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Friday, June 12, 2020

US Catholic Bishops Funding Violent Overthrow of United States

Update: as I was reading Archbishop Vigano's depiction of a "deep church" to compare with the aims and machinations of the "deep state," I suddenly thought of a Dark Church.  The Dark Church.

Edit: I thought CCHD had been basically destroyed when they were caught pushing Abortion and birth control, but continued on in other organizations, but they’re still around! I’ve been worried about CCHD for many years and one of the few who’ve had an impact on them with persistent and accurate reporting, is Michael Hichborn. Too bad he’s working with Virus and Budgie, but here you are:

[Michael Hichborn] The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, through the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), is funding organizations actively involved in calls for revolution, the killing of police officers and the defunding of police departments.
All of this follows a long and sordid history of the CCHD providing millions of dollars to organizations that have long served as communist front groups, waiting for the right time to spark a Marxist revolution. See our article titled "The Marxist Core of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development."
In the wake of the ignoble death of George Floyd, violent riots have erupted in cities all across the country, resulting in billions of dollars of damage and stolen goods and the murder of at least two police officers. Hundreds of officers have been targeted as a result of violent rhetoric coming from the riots. In New York, two officers were shot and one stabbed in the neck after being ambushed by rioters. Four other officers were shot in St. Louis while they stood in a police line. Two officers were shot by a rioter in Richmond, VA. In Oakland, CA, two officers were shot (one killed) in a drive-by ambush. Others have been hit by bricks, baseball bats, rocks and even a car.
Read the entire thing at Lepanto Institute

Monday, December 1, 2014

CCHD Funding Gender Ideology to for $35,000 and Priests Promoting It

Edit:  the CCHD won't die.  It should die.  Here's an excerpt from OneNewsNow:

A watchdog group is taking issue with a Catholic grant to an organization that might be violating its own criteria.

The Lepanto Institute recently completed a profile on the Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition. Lepanto president Michael Hichborn tells OneNewsNow his concern is that the Catholic Campaign for Human Development is providing a $35,000 grant to the Coalition.

"[The Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition is] actively engaged in the promotion of homosexuality activism," says Hichborn. "It's pushing this thing called the Gay-Straight Alliance [and] it actually formed its own Gay-Straight Alliance through one of its projects."

In addition, according to the Lepanto leader, one of the executive staff members of the Coalition signed a petition advocating same-sex "marriage" in New York.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cardinal Sarah: If "Catholic Charity" Betrays the Church -- Not Everything That Says it's Catholic is Catholic

Edit: you may have seen what this Cardinal has already said about clergy who fail to preach against abortion and aberrosexual marriage.

(Vatican)  With the Motu proprio Intima Ecclesia e natura of the 11th of November, 2012 about the charitable work of the Catholic Church as Pope Benedict was barely recognized by the public, but it set radical interventions against Catholic help organizations in motion, which are Catholic in name, but in word and deed are not. This refers to organizations that help the "non-negotiable values", such as attacking the defense of the family and of life. With the recently held Vatican General Assembly of the Pontifical Council Cor Unum, which coordinates the charitable work of the Church worldwide, the Pope is asking for the proceedings  to enter a concrete phase.

That Rome is taking this seriously, became clear with the opening speech by Cardinal Robert Sarah, who is chairman of the Council since 2010. The speech was published Osservatore Romano on the 18th January. It is a hard accusation and an unvarnished analysis of the charitable organizations of the Catholic Church. There, the Cardinal said, a "laicizing ethics" [Your Professional Catholics], which is represented by "certain international institutions" and "will be imposed by force through complex political, legal and cultural mechanisms upon cultures and peoples around the world." This would be disclosed "as a negative and destructive view of man and woman."

Catholic organizations have made "secular ethics" their own

These mechanisms were perfectly attuned, wrote the sociologist Massimo Introvigne in an article for La nuova Bussola quotidian. Poor countries that are dependent on the provision of international credits are literally blackmailed. Loans are granted only if the States in return accept a particular ideological agenda. This standard includes the legalization of the killing of unborn children, recognition of homosexual unions and mass dissemination of artificial contraceptives.

Pope Benedict XVI. had denounced this blackmail method during his pastoral visit to Africa. Since his indictment could not penetrate to the global public, an immediate anti-papal campaign had picked a quarrel. The whole issue has been reduced to condoms. Anti-Religious groups flooded the Internet with all possible and unspeakable graphical variants of the subject "and Pope condom" or "condom and church." An objective consideration of the Pope's actual statement did not take place.

Church takes action against Charities that call themselves Catholic, but are not

The whole world imposed the "inhuman contraceptive mentality of the West and the intolerant gender ideology and their disdain of people created in God's image as male and female," said Introvigne. This form of violence must be identified and denounced tirelessly, the sociologist. It would also be possible, if at least the Catholic organizations had shut themselves to this ideology and would reject any collaboration.

Pope Benedict XVI. complained in the Motu proprio Ecclesia intima e natura that the not the case. Thus it was not without a bitter undertone that Cardinal Sarah affirmed the Pope's assertion. Some members of the church who work in the charitable sector would have let themselves be seduced by a "purely secular ethics of worldly charities". And to such an extent that they had abandoned their Catholic identity and made the secular position completely their own. These Catholic in name only associations "pursue the same goals with the same destructive anthropological ambiguous language and the same slogans," the Cardinal said in his speech.

Unfaithfulness to the Magisterium and THe Loss of Faith go hand in hand

The charge is extremely serious. It says that there are Catholic institutions, which collaborated in the destruction of people, mentioned in the Pope's December Christmas message to the Roman Curia, which Benedict XVI described as the most dangerous threat to the Church and humanity. Since these organizations ignore the Church's Magisterium, they lose their faith together with the ability to act for the public good, went the the Pope's warning.

"The history of the West has sufficiently proven the connection between infidelity to the Magisterium and loss of faith," said Cardinal Sarah. According to the Chairman of the Pontifical Council Cor Unum, the secularization of Catholic charitable organizations has been already more than just a threat.

Catholic institutions have to oppose the culture of death

The danger of this situation is not to be undervalued, said Introvigne. Forces act in the world today, "wishing the death of man, created by God, in order to destroy the miraculous image," said Cardinal Sarah. It was not just about theoretical ideas, but hard, deadly facts. To achieve their goal, these forces would use all means "to globalize the culture of death." As a particularly perfidious example of this, he cited the effort to camouflage the spread of abortion logic as an "aid" to the woman.

The "unacceptable situation" has arisen from the myth that the major international organizations would always have been basically right and had only the good of all in mind.

Breaking the Myth of the "good behavior" of international institutions

It is time to change that, says Introvigne, what the Catholic area always means conversion. "The grace of conversion helps us to overcome this logic and start new in Christ. The prophetic mission of the Christian calls him to bear witness to Christ and the Gospel values. Charity is not a specialization of the Church. It is the life of the body as a whole, it is a universal appeal to live our faith and to help humanity through the Gospel to grow," says Cardinal Sarah, in his opening speech at the plenary session of the Pontifical Council Cor Unum.

  Text: La nuova Bussola Quotidiana/Giuseppe Nardi Bild: Cathopedia

Edit:  Here's some of the coverage on Vatican Reports:

Sunday, September 30, 2012

US Catholic Media Distorts German State-tax Situation

Catholic Media at Work
Edit:  While a lot of Americans now understand that the German Church-tax is a system which essentially compels German Catholics to pay their Church tithes from their income tax at 8% thanks to the Catholic media, that's where their understanding pretty much ends.

This coverage in the American Catholic media on the German news is generally unsatisfactory.  Whether James Akin is trying to cover for Cardinal Schonborn, or what not.  In the current furor over the German Church-tax, predictably, Catholic media has sided exclusively with the German Bishops, while ignoring the actual condition of the German Catholic World, which has sunk very low indeed. It's almost as if they don't want American Catholics to draw obvious parallels between the corrupt bureaucracies which dominate both churches.

It's therefore tragic that we have to go to the usually unreliable American secular press to get a clearer picture of what's going on.  This was the case with 'International Business Times', which described the Bishops' Decree as, "Pay up or Die Without Absolution", which is what it is if you bother to read the Decree, which Father Boyle admits he has not.  We were the first, and only American news commenter, to report on this issue and we did so by simply translating the story from the German District of the SSPX, which describing the deplorable situation in very clinical terms indeed.

We also noted that the German Bishops had made no mention of refusing the Sacraments to the numerous dissidents employed in Catholic Counseling Services recommending abortion services, for example, in parishes or on University Faculties simply teaming with non-conformist intellectuals who are capable of doing everything but teaching the Catholic Faith.

To read articles by James Akin or Father John Boyle, you would think that the German Bishops are simply tightening up the reigns and drawing Catholics to greater fidelity.  Actually, most Germans leaving the Church aren't concerned in the slightest about whether or not they are excommunicated, but there are many Catholics who are faithful to the Church's teachings, so faithful in fact, that they have no desire to be a material contributor to Diocesan programs and efforts which they can't in good conscience support.

While Father Boyle does acknowledge that opting out of the Catholic Church as a "body of legal right", can be dealt with as a case by case basis, not all German Bishops are concerned by the moral reservations of many faithful Catholics.

This was the case with a German canonist, Doctor Harmut Zapp who recently won a legal case against the Diocese of Freiburg headed by the head of the German Bishops' Conference Archbishop Zollitsch (One of German's most dissident and disobedient Old Liberal Bishops). The ruling was inaccurately reported by First Things as a victory for the Archdiocese.  This was not the case as the German Court ruled in favor of the good Catholic Doctor Zapp, whom First Things described as a "tax dodger" or a man of low integrity.

While these sorts of inaccuracies aren't necessarily the result of bad will, they are frequent and persistent enough where it becomes easier to accuse those harboring them persistently without recantation or apologies, of being a very bad set of characters indeed.

Let's not assume, as the Catholic media USA does, that the German Bishops aren't the problematic, often encouraging heresy and disobedience to Rome, while continuing projects harmful to their flocks and harboring enemies of the Church at the expense of the laity who support it with their blood, sweat and tears.  Germans work hard, but they also want to see their money spent well.

There was one ray of light, however, on Father Boyle's blog, where a commenter brought up the point we've been trying to make that faithful Catholics shouldn't be forced under threat of excommunication to support anti-Catholic policies and individuals.  As noted above this situation has obvious parallels in how the USCCB has been working with CCHD and CHS to promote programs and individuals not only working contrary to Catholic belief, but often hostile to it.  While our own situation in the USA has improved slightly,  let's hope that with the help of faithful Catholics everywhere, a stop can be put to this horrible misappropriation of spiritual and financial capital.

Photo credit, thanks.

Monday, September 3, 2012

USCCB Retires Evil Counselor John Carr

“I’m just so used to John being our leader,” Rabbi David Saperstein, the Reform Jewish movement’s longtime D.C. representative, said last week after describing what he called Carr’s role in convincing a major senator of the impact of climate change on the world’s poor. Carr, it turned out, wasn’t actually at that meeting. But that’s the way it is with Carr — he’s been so influential for so long that sometimes Hill faith lobbyists just assume his involvement in key events. -California Catholic Daily

Edit: after a generation of influencing the Catholic Church, helping to run it into the ground, he's retiring early, at 62'.

We shouldn't have to look too far to find reasons for why this man's influence has been destructive.  He established the debate supporting Obamacare in the first place, and then tried to play a rearguard action against Obama when what anyone with any sense knew would happen, that he was going to expect Catholic institutions to fund birth control.

He came under fire for being responsible for supporting homosexuality and abortion through the CCHD, and he was a polarizing figure, giving the impression that a Catholic could disagree about Catholic doctrines regarding abortion and homosexuality and yet still remain Catholic.  Maybe someone in charge is finally listening to those who've identified this man's corrosive policies and active promotion of moral evil?

Carr, whose work with the CCC goes back at least as far as 1983, was hired by the USCCB in 1987 as the next secretary for social development and world peace.  Annual reports from the CCC reveal that Carr was on the CCC’s board of directors in 1999200020012002200320042005, and 2006, serving on the executive committee from 1999-2001.  Given his cozy relationship with the CCC, it’s no wonder the CCHD never responded to our concern over grantee membership with this radical group.
Many readers over at California Catholic Daily are relieved he's going, but who will replace him?  Will it be someone who lives and breathes the Catholic Faith, or one who is bent on continuing the American Church's downward spiral into social irrelevance?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

New CCHD Youth Campaign to Fight Poverty

It's an art contest where boundless self-expression will lead you to understand and help others understand the poverty of modern artistic expression.
Abstract "Art" is a poor way to express concepts or ideas

Maybe the Bishops and the Reds at CCHD are onto something?  You can find out more about the presentation at the USCCB site, here.

Possible "Poverty" Art Subject?

It doesn't matter in this contest what sort of Art you decide to do.  It doesn't even have to be art, but you should learn about where you can learn about the causes of poverty: Here.

Does holiness cause poverty?

Holiness Causes Poverty: It's a cycleFoto: REUTERS

Here's a pertinent excerpt from the New Advent Catholic Encyclpedia:

Jesus Christ did not condemn the possession of worldly goods, or even of great wealth; for He himself had rich friends. Patristic tradition condemns the opponents of private property; the texts on which such persons rely, when taken in connexion with their context and the historical circumstances, are capable of a natural explanation which does not at all support their contention (cf. Vermeersch, "Quæst. de justitia", n. 210). Nevertheless it is true that Christ constantly pointed out the danger of riches, which, He says, are the thorns that choke up the good seed of the word (Matthew 13:22). Because of His poverty as well as of His constant journeying, necessitated by persecution, He could say: "The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air nests: but the son of man hath not where to lay his head" (Matthew 8:20), and to the young man who came to ask Him what he should do that he might have life everlasting, He gave the counsel, "If thou wilt be perfect, go sell what thou hast, and give to the poor" (Matthew 19:16-21). The renunciation of worldly possessions has long been a part of the practice of Christian asceticism; the Christian community of Jerusalem in their first fervour sold their goods "and divided them to all, according as every one had need" (Acts 2:45), and those who embraced the state of perfection understood from the first that they must choose poverty. [Link}

Picture taken from Imagination.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Motley Monk Blog: Even more fallout in response to Bishop Olmsted's ...

,Editor: this guy used to work for the McGovern campaign. He knows whereof he speaks.  One thing's for sure, the CCHD [Catholic Campaign for Human Development] isn't Catholic.

The Motley Monk Blog: Even more fallout in response to Bishop Olmsted's ...: "Previous to the Christmas and New Year's holidays, the Archbishop of San Francisco, George Niederauer, announced his intention in Catholic S..."

Friday, November 5, 2010

Dysfunction Rules in the CCHD

Editor: Dysfunctional Church bureaucrats need some kind of sensitivity and treatment program to stop abusing people's trust like this. Don't forget that the collection is coming up and it's not a good idea to give money to these folks, they'll only spend your money on things which destroy the Church you love with Alinskeyite boondoggles.

Reform Coalition Finds Radical Group Featured in CCHD Renewal Document;

Urges Delay of Annual Collection

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Reform CCHD Now (RCN) coalition ( has released a report detailing multiple problems with the Coalition of Imokalee Workers (CIW), the first grantee featured in a document intended to outline the review and renewal of the controversial Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD).

“The very idea that the CCHD would praise CIW in a document that apologizes for funding pro-abortion, pro-homosexual organizations in the past and promises to make a stronger effort to avoid doing so in the future undermines their credibility,” said Michael Hichborn, lead researcher for RCN member American Life League. “If CCHD can’t get it right at the beginning of this process, what confidence can we have that it will be able to do so later on.”

RCN’s report outlines in specific detail how CIW participated in the US Social Forum 2010; something the RCN reported on back in June. The US Social Forum ran a collection of workshops, many of which were devoted to abortion rights, homosexual rights, and Marxist Socialism. RCN's report also specifies three of CIW’s coalition and network partnerships that are in and of themselves pro-abortion and pro-homosexual, and whose mission is to encourage cross-issues advocacy of their members. The report can be found on the Reform CCHD Now web site at

Read article, here.

Photo stolen from, RC Blog.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

CCHD: Same as it Ever Was

[Orate Fratres] Yes, CCHD grants will go to progressive organizations that are also concerned with decriminalizing undocumented immigrants, socializing medicine, and nationalizing public education, as it always has, but those are issues good men and women can disagree about. Good organizations, on the other hand, don’t support politicians and policies that kill babies. Since CCHD continues to fund organizations that support pro-abortion politicians and policies, nothing has changed.

There has been no reform of CCHD.

There has been no renewal of CCHD.

CCHD has intractably set its course. It was founded to fund Alinskyian organizing and it will, if this document of “review and renewal” is any indication, go down funding Alinskyian organizing.

Read the full article here...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Outsourcing Catholic Charity

Well, it's a sad day when a non-Catholic outsider seems to understand more about the USCCB and its attendant government and parishoner subsidized programs that promote abortion, birth-control, government overregulation, homosexuality and creeping Alinskyite socialism. It just goes to show you that you don't have to be a Catholic-in-Name-Only to tell the truth about what is going on in the American Church. Rush Limbaugh, who himself was under attack from the USCCB in October, sees things pretty clearly, he writes,

I mean holy carp, folks. Is nothing sacred? They have infiltrated the Catholic Church? Or maybe the Catholic Church has allowed itself to be infiltrated. "According to the newsletter, 'the Archdiocese of Washington's Environmental Outreach Committee has created a particularly useful new tool" and I have a compressed copy of it right there. I'm not going to zoom in here; I haven't got time. That's the calendar. "[A] calendar that lists 40 carbon-fasting measures individuals can take to reduce their carbon footprint.' The newsletter provides a link to the full calendar. The calendar contains suggestion for each of the 40 days of Lent, beginning on Ash Wednesday, Feb. 17, with 'Remove one light bulb from your home and live without the light for the next 40 days.'" What a cheap cop-out.

Perhaps we shouldn't expect truth and integrity from Jesuits or even possibly those who work for them, but we always hold out a candle of hope rather than curse the darkness; Henry Karlson who teaches at Fordham University and writes for InsideCatholic once told us that he favoured the Soviet Union over his own country, and since spending so many years at Fordham, we see that his allegiances haven't changed appreciably, as he demonstrates when he shills for the socialistic, anti-Catholic CCHD in an article he writes about the "good that the CCHD does" for Vox Nuova. Henry used to believe aliens were real, perhaps he still does, but it's far crazier and in our opinion a sign of malice, to defend the CCHD.

While he is eager to attack those who are pointing out that there is something systemically wrong with outsourcing Catholic Charity and relying on non-Catholics and anti-Catholics to do the job as using rhetoric and logical fallacies that have never before been used, he engages in some rhetoric himself and tells us, incredibly, that people would die if the CCHD disappeared tomorrow.

Actually, if the CCHD were abolished tomorrow, it would probably save lives, since the various Planned Parenthood and Pro-Abortion organizations which enjoy CCHD support wouldn't receive that support any longer.

Perhaps instead of outsourcing Catholic Charity to non-Catholic and anti-Catholic organizations, the Bishops should take that money to foster vocations to the Monastic orders who have traditionally been the charity arm of the Catholic church in the past, not a pack of United Way style professionals with murky job titles and strange agendas!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bishop Morin Honors Socialist Head of LA CCHD

Bishop Morin, subcommittee head of the USCCB organ overseeing the CCHD, who has been having a lot of problems with telling the truth lately, has honored "social justice" activist who is, coincidentally, the kind of person who takes Catholic's money to fund things that have almost nothing to do with Catholicism. The interfaith agendas she supports may advance Alinskyite social-justice and professional activists who are alien to and hostile to the Catholic Faith, but they are certainly dishonest.

If it weren't bad enough that Bishop Morin is honoring a woman who heads the CCHD in Cardinal Mahony's Archdiocese, but the Harper is herself an avid "Community Organizer" in the Alinksyite vein, and like Cesar Chavez, eager to champion the rights of oppressed workers. The benefit to the workers might be in question, but her political and religious allegiance is not.

For we can certainly question the wisdom of being involved in an labor dispute as part of a Union agenda where Harper was arrested at the Hilton Hotel worker's dispute in 2008, but Harper provided funds for CLUE (Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice), which is a "multi-faith" (you know what that means) organization headed by Rabbi Jonathan Klein who is a "community organizer" and is "passionate" about the environment. We think you all know what a "Community Organizer" is by now. You might ask yourself why Klein, whose pacifist anti-Catholic agenda the CCHD supports, is such an avid Obama supporter who craves after socialized medicine almost as much as the USCCB does.

Is it any suprise that Rabbi Klein is pro-homosexual as well? He writes in defense of homosexuality and attacking free speech in the following paragraph in 2006, here:

I cannot believe the audacity and harm imposed upon us by the Daily Trojan when the editors decided, in the name of a "free press," to print bigoted hate diatribes in the letters to the editor on Thursday. To add insult to injury, Friday's editorial defends that poor decision, arguing that it is legitimate to attack gays since millions of Americans are in their estimations anti-gay. Since many Americans consider a sexual orientation other than heterosexual as immoral, the Daily Trojan argues, it is just fine if a student writes that a gay man’s “lifestyle is sinful, unhealthy and unnatural.” Preposterous!

Like the Communists of old, Harper attacks her accusers with emotional arguments attempting to portray them as mean-spirited and out of touch, but unfortunately for her, their criticisms are quite apt in her case.

"God had a plan for me that didn't include the Peace Corps in Honduras as I thought at the ripe age of 31 but rather a wonderful marriage with three fantastic children," said Harper. "It is through [my husband's] love and the encouragement of my adult children that my ministry 'out there' becomes celebrated and nourished at home."

Acknowledging the pain generated by recent "vicious attacks" accusing CCHD of knowingly and willfully funding groups in opposition to Catholic teaching,[True and justified attacks] Harper commented: "I guess we can take some comfort in knowing that we are doing a good job --- we are ruffling feathers --- and therefore we must be effective. But that only slightly eases the pain of these lies and mis-truths."

"This award today," she said, "is really for all of us --- for our ministry, for our dedication, for staying in the struggle�. I thank God for all of you, knowing we walk this path together."

Link to The Tidings...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Distancing from an Attack on Carr

Renew America

Matt C.Abbott

Would it be best for the Catholic Church in the U.S. (and Rome, for that matter) if the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops were to be dismantled? I say yes, but more on that a bit later.

First, there have been a few interesting developments in the ongoing Catholic Campaign for Human Development controversy.

From a Feb. 5 story (excerpted; click here for the article in its entirety):

'Various offices of the U.S. Bishops Conference (USCCB) have reacted to the two new reports issued by the Reform CCHD Now coalition (RCN) this week, but the reactions, claims RCN, have not addressed the core message of their reports.

'While RCN has offered evidence that 31 CCHD grantees are partnered with a pro-abortion and homosexualist group, the Center for Community (CCC), and that two USCCB officials have served on the same group's board, the reactions have focused primarily on defending the pro-life beliefs of one of those officials — John Carr, who, as executive director of the USCCB's Department of Justice, Peace, and Human Development, oversees the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD).

'The report on Carr's involvement in CCC was received by some as questioning Carr's personal pro-life convictions. However, RCN says that the reports in question — one from American Life League (ALL) and another from the Bellarmine Veritas Ministry (BVM) — specified that they were not questioning Carr or any USCCB staffer's personal stance on pro-life.

'Immediately after the issuing of the reports Monday, a line supporting CCC was quietly removed from the CCHD Web site. Not so quiet, however, was the backlash against the perceived attack on Carr....

'While RCN coalition members said they were pleased to hear these affirmations of Carr's pro-life stance, they also said they were concerned with what they called 'false' accusations from other officials which, they said, led even bishops to misconstrue their actions and intentions....

'Michael Hichborn of RCN member ALL told LSN today that, 'We never once alleged that John Carr promotes abortion and homosexual agendas, and all of our public commentary verifies this.' Hitchborn added, 'In fact, in the initial report that I wrote, I specifically stated that we are not questioning the pro-life convictions of John Carr or anyone he works with.'

'In Carr's response to the RCN reports, he reiterated his pro-life convictions and accused RCN members of not contacting him prior to releasing their reports, saying that 'Neither the American Life League nor the Bellarmine Institute contacted me, CCHD or the bishops' conference before making these accusations.'

'But Hichborn claims that Carr's accusation is 'false.' Rob Gasper, head of RCN member BVM said, 'Carr has stated on multiple occasions that he will not meet or discuss issues with either ALL or [Human Life International].' Gasper added, 'The information in the BVM report should not have come as a surprise since it was primarily discussing information released well over two months ago'....'

Read further...

Monday, February 8, 2010

USCCB Desperate In Face of Diocesan Catholic Appeal

Fr. Frank Pavone, Pro-life empire builder and establishment figure is eager and willing to step in on behalf of the beleaguered USCCB and their socialist engineering projects at the CCHD which use the monies they received to support aims and organizations hostile to the Catholic Faith. His comments are here, and line up squarely in defense of the homosexuality, anti-Catholic and abortion promoting John Carr. Is there any reason why the establishment Fr. Pavone is sticking his neck out for this man, despite the hand we see in the anti-Catholic cookie jar? Could it be that Fr. Frank Pavone can't really be trusted as credible? The USCCB has already attacked the attackers of Carr and their CCHD, calling its detractors "calumniators" while not giving a single shred of coherent argumentaition as to why it's the case. Actually, this is an effective tool to defuse legitimate criticism.

Like Notre Dame University, a Catholic name doesn't make it Catholic, and even a well-known allegedly pro-life Catholic Priest might not be trusted. Don't watch what these people say but watch what they DO. John Carr, despite telling Frank Pavone that he's solidly pro-life, hasn't been very good at actually defending innocent life, in fact, he's done the opposite as America's Independent Party page describes:

- Why over 50 CCHD supported organizations are in some capacity engaged in pro-abortion or pro-homosexual causes

- Why Tom Chabolla, associate director of programs for CCHD, replaced Carr on the CCC board while the CCC was heavily engaged in pro-abortion, pro-homosexual advocacy

- Why 31 CCHD grantees are "partners" with the CCC

- Why Ralph McCloud, CCHD executive director, spoke at a CCC-sponsored rally for Barack Obama. McCloud, referred to Obama’s election as, “a great day,” and proclaimed “very soon we will see a new Jerusalem”

- Why Carr’s USCCB bio omits his involvement with the CCC, while near word-for-word copies of his bio for outside activities include it

- If Carr didn’t know the direction the CCC was headed while chairing the board of the organization, how will he address, as the head of the CCHD, the ongoing problem of funding for radical pro-abortion, pro-homosexual groups

Strangely, even American Papist, although he feels the CCHD should be sidelined, balks at's description of the situation as "the smoke of Satan" quoting Paul VI's haunting statement about the corruption in the Church.

He still wants to drive a middle-line himself and wants to see the CCHD salvaged as does Reform the CCHD.

Nienstedt and Chaput defend CCHD, here

And even USCCB and +Mahony shill, Bill Donahue, wants to see this thing blow over.

The important thing to remember is that whoever steps up in defense of this socialist engineering garbage is himself either an unwitting tool of anti-Catholic agendas or an active enemy of the Catholic Faith and that includes, as we have seen time and time again, Bishops, priests, "trusted laypersons" and women in pantsuits who claim they're doing it for the kids.

Next week, if not in the coming Easter season, you have been asked by your Bishop to give generously (about 3% of your income) to the Catholic Appeal. We suggest that you take this money and give it to more worthy causes, like people you know and trust. None of your money goes specifically to CCHD, but your Diocese in many cases, with 6 or 7 exceptions nationwide has a CCHD office. We suggest you call your Archdiocese and find out how your Diocese spends the Catholic appeal and whether or not these programs are consistent with Catholic teaching, or hostile to it. In many cases, your Diocese may support a College which invariably as it is with Catholic education, is not consistent with Church teaching. Your charity should be prudent as much as it is given with love and compassion. As it is, if you give to your parish, or your Diocesan appeal, you are likely givingmoney to support anti-Catholic hate groups like ACORN or Planned Parenthood. Be a wise steward of your money.

Also, write or call your Bishop and tell them why you aren't giving any money to support abortion, homosexuality and anti-Catholic hate.

Deal at Inside Catholic takes another bite, here, asking "Why did the USCCB join this Civil Rights Organization?"

Saturday, February 6, 2010

USCCB's Emotional Appeal in its Own Defense

Despite support for the CCHD for allegedly conservative Bishops like Archbishop Nienstedt, there's a lot lining up against the USCCB and its usefulness as an organ of Catholic Truth. He's proven that he will take money from the liberal, socialist welfare Pohlad family

The USCCB calls the charges against it and the CCHD ridiculous, but what is the substance of their debate?

"I'm concerned about these attacks on John Carr and I know they are false and I think they are even calumnious," said Bishop Murphy, who chairs the USCCB Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development, by telephone to CNS. "I am taking this to be a very sad, sad commentary on the honesty of some people in these pressure groups."

And Bishop Morin, who's lied before, calls the claims "ridiculous"

"I'm concerned about these attacks on John Carr and I know they are false and I think they are even calumnious," said Bishop Murphy, who chairs the USCCB Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development, by telephone to CNS. "I am taking this to be a very sad, sad commentary on the honesty of some people in these pressure groups."

None of John Carr's sentimental affirmations address the charges brought against the systematic misapplication of Catholics' money going to support anti-Catholic causes. But we're aware of the sheer deception involved in the USCCB's flagrant support for these causes, covered by pewsitter, here.

The names of the 21,581 petitioners supporting the CBS decision to air the Tim Tebow ad have been sent by both mail and email to CBS. The first 15,000 names were sent earlier this week and the rest were sent today. Additional names received over the weekend will also be forwarded to CBS to confirm their right decision on this matter. Congratulations to all who responded! This has undoubtedly had an impact upon CBS.

President Obama is encountering yet another major setback with fading hopes for confirmation of his very radical nominee to head the Office of Legal Counsel.

Planned Parenthood's counter commercial to the Tim Tebow Super Bowl ad is glaringly missing mention of one crucial person. The unborn child does not exist for "pro-choicers", nor do the large numbers of women hurt from making this often coerced or and seriously uninformed and deadly "choice".

It is disturbing for us to report the offensive tactics being used in response to Reform CCHD Now's well researched and respectfully presented facts about CCHD funding of some pro-abortion and otherwise unworthy groups. It should be very concerning to all that some Church leaders seem compelled to unjustly malign the credibility and motivation of the whistle blowers and to misrepresent the concerns presented, rather than respond directly to the evidence of scandal. The similarity of these responses to the Canadian Development and Peace scandal revelations continue to amaze us.
Steve Jalsevac

Read further....

Read, USCCB doesn't get it, here, for a daily rundown of their problems.

Monday, February 1, 2010

More Reports that CCHD/USCCB Supports Planned Parenthood And Promotes Homosexuality

This is just in from Deal.

Two new reports have been published today on the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD).

Rob Gaspar at Bellarmine Veritas Ministry has dug more deeply into the CCHD relationship to the Center for Community Change (CCC).

In "Sleeping with the Enemy," Michael Hichborn at the American Life League has also uncovered more disturbing facts about CCC. Hichborn also chronicles the personal involvement of the USCCB's John Carr, Executive Secretary of Justice, Peace, and Human Development. Carr oversees the CCHD.

Read Further...

And more stuff in from lifesitenews quoting from abovementioned Hichborn article, and about members of CCHD and USCCB being in openly homosexual relationships.

Washington, DC, February 2, 2010 ( - A national group that promotes abortion and homosexual rights has deep ties with the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' (USCCB) Department of Justice, Peace and Human Development, according to a report released Monday.

Top USCCB executive John Carr held simultaneous leadership roles, creating a conflict of interest, with the USCCB and the radical Center for Community Change.

"The closer we look at the Bishops Conference [staff and programs], the more we find a systemic pattern of cooperation with evil," said Michael Hichborn, American Life League's lead researcher into the USCCB scandal. "The CCC has lodged itself into the highest places of power in the USCCB while working to promote abortion and homosexuality."

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Socialist Witch Commands Bishops: ACORN, (must read)

"I tell priests and bishops what to do."

M.J. Tully, Chancellor - Connects Catholics with and ACORN and more...

Dear Advocates for Life,

Strong words and shocking to those at a Southern Oregon meeting in Spring 2007. The actions of Mary Jo Tully have many faithful Catholics wondering what's going on. When she was hired by then Archbishop William Levada, she even helped him define her role, she is one of two women Chancellors in the U.S. Normally a Chancellor is a priest of deacon. But her words, even in jest are not appropriate.

She is in charge of many things but right now I'll concentrate on this: Ballot Measure 66 & 67.

The Archdiocese, not through the Oregon Catholic Conference, but the Office of Justice and Peace says Yes on 66 and 67. Mary Jo is in charge of the director of that office. It's not so much the yes (although I believe a NO vote is more prudent) but the alliances that were exposed in this process that are the problem. We weren't given an opportunity to express ourselves.

Connecting the Dots: TO PUT US (Western Oregon Catholics) IN THE VOTER'S GUIDE ON THE "YES" SIDE.

Attachment #1 - Mary Jo Tully's name is listed with "Defend Oregon" and "Tax Fairness Oregon", who paid $500 to be in the voter's guide since they didn't have the 1000 names to be in the "Vote Yes on 66 and 67' and therefore couldn't get in for free. Remember, non-profits won't have to be taxed, like the church.
Connecting More Dots: WHO ARE THEY, REALLY?

Tax Fairness, Defend Oregon and Our Oregon all have the same address and phone number.

Tax Fairness Oregon Mission Statement
George Soros''s political arm Democracy in in the web address of Tax Fairness Oregon.

Democracy in Action Links to Pro-Aborts and Church Dissidents. Democracy In Action's mission - To "Wire the Progressive Movement." You'll see Faith in Public Life and ACORN Saul Alinsky group and Catholic Alliance a dissident group just to name two.
Now, notice how Mary Jo Tully signed the Tax Fairness "Religious Leaders" list first and then five minutes later our Archbishop did the same. A week later, Matt Cato, newly hired Office of Justice and Peace director signed a week later.

113Thu Nov 19 17:44:24 EST 2009 Matt Cato
94Thu Nov 12 20:59:47 EST 2009Most Rev. John G. Vlazny
93Thu Nov 12 20:54:42 EST 2009Chancellor Mary Jo Tully

*It is fair and just that those who continue to prosper greatly should give back a little more of their income to support the public services that have made their prosperity possible. The responsibility of the wealthy to the poor and to the common good is a principle deeply rooted in the texts and teachings of our religious traditions." Tax Fairness Oregon Statement
SO....What's going on...?

Pro-Life Action of Oregon put in a call to the Archdiocese upon hearing that both Planned Parenthood and NARAL were urging supporters with big money to vote yes, the Archdiocesan Chancellor Mary Jo Tully replied, “That’s not a bad thing is it?”

After being asked whether the archbishop knows about Planned Parenthood and NARAL’s lobbying efforts, Chancellor Tully replied, “No, I don’t think he knows.”

Statements IN FAVOR in your VOTERS' PAMPHLET which you should receive in the mail:
Page 16, bottom of right column: Planned Parenthood and NARAL
Page 28, middle of right column: Ecumenical Ministries (Catholic Archdiocese is a member)
Page 73, both columns: Ecumenical Ministries and NARAL

With this action they aligned the Catholics of western Oregon with Planned Parenthood, NARAL National Abortion Rights Action League, Basic Rights Oregon (homosexual lobby) but that's not all.
Mary Jo Tully is on the Board of Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon. That is the biggest problem we have as Catholics in Oregon.

Western Oregon Catholics are now aligned once again, with ultra-liberal, progressive values, but now it's so obvious, it's blatant and stomach-turning. These NOT the values of the Roman Catholic Church.

So we see that January 25, 2010 the Archbishop endorses Measure 66 & 67.

We pray that Mary Jo Tully can get some new friends and not be so outspoken about her role. It is very unnerving that not ONE of the churches we associate with are pro-life , REAL pro-life protecting unborn white babies, brown babies, black babies, every baby.

It's just not a priority, no matter what the Archbishop says.

God Bless you and yours,

"In accord with the knowledge, competence and preeminence which they possess, they (laity) have the right and even at times a duty to manifest to the sacred pastors their opinion on matters which pertain to the good of the Church, and they have a right to make their opinion known to the other Christian faithful, with due regard for the integrity of faith and morals and reverence toward their pastors, and with consideration for the common good and the dignity of persons." (Canon 212, P3)
Voice of Catholics Advocating Life
PO Box 458
Sublimity, OR 97385
Member of the Catholic Media Coalition "In line with the Church, on-line with the World".
and Reform Catholic Campaign for Human Development Now

Here's Mary Jo (the one with the pantsuit and the orange hair) with her friends at the Oregon Catholic Press: where the gay Dan Schutte practices his craft, or here, or you can hear a gay-friendly tune by Michael Joncas, here, or hear the relaxing tones of the mostly gay St. Louis Jesuits, here

Your pastor shouldn't have this crap in the pews on Sunday, your parish shouldn't have to support Mary Jo and it shouldn't support OCP either. h/t: Gabriel

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Deacon Levine Resurfaces in Oregon.

Chum's in the Water: Professional Victims and Lawyers Circle Jesuit Oregon Province.

Oregon Province Sex-Abuse Claims Reach 500.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

San Francisco Archdiocese Reinvestigates, Approves Pro-Abortion CCHD Grantee

by Katie Walker
Released January 4, 2010

Washington, D.C. (04 January 2010) – The Catholic Campaign for Human Development and the Archdiocese of San Francisco continue to support an organization that helped create and promote contraception, elective-abortion and sex-education programs for kids, American Life League has learned.

In November, the Catholic Campaign for Human Development issued “For the Record – The Truth about CCHD Funding” in response to criticism that the group funds organizations that support pro-abortion programs.

The document contains this defense of the San Francisco Organizing Project:

Archdiocese of San Francisco strongly supports the work of the SFOP to expand access to health care to children. Both Archbishop Levada and Archbishop Niederauer have spoken at SFOP events; SFOP has met regularly with [a]rchdiocesan staff to coordinate work on health care access and other issues that affect the poor and immigrant families.

The initial investigation conducted by the Reform CCHD Now campaign (of which American Life League is a member) revealed the SFOP’s strong support for health care facilities that provide family planning and “emergency” contraception.

Further investigation reveals the SFOP was instrumental in establishing the Healthy Kids and Healthy San Francisco insurance programs. Covering the full range of birth control, from drugs to devices, and elective abortion, SFOP worked to launch Healthy Kids, enrolling over 2,000 children through the San Francisco Health Plan. SFOP not only engaged in public campaigns to get Healthy San Francisco, which also covers birth control and elective abortion, passed, but a member of SFOP served on the Healthy San Francisco Advisory Board, which provided expert consultation on "implementation of employer spending mandate, membership, benefits, provider network, utilization, costs, and evaluation."

“The SFOP was cleared for funding after a reinvestigation – how could the Archdiocese of San Francisco not know about SFOP’s involvement in Healthy Kids and Healthy San Francisco?” asked Michael Hichborn, American Life League’s lead researcher on the CCHD.

In August, Bellermine Veritas Ministry, another participant in the Reform CCHD Now campaign, released its first report on the Archdiocese of San Francisco and the CCHD, showing that the CCHD-funded organizations "Young Workers United" and the "Chinese Progressive Association" issued 2008 voter guides advocating abortion, homosexual marriage and decriminalized prostitution. The report prompted the CCHD to defund them.

“Given that the CCHD and the Archdiocese of San Francisco have a history of clearing pro-abortion groups for funding, a disturbing pattern is beginning to emerge,” said Hichborn. “Bishop Roger Morin (chairman of the USCCB’s Subcommittee on the CCHD) called our charges against the CCHD ‘outrageous.’ In light of the latest revelations, he and Archbishop Niederauer owe Catholics across the country an explanation,” Hichborn said.

American Life League was cofounded in 1979 by Judie Brown. It is the largest grassroots Catholic pro-life organization in the United States and is committed to the protection of all innocent human beings from the moment of creation to natural death. For more information or press inquiries, please contact Katie Walker at 540.659.4942.

•American Life League: CCHD
•Reform CCHD Now:
•Bellarmine Veritas Ministry: CCHD

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Archbishop of San Francisco supports Pro-Abort CCHD Program

Washington, DC, January 5, 2010 ( - The Catholic Campaign for Human Development and the Archdiocese of San Francisco continue to support an organization that helped create and promote contraception, elective-abortion and sex-education programs for kids, the American Life League is reporting.

In November, the Catholic Campaign for Human Development issued “For the Record – The Truth about CCHD Funding” in response to criticism that the group funds organizations that support pro-abortion programs.

The document contains this defense of the San Francisco Organizing Project:

Archdiocese of San Francisco strongly supports the work of the SFOP to expand access to health care to children. Both Archbishop Levada and Archbishop Niederauer have spoken at SFOP events; SFOP has met regularly with [a]rchdiocesan staff to coordinate work on health care access and other issues that affect the poor and immigrant families.

Link to original...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

CCHD Grantee Refers Homeless to Planned Parenthood: Oregon

Remember Oregon, with all the sex-abuse claims from the Jesuits?

Pro-Life Action of Oregon

(Portland, Ore., Dec 23, 2009, Pro-Life Action of Oregon)

STREET ROOTS, a newspaper for the homeless, received $5,000 of Archdiocesan money this year that originates from the collection basket at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. See Dec. 17, 2009 Sentinel article: ‘Archdiocese of Portland Presents Grants to Anti-Poverty Groups.’

“When the bishops formed the CCHD, they wanted to take a step beyond charity,” Archbishop John Vlazny says, explaining the program as a complement to the work of Catholic Charities and other groups.

The idea of the bishops was to help the poor help themselves via economic development. The campaign is still choosy about whom it funds, Archbishop Vlazny says, making sure all church criteria are met.

The national campaign backs projects, but so do local dioceses. The three local grants given last week were selected with the help of a committee guided by Matt Cato, director of the archdiocese’s Office of Justice and Peace and Respect for Life. [Emphasis added.]

Follow The Left-Wing Ideology

The Street Roots newspaper publishes a homeless guide, ‘THE ROSE CITY RESOURCE.

The Rose City Resource guidebook refers the homeless – under “Health Resources” – to PLANNED PARENTHOOD. Pro-Life Action of Oregon spoke with Eddie Barbosa today and he confirmed that their current guidebook lists Planned Parenthood. (He gave us the phone numbers and the Tri-Met bus numbers to take, thinking we called for directions.)

Furthermore, the guidebook online displays a MAP OF RESOURCES. We located Planned Parenthood locations on the map.

Also troubling is the PARTISAN POLITICS involved. Street Roots newspaper online directs visitors to DEMOCRACY IN ACTION: “Wiring The Progressive Movement.”

Help us continue to serve the community by donating to the Rose City Resource via a secure link through our friends at Democracy in Action.

Are you upset as we are? We’re pretty upset. In fact, we’re angry at the sheer ignorance of those at the Archdiocese in charge of our money.

A soup kitchen would be better!! Donate to the poor DIRECTLY!

Planned Parenthood is an enemy of the Catholic Church. Just look at this fund raising ad which mocks Our Lord’s birth: CHOICE ON EARTH.

Who else mocks Jesus Christ? SATAN. He is the prince of lies.

Link to original...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

EWTN's Arroyo Hosts Reform CCHD Reps Who Reveal Shocking Evidence Against USCCB Anti-Poverty Arm

From Catholic Answers:

The ALL compilation is quite instructive; it links to the USCCB list of grantees as well. Skimming through the USCCB list of grantees and descriptions, I did a word search for "empower" and got 24 hits. Is that evil? No, but it means that the grantees are often more political than charitable in nature, usually associated with a "progressive" social agenda.

Link to original...