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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

No One Goes to Confession in Germany

The  "Institute for Demography, General Welfare und Family" reports on statements by the ZdK President in a Slovakian church newspaper - the reaction of the newspaper: "That sounds quite unbelievable for us in Slovakia." For Demography, General Welfare and the Family", but on the other hand...

Bonn ( "In your ZdK, you don't know if anyone who goes to confession?" asked Slovakian Catholic internet site, " Postoj" of Prof. Thomas Sternberg, President of the Central Committee of German Catholics (ZdK). Sternberg replied: "No, I do not know anyone." Then he explained, "It is true that the connection between the Eucharist and confession is radically broken, it practically does not exist anymore." About the middle of Feburary "Postoj" published interviews on the "Institute of Demography, General Welfare and Family" (iDAF) in a detailed summary and translation of the interview.

Sternberg's observation led the internet news service to state that of the 24 million members of the Catholic Church in Germany, only a small minority practice. Sternberg responded and explained that more than half of the Catholics were "somehow connected with the Church." Catholics, "who attended Mass every Sunday." Sternberg replied that only 10 percent of the German Catholics, who are also Catholics who profess themselves to be pious," only visit Sunday Mass once a month. Whereupon the news site asked about Confessional practices.

Because of its importance, quotes the passage on the confessional practice of the understanding of the ZdK President from the presentation of the iDAF:

Postoj: "When I spoke to German priests in the past, whowere very surprised at what it means to be a practicing Catholic in Slovakia. That it doesn't just include ryegular attendance at Mass, but also sacramental confession. They then related to me that confession has disappeared in many regions of Germany. Is that so?"

Sternberg: "Germany is really quite different. The sacrament of penance has actually disappeared. And even the most pious Germans don't confess."

Postoj: "But how can the people who are no longer confessing receive the Eucharist?"

Sternberg: "We no longer see the connection between confession and the Eucharist."

Postoj: "But this connection is very close according to the Church's teaching. The question is the ol whether the Eucharistic celebration in Germany is still valid under these conditions."

Sternberg: "The Eucharist is not based on confession, because the Eucharist is the power to forgive sins. It is true that the connection between the Eucharist and confession is radically broken, It practically does not exist anymore. "

Postoj: "In your ZdK do you not know a person who would go to confession?"

Sternberg: "No, I do not know anyone."

Postjoj: "That sounds quite unbelievable for us in Slovakia."

Sternberg: "I can understand that this is very hard to believe, but other countries have this crisis also. Te only answer is to work to improve it."

Link to the original of the interview in the Slovakian Catholic "Postoj".

Pope Francis spoke to the Bishops at the Ad Limina. Pope: Erosion of the Catholic faith in Germany. He said: "In confession there is the transformation of the individual believer and the reform of the Church. I trust that in the coming Holy Year and going forward that this so very important sacrament will be more prominent in the pastoral plans of diocese and parishes."

Trans: Tancred

Friday, May 27, 2016

Fabulous Guests at Catholic Day in Leipzig: The Aberrosexuals

"Sternberg-Fotograf-M-Thomas" Wikicommons
UPDATE 26 May 2016 : On May 26, 2016 MP Volker Beck at Catholic Day in Leipzig  "Leaeve the mosque inthe village - religious politics in 2016.  MP Volker Beck has campaigned for years against the Catholic Church and named a Cardinal Meisner Hatepreacher . On 25 May 2016, Beck demanded the opening of marriage to homosexual couples. The Greens as a party are also represented at Catholic Day, although much of its policy is anti-Catholic and anti-Christian.]

In recent weeks, it's often been discussed, who is at this year's  Catholic Day (25 to 29 may 2016)  and who is not. 

Now, a group seems to be particularly welcome and can not complain about lack of opportunities to appear: the homosexuals. 

Especially pervasive are representatives of various local groups like "Network of Catholic Lesbians."  Like in the bible work group,  "Pray Psalms today - submit a Psalm" or in the workshop "With my God I shoot over walls - in work, spirituality in everyday life, is a source of strength for me or for everyday life. "  

Since the Political must not be neglected, there is also a debate for an opening marriage to same-sex couples. In the panel discussion "Marriage for all? On the issue of equality between homosexual and heterosexual couples " speaks the openly gay Stefan Kaufmann, member (CDU) and Manuela Sabozin of the network of Catholic Lesbians in Essen.

In the workshop "Even lesbians and gay men get older. What is important, what is important to me" include representatives of the Association, "Homosexuals and Church" (HUK).

There is also the discussion "Coming out as a cross-ing. Experience between lesbian women," with the women of the "Network of Catholic Lesbians." 

What role do lesbians in the Church apparatus best serve, "Professional service to the Church - as a lesbian woman exchange among lesbian women."

As a continuous supply there is  "Center Rainbow," which oversees the clubs "Church Initiative from Below,"  "Network of Catholic Lesbians, " "Ecumenical group of homosexuals and Church."  These groups are even organizing a  church service. 

At the event,"Anger at ProfX " the "Lesbian and Gay federation of Germany "will question  gender stereotypes.

The working group "Homosexual and Church" will probably advertise about "Whoever stays true, changes. Spiritual people can not be bent." 

Dr. Michael Brinkschröder of the European Forum of Christian LGBT groups will present "a different view of the Bible."

An "experience for gay men" is on offer in the event "Strong in Faith. Catholic. Homosexual."  On the subject of "Homo- and heterosexual people together" we learn "to live in a relationship" in the workshop.   

Constanze Körner, project manager of Rainbow families, deals with the subject of "How to live in rainbow families?"

Surely, especially progressive things are going on  in "Gay and lesbian worship communities as a basic model." 

Of course, the subject  " transsexualism in the tension between faith and the Bible"  at Catholic Day must  not be missed. 

That these concerns are madness and that such  events are completely unnecessary, or even   harmful to the faith, does not need any further description. The image is that the Catholic Church in Germany is offering, is desolate.  It's a church that is completely losing its Catholic identity. It shows once again: The "Central Committee of German Catholics", the organizer of the Catholic Conference, is working  to destroy the Catholic faith in Germany.

Mathias von Gersdorf...