Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Continuing Saga of the Dom Bosco Verein in Saarland

Editor:  Petty rules shouldn't be able to stop or hinder real education from going on in modernist Germnany, but it does.

May 6, 2011

The "Don Bosco School Association" has filed a lawsuit against the Saarland ministry for social affairs. The reason: The ministry's office of youth affairs has still not responded to the association's petition to reopen its "Heart of Jesus School", that was shut down in August, 2010. The association, which is controlled by the FSSPX, lost its permit to run the school last year because more than 25 children were being boarded although the permit only allowed for 8 boarding pupils. In an preliminary decision last August, an appeals court ruled for the office of youth affairs, finding that the closing of the school was lawful and that the school association had proved itself untrustworthy by violating the permit conditions.

Nevertheless, says the school association, the decision of the court also made clear that nothing stood in the way of a renewed issuance of the permit, as long as the association was able to prove that the infrastructure was in place to run the school in compliance with regulations. And the association has now been able to prove this for some time. A statement of the association declared: "In spite our efforts to work together constructively; in spite of the newly constructed dormitory and reorganized management", the office for youth affairs refuses to process the new permit application. Thus, six months after initiating the application, the association finds itself forced to file a lawsuit.

A speaker for the ministry of social affairs yesterday justified its silence by the lack of a final decision in the original case. As long as no final decision has been issued by the court, the school association must still be considered untrustworthy. The school association, for its part, now would like to convince the public of its integrity and thus invites everyone to view the new dormitory rooms. An open house with refreshments is planned for tomorrow, from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

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