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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Robert Spaemann: Pope Francis Defends Catholic Tradition and Orthodoxy

Philosopher Robert Spaemann pins great hopes on the new Pope, criticized "modernists" in the church and welcomed people leaving the church, who reject the Catholic doctrine 

Berlin ( The well-known philosopher Robert Spaemann has warned in a recent interview with the "Junge Freiheit” of  an impending  church revolt and a split from Rome that is reminiscent of the historic anti-Roman affect which recalls the dualism of the Emperor and the Pope. "The secularization trend is worldwide, but where there is such a thing as the Central Committee of German Catholics, which is financed from church taxes? Fact is that in a Curia Bishop or private secretary of Pope hardly has the chance that a German cathedral would accept him as diocesan bishop" says Spaemann.  For him  it is also clear that the de-Catholicisation is a result of de-Christianization and that Protestantism will erode faster.

Surprising the process was not. The philosopher remembered this referring to the letter to Timothy, in which the "great apostasy" was the speech and of times when the people will not endure sound doctrine. "The people want a 'Wellness' religion." But, as CS Lewis says, if the question is, which religion is the most pleasant, he would not recommend Christianity. And he adds, that can be accomplished 'also a by bottle of port,’" says Spaemann.

Secession from Rome is still nothing better than an evaporation of Christianity. He himself, however, considers that "gradual erosion” is more likely, as a schism will probably be prevented by the church tax system. “The “modernists" in the Church who have already left are specifically continuing in the way of the Evangelical Church (Protestant Church in Germany). Because there you can find almost all of their demands fulfilled already. But they do not want to leave," said Spaemann. The reason is that we would not even now like to leave the fleshpots of Egypt. "More precisely, these groups represent in the Catholic Church which is something that they could no longer represent if they were Protestant and they benefit from the church tax, since they are funded by the official Church. '." He personally welcome the release of people who reject the Catholic doctrine and can have nothing to do with the Catholic Church.

The Catholic philosopher criticized then the usual “Liberal reform agenda”.  In this, the issue of the Christian faith, doesn’t even enter into it. Instead, it is about sexuality, "gender", ecumenism, democratization etc. "It may not be a trivial question, but it certainly is not the last question." Who talks about these, must be bored by most of the demands for reform. So it is with the questions of the relationship with God, to intellect, salvation, hope, salvation, eternal life, eternal death." A Catholic liberalism doesn’t attract the intellect, though he find pertinent applause. "Martin Mosebach writes that in his youth, in the society of his parents, a reform of the Liturgy of the Mass - the abolition of the Latin, etc. -. seemed absolutely imperative.  But then there was no longer a reason to go to Mass," said the philosopher. Reform of the Church had to be spiritual in nature. It must lead you to be more needful of it.

Robert Spaemann declared at the end of the interview that he also had high hopes for the new Pope Francis.  Spaemann writes to the "Junge Freiheit” in his own words: "On the one hand is a pope in the footsteps of St. Francis of Assisi, who cares so particularly about nature and the poor and at the same time defends the Catholic tradition and orthodoxy, it is not as easy to disparage as "reactionary", as was the case with the thinker Benedict XVI.  unfortunately.

Incidentally, the "Cardinal of the poor", as he was called in Buenos Aires, was no friend at all the so-called Liberation Theology. And: It is perhaps little known that St. Francis in his Testament, the priests of the Church  are ranged higher than the angels, which requires unconditional respect for them, as well as the greatest treasure being the place where the Eucharist is kept. From the shift to the poor a revival of spiritual perspective can be made, the perspective that is directed towards eternal life. “ 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pope: In Germany 'There is an Overhang of Structures Against the Spirit'

Edit: this is one of the clearest criticisms directed against the "professional Catholics" of the Official Church we've ever heard. It actually echoes Mathias Mattusek's comments earlier today wherein he suggested the end of the Church tax in Germany as a radical solution. It would certainly put a dent in many of the Old Liberal structures which constantly work against real reform and the work of the Gospel in Germany.

Benedict XVI. directed criticism against lay societies in his speech to the [very anti-Catholic lay board] Central Committee of German Catholics!  The actual crisis in the Church in the Western world is a crisis of Faith.

Freiburg ( At the meeting with the "Central Committee of German Catholics" Pope Benedict XVI expressed himself very critically over the situation in society and the Church in Germany:  "For years the so-called 'Exposure Programs' have been giving developmental assistance",  said the Pope.  "Those responsible in politics, business and Church life have participated in the concrete daily life for a certain time in Africa, Asia or Latin America.  They put themselves in the life situations of these people, in order to see the world with their own eyes and to learn to act in solidarity."

"Let us imagine that such an exposure-program were established here in Germany.  Experts from distance lands would sally forth to live a week with an average German family.  They would be amazed here, e.g., by the standard of living, the order and the efficiency.  But they would also be confronted also with much poverty through an unaccustomed glance:  poverty, that touches on human relations, and poverty in the religious area."

Benedict XVI. has diagnosed an "overhang of structures projected against the Spirit:  I will add: the actual crisis in the Church in the Western world is a crisis of Faith. If we don't find a real renewal of the Faith, any structural reforms will be ineffective."

Without naming the "dialog process" in the German Church, the Pope stressed the necessity to seek new ways for evangelization, where friendships are lived and also deepened in the regular common prayer before God. There are people, woh in our workplace and in the embrace of our family and circle of acquaintances who talk about these small experiences of the faith and form a new closeness to the Church in society.  To them it is shown more clearly that all this nourishment and live permits, the concrete friendship together and with the Lord.  The binding which takes place in the powerful current of the Eucharist remains important, because separated from Christ we can accomplish nothing [John 15,5]

Dear Brothers and Sisters, may the Lord enlighten us on our way, to be lights to the world together and show our fellow man the way to the source, where their deepest longing for life may be fulfilled."

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Switzerland's Bishop Huonder of Chur Triumphs in Rome

Editor A sign of still more great things to come? After reports in the media, a lot of international support including a Support the Bishop of Chur petition which was circulated widely, the Roman Authorities have ruled in favor of this goodly shepherd fighting against the Church-tax structure of Switzland's Old Liberal Elite.

Like Hitler in His Bunker

The Roman journey of Bishop Vitus Huonder of Chur was a triumphal march.  by Maria Huppi.
Old Liberal Papers have fired heavy rounds at Msgr Hunder.

(  Bishop Vitus Hunder's Rome trip in the past week was an explosive success.

Pope Benedict XVI and the involved Curial Prelates stood behind him and encouraged him to forge ahead.

The prayers of thousands of his friends have been heard:  The Bishop will stay.

His enemies did not succeed in leading the Vatican head down the garden path.

The Old Liberal Bishop haters are beside themselves with fury.

They must realize that they are now sitting like Adolf Hitler in his Bunker.

It didn't help them to threaten to leave the Church.

A bleeding of the heterodox Swiss Church-tax system means a strengthening of the Catholic church.

Without money the Old Liberal Church-tax profiteers quickly lose their alleged interest in the Church.

Today the situation is much better than in the 90s.   Then it was possible with the help of John Paul II to topple the Confessor Bishop Wolfgang Haas.

The monopoly on information back then was in the hands of the anti-Church Media.

Also many enemies of the Church back then have retired, died or have left the Church in the meantime.

Additionally the most recent Theologian Pamphlet has brought the Curia and the Pope against the Old Liberals.

From Vatican circles it is to be heard that one works behind the scenes, doing the handiwork of anti-Catholic powers in the Church.

The recently released reform Decree on Philosophy Study is to be seen in connection with this event.

A program is required for the academic year 2012/13 as it has always existed in traditional institutions.

Otherwise it is according to the implementation for the Summorum Pontificum that the Old Mass is required in all Catholic Seminaries for priestly formation.

Now we will learn who is Catholic and who is schismatic.

Joy to the Traditionalist struggle against the Old Liberals.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Only Suckers Pay Church Tax in Austria

The Austrian old liberals have it good: the Bishops feed them by hand -- and are released on demand even from church fees.

[] It is an open secret that the church-hating organization 'We are Church' are put under wraps by the Austrian Bishops.

This was stated in Vienna by the sitting Hans Peter Hurka -- the president of the society -- in an e-mail yesterday to his supporters.

Hurka explained in his correspondence about a "great expectation (trust fund)", that his society had concocted last year.

The goal of this fund is according to Hurkas words, "for the quiet, individual exit from the Church in solidarity to advocate for reforms in the Church."

Under his desire old liberal reforms Hurka understands a further undercutting of the decadent Conciliar Church beneath the dictates and dogmas of the world.

Even his newest project receives support from the Austrian Bishops by Hurka, an expectant enemy of the Church:

"In conversations with the financial chambers of the Diocese there would be from now on a stipulated intermediate step" -- he said, pleased.

His planned trust fund can be applied partly or wholly pay church fees - with the agreement of the ordinariate -- directed for a supposed development project.

The paid fee can in any event can be redeemed for Church-tax.

- The collection which -- infiltrated by left extremists == Austrian Caritas for the flood catastrophe in Pakistan.

- A collection of the stone rich western media bosses cuddling with Austrian Bishop Msgr Werin Kräutler (71), of Xingu in Brazil.

- A collection of the world enriched Viennese development 'assistance -clubs'.

For Catholic projects the old liberals are well known for giving nothing to Catholic causes.

The paid dough will be from the fund -- less the allowable expenses of six euro per calendar year -- forwarded to the selected project.

Members of 'We are Church' will serve expense free.

The anti-Church organization apportions a remittance for the appropriate financial department.

This then reduces the church contribution fee by the amount transferred to by the trustee.

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