us who are optomistic about an end to the Great Schism.

The Greek Orthodox Church is urging Christians across Europe to oppose a ban on crucifixes in classrooms in Italy. The ban came as a result of a November 3 ruling by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in France that the presence of crucifixes violated a child's right to freedom of religion. The European Court of Human Rights found that the compulsory display of crucifixes violated parents' rights to educate their children as they saw fit and restricted the right of children to believe or not to believe. Immediately after the ruling, Vatican spokesman Rev. Federico Lombardi said the crucifix was a fundamental sign of the importance of religious values in Italian history and culture and was a symbol of unity and welcoming for all of humanity — not one of exclusion.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Italian mayors respond to Strasbourg ruling by hanging more crucifixes in schools

No one tells the Italians what to do. Brussels sprouts bouncing all over the place on this one. Will they attempt to enforce this or their other attempt at lawmaking in Lithuania when the Brussels sprouts attempted to declare this law illegal in September?

Rome, Italy, Nov 12, 2009 / 01:49 pm (CNA).- A number of Italian officials have responded to the ruling by the European Human Rights Court that ordered schools in Italy to remove crucifixes from the classrooms by taking unprecedented measures to preserve the Christian symbol.

According to the Italian daily “Avvenire,” the mayor of Sezzadio, Pier Luigi Arnera, has leveled a fine of 500 euros against anyone who removes a crucifix from a public place.

Arnera explained that the displaying of the crucifix in “places other than churches does not affect the dignity of anyone, because it is one of our cultural references.”

Likewise in the cities of Sassuolo and Trapani, officials have acquired dozens more crucifixes to display them in public schools.

In Montegrotto Terme, digital billboards that normally are used to inform the public are now displaying the crucifix with the phrase, “We will not take it down.” The mayor of Assisi has ordered that Nativity scenes be displayed in addition to the crucifix in public offices.

In Varesotto a local contractor placed a 16-foot cross on his farm in order to express his indignation over the EU court ruling.

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Bishop Mixa of the Diocese of Augsburg and military chaplain of the Bundeswehr says the ban on the Crucifix will be easy to ignore according to He points at the ridiculousness of the ban since many nations actually have a cross as part of their national colors.