Saturday, May 26, 2018

Vatican Forcing Communion on the Tongue -- But the Proud Resist

Who is the one behind the one with his hand out?
It was Pentecost Sunday and several priests refused sacrilegious Holy Communion in the hand in Vatican St Peter's Basilica. They put the consecrated Host, as is proper, on the tongue.

Twitter-User CatholicSat explained (May 25) that there have been increasing abuses over the recent months.  Apparently, someone cares in the Vatican?

Therefore priests have been reminded again that Communion in the hand is prohibited in the Vatican. No idea as to whom.  It's not very humble in the spirit of this pontificate.

Furthermore, the priest behind the one with his hand out, refused to receive the Host humbly, but insisted on receiving a Calvinistic and sacrilegious Communion.  Who is that guy?

Therefore whosoever shall eat this bread, or drink the chalice of the Lord unworthily, shall be guilty of the body and of the blood of the Lord. But let a man prove himself: and so let him eat of that bread, and drink of the chalice. For he that eateth and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drinketh judgment to himself, not discerning the body of the Lord. Therefore are there many infirm and weak among you, and many sleep.


Ana Milan said...

Recently I witnessed a man in front of me stoop to retrieve the Sacred Host which the priest had dropped while offering it to him in the hand. The priest just put it back into the ciborium & gave him another. I presume the dropped Host would be offered to some other unsuspecting person but he was careful it wasn't me as I receive on the tongue.

JBQ said...

I attended Mass on March 20 in St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC. I was in line to receive on the tongue. All of a sudden, one of the security in their coats and ties ran up to the priest giving out Communion. He was excited and pointed toward the approximately tenth pew.---I turned around to see what was going on. A young woman was in the pew with the host in her right hand. She was half kneeling and her elbow was on the pew in front. She was staring at the host.---I then turned around to continue my own quest for Communion benefits. Once I received, I turned and went back that way. There was nothing to be seen. I believe that she left.

Unknown said...

Those are choir members, I believe, not priests or seminarians.

JoeA said...

About thirty years ago when I still went to the NO Mass,
I was in a rural parish in Georgia at a Sunday Mass and the priest dropped a Host during Communion and just left it there on the floor until it was convenient for him to pick it up.I have witnessed many other horrific stories like this. May God have Mercy on His Church!

Pete said...

He looks an arrogant piece of work.

Anonymous said...

Unknown at 11:45 am is correct. They are members of the Sistine Choir. They dress as priests in amaranth red cassocks similar to monsignori. That has been their traditional dress in Papal choir since the Italian Renaissance(believe it or not). But they are laymen.
I doubt of Francis gives a damn. He doesn't kneel at the Consecration, and will not participate in the annual Papal procession with the Blessed Sacrament on Corpus Christi.
I think this is some good Cardinal's doing, someone from the reign of Benedict XVI.
Francis would rather speak about the plight of Muslim immigrants (like last week), that concern himself with any disrespect towards Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist.
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

Priests give communion to themselves , even when in the congregation - not that extra-ordinary ministers of holy communion know. This is a choir member being arrogant, who should, therefore, have been refused holy communion. Fr J

Anonymous said...


Just to share a similar story with you, when I was in college as a junior ten years ago, I went to a Mass, invited by a friend. It was sponsored by what was called the Spirit of Light group. I thought the name weird at the time, but went anyway.
When I went into this parlor(not a church), where the Mass was being held, everyone was sitting on the floor on pillows. The "altar" was a coffee table. The priest dressed in a beige flannel shirt snd jeans with a purple stole around his neck. He was about 68-70. He was a Jesuit.
The priest ad libbed the whole Mass including the Consecration. When it came time for Communion, everyone received in the hand (including me...unfortunately), but when they passed around the Chalice with no respect (it sloshed around in the cup and splattered on the rug) I was shocked. It was like they were passing round a mug of beer for everyone to share. When the chalice was passed to me, I declined to drink from it, but took a tissue from my pocket to try to wipe some of the Precious Blood that was dribbling down the cup. As I was doing this, one of the girls who had sponsored this "Mass" whispered, "Hurry up!" to me. I handed off the chalice to the next person, and gave the tissue to the priest after Mass, explaining what I had done. He shoved the tissue in his pocket, and I am sure he threw it away.
Needless to say, I never went to another one of their MAsses. Around that time, I started reading about the TLM.
The priest is retired now, and the group on campus is gone. But their damage was done. Your experience was 30+ years ago, mine was 10. And I'm sure that same things go on today....and probably worse.
Damian Malliapalli

phil785 said...

Indeed I believe you are right... Presumptuous to think he was a priest! Easy to recognize the dress of a member of the Sistine Chapel Choir.

JW said...

Priests do not give themselves Holy Communion when in choir. The only exception to this rule is when the bishop of the place is in choir and he comes forward and takes the Blessed Sacrament himself. All other persons: lay or clerical must receive communion.

JBQ said...

There are viable rumors that a new Mass of unity is being prepared which will not have a Consecration.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't Precious Blood nor the Sacred Body at that sham, so don't worry. You could have gargled from the chalice or sent out a stream through your front teeth at hit the hippie between the eyes and would have committed no sacrilege.

On a side note, you seem to be differentiating between the Body and Blood; Christ's Body and Blood are equally present BOTH in the Host and also Christ's Body and Blood are equally present BOTH in the Chalice.
In other words, you're not receiving only His Body in the Host and only His Blood in the Chalice. That's heresy to believe that, and this is exactly why the practice of receiving from the Chalice has been condemned, because it fosters the heresy.

chris griffin said...

Sorry to bust your bubble but Communion in the hand is what Jesus commanded.."Take and eat". Communion on the tongue is an aberration which should never have been. Please start following and obeying Jesus for God's sake.

Rick said...

Jesus was addressing the apostles. The apostles were all PRIESTS!

John F. Kennedy said...

"It wasn't Precious Blood nor the Sacred Body...." so "no sacrilege."
Not true. To mock/pretend the sacrament and then falsely accept it and worship it as God is sacrilege.

John Elliot said...

Augustine wrote extensively about Sacraments in the 5th century. He never once refers to the Apostles as 'priests.'

Athelstane said...

Actually, they were not merely priests, but bishops.

Anonymous said...

"Take and Eat" can be interpreted in many ways. Using your logic, Jesus could also have meant to recline on a couch at the table (which was the standard custom in his day, not sitting in chairs). Or, maybe he meant, use a knife and fork?
The Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches, fully believing that the bread and wine at Consecration becomes truly the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, developed the most respectful and reverential way to honor this miracle by receiving it on the tongue, either directly or with a golden spoon(as the Orthodox do). Only the Protestants adopted the practice of taking the bread and shoving it in their mouth. Most believe that it remains bread, so they have as much respect for it as I would eating a ham and cheese sandwich.
Unfortunatly, some Catholics have adopted this Protestant practice, and show as much respect for the Blessed Sacrament, as Protestants do an ordinary piece of bread you could buy at ACME, GIANT, KROGERS, or wherever.
Damian Malliapalli

Clement H said...

Kopronimos the Quitter just can resit the urge to flutter back to let us know what a clever little new Greek he his.
Grow up and go back to Byzantium.

chris griffin said...

Anonymous... your arguments, though well meaning, are silly, secondary "possible interpretations" and historical pretending to be theological. I was an alter boy for 8 years starting in 1957, assisted in thousands of COT and it was not especially holy. Get back to the real Jesus...He "gave" and said "take and eat". COT is a tradition of men, never was COT specified by Jesus or anywhere in the Bible. Please reconsider your position.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Buddy Man Clement, I do go to the Greek Orthodox Church. I don't participate in receiving their Holy Sacrament (as they call it, not Holy Communion). But believe me, after reading the latest news scandal breaking about asshole Pope Francis today (that he plans to elevate to cardinal an 81 year old bishop who has a "wife" (actually what is being called a concubine in the press), with her own children. He also was a bishop, appointed by JPII, and in the ten years he was bishop (2002-12), he wrecked his diocese. I was just waiting to see what kind of garbage Francis was going to appoint to the Sacred College this time. He's really scrapping the toilet for these guys.
And yeah, Clem, I would rather affiliate myself to the Orthodox, that to the kind of Church Francis represents....or to the mainstream Catholic Church and it's cardinals and bishops who don't have the backbone to pull Francis and his people down and out.
I usually don't go in for this kind of thing, especially not with a guy who is probably a lot older than me, just by his name I thiunk of an old man. You insulted me in a post earlier, calling me Babu. That's racist crap. The kind of thing two black girls got fired for at my brother's company for calling their supervisor a "kike" behind his back. Nice Jewish man who doesn't let them slide thru the day doing nothing like they're used to doing.
But I'm not Babu, Kopronimos(whatever the H. that is), or a quitter.
I was raised better by my Mom and Dad to go down and dirty and slur you, but, to be honest, you remind me of a zombie Catholic, someone who goes around "yes Holy Father, no Holy Father, whatever you want Holy're god to us, Holy Father..Jesus doesn't matter, Holy Father....only you matter. You are our leader, Holy Father. You want to destroy the Church? Yes Holy Father, we love you, Holy Father!"
Brain Dead. Duhhhhhhh!
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

I figured most of the supporters of communion in the hand and all the other Vatican II crap were older people like offense...but I'm just 30, so I'd guess you to be near to I right?
Anyway, in my parish, it's only the older people who like Communion in the Hand, drinking form the "common cup", guitar Masses, etc. etc. Young guys like me either receive on the tongue or (unfortunately), don't go to Communion at all.
Communion in the Hand is a Catholic passing fsd. I only see older people doing it.
Damian Malliapalli

Clement H said...
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Clement H said...

Kopronimos predictably rationalizes his defection to Byzantium by claiming to know the minds of all young Catholics in his former parish; by using hyperbole and distortion to demonize the NO Eucharist then to chance his hand at the ambit claim that communion in the hand is a passing fad.
Byzantium must be idyllic, Kopronimos.

Anonymous said...

Would you please reset the original video? I've been unable to find it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, is it, compared to the wreck Francis has made of the Roman Catholic Church. But just to be clear, I'm still a Catholic, but I very much respect the Greek Orthodox...despite their own issues...more than the kind of Catholic Church Pope Bergoglio wants. His kind of church is a wreck. I traveled a lot over the last nearly seven months I was out of the States. I quit my job teaching, which I loved, because the administration wanted all us faculty to promote, or at least pass on to our students, a message of openness and acceptance to LGBT people, students, and their lifestyle and agenda. Fortunatly, I still had my modeling job part time...I am always in demand. Good thing, cause at 30, I might have only 10 years in the business...though people say I still lokk 22-23. Luck I guess. But I quit my teaching job and just gave an excuse that I got another job. Not a lie, just an exit. But I wasn't going to stand in my class and promote acceptance for LGBT lifestyle, despite what heretic Pope Francis says.
But I saw the world, and on off days (1 day a week and the weekend), did the tourist route and made sidetrips to places mostly no one sees. I saw the city of Xi'an in China, one of the first major capitols of the "modern world" in the sense we define a modern city. I was one of the few Westerners/Americans who are allowed to visit Lhasa in Tibet....though it's very restricted on foreigners. I saw Moscow, Warsaw, Krakow, the Shrine of the Black Madonna on Jasna Gora, Athens, Jerusalem, Tokyo, then of course to Rome, Pompeii, Napoli, Capri, Assisi, Venice,Paris, Chartres,London,Madrid, and well as Mexico. EVERYWHERE in Europe and Latin America (except in Poland), the Church is dying.....rapidly.....since Bergoglio became Pope. Understandably the Church has been undergoing a slow collapse since Vatican II, but in the last five years....its massive. I was told by a young Trinitarian friar in Spain, that since 2012 close to 150 monasteries and convents have been closed in Spain. The Franciscans lost over 30 houses alone. And dozens of cloistered convents. Seminaries which were seeing a tiny boom under Benedict XVI are being emptied out as dedicated, young, traditional and faithful young men who love the Church are quitting because they hate the agenda of Bergoglio and his "church".
So, yeah, I pretty much go to the Greek Orthodox Church instead of the Catholic long as we have a Pope like Bergoglio and his people.
And by the way, calling the Greek Orthodox Church and its culture "Byzantium" or Byzantine, isn't an insult though you meant it as such. To the Greek Orthodox, its a compliment and mark of pride, because the Byzantine Empire (roughly 400 AD-1452 ) was one of the highpoints of Western and human civilization. It is a mark of pride for them.
Sorry to burst your bubble, Clem ol' man, because I know you meant it as a slur, but Byzantine is something to be proud of.
But I'm sure you'll try again. Kepp at don't seem to have anything else to do ! :0)
Damian Malliapalli

Tancred said...


Tancred said...

Being an “alter” boy for eight years doesn’t really qualify you to decided what’s holy or legitimate Mr. Griffin, and sola scriptura is a prod heresy. You must have defected to Ulster.

Netmilsmom said...

Take it on your tongue and eat it.
I don't see "by your hand" in that scripture.

Anonymous said...

The author did not mock or pretend anything, and went along in good faith, even showing reverence. That's the point. His or her conscience is clear. And there was no Sacrament.
The Jesuit committed blasphemy but we already know that's SOP for that lot.

Tancred said...

Whatever gets you through the day

Anonymous said...

So are you saying the author should beat himself up over this?
When we know better we do better!

David O'Neill said...

I attended NO Mass at a seminary when the Rector sat at a coffee table surrounded in a circle by the students & others. At Communion each attendee gave his/her neighbour Communion under both species. And we wonder how we have few & undisciplined pries?