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Sunday, February 23, 2014

[Update] Pedophiles - As If! -- Catholic Institutions are 16 Times Safer for Children

Dangerous For Children
(Rome / Geneva) [Unfortunately, erroneously reproduced figures, make an update necessary.  Were specified by a reader error of too many pedophile priests: see text corrections and as  supplemented] This UN Children's Rights Committee made a frontal assault against the Catholic Church and took to the work-up of sexual abuses of minors by clerics as a reason. An abuse of the abuse, which the UN "experts" contributed. There are enough people who are willing to raise their index finger against the Catholic Church and are only too happy to see their hostility to the Church justified by the allegation of pedophilia. However, neither the media nor the international institutions are willing to put the facts in the overall social context and give the complete figures. A unilateral selective perception determines the image as if pedophiles  exclusively or primarily come from  the Church. Those who think this is unintentional are naive. 
Certain lawyers in the U.S. have earned a fortune from  "pedophile" priests. The dioceses that have been held liable and asked to pay had to pay billions of dollars. But that's not all anti-Catholic directors, novelists and the above-mentioned UN Children's Rights Committee  rushing in principle to manipulate "pedophile priests" against the Catholic Church and stage a new one of those black legends against Popish Rome.

Catholic Institution 16 Times Safer for Children Than Society in General

The sociologist and former OSCE representative against the discrimination and persecution of Christians, Massimo Introvigne and the psychologist Roberto Marchesini wanted to find out. In their new book "Pedophilia. A Battle That is Won by the Church"  (Pedofilia. Un battaglia che la Chiesa sta Vincendo, publishing Sugarco, € 16, -) the two authors  have  evaluated  the topic of pedophilia on the basis of statistical surveys. The result is amazing, judging from the public generated impression. The facilities of the Catholic Church  intended for children and young people are the safest places in society.
The numbers speak for themselves: Other Christian denominations, schools, non-Catholic sport associations, youth associations have statistically more sexual assaults on, or at least as many, but from the media we hear little or rarely of it: except blatant abuse scandals.

"Temple of PoliticalCorrectness" Relieved Catholic Priesthood

The American Bishops' Conference, as the the scandal began to roll and then spread to other countries, requested the John Jay College of New York, one of the world's most prestigious centers of criminology, and the City University of New York , a "Temple of political correctness" (Introvigne)  to examine the phenomenon of pedophilia in the Church. The answer: since 1950, [Update] 0.11 percent of Catholic priests have been condemned in the U.S. for sexual assault.  A larger number was reported to the police, but acquitted despite a general willingness to accept a debt in the course of pedophilia scandals. One indication of that, many innocent priests were  accused and slandered in the course of a medial generated  hysteria and a whole retinue of lawyers and clients wanted to capitalize.  In particular, the ratio was overwhelmingly positive, with regard to the propriety and correctness of an overwhelming part of  Catholic priests. This has not altered, that some perpetrators are already dead and therefore could not be held accountable.
[Update] The exact numbers of the study of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice on the subject of pedophilia in the U.S. and particularly among Catholic priests: Since 1950, 4.392 Catholic Priests (4 percent of the entire priesthood) have been accused in the U.S. for sexual contacts with minors  (contained therein are very different cases of verbal harassment to rape). 958 cases (0.87 per cent) were under investigation for pedophilia. Overall (1.06 per cent) were indicted by the prosecutor and slightly more  than 1,000 priests were filed suit against. A total of just over 100 priests  were sentenced   (or 0.11 percent).  A total of 54 priests (or 0.049 percent) were convicted of pedophilia. This corresponds to an average over the whole period of one each year.  81 percent of priests charged with sexual contact with minors had a homosexual inclination. The criminological institute also presented a massive decline in cases since the introduction of countermeasures from 2002, especially under Benedict XVI.
Similar studies among the major Protestant denominations in the United States have showed that there the incidence of cases of pedophilia are four to ten times higher.  Two-thirds of all cases of pedophilia occur in the U.S. in the narrower group of relatives or acquaintances. One-third in non-domestic sector in the broad sense of the word. The figures give an idea of the scale, which was reduced to an anti-Catholic campaign on the Catholic Church. It is therefore clear that the campaign was not against pedophilia, but against the Catholic Church. According to estimates by the World Health Organization, approximately 150 million girls and 73 million boys are abused by pedophiles worldwide. Two million children are kept in the status of sex slaves. Worldwide, the number of Internet sites with pedophile content is estimated at 30,000, on which images of 12 million children are shown. Pedophilia is a big business and has a magnitude in comparison to the portion of pedophile priests, as bad as he may be,  a factor of one thousandth.

Countermeasures of the Catholic Church exemplary

The psychologist Marchesini begins his analysis of the phenomenon with the infamous Kinsey Report , which caused a sensation in the 50's and 60's. [The Kinsey Report actually involved the sexual abuse of children for its data.]  Introvigne and Marchesini openly speak of  the responsibility and the heinous guilt that  clearly belongs  not only to pedophile priests, but also some supervisors who  covered for them. However, they provide evidence that the counter-measures undertaken by the Catholic Church, especially during the pontificate of Benedict XVI, have been taken to work and the problem could be eliminated effectively in many countries.
The measures taken have even   made the church  a model for other institutions to follow in its  example. Nevertheless, the Church remains the preferred target of a politically correct lobby, which continues, with almost methodical [to say nothing of unethical] meticulousness to cite decades-old cases and so  generate an air of hostility against the Church, reminiscent of the clichés of witch hunt.

SNAP, the Victim Club for Their Own Pockets

The main actor in the indictment  is the U.S. organization SNAP. The Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests receives preferential treatment by the New York Times. This always ensures new, global access to other media, who rely on the "reputable" sources. The association, which makes money from the abuse scandal, claims to support the victims of priests. In fact, the organization had in 2012, under pressure from diocesan lawyers, to disclose its finances. It was revealed  of the society  that in 2007, the peak of the processes that followed the scandal, although millions were collected, they had spent but   only $ 593 for all of the victims. Main sponsors of the association are law firms who enriched themselves with the trials of the dioceses. The Association "recommends" victims who turn to it, to its generous sponsors among the law firms.
In 2011 the man who was SNAP chairman, who worked for the organization itself, was  sentenced in Louisiana for possession of child pornography to two years in prison.

Smear Campaign Orchestrated "Pedophile Priests" as the Biggest Scandal "Since the Shoah"

But the smear campaign remains unilaterally directed only against the Catholic Church. The pedophilia of others seem like trivialities and  trifles, while "the occasional pedophile   among the Catholic clergy was the worst  that  has happened in the world since the Holocaust," said Introvigne.
A more detailed study by the John Jay College revealed that there is a distinction between convicted and sentenced. Of the two percent convicted since 1950  because of sexual acts  priests only 15 percent can be called pedophiles. The study itself came to the conclusion that the media wrongly gave the public the impression as if it were in principle that Catholic priests belong to a category that was "dangerous to children". But that, according to the study of the criminological institute was "wrong".

Prejudice Against Catholic Church to be Cherished and Cared For

In the U.S., neither the Protestant communities, the Mormons, the Jehovah's Witnesses, Jews, public schools, private schools, non-religious bodies, or the Boy Scouts who have even undertaken rudimentarily what the Catholic Church has done as countermeasures. She has opened her archives to allow detailed investigations. Statistically speaking, Catholic parishes, Catholic schools and Catholic institutions are in principle,  sixteen times safer than the aggregate of American society. Clear numbers, clear proportions, but so many do not want to hear. There is simply nothing but prejudices. The photomontage is by Frank Kopperschläger and was found on the "Red Flag" of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany found (MLPD).  This is not understood by way of "experts."
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Red Flag (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Sunday, January 19, 2014

"The Catholic Church is the Enemy" The Dictatorship of Relativism -- Document of the International Theological Commission

(Rome) on 16 January 2014   the Pontifical International Theological Commission published an extensive and remarkable document  "The Triune God, Unity of People. Christian Monotheism Against Violence ".  [It's not finished being translated] It is the result of five years of work that has been reviewed and approved by the Prefect of the CDF, the Cardinal designate Gerhard Ludwig Müller. "I'm afraid to make a reliable forecast, if I assume that this long and complex document finds few readers, and low media coverage and therefore will soon be forgotten," said the religious sociologist Massimo Introvigne. "This is bad: because this great work, desired and ordered by Benedict XVI.  and now completed under Pope Francis, is of really remarkable quality, which answers and denounces point by point the  unprecedented aggression against the Church by the prevailing anti-clerical culture ," said Introvigne.
"Catholic Christianity" is the "intransigent obstacle"  in this fight. The document describes the Catholic church as an enemy of the prevailing secular current, setting the tone with dogged, influential forces. This is not only in universities, but also in much of the media.
How should the church be destroyed? By making her responsible for all the worst atrocities in history. Blame is their absolute truth claim, which is guaranteed by God the Creator. A truth that can be known by reason and by the nature. This Catholic rejection of relativism and monotheism are to blame for bigotry and intolerance.

Because of their Claim to Truth, the Church is to Blame for all the Crimes of Humanity

A total relativism, says the document, seeking  for a unity of thinking, which each and everyone would have to submit. A thinking that leads to the dictatorship of relativism that attacks anyone who thinks that there is the truth. The truth is instead referred to "explicitly as a radical threat to the autonomy of the subject" and an opening to freedom. This was especially so because everyone is entitled to objective and universal truth that applies to everyone and is accessible to the human mind, is immediately challenged with an exclusive claim by a subject or group. This would, according to critics, lead to the justification of hegemony over man,   that it does not give. Truth is thus brought in inseparable connection to power, so they each claim and it is seen as a template for conflict and violence between people.
For the dictatorship of relativism, the Church was the main responsible for this violence because it teaches monotheism.But if there is only one God, then there is only one truth. If there is, however, different gods, then there are also different truths. Only the polytheism guarantee relativism. The new ideology thus represents a radical reversal compared to the previous history of religion represents, and the secular, the previously considered monotheism as progress towards polytheism. This "reversal of the modern frame is unexpected: now monotheism is considered archaic and despotic, polytheism as creative and tolerant."

Commission rejects Equating  Judaism, Christianity and Islam

Certainly Christians have succumbed to the temptation of violence over the course  of history,  but significantly less than others, and especially far less than the anti-Christian ideologies. However, to make the Christians but also responsible for the massacres that were committed by other religions, harkens back to either category, which has been discussed by the history of religion for some time: the category of the "three great monotheistic religions." Although this expresses some truth, but treats Judaism, Islam and Christianity as a whole, although they represent three totally different realities. However, the dictatorship of relativism sums it under the heading of "monotheism". Even Islamist suicide bombers can then be dialectically pushed to Christianity.
It belongs to the special merits of the new document to reject the generalized classification of Judaism, Christianity and Islam as the big three "monotheistic religions".It's particularly meritorious, because an undifferentiated equation is also common in parts of the Catholic world.
The purpose behind why the new radical secularism picks this reworked old theory is not inter-religious dialogue, which it was originally intended, but to attack religion, whose main purpose again,  is the attack against Christianity and to be exact, the attack against the Catholic Church. "We can not but hide the fact that in an intellectually relevant part of our western society, the aggressiveness with which this 'theorem' is put forward, is mainly focused on a radical indictment of Christianity," says the document. "The systematic identification of Catholic Christianity as an entrenched obstacle in the fight against monotheism," the widespread religious violence in the world leave, despite not a little remarkable.

Refutes Allegations of Relativists Point by Point

The document has refuted point by point the accusations of the relativists. This includes the interpretation of some warlike and bloody events of the Old Testament, for which the proof is provided that they fit into a specific historical context, are to be read as metaphors for the struggle against the devil and moral evil, and especially that they were then overcome by the message of the Gospel. In a not very easy to read part of the document, which follows the Magisterium of Benedict XVI., it is pointed out that in Christianity, a distinction between religion and politics was permitted for the first time in history, so that the autonomy of politics is established and overcame the temptation of theocracy. 
The document also rejects the claim that polytheism is tolerant. In the cultural climate of polytheist religions, the most horrible massacres against the followers of other religions were committed. The equation of polytheism with tolerance sounds downright foolish. Even "the polytheistic religion of the Roman Empire, despite the extraordinary modernity of its understanding of citizenship  and its multi-ethnic and multi-religious figure, persecuted Christianity with specific hardness, which had made itself guilty  of only refusing the adulation of the emperor as a divine figure."  The Christian response was the nonviolent witness and the willingness to accept martyrdom, as the document recalls.

Modern violent ideologies are the polytheism of today

Femen attack on Altar in Cologne CathedralA fortiori the modern ideologies were bearers "of a growing and worrying lifestyle and behaviors," which are characterized by "spontaneous, immediate and destructive" force. A violence that is self-conscious of their less and less and even "ethically justified" by law and approved. The ideologies, especially the destructive 20th Century, represent, in fact, the new polytheism, in which "the man who is disposed to the good Creator God hostile in his possession" as He "to become a" perverse God "is who misuses his power over his fellow man. From the polytheism of the Nazi double of the "perverse God," is the result of original sin does not bode well for the peaceful coexistence of people can come, as the document notes.

The Goal is the Elimination of God and the Denial of Freedom in the Name of Freedom

The aggression against the Catholic Church and Christians is based on the "prejudice that is typical of the rationalist model, according to which there is also an existential and social level, only one form to affirm the truth: the denial of freedom or the elimination of the opponent. "It derives a target of eliminating God from and sometimes ingratiating, sometimes violent enforcement of atheism, including the consequent denial of freedom.
The removal of God on the basis of a "naturalistic" reason, often combined with a "biological" solution of human freedom. According to this perspective, our brains have only thought of God. A process that is associated with a particular "stage of evolution".

Eliminate Religion as a "Pathology" to Make Room for the "Perverse God"

The religion is therefore a pathology, that must be purged. The future that is formed by the ideologies of humanity, is a future of violence and death. "Today we live in," concludes the document, "a time of persecution" of the Church. This persecution must be borne, in anticipation of the "hoped-for conversion for all." For the patience to endure this tribulation, we are indebted to many brothers and sisters who are already suffering because of their Christian faith. They give the decisive answer to the question of the meaning of Christian mission for all. They are already opening the way with their courage  to a different future in the relationship between religion and violence among people. The document refers to the need, to call upon  the Virgin Mary to intercede in a special way, as she is the indispensable guardian of the new time and its spiritual fruits.
The German translation of the document is currently only available to the introduction. The overall translation is soon to be submitted.
Text: NBQ / Giuseppe Nardi
image: archdiocese of Cologne
Trans: Tancred
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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Jesus Instead of Jihad -- Every Year Six Million Muslims Convert to Christianity

(Cairo / Abuja) Islamist violence is rapidly increasing in Africa.  Muslim terrorist groups increasingly operate in countries which were, until recently,  calm and stable as the Islamist wildfire spreads. The sociologist Massimo Introvigne was the OSCE Representative against persecution and discrimination of Christians in 2011.  He sees a targeted strategy beyond the phenomenon of Islamic violence. "The Islamists are convinced that the decisive battle about whether the world is Muslim or Christian will take place in Africa."  Even more important to Introvigne is, "that Islam is going to lose this battle. So it responds with bombs. "
It was the Libyan Islamic scholar and director of a training center for Imams and preacher of the Koran, Sheikh Ahmad Al-Qataani, who already proposed to raise the alarm a few years ago in an interview with the Arab-Muslim television channel Al-Jazeera. He did it with a highly explosive statement largely ignored in the West: "In Africa alone, every hour, 667 Muslims convert to Christianity, 16,000 every day, six million a year."  Introvigne confirmed the figures, which are now the same as in 2006, when Al-Qataani raised the alarm. African Christianity has a great inner strength. The contact of Muslims to Christianity led millions of Muslims to be baptized. One could say that they "fled" leave Islam. Despite the associated dangers to life and limb

Motion conversion from Islam to Christianity not only in Africa

The conversion movement from Islam to Christianity is found not only to take place in Africa. The baptism of the former Egyptian Muslim, Magdi Allam by Pope Benedict XVI. at the Easter Vigil in 2008 was the most spectacular and most visible element of this movement.  In addition Allam adopted, like many Muslim converts,  a typical Christian name. He opted for Cristiano. This refers to the personal name Christian. In his case, however,  Allam gave a broader message that will say: Magdi "the Christian" Allam, not the Muslim.
Empirical studies are not available. Careful observers, like the sociologist Introvigne, can based on various criteria of that largely unnoticed phenomenon, however is pouring in  approximate numbers. According to the British Times 15 percent  of immigrants to Europe have abandoned Islam and Muslims have become Christians. In the UK the number is now estimated at 200,000. In France, every year about 15,000 Muslims become Christians. Some 10,000 of them Catholics, the rest Protestants of various denominations, especially of independent churches.

Growth of Islam only by high birth rate in Islamic states - Christianity is growing by adult baptisms

In Africa, such as Sheikh Al-Qataani complained to Al-Jazeera, "Islam has always been the main religion. There were times when 30 African languages were ​​written in Arabic script. "Today's size relationship between Islam and Christianity makes it clear how much Islam has declined in recent years. Al-Qataani stated in his interview that there was  a direct comparison between Islam and the Catholic Church, "other Christian denominations were not added into the count”. With the increase in the number of Christians and the millions of Muslims who convert to Christianity, said Sheikh Al-Qataani: "These are huge numbers."
Introvigne confirms the conversion movement against the initially expressed assumption Al Qataani could have estimated the numbers intentionally increased to arouse the Islamic world. "The global growth of Islam is almost exclusively from the high birth rates in Muslim countries where thanks to Western medicine, infant mortality could be reduced substantially," said Introvigne. Outside the Islamic States of Islam is clearly in decline. The growth of Christianity in contrast, results mainly adult baptisms. The Evangelical Wolfgang Simpson wrote: "Over the past two decades, more Muslims came to Christ than in all previous centuries."

Father Joseph Hergets evangelization of Muslims

Priests, like the Austrian Lazarist Father Josef Herget, the founder of the Institute St. Justin in Mariazell, are among the silent but still active missionaries who lead the Muslims from Islam to Christ. They live dangerously. Father Herget wrote back in 1975, when the issue of Islam in the West has been given little weight, his master's thesis on the topic: Christian Preaching in the Islamic World. Another, the Egyptian Coptic priest and Islamic Scholar Zakaria Botros was described by the Arab-Islamic newspaper Al-Insan al-Jadid as the "number one enemy of Islam.”  Botros’ broadcast via satellite from the U.S., in which he explains from a Christian perspective, the problematic parts of the Koran (Jihad, status of women, stonings, etc.) may lead to secret mass conversions among Muslims. His mastery of the Arabic language and his knowledge of Islamic sources allow him to contact directly to an Arab-Muslim audience in the Middle East.
The conversions were initiated, as many viewers of Channel Botros Alfady,  after initial outrage it was clear that the Ulema are not able to convincingly answer Botros’ broadcasts. Botros like Hergets is dealing with Islam differently from the usual Western criticism that focuses on political and social issues and often betrays a condescending bigoted undertone. This form of criticism is also a cause for the fact that many in the West ignore the Christians of the Middle East and North Africa. Such criticism, which is seen as prejudiced, external interference, to close to the majority of Muslims. They usually respond downright irritated or filling not least on the ranks of Islamist movements,  militias and terrorist groups because too many politically charged issues come into play, in which the West is not perceived as the morally superior side, but mutated into an enemy. Botros and Herget, to stay with the two representatives of the evangelization of Muslims, on the other hand,point to salvation. This is the crucial difference that they will open the hearts of many Muslims, and at the same time offer a way out of a spiral of violence with harsh confrontations.

Radical Islam can be defused only by religion, not secularism, materialism and feminism

Raymond Ibrahim wrote in the National Review: "Many Western critics fail to appreciate that, to disempower Islam (radical or otherwise), something theocentric and spiritually satisfying — not secularism, democracy, capitalism, materialism, feminism, etc. — must be offered in its place. The falsehoods of Islam can only be challenged and supplanted by the truths of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. And so "Father Zakaria Botros has been fighting fire with fire" and so must we." 
People seem to bear no longer the direct or indirect violence. Roman Silantjew, secretary of the Interreligious Council of Russia, said that in the successor states of the former Soviet Union, two million Muslims converted to Christianity.  One of the main reasons for this is the desire for peace that they recognize in Christianity.

Two million converts in Russia, 250,000 in Malaysia, 80,000 in Algeria

In Algeria, there were approximately 80,000 Muslims who were baptized, which prompted the country's government to enact laws against Christian proselytism. In these years, Moroccan media continued its complaint against the baptism of tens of thousands Berber. People see in war and crisis zones, how Islam is and they decide for Christ, as the representative of an evangelical community in Sudan said.
In Malaysia, said the Mufti of Perak of 250,000 Muslims that have submitted officially to the authority the application for change of religion to Christianity. Such a change is only allowed for members of ethnic minorities. On the number of Malays who were baptized in secret, there is no information.

People recognize Christianity as a religion of peace, Islam as a religion of violence

Protestant and Pentecostal communities are very decisive. Sometimes they are irresponsible to the distress of the indigenous Christian churches in Islamic countries who are victims of Islamist reprisals. The Catholic Church is more reserved. The Egyptian Jesuit Samir Khalil Samir, a leading expert in the Islamic world and the Pope's adviser, complained that the Catholic clergy "discourages for fear or misunderstood, 'ecumenism ', sometimes even to advise against conversions" in Islamic states. It’s not different  in European countries. The situation is admittedly says Khalil, not easy. Free Church communities "come and go, the Church has lasted 2000 years, it is here today and it will be tomorrow."  Free Church groups, because of their small structures  are barely palpable. likewise because they are in not officially recorded in most countries. Therefore, they are not vulnerable to attack. Quite different is the situation of the Catholic Church and the Eastern Churches. You are officially registered. The authorities know all the Christian places and know the families that belong to Church. They are vulnerable to attack because of its visibility and not only in a particular country, but also in other countries.

Differences between evangelical communities and the Catholic Church

The indigenous churches were accustomed coexistence with Muslims for centuries and in a certain form. A form which allows a convert to Islam, but not vice versa toward Christianity. The long time and the Islamic sword they had resigned themselves to defend their own area but not to reach from it. It is a form of self-defense, which is firmly entrenched in the mentality of the Eastern Christians, and could only be overcome slowly. Overcoming, which Christians very much require, is often given to life-threatening situations.
Missionaries from the outside would have, however, often lack the necessary familiarity with the cultural sensitivities, which could lead to dangerous confusion among the Muslim population. Between these extremes, it was necessary to find ways of evangelization. Working in this field are several Catholic initiatives, such as those of the Austrian Father Josef Herget and his Catechetical education.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Dad News

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cardinal Sarah: If "Catholic Charity" Betrays the Church -- Not Everything That Says it's Catholic is Catholic

Edit: you may have seen what this Cardinal has already said about clergy who fail to preach against abortion and aberrosexual marriage.

(Vatican)  With the Motu proprio Intima Ecclesia e natura of the 11th of November, 2012 about the charitable work of the Catholic Church as Pope Benedict was barely recognized by the public, but it set radical interventions against Catholic help organizations in motion, which are Catholic in name, but in word and deed are not. This refers to organizations that help the "non-negotiable values", such as attacking the defense of the family and of life. With the recently held Vatican General Assembly of the Pontifical Council Cor Unum, which coordinates the charitable work of the Church worldwide, the Pope is asking for the proceedings  to enter a concrete phase.

That Rome is taking this seriously, became clear with the opening speech by Cardinal Robert Sarah, who is chairman of the Council since 2010. The speech was published Osservatore Romano on the 18th January. It is a hard accusation and an unvarnished analysis of the charitable organizations of the Catholic Church. There, the Cardinal said, a "laicizing ethics" [Your Professional Catholics], which is represented by "certain international institutions" and "will be imposed by force through complex political, legal and cultural mechanisms upon cultures and peoples around the world." This would be disclosed "as a negative and destructive view of man and woman."

Catholic organizations have made "secular ethics" their own

These mechanisms were perfectly attuned, wrote the sociologist Massimo Introvigne in an article for La nuova Bussola quotidian. Poor countries that are dependent on the provision of international credits are literally blackmailed. Loans are granted only if the States in return accept a particular ideological agenda. This standard includes the legalization of the killing of unborn children, recognition of homosexual unions and mass dissemination of artificial contraceptives.

Pope Benedict XVI. had denounced this blackmail method during his pastoral visit to Africa. Since his indictment could not penetrate to the global public, an immediate anti-papal campaign had picked a quarrel. The whole issue has been reduced to condoms. Anti-Religious groups flooded the Internet with all possible and unspeakable graphical variants of the subject "and Pope condom" or "condom and church." An objective consideration of the Pope's actual statement did not take place.

Church takes action against Charities that call themselves Catholic, but are not

The whole world imposed the "inhuman contraceptive mentality of the West and the intolerant gender ideology and their disdain of people created in God's image as male and female," said Introvigne. This form of violence must be identified and denounced tirelessly, the sociologist. It would also be possible, if at least the Catholic organizations had shut themselves to this ideology and would reject any collaboration.

Pope Benedict XVI. complained in the Motu proprio Ecclesia intima e natura that the not the case. Thus it was not without a bitter undertone that Cardinal Sarah affirmed the Pope's assertion. Some members of the church who work in the charitable sector would have let themselves be seduced by a "purely secular ethics of worldly charities". And to such an extent that they had abandoned their Catholic identity and made the secular position completely their own. These Catholic in name only associations "pursue the same goals with the same destructive anthropological ambiguous language and the same slogans," the Cardinal said in his speech.

Unfaithfulness to the Magisterium and THe Loss of Faith go hand in hand

The charge is extremely serious. It says that there are Catholic institutions, which collaborated in the destruction of people, mentioned in the Pope's December Christmas message to the Roman Curia, which Benedict XVI described as the most dangerous threat to the Church and humanity. Since these organizations ignore the Church's Magisterium, they lose their faith together with the ability to act for the public good, went the the Pope's warning.

"The history of the West has sufficiently proven the connection between infidelity to the Magisterium and loss of faith," said Cardinal Sarah. According to the Chairman of the Pontifical Council Cor Unum, the secularization of Catholic charitable organizations has been already more than just a threat.

Catholic institutions have to oppose the culture of death

The danger of this situation is not to be undervalued, said Introvigne. Forces act in the world today, "wishing the death of man, created by God, in order to destroy the miraculous image," said Cardinal Sarah. It was not just about theoretical ideas, but hard, deadly facts. To achieve their goal, these forces would use all means "to globalize the culture of death." As a particularly perfidious example of this, he cited the effort to camouflage the spread of abortion logic as an "aid" to the woman.

The "unacceptable situation" has arisen from the myth that the major international organizations would always have been basically right and had only the good of all in mind.

Breaking the Myth of the "good behavior" of international institutions

It is time to change that, says Introvigne, what the Catholic area always means conversion. "The grace of conversion helps us to overcome this logic and start new in Christ. The prophetic mission of the Christian calls him to bear witness to Christ and the Gospel values. Charity is not a specialization of the Church. It is the life of the body as a whole, it is a universal appeal to live our faith and to help humanity through the Gospel to grow," says Cardinal Sarah, in his opening speech at the plenary session of the Pontifical Council Cor Unum.

  Text: La nuova Bussola Quotidiana/Giuseppe Nardi Bild: Cathopedia

Edit:  Here's some of the coverage on Vatican Reports:

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Breivik Worshiped the Israeli State and its Army

Editor: Surprisingly, it doesn't seem like anyone's mentioned the obvious connection between this individual and Varg Vikernes, who essayed to blow up Norway's oldest church with 150kg of explosives and was implicated in numerous church burnings. The Wikipedia seems to lose sight of the fact that he is a convicted murderer, but that's Wiki for you.

The Norwegian Butcher fantasized about a return to the past in order to kill Hitler: "If there is a single person who I hate, then that is Adolf Hitler".

( The Norwegian perpetrator Anders Breivik, didn't make an enemy Islam as an enemy, but also made a friend, - "the Jewish World, which he views as a sure anti-Islamic bulwark".

Sect Specialist, [and Sociologist] Massimo Introvigne (56), said this on the 25th of July for the Italian website, ''.

Breivik Loves the Israeli Army

The terrorist indicated in his 1500 page book "2083, A European Call to Independence" an "actual cult for the State of Israel and its Army".

This Israel Cult involved a deep animus against the National Socialists:

"If there is a personality that I hate, then it's Adolf Hitler" --wrote the mass murderer.

He fantasized about a return to the past in order to kill Hitler.

The Purest and Noblest Inhabitants of the West

Breivik was a participant in a Norwegian neo-Nazi Internet forum.

There he explained that certain National Socialist statements about the ethnic salience of the West were correct.

But: "Hitler's most obvious error consisted, according to Breivik, that he hadn't understood, that the purest and noblest inhabitants of Europe were the Jews" -- recapped Introvigne.

If National Socialism should have killed anyone, they would have better sorted out the Muslims in the near east.

Breivik Canvasses the Homosexuals

For Breivik, National Socialism, Communism and Islam were three sides of the same anti-Western doctrine.

He wouldn't to abolish all three.

But actually, the emphasis was all on the battle against Islam.

For him, every actual or potential enemy of Islam is a potential ally.

Breivik not only encouraged Christians, rather also militant Atheists, who are seemingly all too common in Norway, as well as homosexual deviants, to combat Islam.

The latter he pointed out, would be "persecuted" in a world ruled by Islam.

Contacts to "The Church of Satan"

Introvigne is not astonished by Breivik's contact to the "Church of Satan".

This organization preaches a form of "rationalist" Satanism and values the mastery of the strong over the weak as well as a wild Capitalism.

Breivik also cites the theories of the Jewish-Russian US-Writer, Ayn Rand († 1982).

Breivik even believes that the Gypsies are not as the majority of Historians see them, from th Hindus, rather outcasts from Islamic societies.

Breivik is well-disposed to gypsies.

He calls them to the war against Islam and promises them a free and independent state in his new Europe. article...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A New Book By Vaticanista Tornielli and Paul Rodari on The Papacy of Benedict XVI

Editor: Here it is all under one roof, a summation of the world-wide assault on the Papacy. We don't know yet if there will be an English translation yet, but considering Tornielli's growing popularity in the United States and England, we'd say yes. The astonishingly fine google translation is here:

Attack on Ratzinger

Accusations and scandals, prophecies and conspiracy against Pope Benedict XVI (Edizioni Piemme, pp. 322 - EUR 18) is my new book, on sale in Italian bookstores from today. It's a long investigation that tells some behind the scenes moments of the first five years of the pontificate of Pope Ratzinger. I've written it with Paul Rodari, Vatican correspondent of the paper. Over 300 pages of unpublished documents and testimonies that reveal the background of crisis and media attacks that have characterized the papacy of Benedict XVI. The book was born in the wake of recent scandals involving clergy. The Pope was put in the dock as were others (too many) times in the last five years: criticisms and controversies raised by the Regensburg speech, the sensational case of the resignation of newly Wielgus Archbishop of Warsaw as a result of his old partnership with the secret services of the Polish communist regime, the controversy over the publication of the Motu proprio Summorum Pontificum, the case of revocation of the excommunication of the Lefebvrist Bishops, which coincided with the broadcast video interview on the denial of the existence of gas chambers, issued by Swedish TV from one of those Bishops, the diplomatic crisis for papal condemnations of the condom use during his first day of travel in Africa, the burgeoning scandal of child abuse, that shows no signs yet of subsiding.

From storm to storm, from polemic to polemic, the effect was to "anesthetize" Benedict XVI's message, beating on the cliché of the retrograde Pope, weakening its course in the paper today is almost entirely in advance the preface.

You can buy online, hosted by Piemme . We also point out this thorough review by Massimo Introvigne and the link to listen to the episode of "Catholic Chronicles", the column that hold monthly on Radio Maria, dedicated to this subject.
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Read the original Italian, here.