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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

University of Parma Opens Prayer Room and "Multiconfessional 'Space of Silence'"

(Rome) The University of Parma has decided to set up a prayer room for Muslims on the university campus.
The prayer room will be located right next to the Catholic chapel. To this end, the Library Library of the Institute of History has been reorganized. The premises have already been allocated to the Islamic Student Union, which had previously submitted a corresponding application.
The Senate of the university imposed some restrictions. No handouts and posters, nor discussions or other rallies may be held. Although food and drink may be taken in  the future prayer room, the shoes must be taken off and placed in front of it. The Senate, which had to approve the decision of the board of directors, hopes thereby to prevent Islamic or other political agitation by Muslim students at the university.
At the same time, the university's administrative board, which issued the permit, decided to adopt another "multicultural" project: the creation of a "multicultural space of silence".
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Photo: MiL
Trans: Tancred

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Cardinal Duka Levels Criticism Against "Welcoming Polity" and Islamism and Was Censored by His Own Newspaper

Cardinal Dominink Duka was censored because of his criticisms
of Islamism and Mass Immigration by his own Catholic Newspaper
(Prague) Novinky , the most important Internet portal of the Czech Republic reported yesterday on an article by Cardinal Dominik Duka, Archbishop of Prague and Primate of Bohemia, he had written after the assassination of the French priest, Abbé Jacques Hamel. Abbé Hamel had his throat cut on July 26, while celebrating Holy Mass in the church Saint Etienne du Rouvray in Rouen. The priest was then beheaded. The two murderers were shot dead by police. The  Islamic State(IS) took credit for the act. Cardinal Duka sent his response to the renowned Catholic weekly Katolický Týdeník . This, however, refused to publish the article. The cardinal then published it on his Facebook page.
The Catholic cardinal had expressed himself critically in the past about Pope Francis' "welcoming culture". In his article, he warned of a "disproportionate and ruthless welcome policy". An expression which the Cardinal apparently was missed by the censorship of his own subordinates.
The caution and wisdom expressed by the Primate of Bohemia against Islamic immigrants sparked polemical attacks. The advocates of "welcoming culture" are well organized and deeply rooted, especially in the media, even in the Catholic media, as the Cardinal's  bitter experience demonstrated.
Cardinal Duka was bitterly attacked by  Msgr. Tomas Halik, one of the most famous Czech priests. The sociologist and philosopher of religion, who was ordained a priest in the 70s underground, became the General Secretary of the Czech Bishops' Conference and advisor to President Vaclav Havel in the 90s. Halik is Professor of Sociology at Charles University and rector of the University Church. He attacked his bishop: "The real allies of the Islamic State against the Western world are those who do not know the difference between Islam and jihadist terrorists."

Murder of Rouen: "All who have downplayed such acts, should now think"

Czech Catholic weekly Katolický Týdeník

Full disagrees Cardinal Duka. For him, the killing of Abbé Hamel was a "lesson" for all be those who previously downplayed similar incidents and downplayed the perpetrators as mentally ill and frustrated.  Furthermore, to remain silent "would be suicide for our society," said the Archbishop of Prague. He also called for more to pray for the victims of terrorism and to seek fewer excuses and apologies for terrorists.
The Cardinal ends with a reminder and an invitation: In Islam, says the primate,  there are hidden  violent tendencies, which is why those Muslims who do not share these tendencies, should react against if they wish have any share in credibility.
It is piquant to note that the weekly Katolický Týdeník, which imposed censorship on the cardinal for his critical attitude towards  mass immigration and the Islamization of Europe, belongs to the Czech Bishops' Conference.
In the time of the Czechoslovak Soviet Republic there had indeed been a Catholic journal, but one which had been controlled by the communist regime. It had the task to drive a wedge between Catholics, which is why it enjoyed little prestige among  these. After the collapse of the communist dictatorship, the new Catholic weekly was founded by a private publisher.
As Katolický Týdeník got into financial difficulties in the 90s, the paper was adopted, rescued and supported by the Czech Bishops' Conference. The journal is in fact the Church newspaper for the entire Czech Republic. Chief Editor Antonin Randa censored not only his own bishop but also his own publisher.  Cardinal Duka is namely, also, President of the Czech Bishops' Conference.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Picture: Youtube / Katolický Týdeník (screenshots)
Trans: Tancred
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Monday, April 25, 2016

After 50 Years of Liberal Church Management: 36 of 110 Churches of Brussels Will be Closed

36 of 110 Churches of Brussels shall soon be closed: The fate of
St. Nicholas (left) and Our Lady of Zavel are not certain.
(Brussels) In Brussels, capital of Belgium, 36 out of 110 Catholic churches will soon be closed and sold. The change in Archbishop also brought a change of direction back to "structural reforms" instead of spiritual renewal. It is the sad result of a homemade, progressive decline.

Brussels is also the headquarters of the European Union. The leftist city government majority in the municipal council consists of one third Muslims. These are two aspects that provide explanations for this unprecedented decline. Another key aspect is the decades-long line of liberal archbishops in the Archdiocese.

Cardinal Danneel's restructuring plans

Yet in 2010 there was a turning point: Archbishop André-Joseph Léonard tried as archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels, certainly with recognizable success, to revive by the establishment and promotion of a small but faithful group in some churches that had been devastated for decades by his predecessor, Cardinal Godfried Danneels (Archbishop 1980-2010, Cardinal since 1983) which were already threatened of being put up for sale. Léonard's term of only five years, however, was too short. In addition, this churchman who fought in Europe's front line, received neither the necessary encouragement nor the necessary support.

Although Brussels has traditionally been linked to the dignity of cardinal, he was not granted it by Benedict XVI. not out of a false consideration for Danneels who was not yet 80 years old. Pope Francis did not even think to dream of it, to give a "Ratzingerian" like Léonard, the declared object of hatred of Francis-friend Danneels, the purple dignity. So Léonard's days were numbered.

On November 6, 2015, he was retired by Francis. With Jozef De Kesel, a Danneels man was named as the new archbishop, who quicly moved away from Léonard's restoration efforts and returned to the closure and sale policy of Danneels. Houses of worship would be sold off for little money. According to the plans of Archbishop De Kesel, newly established in his post on December 12, 2015 soon, there would be 36 of 110 churches closed in the "capital" of Europe. There has been no comparable action by the Church in all of its History in a European capital.

Archbishop De Kesel made his plans known in 2005

The daily newspaper La Libre published the plans with two articles. This did not only disturb the peace of Belgian Catholics. The question touches on other places of European catholicity in addition to Belgium, which are in the post-conciliar decline.

The third Christian millennium began with Cardinal Danneel's "restructuring plans". The conveyance and merging of parishes were central keywords that were given concrete shape from 2005 onwards. Jozef De Kesel was then Episcopal Vicar for the Vicariate Brussels, one of the three vicariates of the Archdiocese. It was De Kesel who announced the plans for the "future" of parishes in 2005. They were based on two considerations: as the number of Catholics decline, the number of parishes was greater than the demand, and especially greater than the funds; in addition, the high number of parishes of our Church does not fit the "multireligious and multicultural" dimension "of our modern society." It's a common choice of words to disguise Islamization. In Brussels there are more practicing Muslims than Catholics. The first name Mohammed has lead for several years on the list of newborn boys. Yet the theme of Islamization is politically undesirable among the dominant forces and must therefore must not be addressed. The same applies to the disintegration of the Catholic community through immigration into many small, independent, ethnic communities. Even immigration coming from Catholic sources has brought fragmentation rather than unity.

Current situation

 The Kingdom of Belgium is a historical artifact in a linguistic-cultural space in transition. Since Germany, the Netherlands and France have territorial claims on the region, the great powers created it in 1830 from the former Austrian-Netherlands into a separate state in order not to disturb the balance of power. The inner layer is linguistically therefore, somewhat more complex than in other European countries, and this includes Church organization.

In the area of Brussels, there are 107 parishes which employ 250 priests. 11 pastoral units are Dutch-speaking (Flemish), 25 pastoral units are French (Walloons). Plus, there are 42 different foreign-language communities. All of these parishes, units and communities are summarized in four deaneries. According to information of the weekly magazine Tempi  36 pastoral parish units will be dissolved and at least one church be closed.

This does not mean that all churches are to be profaned immediately. But it is to say that all church activities such as baptisms, first communions, confirmations, catecheses are discontinued. The profanation and the sale are the next step. The first article of Le Libre last March 22 was like a shock to the faithful.

Churches as an object of speculation?

Some parishes are hard to keep. There is a lack of faithful and the funds are scarce among Brussels Catholics. The radical deforestation leaves the faithful in fear that even vibrant parishes could fall under the bureaucrat's wheels when their churches located in "interesting" parts of the city are set aside for real estate speculation. Among the seven criteria for the conveyance of parishes is the term "urban projects."

Above all, the faithful do not understand why parishes are to be dissolved, although there are enough priests to look after them.

The pastor of a small parish that is to be abandoned, asked not to close the church, but to leave it to the Polish community which still lacks their own church. The proposal was rejected.

According to La Libre there is no definite decision which parishes are to be closed. In the near future a meeting between a group of concerned Catholics and the reigning Episcopal Vicar for Brussels, Jean Kockerols, is to take place.

New Archbishop De Kesel has Introduced His Closure Plan Again

The big "remodeling" of the Catholic Church in Brussels, which had been put in the drawer by Archbishop Léonard, had once again been put on the table as soon as De Kesel took over the office as Archbishop. De Kesel announced the "reconstruction" in his pastoral letter of 2005. Cardinal Danneels wanted De Kesel to be installed as his successor in 2010. That was rejected by Benedict XVI. who gave the assignment to Léonard, the then Bishop of Namur, with the attempt to at revival. With the election of Pope Francis, however, in which Cardinal Danneels as a member of Team Bergoglio and the secret circle Sankt Gallen is again operational, the chapter of Léonard and Benedict XVI. for the Belgian church came to an end faster than expected.

Soon numerous Brussels churches are being offered on the real estate market for sale. It's a sad highlight in the decline of the self-adulating conciliar Church which says there is "no alternative." .

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
 Image: Wikicommons (assembly)
Trans: Tancred
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Monday, December 21, 2015

No Christmas in Bethlehem? The Christians Rebel

Bethlehem With Traditional Lights in 2015

(Jersualem) The Palestinian Authority has asked all of the West Bank to cancel all public Christmas festivities. There is nothing to celebrate, it is said, referring to the continuing violence in October between Palestinians and Israelis, which has already claimed 147 deaths.

Palestinian Authority and Tanzim militia: "There's nothing to celebrate"

Bethlehem also had to bow to political pressure - at least partially. "That right  in Bethlehem, the town where Jesus was born, Christmas must only celebrated quietly, is a sad absurdity," said the Catholic weekly magazine Tempi.
The Tanzim militia, the armed wing of Fatah, called for by the municipality of Bethlehem, that erected in the square in front of the Nativity this year no Christmas tree and no crib, no Christmas lights set up in the square and in the streets, no Christmas concerts and also  the traditional fireworks will not be set off. The Tanzim militia was established in 1995 by Yasser Arafat as a counterweight to the propagating among Palestinian Muslims Islamism of Hamas. It bases its claim on the new Intifada. As long as Israeli soldiers, police and special forces kill Palestinians, "there is nothing to celebrate."
Bethlehem had a Christian majority until a few decades ago. Through the establishment of the State of Israel and the Jewish-Palestinian conflict there was a different demographic development, the Christians are now in the minority. Due to an internal Palestinian agreement between Muslims and Christians, Bethlehem has nevertheless in Vera Baboun a Christian mayor. It is thanks to Baboun's stubborn resistance that despite the conditions in Bethlehem   Christmas will be celebrated publicly in 2015.
The fireworks and the Christmas concert of the tenor Andrea Bocelli were cancelled. The Christmas lights will be only reduced. Only the two main streets are illuminated. But Baboun made the Chistmas trees on 5 December visible for miles around  (see picture)  and made the manger big. The traditional procession from Jerusalem to Bethlehem will take place on 24 December.
The procession is as usual to be led by the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Fouad Twal, led and crosses on the wall  built by the Israelis. The Christmas procession connects the two cities, which lie within sight and played a central role in the life of Jesus. "The birth of Jesus took place already facing Jerusalem, where he suffered death, but is risen. The two cities are inextricably linked," says Jamal Khader, the rector of the Latin Patriarchate in Bethlehem.

"It is impossible for Christians to Cancel Christmas"

"We are in a critical situation," said Mayor Baboun to the press. "But it is impossible for a Christian to cancel Christmas. And it is   mandatory for Bethlehem to celebrate Christmas. "Even Jamal Khader, Palestinian Christian and known peace activist, stressed that it was "unthinkable" not to celebrate Christmas. However,  Khader showed understanding that it should happen this year publicly if being somewhat subdued. "We can not hide what is happening currently. Here you are going to lose the hope of a future of peace."
Mayor Vera Baboun fights tenaciously for Christmas, but because of the majority this has its limits.  Ekram Juha, her office manager, took the sentiment towards the Washington Post to the point: "I am disappointed. I can understand if you restrict the festivities somewhere, but not here in Bethlehem. If one restricts Christmas here, where Jesus was born, it has a spiritual dimension. It relates to the sacred. Apart from this we have lived for many years under difficult conditions, yet the festivities have always taken place."

A "miracle" that Christians endure in Bethlehem

The latest "miracle of Bethlehem," said La Repubblica, it is that Christians remain in Bethlehem, persevere in the birthplace of Christ, even though they have been harassed, threatened and attacked by gangs of young Muslims. And that yet they celebrate Christmas in defiance of orders."
When Bethlehem was partitioned in 1948,  when the UN authority proclaimed the State of Israel,  its population was made up of  85 percent of Christians. The Muslim share was 12 percent. The birthplace of Jesus through all the centuries had been a sheltered place for Christians. Because of the political situation and the economic problems, Christians migrate and Muslims have more children. 20 years later, 1967, the majority was overturned.Today Christians are  only 12 percent in the city. The Christians fear to be displaced entirely in 20 years from Bethlehem. A "land Mafia"  is using tried  criminal methods, violence and official networking to drive the Christians from their land. Since the 90s, also takes place Islamization of Palestinian Muslims.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Photo: Tempi
Trans: Tancred

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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Benedict's Quote Which Bergoglio Found Offensive

  [Father Ray Blake Blog] "Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new and there you will find things only bad and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached." Manuel II Palaiologos (Byzantine Emperor from 1391 to 1425) quoted by Benedict XVI at Regensburg September, 2006.

To understand much of our present situation, the mess in the Church and in the world it is worth reading this extraordinarily perceptive speech.

Just a few thought going through my mind at the moment - The big one is can the West self destructive low birthrate ever be reversed?
But then - must the Church re-examine its relationship with Islam? Must the West? Where will it lead us? What will be the reaction of the majority, the secularists? How do we evangelise Islamists? Is the Church capable of it?

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Arson Attack Against Maronite Monastery of St. Charbel in Bethlehem -- Islamic Perpetrators Suspected

Arson Has Devastated This Monastery of Saint
Charbel in Bethlehem
(Bethlehem) An arson attack was committed against the Maronite Monastery of St. Scharbel in Bethlehem last weekend."These are targeted arson attacks. The attack includes sectarian graffiti and is the work of a group or of individual perpetrators of radical Islam," said Sobhy Makhoul, the Chancellor of the Maronite Patriarchate of Jerusalem to AsiaNews.
No one was harmed in the arson attack, because the monastery is currently uninhabited for comprehensive renovations. However, the damage is great. Other forms of anti-Christian violence are especially feared by the Christian community of Bethlehem, which is experiencing a progressive Islamization of the city.
The perpetrators "broke into a room of the convent, which was filled with furniture," said the Maronite Chancellor. "They seem to have set there the fire that quickly spread throughout the convent."

Police suspect perpetrators from extremist Muslim circles

According to the investigating police, perpetrators could be extremist Muslim groups that are active in the area. According to unconfirmed information, the perpetrators had already been identified and would "soon be arrested."
"The handwriting is clearly religious. It is the apparent attempt to strike at Christians. The Middle East is unfortunately full of such incidents. In the area there are extremist cells of Hamas and loner who let their ideology run wild," says Chancellor Sobhy Makhoul.
The monastery of the Saint Scharbel of the Maronites united with Rome is located in Wadi Maali, a suburb of Bethlehem, which is predominantly inhabited by Muslims. The fire broke out in the basement and then seized the entire monastery and the monastery church.
"Last month, the Palestinian Authority had provided $100,000 for the renovation of the monastery. It was a gesture of appreciation to the Patriarch and a sign of willingness to participate in the renovation of the monastery," said the Chancellor of the Maronite Patriarchate.

Christians concerned about anti-Christian violence Muslim and Jewish extremists

The incident had frightened the Christian community, "but we must look forward," said the Chancellor. "We are part of this country. We have to live with moments of tension."  The Palestinian Authority "must ensure justice and arrest the perpetrators, as the Israeli authorities need to do regarding the arson attack on the Church of the Multiplication in Tabgha. Any form of extremism, whether of Jews or Muslims must stop," said Chancellor Makhoul.
"We, as a Church, condemn these acts of violence. It takes a great effort to change the sermons in some mosques, where people are incited to hatred. This  preaching of hatred,  fuels this hatred and concludes in this violence against the Christians!",  explains the Maronite Church representative.

Saint Scharbel, Maronite monk and hermit

Saint Charbel Makhluf (1828-1898) was a Maronite monk in Lebanon. At the age of 23 years entered the convent of Our Lady of Mayfouk. In 1859 he received the sacrament of Holy Orders. In 1875 he retired to a hermit's life in the Peter and Paul hermitage in Annaya, where he died on Christmas Eve in 1898.
His body is incorrupt and still contains bodily fluid such as multiple reburials confirmed. During his lifetime he was revered as a saint and miracles had been  wrought  through his intercession. Since his death are those have been confirmed. In 1965 Charbel Makhluf was beatified by Pope Paul VI., and his canonization followed in 1977. 
Text: Asianews / Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Asianews
Trans: Tancred

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Blasphemous Charlie Hebdo Magazine Attacked by Unknown Assailants who Shouted Islamic Slogans: False Flag?

Update: we removed the offending photo.  Hope people are more angry with Charlie Hebdo than they are with us.

Edit: this graphic cartoon didn't get much press outside of France that we recall. There certainly wasn't the kind of response from the Christian world that there has been in the Islamic one.  The Christian world has cravenly stood by as a silent and ineffectual spectator with respect to such things.

Still, the identity and the motivations of the perpetrators are unknown.  Until an organization takes responsibility for it, which to date no one has, it will be impossible to know.  But even if it was Islamics, surely no one expects that the blame will be put where it belongs.

Photo: courtesy of LC

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Islamist Planned Bomb Attack on Vienna Train Station

VIENNA. A fourteen-year-old Turk has been arrested in Vienna for preparing a mass murder The prosecution alleges that  young people were plotting a bomb attack on the Vienna West train station or other public place. As the police said, the young Turk had admitted to have secured detailed plans for a bomb on the internet and started preparing.
The boy, who has lived in Austria for eight years, was under surveillance of security agencies since October. They have  noticed an increasing radicalization of  Turks living in Sankt Pölten.  By his own account he had also planned to travel to Syria to join the terrorist Islamic State (IS).Currently, the terror suspects are in custody.
According to research by the ORF of the first contact of youth with the IS-radical fighters on social networks comes about. On platforms such as Facebook or they were introduced to  propaganda. Around 2,000 people residing here in Austria are openly committed to the radical Islamic ideology of the IS.   Almost half claims to originate from Chechnya. Another quarter has immigrated from the Balkans. (FA)

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Christians Bear the New Yellow Star -- Courageous Shi'ites Take Their Side

(Baghdad) The Islamic State (IS) has a new yellow star to identify the Christians. The identification of the members of the other "religions of the book" of Christians and Jews is an invention of Islam, where it has an old tradition that goes back to the late Early Middle Ages. Jews and Christians had to each carry their own clothes, so that they were recognized by all Muslims. Therefore, the yellow color is due in clothing for the Jews, which was first documented in the 9th century in  Islamic occupied Sicily.The yellow Star of David in the Nazi Reich to designate  Jews was borrowed from with Islam.
The Islamic State  identifies the houses of Christians in Sunni Islamist occupied Iraq with the Arabic letter N. It stands for "Nazarene", the followers of Jesus of Nazareth.
The Iraqi journalist Dalia Al-Aqidi (Fig. 1), made a dramatic gesture. The spokesperson for the Iraqi television station Al Sumaria  intentionally put a chain with a cross around her neck and criticized the "political-Islamist fascism" before the camera.  She took a  position against the anti-Christian genocide by the Islamists. Already, several Iraqi Muslims are putting their own life on the line to defend the Christians publicly against persecution. Because, "who is silent on the question of justice is a mute devil", said Dalia Al-Aqidi about  her demonstrative step.

"The Exodus of Christians is a Loss for All"

Dalia Al-Aqidi  demonstratively  wears a cross around her neck on TV
Al-Aqidi explained why she appeared on television with the cross around her neck: not only because in the city of Mosul, which has since June been in the hands of the jihadists "Caliph" Al-Baghdadi, a large Christian community has recently disappeared, that shrank recently to a few thousand members. She did it, as the journalist explained, "for the good of the whole country" because the Islamists are a threat to all.
In an interview with the Lebanese daily Al Nahar, the journalist urged her compatriots and the West, to ask the question: "What benefit could  history and culture draw from a return to a dark past?" The exodus of Christians who are faced with the alternative of flight or death, is a heavy loss to all. "The Christians are a part of the indigenous population of this country. Without them we can not go on. "
The Islamists accused Al-Aqidi of  being a "non-believer". The journalist replied that she "firmly believes", that "Islam is a religion of tolerance." Therefore, the Islamists are the "infidels." The journalist said: "The unbelievers are you. You are the apostates, you are the head hunter and executioner. I am a simple person who defends the rights of children of her own country. "
According to Al-Aqidi, Islamism has led  "moderate Muslims like me, to be ashamed for their religion."  It was true that "the fear has led many to silence, but I will not be silent in the face of injustice." The journalist called on all to follow her example.

The "N" of Christians

The journalist Dim Sadek, a Lebanese Shiite appeared on TV with the "N".
Another Shii'te is  now  sending a comparable signal. This is the well-known Lebanese TV presenter Dima Sadek (Photo 2). The Lebanese television station Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International (LBCI) showed  her ostentatiously wearing a T-shirt imprinted with the Arabic letter ن (N), with which the Islamists characterize the Christians.  Before Sadek began with the reading of the news, she said: "From Mosul to Beirut, we are all Christians."

The Logo of the TV channel

To support the initiative of Al-Aqidi and Sadek, the Lebanese television station has changed its logo in LB ن and launched a campaign to draw attention to the plight of persecuted Christians who was supported immediately by thousands of people on Twitter and Facebook. "The darkest place in hell is for those who remain neutral in times of great moral crisis," said Al-Aqidi  in her TV appearance. The letter "N", with which Christians are marked, has become an outcry.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Traditio Catholica / LBCI /
Trans: Tancred

Friday, April 4, 2014

"Do You Want to be Like Jews and Christians?" -- Islamic Indoctrination in Libya

(Tripoli) Fathi Abdelmounaim, presenter at the TV station Al Manara describes what is being taught in the schools of Benghazi in eastern Libya today. In this part of the Mediterranean state, which was once ruled by Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi, the state is absent today. In practice control is by Islamist militias and clans. At the madrasas, imams teach  "extremist ideas" says Abdelmounaim.
The Imams "indoctrinate children in the rejection of democracy." Democracy was "only a subject for apostates," is how Abdelmounaim describes the situation.

Madrasas out of control

From the capital of Cyrenaica, the protest against Gaddafi went out. Today there is increasing, in particular, the number of radical Islamic preachers who come mostly other Muslim states to Libya. The reason for this influx  is the legal uncertainty. Wherever the state is weak, the Islamists dive in, as Abdul Nasser Ahmed, chairman of the Libyan Observatory  for Human Rights . "No one today controls the madrasas, because the state has no means to do so." The result was that all the "Islamic groups, whether extremist or moderate misuse the school for their ideology. In most cases it is an extremist, as those of Ansar al-Sharia," said Ahmed.
The terrorist group is blamed for the murder of the American ambassador in Libya Chris Stevens and three of his employees.

Indoctrination of Youth

The spread of Islamism in Cyrenaica is indirectly confirmed by Samia Mahmoud. He is formally charged with the inspection of the madrasa by the state. "Some indoctrinate young people with their ideas, which have nothing to do with Islam," said Mahmoud.
For Abdelmounaim the imams are spreading a "culture of hatred"  in Benghazi. They "say that the parliament consists of unbelievers, that one should not participate in elections because it is just a concern for apostates." The Islamists would say the young people, "Do you want to be like Jews and the Christians?", and accept democracy.

Extremist ideas

Libya is now a divided country. The state is too weak to really control the country, which is divided into its various parts and is controlled by different militias. Islamists thus find fertile ground.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Wikicommons
Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cathedral of Cordoba Confiscated and Nationalize? -- Celebration from the Muslim Side

(Madrid) attacks against the Catholic Church have many faces. A recent venture appears in the style of the French Revolution as a snappy "joke”.  In the Spanish Andalusia Church opponents want to expropriate the famous Catholic cathedral of Cordoba and “nationalize" it. The southern Spanish city's cathedral is unique for architectural reasons. It has had an eventful history. Before the diocesan church was established  in 1236, it was used for several centuries an Islamic mosque, to be exact, the main mosque of the emirate and caliphate of Cordoba.
The Government of the Comunidad Autonoma de Analuciacan has legally examined whether there is a possibility of expropriation of the cathedral. The initiators of the expropriation action argue that the cathedral as a unique piece of architecture is a "World Heritage Site". But as such, it can not be owned by a religious community, and certainly not the Catholic Church, but must have its ownership  transferred to  the public. Modern robber barons in the name of the State,  have a lot of experience in which revolutionaries and their epigones of all ages.  Andalusia has been  governed  by a Leftist majority since the return to democracy. The provincial government originates without exception since 1982 from the ranks of the Socialist Party (PSOE).

First "Interfaith" House of God, Now Nationalization for "Cultural Reasons"

Cathedral of CordobaA few years ago the call came  to convert the Cathedral in deference to the Muslims to a place of interfaith worship. A claim, which was rejected by the Catholic Church. Therefore, the new venture aims to profanation and conversion of the church into a museum.
In their anti-clerical urge Spanish secularists making themselves spokesmen for Islamic interests under the heading "multiculturalism". The fact that the Cathedral was previously a mosque, will be brought largely  into play, that a non-denominational solution  had to be sought by the state for the church. A secular group initiated two weeks with an Internet petition, seeking  the expropriation of the Cathedral. They will  rob, nationalize and profane the Catholic Church. The Cathedral of Cordoba should be made into a museum and become a kind of second Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.

Spanish Leftist Petition Signed Mainly by  Muslims

The petition was signed by 88,000 people. "A strange alliance" as a spokesman for the Committee for the Protection of the cathedral said.  It was initiated by the petition of the Spanish Left, and "free-thinkers", but the majority of the signatures came from Muslims. Muslim groups and individuals have taken the ball and immediately mobilized for signing.
The petition has no legal relevance in itself. However, it was also signed by Maria Isabel Ambrosio, the competent Socialist government representative for the province of Cordoba. Ambrosio  also that gave a legal opinion in order to seek ways in which the cathedral could be expropriated and nationalized.
Against the Socialist expropriation a resistance is planning to upset it.  A few days ago they started collecting signatures for a petition on Internet. In it, the government of Andalusia is asked to take care of the real problems of the Andalusians, "instead of thinking about how to rob the Cathedral of Cordoba and expropriate."

Cathedral was Mosque, but the Mosque was Previously a Cathedral

With a plan of almost 180 meters long and 135 meters wide, the cathedral is one of the biggest constructions in the world. Today, it is fondly remembered in the context of multiculturalism and the increased immigration of Muslims to Europe to areas once occupied by Muslims which recalls  Catholic churches, because they had once been mosques. It is seldom mentioned, however, that these mosques were previously Churches that had been expropriated and converted by the Islamic conquerors. This also applies to the Cathedral of Cordoba. On a pagan temple of Emperor Constantine it  was already  a church at the time of the Great beginning of the 4th Century.  Around 550  the Visigoths built a new, magnificent diocesan church, which was dedicated to Saint  Vincent Martyr of Valencia.

Visigoth Diocesan Church was Desecrated in 786   and Expropriated by Muslims

When the Muslims conquered large parts of the Iberian Peninsula in 711, they forced in 714 a division of the cathedral. The Christians remained in only half of the diocesan church, while the other half was availed by the Muslims. A  difficult and conflict-ridden connivance to the detriment of Christians was the result. In 786 the new Muslim overlords had their dominion sufficiently secured so that they did not have to take more consideration for the Christian population. They confiscated the entire cathedral, they broke off the part and began to build a mosque in several phases, especially in the second half of the 10th Century, it  has been extended under the Caliph of Cordoba to  its gigantic proportions.
In 1236 Cordoba was recaptured for Castille during the Reconquista by King Ferdinand III.. The mosque was again converted into a Christian church and made  again into the diocesan church of the city. The largest renovation work was carried out in the 15 Century with the installation of a Gothic nave and early 16th Century by the construction of a Renaissance cathedral in Plateresque style. The Renaissance cathedral rises in the extent of one-sixth of the total mass high above the rest of the building complex.

Archaeologists have Uncovered Mosaics of Visigothic Church

Archaeological excavations in the 30s of the 20th Century, brought back parts, especially floor mosaics of the ancient Visigothic cathedral to light. It reminds one that the cathedral had  probably been a mosque for 450 years, but has been a christian church going back 800 years and was even before that  400 years.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Wikicommons / tempos
Trans: Tancred
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Saturday, November 16, 2013

JIhadists Behead Islamic Commander by Mistake --- "Whoever Works Makes Mistakes"

(Damascus) fighters of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant have beheaded a man with shouts of Allahu Akbar  who fought a few days earlier with them against Syria's President Assad.  As it turned out, the man was beheaded by mistake, yet I wasn't an enemy who was decapitated, but the commander of an allied Islamist brigade.
"We do not deny our mistakes and will continue to do that, because we are human. If there is a  Mujahideen leader and who doesn't  make mistakes, then he doesn't exist under the skies,"  In plain language, anyone who works makes mistakes. With these words, the Al-Qaeda warriors  are justifying the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)  as they bring the horror of war every day in Iraq and Syria in their inhumanity and horror of war.
The jihadists apologized with  a statement for the beheading, which otherwise wouldn't have happened. In their zeal, the bloodthirsty Islamists had beheaded an alleged "dog of Bashar al-Assad" . The alleged mercenaries of  the Syrian President was actually the commander of the Islamic Brigade Ahrar al-Sham . The brigade is allied with the ISIL. Fares Mohammed was beheaded. Together with the ISIL, he fought against Assad, the Alawites, Christians and all "infidels" to establish a new Islamic Caliphate. A few days ago, he called on his warriors, "to destroy enemies," and all "to seek Martyrdom for Allah". Now he has been beheaded by his own comrades by mistake. Fares was injured while fighting near Aleppo. The Islamists of the ISIL did not recognize him, and made ​​him prisoner. Without flash lights they cut off his head to the shouts of Allah Allah and death to the infidels.
Initially, as the commander of the ISIL's  head was shown as a trophy, the error was found. A beheading, showing the brutality of Islamist war, but also the chaos that reigns uninhibited in the ranks of soldiery.
Amidst this savage murder sit ten percent of Christians among the Syrians, fearing for their lives. They do not want to leave their country in which they endure for two thousand years. But their situation is deteriorating with the substantial indifference of the rest of Christendom. The hopes concerning Syria's Christians are now only from Russia's President Vladimir Putin, whom they asked to for protection.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Tempi
Trans: Tancred 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Murdered Christians: "Why Does Not the World Raise Their Voice?" -- Islamists Plunder Saint Symeon Monastery

Edit: now we probably begin to understand more of what motivated the men who travelled thousands of miles on foot to fight the Turk.

(Damascus) In the meantime details about the murder of 45 Christians in Sadad are becoming known. A whole family was thrown alive into a well by the Islamists, where they died. Islamist rebels in the north also targeted the "Rock of Symeon" from the 5th Century. The "rock of Simeon" in Arabic, Kalat Siman, is a large monastery with cathedral from the early Byzantine period. It originated as a spiritual center in the place where the saint Symeon the Stylite lived on a column until his death after 37 years. Symeon Stylites died in 459 and became the first pillar saint in Church history.

During his lifetime he was sought by thousands of pilgrims, seeking advice and assistance, as Symeon was not had a reputation for holiness, but God worked many miracles through him. Even Emperor Theodosius II (401-450) climbed up the column in order to ask him for advice. The rush of pilgrims was also so great after his death, that the Byzantine Emperor Zeno (425-491) established the Symeon Cloister on the road to Antioch, 35 km to the north west of Aleppo. During his reign the mighty cathedral and the monastery was built as a pilgrimage center. At the center of the great crossroads is the 15-18 meter high pillar on which according to tradition the saint had lived on a wooden platform.

Saint Symeon the Stylite Islamic conquest in 1164

After the conquest of Islam had rolled over it several times , the monastery was near the border between the Byzantine Empire and the Islamic sphere. In the 10th Century, the monastery was fortified because of the increasing Islamic pressure. 1164 saw the conquest by the Seljuk Turks and the Muslim decline.

The jihadists of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant control part of the city of Aleppo have recently put the Cathedral of Saint Symeon the Stylite in the crosshairs. They destroyed what was left to destroy that was recognizably Christian and dragged away what was more valuable, reported Le veilleur de Nineveh. The impressive ruins are a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

"How Can You Commit Such Inhuman and Brutal Acts?"

The area of ​​Aleppo near the Turkish border is in a dramatic situation, as the Christian Claude Z. says: "The situation is critical: we have had no electricity for ten days, there is a lack of food, rebels and army are fighting and the Islamist terrorists have introduced Sharia law in the areas they where they control part of the city. "

As Kirche in Not [The Catholic relief organization in German Zone] has reported, 30 of the 45 CHristians killed in Sadad were found in two mass graves. Many of the dead showed signs of abuse. Among them were old people, women and the disabled. Six members of a family, including a 90-year-old woman were thrown alive into a well by the Islamists , where they perished miserably.

The Melkite Greek Catholic Patriarch of Antioch, Gregory III. Laham said, "How can one commit such inhuman and bestial acts to older people and their families? I do not understand: Why does not the world raise their voice against such brutality. Extremism and fanaticism have overtaken Syria. What has happened in Sadad exemplifies what experience of all Christians in Syria is."

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
 Image: Wikicommons

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Franciscan Hermit Murdered in Syria

Edit: he helped everyone. He helped Muslims, Christians, anyone who was in need and now he's gone. May his soul rest in peace.

(Damascus) Father Francois Mourad, a Syrian hermit, died in the Franciscan monastery of Saint Anthony of Padua in Ghassanieh. The hermit was a guest at the monastery when it was attacked by Islamist rebels. The Franciscan Monastery is located in the district of Jisr al-Shughur in the province of Idlib, near the Syrian-Turkish border. The area belongs to the Chaldean Syrian territory. The Franciscan Authority in the Holy Land confirmed the death of the hermit. The monastery was partially destroyed and looted.

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Catholic Parish in Vienna Invites You to Interreligious Dialogue - an Islamist Dictates Who Can Speak: Catholics Uninvited

Edit: so much that's wrong with cultural life in the West is contained in this story.

(Vienna) During the event, "Long Night of Churches" the Archdiocese of Vienna invited a panel discussion, "dialogue and coexistence of different cultures and religions - a real possibility or illusion," in the Catholic Church in Danube City of Vienna. The Catholic parish had invited four speakers: Islamist Iman Tarafa Baghajati of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Protestant Superintendent, Thomas Henne Field, the Buddhist Marina Gong Myo Jahn and the only Catholic speaker, the Secretary of the Vienna Akademikerbund, Christian Zeitz. Against the participation of Zeitz, a man of clear words, who is known for his criticism of Islam, the Islamist Baghajati, protested and threatened to boycott the event, should the invitation for Zeitz be upheld. The Protestant Superintendent joined willingly to the Islamist protest. The Catholic parish caved. Seitz was uninvited. What the Islamist and in his wake, the Protestant Superintendent, mean by "dialogue and coexistence," they vividly demonstrated with their boycott threat, which was tantamount to exclusion and a muzzle.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sufi Dancers in the Church

 Edit: the abomination of desolation. This report comes from the German District of the SSPX.

Incomprehensible but completely in the spirit of the Council, which is stated in the Constitution “Nostra Aetate”:

The Church regards with esteem also the Moslems. They adore the one God, living and subsisting in Himself; merciful and all- powerful, the Creator of heaven and earth,(5) who has spoken to men

We learn how this “adoration” appears in practice from the Augustinian Church in Würzburg. There the Islamic Sufis dance at the beginning of Lent!

The Augustinian Church looks like a museum or a gathering hall after its renovation, than a Church. But as the “Dance of the Sufis” takes place, its formal desecration a church is complete.

Why the Bishop of Würzburg is also “silent” here remains a mystery.

In the announcement on the homepage is is described as an “Ensemble for Islamic Music”:

In the context of the 12th Würzburg Lenten Courses in the Augustinian Church, there will be traditional Islamic Dervishes dancing on Saturday (7:30). The course of the evening will be in the hands of Seref Dalyanoglu, who is also the representative for the Dervishes and other musicians of the Ensemble for Islamic Music.

Worse still is a participant's obituary of the event. It had not only been a dance, “but much more a special form of prayer to God by the Sufis”.

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