Saturday, August 5, 2017

The Vatican "Admonishes" the Communist Venezuelan Government

The events in Venezuela have made the Holy See a rare gesture

Venezuela ( Events in Venezuela have led the Holy See to a rare gesture as "Radio Vatican" reported. The Vatican Secretariat of State has called on the government under Socialist President Maduro to refrain from dissolving the constitutional assembly. Initiatives such as these are "to be avoided or suspended" because, "instead of favoring reconciliation and peace, fuel a climate of tension and struggle and burden the future," the Vatican says. It was only on Thursday that Cardinal Secretary Pietro Parolin, in an interview, had made it clear that the diplomacy of the Holy See for Venezuela was characterized by low tones and "proactive, non-reactive diplomacy." According to the report, Pope Francis very closely follows the events in Venezuela and continues to pray for the country and its people. The letter from the Vatican reminds Venezuela's politicians and, in particular, the government that the crisis should be solved through negotiations. Venezuela should follow the guidelines which the State Secretariat had indicated to the government in its letter of December 1. This included, inter alia, the release of political prisoners for the opening of negotiations. The armed forces were called upon to refrain from an "excessive and disproportionate use of force". Cardinal Secretary Pietro Parolin is known as Venezuelan, since he was previously nuncio in Caracas.

Trans: Tancred


Blotto said...

So after all this time, the Vatican finally says something about the disaster zone that is Venezuela. Wow, things there must be *really* bad.

Personally, I not afraid to boast that I was ahead of the game, at least on this one. I mean, any country that at one stage ran out of toilet paper has got to be well advanced in a river of sewage without any effective means of steering.

JBQ said...

The goal of dialectical materialism is to create a dichotomy or thesis-antithesis out of which a new thesis arises. Events in Venezuela are well within the goals of P.F. Parolin was the nuncio. Oh Please!

Anonymous said...

JBQ is right on target: this Vatican admonition to the socialist dictatorship in Venezuela is a ploy to appear objective in urging constitutional integrity (easily manipulated by dictators of all stripes) while the socialist taxi driver passing as president, Mr. Maduro, reigns on while Francis saves face after denunciations he has been silent during the sham "elections" in Venezuela. Wow! The days of the Borgias seem like kindergarten games compared to what we are witnessing from this corrupt and shameless Vatican!

Anonymous said...

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