Monday, August 15, 2011

Czech President: Homosexuals Don't Have The Right to be Admired

President Vaclav Klaus
Edit: Now he's done it.  They're going to be so mad.

Instead of being concerned with their own dramatic inner political problems, the EU and the USA are disseminating homosexual propaganda.

( The ambassadors of some EU-STates and the USA are publicly supporting the homosexual horror of "Prague Pride".

According to the 'Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung", they have driven President Vaclav Klaus and the Foreign Minister Karl zu Schwarzenberg to irritation.

The homosexual ambassadors are promoting "Solidarity" with the Czech Gomorrhists.

Counterproductive and Unnecessary

Foreign Minister Schwarzenberg cooled the homosexual ambassador's enthusiasm:

"No one is hindering the corresponding groups from seizing upon their rights" -- he said dryly.

It is, however, "counterproductive and unnecessary", to invoke rights which no one denies or has suppressed.

The letter of the homosexual ambassador has "awakened the impression of meddling in internal affairs."

Expression of a Perverted Value System

Schawrzenberg also insists that a statement by Petr Hajek, of a serving Bureau Chief of the Czech President had been allegedly "unfortunate".

Hajek had criticized the homosexual horror show as the political expression of a perverted value system.

Finally Vaclav Klaus explained that the event is not about "homosexuality", rather it's about "Homosexualism".

As a minority, homosexuals have the right to be protected, but they don't have the right to be admired.

Klaus described the homosexual ambassador's brief as being "without precedence".

He could not imagine that a Czech ambassador would mix in the internal affairs of any democratic country in the world like this.

An Eldorado for Homosexual Sex Offenders

Prague has developed into an Eldorado for sex offenders drawn by the homosexual prostitution there -- in part with minors.

This situation is helped along by the lower ages of consent in the Czech Republic.

Countless empirical studies have shown that the border between pedophile and mature homosexually disordered is fluid.

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Unknown said...

What does that last sentence mean?

Countless empirical studies have shown that the border between pedophile and mature homosexually disordered is fluid.

Did you see the announcement of the psychiatrists meeting in a study group to begin the removal of pedophilia from the DSM?

Tancred said...

It means that there isn't a clear distinction between a practicing homosexual and a pederast.

Saw it earlier, posted it to twitter.