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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pope Benedict Names Traditional Bishop to Troubled Portland Diocese

Edit:  a correspondent sends us this citation from Archbishop Sample:

"What sparked my interest in it was Pope Benedict’s 2007 motu proprio Summorum Pontificum [granting greater freedom to priests to celebrate the older form of the liturgy]. I thought, “I’m a bishop of the Catholic Church, and it’s my responsibility to know how to celebrate Mass according to both the new and old rites.” I’ve learned the Tridentine liturgy, and have since celebrated three Pontifical High Masses and Masses for the Fraternity of St. Peter and the Institute of Christ the King (in Florence, Italy)."

There's also another take covering the problematic OCP on Chant Cafe.

(Vatican/Washington)  Pope Benedict XVI named the Bishop of Marquette in Michigan, Msgr Alexander Sample, to be the new Archbishop of Portland, Oregon.  The 52 year old Msgr. Sample is then the youngest Archbishop in the USA, and was also at 45, the youngest Bishop in North America.

The new Archbishop was ordained as a priest in 1990.  He subsequently earned his doctorate in Canon Law in Rome.  He was on the marriage tribunal of his home diocese of Marquette and active as spiritual assistant of the Knights of Columbus.  In January 2006 Pope Benedict named him as the Bishop of his home diocese.

Archbishop Sample is a member of the new  Bishops Congregation in the USA, who speaks with a clear and powerful voice in the teaching of the Faith.  He gave seminarians in the Seminary of the Society of St. Peter in Nebraska, the diaconal ordination and on July 3rd, 2012 in Florence even ordained Italian seminarians in Florence also of the traditional Institute of Christ the King and Sovereign Priest for the subdiaconate and diaconate.

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Oregon Catholic Press Will Produce New Missal

Editor: Well, some of the critics of the new Missal seem to be indicating that the New Missal won't be that great, "for many" translation notwithstanding.  It sounds like the rework of the 2008 Revision has been revised again.  It juts goes to show you if you try to please everyone, you please no one.  Do these people still worry about pleasing God?  The Music looks horrible.  Anything with Dan Schulte on it is bound to inspire revulsion, and if Oregon Catholic Press is doing it, you know it's got to be less than virile.  Just check out the cover art.  So, yes, the thing will be done, but the usual old Left apparachiks are going to benefit from it, to the further denigration of everything.

H/t: Stella Borealis

PORTLAND, Ore., Dec. 7 /Christian Newswire/ -- To help church leaders prepare their communities for the new English translation of the Roman Missal, OCP has given free download access, including unlimited reprint permissions, for assembly editions of every new and revised Mass setting the publisher offers.

"This access provides parish leaders a unique chance to teach their congregations the new and revised Mass parts," said Tom Tomaszek, OCP's Director of Artists and Repertoire and Product Development. "By offering assembly editions of the revised Order of Mass for download, free of charge, we can aid our partners in ministry in implementing these changes smoothly."

The downloadable assembly editions contain the lyrics and melodies for all the Mass parts in a single, easy to read PDF for each of the new and revised settings. Although the changes to the Roman Missal cannot be used during Mass until Advent 2011, these assembly editions give congregations everywhere the ability to learn and sing the new texts -- one year in advance.

"We want to encourage church leaders to take advantage of this opportunity to explore the changes and ultimately find Mass settings in styles that work well with each of their assemblies and musicians," said Tomaszek.

FREE Assembly Downloads of Parish-Tested Mass Settings

Help your congregation sing the new translation with FREE assembly edition downloads of new and revised Mass settings to engage your community.
For a limited time*, we are offering FREE assembly edition PDF downloads to help make the transition as smooth as possible for your community. Simply click below to download assembly editions of each Mass setting in its entirety—conveniently in a single PDF.
* Available through November 26, 2011

New Mass Settings

Title Composer Listen Assembly PDF
Mass of Christ the Savior Dan Schutte
Mass of New Life
Exclusively online!
Scott Soper
Mass of Renewal Curtis Stephan
Mass of the Resurrection Randall DeBruyn
Mass of St. John
Exclusively online!
Bobby Fisher
Mass of St. Paul the Apostle Christopher Walker
Misa Santa Cecilia/Mass of St. Cecilia Estela García-López & Rodolfo López

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Chum's in the Water! Legal Sharks and Professional Victims Circle around Oregon Jesuit Province

Believe it or not, heresy is a greater crime than abusing children and one begets the other. The great crimes of the heretical Bogomils in the 13th Century were always accompanied by sexual depravity; but they weren't just performed in modern Europe but in ancient Sparta as well where among the pagans, it was not generally held as a crime. These crimes are not being committed by devoted Catholic priests, indeed, overall, even with the American Church's own struggle with heresy, leaves a child considerable safer in Her institutions when compared to other organizations like Hollywood, the Rabbinate of New York City or the Public School system. Ironically, the prohibition against the practices of abusing children were originated in Catholicism and pre-Christian Judaism.

Unfortunately, here in America, again, the problem with heresy, people aren't so much concerned about Justice, a Catholic virtue, but with money and ultimately, the destruction of the Catholic Faith in America.

Amid ads for condoms, dating sites, Planned Parenthood and with some heavy endorsement from gay-friendly David Cohessey, one side cuts while the other side holds as they attempt to dismember the Catholic Church. The Jesuits by their wilful and well planned program of promoting clerical homosexuals to positions of trust, and then you get the legal role played by advocacy organizations like SNAP who scoop the victims up as fodder for a political agenda far beyond mere justice. David Clohassey leaves little mystery as to where, or to whom, his allegiance lies and you can almost detect the spit and bile as he hatefully writes,

The church's actions clearly show that it is in touch with something other than the god the people expect or the god this failed religion speaks of. When perverted incomplete men such as these fail as they have and as they will blindly continue there is a need to see them exposed as the frauds they are. Gods representative?

Pedophile's Paradise [courtesy of Oregon Province's Society of Jesus]

One spring afternoon in 1977, 15-year-old Rachel Mike tried to kill herself for the third time. An Alaska Native, Rachel was living in a tiny town called Stebbins on a remote island called St. Michael. She lived in a house with three bedrooms and nine siblings. Rachel was a drinker, depressed, and starving. "When my parents were drinking, we didn't eat right," she says. "I just wanted to get away from the drinking."

Rachel walked to the bathroom to fetch the family rifle, propped in the bathtub with the dirty laundry (the house didn't have running water). To make sure the gun worked, Rachel loaded a shell and blew a hole in her bedroom wall. Her father, passed out on his bed, didn't hear the shot. Rachel walked behind their small house. Her arms were too short to put the rifle to her head, so she shot herself in her right leg instead.


The only reason Poole is not in jail, Roosa says, is the statute of limitations. And the reason he's still a priest, being cared for by the church?

"Jim Poole is elderly," answered Very Reverend Patrick J. Lee, head of the Northwest Jesuits, by e-mail. "He lives in a Jesuit community under an approved safety plan that includes 24-hour supervision." [The fox is indeed, guarding the roost here]

Roosa has another theory—that Poole knows too much. "They can't put him on the street and take away his reason for keeping quiet," Roosa says. "He knows all the secrets." [That's not necessarily true. Many others have left the priesthood and they haven't sung like canaries. Others have gone to prison and haven't mentioned a single word. Fortunately for Poole, and unfortunately for his victims, however, statute of limitations is exceeded. Perhaps a return to the Inquisition is in order?]

Father James Poole's story is not an isolated case in Alaska. On the morning of January 14 in Seattle, Ken Roosa and a small group Alaska Natives stood on the sidewalk outside Seattle University to announce a new lawsuit against the Jesuits, claiming a widespread conspiracy to dump pedophile priests in isolated Native villages where they could abuse children off the radar.

"They did it because there was no money there, no power, no police," Roosa said to the assembled cameras and microphones. "It was a pedophile's paradise." He described a chain of poor Native villages where priests—many of them serial sex offenders—reigned supreme. "We are going to shine some light on a dark and dirty corner of the Jesuit order."

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Oregon Province Sexual Abuse Claims Reach 500 and that's almost more than what Cardinal Mahony has against him.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

CCHD Grantee Refers Homeless to Planned Parenthood: Oregon

Remember Oregon, with all the sex-abuse claims from the Jesuits?

Pro-Life Action of Oregon

(Portland, Ore., Dec 23, 2009, Pro-Life Action of Oregon)

STREET ROOTS, a newspaper for the homeless, received $5,000 of Archdiocesan money this year that originates from the collection basket at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. See Dec. 17, 2009 Sentinel article: ‘Archdiocese of Portland Presents Grants to Anti-Poverty Groups.’

“When the bishops formed the CCHD, they wanted to take a step beyond charity,” Archbishop John Vlazny says, explaining the program as a complement to the work of Catholic Charities and other groups.

The idea of the bishops was to help the poor help themselves via economic development. The campaign is still choosy about whom it funds, Archbishop Vlazny says, making sure all church criteria are met.

The national campaign backs projects, but so do local dioceses. The three local grants given last week were selected with the help of a committee guided by Matt Cato, director of the archdiocese’s Office of Justice and Peace and Respect for Life. [Emphasis added.]

Follow The Left-Wing Ideology

The Street Roots newspaper publishes a homeless guide, ‘THE ROSE CITY RESOURCE.

The Rose City Resource guidebook refers the homeless – under “Health Resources” – to PLANNED PARENTHOOD. Pro-Life Action of Oregon spoke with Eddie Barbosa today and he confirmed that their current guidebook lists Planned Parenthood. (He gave us the phone numbers and the Tri-Met bus numbers to take, thinking we called for directions.)

Furthermore, the guidebook online displays a MAP OF RESOURCES. We located Planned Parenthood locations on the map.

Also troubling is the PARTISAN POLITICS involved. Street Roots newspaper online directs visitors to DEMOCRACY IN ACTION: “Wiring The Progressive Movement.”

Help us continue to serve the community by donating to the Rose City Resource via a secure link through our friends at Democracy in Action.

Are you upset as we are? We’re pretty upset. In fact, we’re angry at the sheer ignorance of those at the Archdiocese in charge of our money.

A soup kitchen would be better!! Donate to the poor DIRECTLY!

Planned Parenthood is an enemy of the Catholic Church. Just look at this fund raising ad which mocks Our Lord’s birth: CHOICE ON EARTH.

Who else mocks Jesus Christ? SATAN. He is the prince of lies.

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