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Monday, September 20, 2010

Jewish European Lawyer Warns of Hate Against Christendom

Europe is the most faith deprived region of the world, a cool zone of the gray secularism on the globe, whose own pious fervour has grown damp.

[] The Munster Publicist Felizita Küble published an article in a broadcast in the church-antagonnistic German weekly 'Die Zeit'.

The article was published on 6 August. There she interviewed US Attorney of European Law, Joseph Weiler.

He defended the Cross and warned of hate for Christians.

Weiler is a practicing Jew. he carries the Kippa -- the Jewish head covering.

In his Text he reports that Armenia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Malta, Russia, San Marino and Cyprus must come before the chambers of the European Court for human rights.

There the questions will be adjudicated, if crucifixes in Italian classrooms may be hung, because these transgress against the religious neutrality of the State.

The named countries are openly concerned about similar attacks on their own Christian Culture. for that reason they have become parties for the defendant, Italy.

Their joint court attorney is Weiler. He has put -- according to a report in 'Die Zeit' -- "his shoulder impressively to the wheel for the School Cross."

Frau Küble maintains that Europe is the most faith deprived region in the world -- "a cool zone of secularization on the globe, which has otherwise damped its pious fervour."

Christendom is increasingly being pushed on the margins of Europe.

As an example Frau Küble pointed out the example of 'British Airways', who fired a stewardess, because she refused to remove the cross from around her neck, to the discussion of the EU-Constitution, where the fight for the mention of God or Christianity didn't have a chance.

Weiler calls this syndrome "Christophobia" -- as the fearful flight of Europeans from their own Christian roots and imprinting.

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