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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Melkite Bishops Rebel Against Patriarch

Edit: if what his colleagues say about him is true, he should resign. We hope this example catches on in other parts of the Church.

[AsiaNews.IT] The Greek-Catholic synod due to have taken place two days ago lacked a quorum, with the absence of 10 bishops. They accuse the Patriarch of having bankrupted the Church patrimony. The faithful are scandalized. The Congregation for Eastern Churches pushes for dialogue.

Beirut (AsiaNews) - The Greek-Catholic Patriarch Gregory III Laham announced last night that he will not resign from his patriarchal seat on the back of pressure from some rebel bishops who boycotted the synod which was to have opened two days ago on 20 June in Aïn Trez (Mount Lebanon), the summer seat of the patriarchate. He also confirmed that the annual Church synod will be held around October.

Out of 22 bishops in office, only 10 attended the meeting which requires the participation of at least 12 for validity. The absent bishops who have joined forces against the patriarch and boycotted the synod, are considered "in open rebellion."

Of the prelates boycotting the synod, the best known is the Archbishop of Beirut, Msgr. Cyrille Bustros (77 years). He and others call for the resignation of Patriarch Gregory III (83 years),claiming he has squandered the wealth of the Greek-catholic Church. The patriarch defended himself defining the allegations as "misleading".

Months ago, the coalition of bishops sent a letter to the Congregation of Eastern Churches laying the same claims, but the Congregation, led by Cardinal Leonardo Sandri gave no credence to their complaint, responding it could not act as a referee in this dispute, demanding the bishops participate in the Synod and recalling that no one can force a patriarch to resign. Gregory III, for his part, urged the bishops who are hostile to him to voice their criticism “transparently and with charity during the synod”. Unfortunately, their absence at the opening of the meeting shows their preference for a showdown.

"Open rebellion"

Last night, returning to the events of the last two days, and concerned about the feelings of his community shocked by the allegations, the patriarch issued a second statement in which he states that he will not resign under pressure. Harshly condemning the dissenting bishops, Gregory III emphasizes that their absence from the synod is a "case of open rebellion" that contradicts the provisions of Canon Law of the Eastern Churches (104).

The Patriarch also states that the Congregation of Eastern Churches has been clear on the issue of his function, noting that "the patriarchal seat is considered vacant only if the patriarch's death or renunciation of his office" (n. 126) and in no another case.

In the statement, Gregory III says: "I consider the boycott of the work of the synod on the part of some bishops as an act of open ecclesiastical rebellion against patriarchal authority and that of the Congregation of the Eastern Churches (Rome), as well as against a clear provision of canon law ... Demanding the unconditional resignation of the patriarch is irresponsible conduct, not ecclesial and illegal, and has caused a wave of anger, protests, doubts and perplexity among the faithful. This very serious situation has prompted us to publish this explanatory statement, out of the concern for protecting the conscience and feelings of our children, clergy and laity, as well as the dignity of our Church, at all levels ... I shall not resign, and not I give in to illegal and deceptive pressures. I will remain at the service of my Church. "

The patriarch has also stated that the suspended synod could be held in October and encouraged some mediation to make the meeting possible.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Murdered Christians: "Why Does Not the World Raise Their Voice?" -- Islamists Plunder Saint Symeon Monastery

Edit: now we probably begin to understand more of what motivated the men who travelled thousands of miles on foot to fight the Turk.

(Damascus) In the meantime details about the murder of 45 Christians in Sadad are becoming known. A whole family was thrown alive into a well by the Islamists, where they died. Islamist rebels in the north also targeted the "Rock of Symeon" from the 5th Century. The "rock of Simeon" in Arabic, Kalat Siman, is a large monastery with cathedral from the early Byzantine period. It originated as a spiritual center in the place where the saint Symeon the Stylite lived on a column until his death after 37 years. Symeon Stylites died in 459 and became the first pillar saint in Church history.

During his lifetime he was sought by thousands of pilgrims, seeking advice and assistance, as Symeon was not had a reputation for holiness, but God worked many miracles through him. Even Emperor Theodosius II (401-450) climbed up the column in order to ask him for advice. The rush of pilgrims was also so great after his death, that the Byzantine Emperor Zeno (425-491) established the Symeon Cloister on the road to Antioch, 35 km to the north west of Aleppo. During his reign the mighty cathedral and the monastery was built as a pilgrimage center. At the center of the great crossroads is the 15-18 meter high pillar on which according to tradition the saint had lived on a wooden platform.

Saint Symeon the Stylite Islamic conquest in 1164

After the conquest of Islam had rolled over it several times , the monastery was near the border between the Byzantine Empire and the Islamic sphere. In the 10th Century, the monastery was fortified because of the increasing Islamic pressure. 1164 saw the conquest by the Seljuk Turks and the Muslim decline.

The jihadists of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant control part of the city of Aleppo have recently put the Cathedral of Saint Symeon the Stylite in the crosshairs. They destroyed what was left to destroy that was recognizably Christian and dragged away what was more valuable, reported Le veilleur de Nineveh. The impressive ruins are a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

"How Can You Commit Such Inhuman and Brutal Acts?"

The area of ​​Aleppo near the Turkish border is in a dramatic situation, as the Christian Claude Z. says: "The situation is critical: we have had no electricity for ten days, there is a lack of food, rebels and army are fighting and the Islamist terrorists have introduced Sharia law in the areas they where they control part of the city. "

As Kirche in Not [The Catholic relief organization in German Zone] has reported, 30 of the 45 CHristians killed in Sadad were found in two mass graves. Many of the dead showed signs of abuse. Among them were old people, women and the disabled. Six members of a family, including a 90-year-old woman were thrown alive into a well by the Islamists , where they perished miserably.

The Melkite Greek Catholic Patriarch of Antioch, Gregory III. Laham said, "How can one commit such inhuman and bestial acts to older people and their families? I do not understand: Why does not the world raise their voice against such brutality. Extremism and fanaticism have overtaken Syria. What has happened in Sadad exemplifies what experience of all Christians in Syria is."

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
 Image: Wikicommons

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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Every Fourth Christian Has Fled and Been Driven From Syria -- 45 Christians Murdered by Islamists in Sadad

(Damascus) There were some two million Christians living in Syria at the beginning of the Civil War. At least 450,000 Christians have fled the country since March 2011 because of the war. According to Gregory III. Laham, Patriarch of the Melkites Greek Catholic Church united with Rome, every fourth Christian has been expelled from his home. The violence of the Islamists exaggerating the Christians to flee, the Patriarch of Antioch and the whole East told the BBC.

"The Christians will Survive"

There is not an exact number of Christians who've fled. According to Open Doors there are even many more Syrian Christians on the run. Patriarch Gregory III. Laham still firmly believes that "the Christian community will survive." As mentioned on an earlier occasion repeated the head of the Melkite that Christians are an important part of Syria for two thousand years. "They will again be an important building block for the country's reconstruction after the war, and do not need Assad to survive in Syria." Words with which the church leader wants to indicate to all warring parties that Christians are not a party in this conflict.

Islamists Have Killed 45 Christians in Sadad Because of Their Faith

In the Syrian Civil War 115,000 people have so far been killed, mainly civilians, including many Christians. The Christians are a favorite target, especially for the Islamists and al-Qaeda terrorists. The latest example is the attack on the Christian city Sadad. Today, Archbishop Boutros Selwanos Alnemeh, the Metropolitan of the Syrian Orthodox Church of Homs and Hama announced that "perpetrated the greatest massacre of Christians since the outbreak of the war" by the Islamists in Sadad. In the city of "innocent civilians were murdered simply because they are Christians. A total of 45 Christians were killed, including women and children. Most were buried in a mass grave," said the Archbishop.

30 are seriously wounded and ten are missing in the Christian community in the city. "1,500 families will be held by the Islamists as hostages and human shields," said the Metropolitan.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
 Image: Tempi
Trans: Tancred

Link to katholisches... AMGD

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Melkite Archbishop Injured in Attack

Erzbischof Jean Clément Jeanbart
© Pressefoto
On Thursday, a Catholic Archbishop was injured in an attack in north Syria.

(  Archbishop Jean Clément Jeanbart (69) of Aleppo was wounded in an attack on Thursday.

This was reported by the site '' on Thursday.

Particulars are not presently known.

His Residence Was Plundered in August

The crime was perpetrated by imported jihadists, who are supported by Western regimes.

Msgr. Jeanbart belongs to the Melkite Catholic Church.   These are Byzantine Catholics who speak Arabic.
Already in August the residence was plundered by Islamic terrorists.

Aleppo is a 1.7 million population city in outer northwestern Syria.  It is located 150 km from the Turkish border.

Approximately 15 to 20 percent of the population is Christian.

Assad is increasingly popular

A collaboration between Saudi and Turkish secret services in the attack is not ruled out.

The US CIA, British MI-6 as well as the German 'Bundnachrichtendienst' deliver weapons and communications equipment to the terrorists.

In the course of the battle Assad is considered even more popular and heroic with the general population, regardless of religion, as he ever was.

He can depend on the help of Russia, Lebanon, Cyprus, China, India as well as Shi'ite Iran.

He Warns the USA

The Western Jihadis are leading a brutal campaign against the minorities -- especially against Christians.

Their most serious enemies are the various Bishops, who call for peace, or the various Sunni Imams, who call for dialog with the government of the Alawite President Baschar al-Assad (47).

As the US imputed that his country had weapons of mass destruction and so that they could support Iraq in 2003, Archbishop Jeanbart explained:

"That the USA has designs is very possible, and we must prepare ourselves, because they spread disinformation."

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