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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Vatican Revokes Catholic Identity of Brothers of Charity

Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Ladaria: "Perverse" when doctors and relatives practice active euthanasia out of false pity - No Catholic identity for psychiatric clinics of the order "Broeders van Liefde

Vatican City / Geneva ( The Vatican has confirmed the revocation of Catholic identity for psychiatric clinics of the Belgian order "Broeders van Liefde" (Brothers of Charity). As became known weeks ago, they have not been able to call themselves "Catholic" since the end of March. In a letter published on Tuesday, the Roman Congregation of the Faith justified this step.

After numerous contacts and meetings, one unfortunately had to take note that there was no willingness in the clinics connected to the order to accept the Catholic teaching. Active euthanasia remains inadmissible even in extreme cases, according to the letter signed by Cardinal Luis Ladaria. Human life maintain its dignity under all circumstances. It is all the more "perverse" when doctors and relatives practice active euthanasia out of false pity. It was therefore decided "after a long and painful journey" to no longer consider the clinics concerned as Catholic.

The chairman of the board of the Association of the Brothers of Charity, Raf de Rycke, had already reacted calmly to the withdrawal in May. They have no "consequences in civil law," he said at the time to the Flemish newspaper "De Standaard".

Belgium has allowed active euthanasia since 2002

The dispute as to whether a psychiatric clinic that does not rule out the use of active euthanasia can still call itself Catholic dates back to 2017. At that time, the Belgian organization "Broeders van Liefde" announced that it would no longer rule out active assisted suicide for the mentally ill in its clinics. In Belgium, active euthanasia has been legal under certain conditions since 2002, including for the mentally ill.

The "Broeders van Liefde" run twelve psychiatric clinics in Belgium as well as dozens of schools, crèches and orthopedic centers. According to its own statements, the organization has a total of 14,000 employees nationwide. The religious order is legally, closely linked to the organization.

The specialty of the Order of Brothers of Charity, founded in Ghent in 1807, is the care of the mentally ill. The community, known as "Broeders van Liefde" in Belgium, has around 600 members worldwide and is active in around 30 countries.

Trans: Tancred


Thursday, June 6, 2019

Pope Speaks Out on Suicide of Dutch Girl — Demonic Tweets Follow

Where hope is missing: Noa Pothoven and the cruel culture of death.

Edit: now the evil Gabriel will turn on the Pope.

(Rome) Pope Francis found clear words against suicide and euthanasia. He spoke of a "defeat for all". The papal statement was made in response to the death of 17-year-old Dutch girl, Noa Pothoven. A message that is shocking indeed.

Pothoven was euthanized last Sunday because of "depression.” So it was reported yesterday by numerous media. The killing was done in a so-called "Lebensendeklinik" [End of Life Clinic]. By this euphemism is meant no medical device, as the name implies, but a killing device.

Noa Pothoven was sexually molested at the age of 11 and 12, and was raped by two Muslims at the age of 14. The rape caused post-traumatic stress, anorexia and depression. Last Sunday, on the basis of the Dutch euthanasia law and with the permission of the parents, the killing of the girl took place.

However, the news of Noa's euthanasia turned out to be a hoax. It is not wrong, however, that the girl is actually dead, in no less dire circumstances.

Stand by the Sufferer

Therefore, Pope Francis took a stand not only against euthanasia but also against suicide.

The news is so incredible that it is hard to believe. Instead of helping their daughter, the parents agreed to have their child killed. But even the ultraliberal euthanasia law of the Netherlands does not allow euthanasia because of depression.

Because she was denied euthanasia, Noa Pothoven, according to the current reconstruction of events, starved and died of thirst by refusing food and fluid intake. And at home and with the consent of her parents.

Noa herself had announced her death on the social networks, including on Instagram. She herself complained there that she was denied euthanasia, "because I am too young." She would have had to undergo psychiatric or psychological therapy first. Only then could she have been killed at the age of 21, "when my brain is fully mature".

"I'm devastated because I can not wait that long," said the 17-year-old.

The cruel suicide is likely to trigger a new discussion on the further expansion of the euthanasia law in order to "spare" those who "wish" such a dreadful death. 

Today, Pope Francis responded with a tweet to the dire news of Pothov's death:

"Euthanasia and assisted suicide are a defeat for all. The answer to which we are called is never to let the sufferer down, never to resign, but to accept with care and love, to give hope. "

Tweet by Pope Francis.
Tweet by Pope Francis.

On the German Twitter account of the Pope, the majority of reactions were negative. The Christian understanding of suffering and death is barely or not at all present in many. However, in the face of pain and death, the delusion of unlimited self-determination reaches its limits anyway.

Some German reactions of incomprehension to the position of the Pope:

The Kroisos Newsleaf writes:

"One wonders, on which planet this #Franziskus lives ... Go to a hospital, and look at some bodies - people are no longer - who vegetate uselessly under mad pain. To them, death is a true, only salvation. "

Thomas Martin wonders:

"Suffering for the sake of suffering?"

Lady [[[Luna Flausn]]] from the Schnuffel round:

"Does that really fall under self-flagellation?"
Nell Hitchens #noAfD:

"Like Mother Teresa? No thank you."

"And if hope is only death?"

Photographer A. Lauer:

"Who are you that you try to impose your masochism on others?"

The Commentator answered with two tweets:

"Every animal may be euthanized so that it does not have to suffer! And man as a thinking, sensitive being must suffer and vegetate? This is neither Christian nor human! Relatives who think otherwise are selfish & unfeeling. "
"Old man, you are a senile, senile old man and have no idea of ​​real life!"

Colonel Guillaume:

"Comrade Holy Father, are not you of the opinion that every human being must decide this question for themselves? So why are you denying people the opportunity? "


"And who cares about all abuse victims of the church Franzi?"

Sandra Müller:

"Only everyone can make that decision for themselves, their decision must be respected by others. No ifs and buts."

There were other dumbfound reactions published on the pope’s other accounts.

5novembre 2020 writes:

"Jesus decided of his own free will to kill himself."

Gabriele writes:

"Noa needed the only possible medicine: Jesus. The fact that she did not get this medicine is the fault of the world! "

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Twitter / (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred

Friday, August 11, 2017

CDF Threatens Hospital Order With Excommumication for Practice of Euthanasia

(Brussels) Pope Francis "personally gave the assent to the request of the Congregation of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to give an ultimatum to the Broeders van Liefde (Brothers of Love). Since 27 April 2017, the order has been offering euthanasia to mentally ill patients in hospitals located in the county. The killing on request has been legally permitted in Belgium since 2002. Since then, the "people's circle" has been widened by "improvements", which can have access to legal euthanasia. This includes the euthanasia of children, which can be carried out at the parents' request.
The decision of the Belgian branch of the Catholic Hospital led to a wave of indignation in the Catholic world. René Stockmann, the Father General of the Order, publicly expressed his disapproval and urged his Belgian confreres to respect the right of life "absolutely."

Adaptation to applicable, state law: Collaboration with the culture of death

About a dozen patients of hospitals belonging to the order had asked for euthanasia in the weeks before the euthanasia decision was announced. This led to the decision to submit to the state-sanctioned culture of death. The Belgian Provincial of the Order justified the new line with the Belgian legislation, which the order merely accommodates.

Collaboration with the culture of death
Ultimatum against the collaboration with the culture of death

The "strict conditions" under which the Order intends to carry out euthanasia are only valid on paper in Belgium. As studies have shown, the control mechanisms provided by law have never worked. They were regarded as a main argument for the legalization of euthanasia. Critics say that neither the legislature nor the executive or judiciary in Belgium want a real control. Therefore, there is a great deal of room for abuse.
The Catholic Church, in principle, rejects suicide and euthanasia; it considers a human life as sacred from procreation to natural death. Only God, according to ecclesiastical understanding, is master of life and death.
Already in April, the question arose as to whether Pope Francis would intervene. Now, with his consent, an intervention has taken place. The Belgian branch of the Broeders van Liefde was given an ultimatum to dissociate itself from euthanasia by 31 August; otherwise, steps would be taken against the Order in canon law.
The Order's Father General, René Stockmann, informed Catholic News Service that Pope Francis personally endorsed the action of the CDF. "The Holy Father was formally informed by them and also about the next steps," says Stockmann in an e-mail of 8 August.

The provincial government must sign a joint declaration

The members of the Provincial Council of the Belgian Broeders van Liefde must sign a joint declaration by which they submit "unreservedly" to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church,
"which has always taught that human life must be absolutely respected and protected from generation to natural death."
A canonical procedure has been initiated against those who are not to sign the document. Those Belgian Broeders van Liefde refusing to sign could be threatened with excommunication. The recognition of the Belgian order could be withdrawn as a Catholic order. By the entanglement in euthanasia, says Stockmann, "the Catholic identity of the Order is endangered". The Catholic columnist, Francisco Fernandez de la Cigoña, explained that it is unacceptable for Catholic religious to promote euthanasia and collaborate with the culture of death and thereby oppose ecclesiastical doctrine.
According to the Catholic News Service, the Belgian Broeders van Liefde had asked for the approval of their new euthanasia system. When the Belgian bishops and the then prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Gerhard Cardinal Müller, spoke out against this, the hospital order ignored it.
To the hospital of the Broeders van Liefde (Brothers of Love) see the second essay by Ferdinand Boischot:
  1. The "Broeders van Liefde" from Belgium: from the charitable congregation to the social group
  2. The "Broeders van Liefde" from Belgium: the main cariatative order of Belgium
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Photo: La Cigüeña de la Torre / InfoVaticana
Trans: Tancred

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hans Küng the "Exegete of the Pope" Needs Help: He is In Danger of Suicide

Is Hans Küng in Danger of Suicide?
 (Rome) The left-liberal Italian daily La Repubblica flirts with being  the "house paper" of Pope Francis.  It also wants to set the "standards of value" from this position. This includes effusive praise for Hans Küng's latest book on euthanasia. The theologian suffers from Parkinson's whome Repubblica has presented as the "exegete of the Pope". Küng seems seriously suicidal. More than that: His book dedication sounds like an imminent suicide. Will Küng savor his rebellion against the Church until the bitter end?
The newspaper founder Eugenio Scalfari, in his well-known atheist and anticlerical from Masonic tradition, has been granted  generous access, correspondence and interviews of the Argentine Pope.  The other, trendsetting left media throughout the world is influenced by La Repubblica.   Reciprocally La Republica  forms the Italian link to an international media chain with ideological affinity.

La Repubblica "Papal" Steering Committee?

It is unclear, still, how the unusual contact came exactly about. Neither Pope Francis nor Scalfari has  hinted so far,  to have met each before the conclave. According to the representation of the doyen of left-liberal journalism Pope Francis was looking for the contact after Scalfari had written rhetorical questions to the Pope in the summer of 2013 in two editorials.
The pope reads La Repubblica ? What caused the Pope, to "request" to respond precisely to Scalfaris? The use of this style means ultimately belongs to the everyday routine in media, as just proved. Or put it another way: Who has Pope Francis and why come to this contact?
Whatever the case. La Repubblica benefits heartily since it is the nimbus of a "quasi-papal" steering committee. So also when it comes to those "Catholic" positions and  to showcase people who are Scalfaris' lodge mates. This includes both the German theologian Hans Küng and the "newest" concern: the legalization of euthanasia.

Hans Küng's Pamphlet: "Die Happy?"

Hans Küng: Die Happy 
 La Repubblica  announced the appearance of a new book by the former Conciliar Peritus in a one page article . "The decision of Hans Küng: 'I, a German theologian will alone decide when and how to die,' said the grandiose headline. It was followed by the subtitle that Küng has 'newly opened' with his new book, the "discussion about the good death".  Scalfaris' Daily  employs its considerable propaganda effort, in which it has admittedly rich experience. Much effort for the 160 page pamphlet published on September 1st,  entitled  "Die Happy?" (Piper, Munich, 2014), which ultimately contained the easily predictable cud  of the usual undigested and indigestible, relentlessly boring catho-progressive positions. But for La Repubblica there is  no fanfare critical of the church that is too weird, too insignificant to be untenable, as that they had not broadcast it loudly in text and image.
The international left-liberal media chain works. Finally, the West German counterpart,   Süddeutsche Zeitung has already published a mega review by Matthias Drobinski. The domino effect of Hans Kung's book has passed around the globe. The book also includes a discussion by TV presenter Anne Will with Hans Küng. Will offered an interview with the chairman of the euthanasia organization Dignitas in 2007 and 2009 the German "death helper" and former Hamburg Senator, Roger Kusch, on her talk show as a platform for their euthanasia theses. In November 2013, she  broadcast the interview with Hans Küng under the "cute" title ""Euthanasia - the Good Death ", which has now been printed in the book.

The "Exegete of the Pope" and the Dark Evil  Prefect of the CDF

Since La Repubblica not stand back, but - "ennobled" by special papal benevolence - lay it on  a bit.  Repubblica author Andrea Tarquini presents Hans Küng as "one of the greatest Catholic theologians of our time, the great rebel (but exegete of Pope Francis)" . Thus it is written, literally: Hans Küng is the "exegete" of the Pope. La Repubblica must know. Until now, the Vatican was quite shy about denying the paper. And yet when it has happened, then in the form of a rather ambiguous balancing act. Vatican spokesman Father Lombardi SJ is not  an enviable man.
In fact, Hans Küng had announced last spring, that he  no longer has to be one of the "Pope's critics" since the election of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio. For Pope Francis had "overcome" that "unnecessary doctrinal pettiness" of the indissolubility of sacramental marriage, and was already ready to finally justify the killing of unborn children and to consider the admission of women priests. In short, all the best under the starry sky of Küng and Scalfari? Yes, if not for the dark evil, backward-looking pressure of the CDF and its prefect"  Gerhard Cardinal Ludwig Müller. Is Cardinal Müller even blame that Hans Küng is suicidal today?

Who is Surprised by Hans Kung's Euthanasia Support?

What did the "exegete of the Pope" proclaim ex Cathedra  that progressive theologian who'd quite come to the heights of glory for the future? What is it, what is La Repubblica  announcing in a dramatic production with drum roll and fanfare? Küng argues in terms of suicide for a "differentiated attitude" to unblock the discussion between Christians and non-Christians. One is amazed. The unilateral disarmament on the Catholic side is music to  Scalfaris' ears, it is not new though, and certainly not from Hans Kung's mouth.
One marvels at La Repubblica: do Scalfaris' editors really believe this, that it was a sensation and would breathlessly tear off the stool, if someone like Hans Küng, the "great theologian" and "exegete of the Pope", who, is already for the murder of unborn children has for women priests, for  free sex with a condom, for the Communion for all, for direct democracy in the Vatican and so on so forth, and so persistently,  has now arrived,  sick at the end of his life, to also promote euthanasia?

For 20 years and Still For "The First Time"

In La Repubblica they seem to be convinced or at least seem to be doing that. Without blushing he states: "It is the first time that a great Catholic theologian has "spoken out" for the euthanasia. The explanation was delivered  just like this by Tarquini. A few lines later he writes: "Hans Küng suffers from Parkinson's disease. He is located in Switzerland in an institution and was already understood to want to end his life when the symptoms of a mental and physical decline are clearly noticeable. For a long time he has been  a member of the Swiss organization 'Exit', perhaps the most infamous in the world  to those that it helps, because they are exposed to a decline  in physical and mental abilities and intolerable pain who want to die without care. "
Apart from the fact that modern palliative care today has good pain control, Hans Küng proclaimed in 1994 that there needs to be "death with dignity". So there have been at least 20 years since Hans Küng weighed against the Church's teaching on euthanasia. For La Repubblica 20 years but are just "for the first time".

Hans Küng "prophet" of the attack on the right to life

To the contents? It is anticipated: The reading is not worthwhile. According to Hans Küng the "right to life" is in no  way derives "a  duty to live". "Since when is it derived from the right to freedom, that there is an obligation to  make stupid remarks?" was the question in the weekly magazine Tempi . No surprise there: The argumentative Salto of the justification of abortion to justify suicide is just a leap in logic. Not to mention: For those who euphemistically employ describing "euthanasia" as the "sweet death",  are doing the same as killing. The attack on the right to life of  people is always radical, brutal, categorically and ultimately boundless. Hans Küng is its "prophet".

Thinking Acrobatics: Küng Compares Martyrs with Suicides

Küng naturally knows the  preferences for linguistic acrobatics of his time. In always formulating a "positive" urge, he describes the word euthanasia   with all seriousness: "Euthanasia is understood as an extreme life coaching". He doesn't shrink from  his dialectical swoop, the willingness of the early,  persecuted Christians in the Roman Empire presented martyrdom   as a form of euthanasia. For the early Christians would have preferred to die rather than to betray their brothers and sisters. Why should  suicide, insists Küng, also be  "a way to hell"? In all seriousness,  Hans Küng equated the Christian martyrs with the ideologically  motivated suicide of Piergiorgio Welby.
So in the end  the tragic statement remains that euthanasia advocates in fact have a (nearly) Catholic theologian on their side. "But not for long if Küng wants to be a serious man", says Tempos .
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: La Repubblica (screenshots) 
Trans: Tancred

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Belgium's "Next Strike": Euthanasia Without Application

(Brussels) Euthanasia, "this was the second strike, but the third will follow immediately." The new euthanasia law just went into effect  that allows the euthanasia of children and of the mentally ill in Belgium without age limit, on their request. But the death ideologues have claimed  that to achieve this objective the next "expansion" is already at hand.
On 23 September 2002  Belgium's  first euthanasia law came into force. "Only" those who are not mentally, ill adults should be euthanized having expressed their request, and been tested.  Critics have warned for years that the reality is quite different and people will be cheerfully euthanized by the law.

Phased Disinhibition of Killing

Nevertheless, Parliament voted last 13 February, recently reading an extension of the law to minors and the mentally ill. Critics thought, however, that both groups were not in a position to make such a far-reaching and definitive decision and were therefore expressly excluded in order to prevent abuse. But a large majority of Belgian MPs consider it logical and conceivable that a two year old child is able to make decisions, that a two year old is in any way capable of making a request for euthanasia of their own free will. In fact,  this majority tacitly accepted that third parties could  decide on the killing of wards.

Friday, February 28, 2014

210,000 Signatures for King Philippe -- Not to Sign the Child Euthanasia Law

(Brussels) Philippe, King of the Belgians,  was presented with 210,000 signatures  by citizens who asked him not to sign the law for the child euthanasia.  
Without the signature of the King, the law can not attain legal force. Belgium would be the world's first country that allows euthanasia of children.
The example of his predecessors in similar situations is inconsistent. His uncle, King Baudouin (1951-1993), refused to sign the law legalizing abortion. To resolve the constitutional conflict and to prevent the abolition of the monarchy, he resigned for a day. On this day the law was put into force without his intervention.  Because he had no children, his younger brother Albert II was succeeded as King of the Belgians. He had   no qualms of conscience in 2002 to sign the euthanasia law in force. Reigning since 2013,  King Philippe is the son of Albert II.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Wikicommons

Sunday, February 9, 2014

"Time to Go Into the Oven" -- Mortal Fright Before Death in Suicide

(Amsterdam) A disoriented world celebrates not life, but death. Of course with ulterior motives. In the Netherlands an eighty year old couple celebrated and danced  and then they killed themselves. Even in the land of the euthanasia the euthanizing of the couple was illegal. But a media campaign insists that no one will be prosecuted. After all, the children were delighted: "It was a great farewell." For  mother it was time "to go into the oven."
David Postma and Willemke Postma-Kloosterman organized a "farewell party". He was 86 years old, she 84 They gathered their four children at their home in the Netherlands, listened to music together, danced to and after they had said goodbye to the children, they killed themselves.

"Great, Fantastic,"

"It was fantastic, a great farewell," the children told the enthusiastic newspaper Algemeen Dagblad about the suicide of their parents. In the Netherlands, euthanasia is legal as active "assistance in dying," as well as the passive "euthanasia". The poison for suicide is, however, a prescription. The certifying physician must consider whether the applicant meets all the requirements prescribed by law. First and foremost, it means that he will be in the final stages of a terminal illness or have to suffer excruciating pain without prospect of improvement.
David and Willemke Postma met none of these criteria. The only complaints were some from old age. According to the Dutch newspaper they were only "restless" because of the idea, perhaps that sooner or later they would have to iive in a nursing home or a hospice. In other words, they made ​​the idea of death so frightening that they decided to kill themselves. They bought the lethal cocktail easily via the Internet. No one, however, had anything to say, neither the four children, all in their fifties, nor the twelve grandchildren. They were  limited, "to accompanying"  their parents and grandparents, as the Dagblad writes.

"In the oven"

Police opened an investigation, but the Dutch media have launched a veritable campaign about it that no one should be held criminally responsible, because it was a "great farewell." Although the media doggedly spread the contrary, the last day of the Postma couple was not so "lucky". The parents received the children, "in pajamas". They did not even dress up. "Today there is no need to put on makeup," said the mother, because "it's time to go into the oven", in reference to the impending burning of their bodies in the crematorium.

Trivialization of Death

The "joy" of the children about the suicide of parents  was recalled in the words of Cardinal Elio Sgreccia about the euthanasia law in Belgium that is just as valid for the Netherlands: "Europe has embarked on the road in the genocide car. What happens in Belgium, is the signal for a dramatic loss of humanity, a dramatic setback in the level of civilizational. A  "loss" and "regression" of civilization and humanity, about which responsible doctors have warned. The Medical Society of St. Luke in Belgium warns legislators who currently have to decide on an extension of the euthanasia law to children and the mentally ill: "Attention, the euthanasia law leads to the trivialization of death." But no one seems to listen to them.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Tempi
Trans: Tancred

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pope Francis Receives François Hollande -- 10,000 Catholics Ask Pope for "Clear Words"

(Paris / Vatican) On 24 January French President François Hollande was received by Pope Francis in audience. The contrast could not be greater. France's socialist government is in a hard cultural struggle against the non-negotiable principles and thus against the Catholic Church. To be precise, it is a brutal war of extermination with abortion, euthanasia, gay marriage, adoption rights for homosexuals, surrogacy and gender ideology. A group of French Catholics has appealed to Pope Francis. The call has a petition that has been signed within a few days of more than 100,000 Frenchmen. The appeal in full:

Your Holiness,

You have granted the President of the French Republic an audience and will receive him in the coming 24 January  at the Vatican.
With faith and hope, we turn to you, Your Holiness, to ask you to kindly to make known to  Monsieur François Hollande  to address the deep unease and growing concern of many French Catholics.
Because  French Catholics,  who  have demonstrated en masse  in order to express their rejection of the so-called Mariage pour tous-law, an unjust law that arbitrarily deprives the child of his right to have  a father and a mother  discomfort, and the gate that has opened  the door for the commercialization of the human body have  not been heard by Monsieur François Hollande. These rallies, although peaceful, have been suppressed by unworthy methods, such as, among others, we have even been charged under the lamented European Union and its resolution No. 1947.
Unhappy because the French Catholics have been the object of a media smear campaign of rare hardness for the last  year. The Church desecrations have multiplied in recent years, especially by Femen , a group of radical feminists. This profanation has been hardly found any response in the media. No member of the government or the responsible politicians of the ruling majority considered it necessary to condemn this desecration, which deeply hurt us, and not even a word of solidarity was pronounced. The ads were allowed to be posted. Many French Catholics can not help but to draw a comparison to the strict, unanimous and legitimate reactions against those responsible when other religious communities are under attack in France.
Unhappy finally, because no longer lett the ridicule, the teasing and the attacks on  the highest places can't even be counted.  On a  large national radio station, the Minister of Labor made a joke about the Holy Eucharist ​​a few months ago, declaring, among other things: "We don't make any  invocations. We are not at the Mass, to pray. We are acting."  On social networks, the parliamentary staff of a socialist senator and cosigner of the gay marriage law, for the crowd to be fired upon, who were demonstrating against the Lex Taubira  and this senator still received the full support,  Such examples like this are unfortunately,  very many. French Catholics are tired of being a religious group that can be disparaged with impunity.
There is worry because these attacks against Catholics are a large step backwards in  fundamental and human rights, which is fostered by the Government through the promotion and blows the culture of death.
Last July  the National Assembly (lower house of parliament) established the conditions for research on human embryos. The French Catholics affirm their rejection of an idea of the child, where the child doesn't have any rights outside of his parents plans for him.
Recently, the offense of "obstruction of abortion" on the mere expression of criticism in the killing of unborn children was extended. French Catholics to be denied in this way, in violation of the freedom of expression, which was previously a basic pillar of our democracy, to express their opposition to abortion and abortion policy in the future.
The government lays the foundations to bring a bill to a vote, legalizing euthanasia. To this end, many were members of the National Ethics Committee of Monsieur François Hollande included, which today has no religious members.
Finally, the education minister, who is actively promoting gender theory at the schools said, without any ifs and buts according to his will: "We need the Catholic religion to be replaced by a republican religion" and "any  qualifications by  the student must be torn out by the roots" including the familial bond. In this way, the educational rights of parents to educate their children according to their beliefs is threatened.
Your Holiness will naturally find better words than we do, to bring our discomfort on the topics expressed here. However, we ask with confidence and gratitude, that you will officially pronounce to Monsieur François Hollande during his visit this coming 24 January, the terrible concern of many French Catholics. It is an honor for us to be able to say with the greatest respect, to be the humble servant of Your Holiness.
A Group of French Catholics
Translation into German: Giuseppe Nardi according to the statement by  Abbé Pierre Laurent Cabantous
image: Wikicommons / tempos (assembly)
Trans: Tancred

Friday, December 13, 2013

Belgian Senate Votes For the Euthanasia of Children -- Without Age Limits

(Brussels), the Belgian Senate voted in the night to agree on the euthanasia for children today. The Belgian euthanasia law, which previously forbade euthanasia for minors, now may also be applied to very young children of any age.

With 50 votes to 17, the Belgian Senate approved the amendment. Now the House must vote on it, then the second and final vote in the Senate. Only a quarter of the senators refused to vote for euthanasia by children's consent. The Belgian euthanasia law stipulates that the patient concerned must submit a request for euthanasia to the judggment of a psychologist who will evaluate the suitability of the applicant. A child is considered with good reason as having no legal capacity, who can not vote and does not have a license. However, for the vast majority of Belgian senators, a three year old child may be able to decide to want to be euthanized.

Law to Kill Troublesome and Costly Ill Children

Therefore, critics accuse the proponents of intending to create a law for the annoying and costly, in order to be able to kill the disabled and sick children legally. The mechanisms to "protect" against abuse, are pure farce, as already is proven in a dramatic way by the euthanasia law in force since 2002 for adults. The ability to euthanize children, would not "help" the kids, but allows adults, to whom they are entrusted, to do away with them.

The Belgian euthanasia law is the most liberal in the world. The senators refused to set an age limit up to which at least one child is safe when in need of protection of his life. A five year old child suffering from "excruciating pain" or a terminal illness is in the "final phase", and can be euthanised in Belgium if the relatives are in agreement and a psychologist's judgment is obtained. The safety barriers, however, apply in practice only as "a nice facade for a murder law" (see separate reports Belgium: Child Pediatricians even in Catholic hospitals, may provide Euthanasia for Children or "My Mother was Euthanized, Even Though She Was Not Sick" - a documentary film tells the brutality of the Belgian euthanasia law and "Woman Was 'Transformed' to Man, but Felt Like a 'Monster' and was Euthanised"- Happened in Belgium ).

"New Form of Barbarism Spreads"

Ahead of the vote, several pediatricians supported the euthanizing of children. Some of these doctors are also active in Catholic children's hospitals. Other doctors warn on of the "dangerous piece of legislation which puts the safety of our seriously ill children at risk". After approval by the Senate, these doctors have accused the senators, "to have voted for a law without weighing the consequences. The value of a child's life now has a price which is set by adults, of which the children will certainly be affected in the desired sense. Sick children do not think about euthanasia. The law is therefore objectively meaningless. It would be necessary, however, to accompany the parents of these children, say the doctors, in order to oppose euthanasia.

"We have to be very concerned about the development of the Belgian euthanasia law and have every reason to be deeply troubled. The Belgian citizens seem to prefer to want an agent that prepares their lives, or the lives of others, for an end, than real pity, or readiness to help and instead to sacrifice the sick and the vulnerable in our society. With great rapidity a new form of barbarism is spreading," say the doctors against euthanasia.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi image: Wikicommons

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Is Euthanasia the Only Answer to Bad Conditions in Prisons? -- Ten Belgian Prisoners Want to be Killed

(Brussels) Belgium:  the Catholic Austrian Netherlands for euthanasia Eldorado? Ten Belgian prisoners have applied for euthanasia. One will get it.  One Belgian senator and a journalist ask: "Did we not abolish the death penalty abolished in 1996?"
The judges have it Frank, granted to a prisoner, to "liberate" by euthanasia in liability fate.  Frank, however, does not meet the conditions set by the Belgian euthanasia law requirements. He is neither in the "final stages of an incurable disease" yet he suffers "unbearable pain". Yet since the euthanasia law has entered into force  in Belgium  it is allowed  to legally carry someone into the afterlife, creating a ever increasing gray area. Doctors, judges, authorities have interpreted the law in an increasingly "generous"  from.
What was granted in 2002 with the claim that  only  allow it only very narrowly defined and well-defined circumstances, the legalized killing, has developed a long uncontrolled momentum.

 Belgian Death

A total of ten Belgian prisoners have sought euthanasia in the "detention facility" . This was reported by the Belgian television program Panorama this October 20th. They broadcast a report on euthanasia in Belgium prisons.

Authorized Death

So far, only a single Belgian prisoner has been granted euthanasia, according to the doctor Francis Van Mol, who is the Director General of the Health Service in Belgian prisons. The prisoner called Frank VDB  had applied for euthanasia in 2012.  And it was granted to him. The lethal injection has not yet been given. The journalist Dirk Leestmans interviewed Frank for Panorama . Frank said, he does not want to be released from prison, because he considers himself "dangerous". In prison, however, he has suffered under the deprivation of liberty. He considers it "unbearable suffering" to be locked in a cell.

"Escape" from Prison

The same reasoning was described by nine other prisoners, who were also seeking  "freedom" by being killed. This cause was made known  by  the Belgian Senator Louis Ide. He brought it to the public, that in Belgium prisons prisoners will be killed rather to stay locked up as in the cell. The situation in the prisons was "intolerable" said the Senator, not the lives of these prisoners. Overcrowding, inadequate facilities, no way to work and no prospect of a future that may be the reasons, the prisoners  prefer to leave in death, instead of the "Hell" a bank of the oars  in the prison system, said  the senator ."Who would ever endure, to be confined for 23 hours a day to just two square meters, which is what is available to a prisoner in Belgian prisons," said Senator Ide. The application is made obviously  from despair.

Legitimate Questions

Even the journalist Leestmans is at the end of his report, questions whether euthanasia requests of prisoners are not caused by intolerable living conditions in Belgian prisons: "Is Frank asking about being killed because he is sick, or because the conditions of life in prison as are bad? Is there no other way to relieve Frank's suffering than to kill him? Was not the death penalty abolished in Belgium in 1996? "

Not Terminally Ill

Also of the other nine prisoners who have applied for euthanasia, no one is in the final stages of a disease. To be precise, no one is really sick. Death is the only perspective of a prisoner in a civilized country? Or should euthanasia free detention places that are needed urgently for the many new additions? Euthanasia as part of the austerity measures of the state?
"Recently, the law will also apply to people who are not sick at all, but claim unbearable suffering ',"  said Leestmans in his report.
In the meantime  numerous studies and media reports state that the Belgian euthanasia law is abused in a startling way.  And  this happens everywhere. Obviously, the abuse has reached the prison, should Frank really  be killed.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Tempi
Trans: Tancred

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Will the Heretic Hans Küng Euthanize Himself?

In an interview with Swiss Television, Küng said he was
ashamed to belong to the Catholic Church [Screen Shot SGR SSR]

Model Heretic

Originally from Switzerland, the shoe salesman's son, assigned as an ostensibly Catholic theologian, had his permission to teach withdrawn, because of continuing to spread of heresy in 1980, by Pope John Paul II, whose canonization progresses in the Church.

In an interview with a Swiss radio station on the 20th of December 1979, Küng was completely surprised "of such an action," which puts him in the vicinity of “heretics” (said the interviewer).

Küng is considered to be the mouthpiece of the modernists who seek the protestantization of the Church.

At the same time, the examples of his person shows how far the “Catholic” university has removed from the theology of Catholicism and the (Catholic) Church.

Inferior Opponent to Cardinal Ratzinger

Küng has been hyped by the Left to be the contra-part of Cardinal Ratzinger. Küng, who was transferred early and without teaching certificate at the known Left University in Tubingen as professor of fundamental theology, had already after 1960 made his demand for the abolition of celibacy, who called ecumenism, the destruction of Catholic teaching content, the killing of children in the womb and the ordination of women and promoting the lay chalice.

Demands, which ever since then have been repeated like a neoprotestanten mantra.

Surprisingly, Küng did not transform to the Protestantism of Luther’s fiery anti-Semitism, who has so long ago fulfilled all of  his demands.

When Cardinal Ratzinger was elected Pope, Küng had, according to his staff "became ashen, is supposed to have had beaten over the head with his hands." No later than the election of Pope Benedict XVI., he spoke an opinion on the work of Kung.

Visual impairment and Parkinson’s

According to his own report, Küng is suffering from Parkinsons, and could barely write or even read any more due to an eye injury.

Although he was not suicidal, he was “lived long”.

Since now his imagined volume of his memoirs is thus also the last, he would be retiring from public life.

Even Abortion as Publicity Stunt

To enable the advertisement of this last work of the die hard theologian, Küng has addressed himself to suicide attackers (for his own behalf).

What is "a scholar who can not read and write," asks Küng of himself.

The suicide pills of Swiss euthanasia institutions have particularly impressed him. Perhaps he will even be the protagonist of a "self-abortion camp" inspired by a U.S. TV station - with live broadcast of course.

Shallow Grave in Tübingen

Küng has already even picked the shallow grave.

At one time the Church buried the bodies of suicides and representatives of the "dishonorable professions” (like executioners) just outside the church cemetery, for good reason.

SSPX as a Last Resort Before the Descent into Hell

If God deems to treat kindly with Küng, He might send him a priest of the SSPX for confession. As a last attempt to return him from his God forsaken way.

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Swiss Canton of St. Gallen Advises Murder of the Elderly in its Hostels

Stiftskirche Photo:wikicommons
Edit: in edition to removing God from their national anthem, the very Catholic Swiss Canton St. Gallen, won’t rule out euthanasia in its elder hostels. Also, here, And campaigns to remove the cross from the Swiss flag as well.

St. Gallen, 15.8.13 (Kipa) A commission issued a recommendation for nursing homes to deal with suicide organizations in the canton of St. Gallen. This was announced by the Canton on Wednesday. A general access or denial of access to basic euthanasia organizations in all of St. Gallen homes would be "no solution", it says in the message. The Commission for Gerontology yet stresses the importance of transparency for members, residents and home workers.

If the move to a nursing home is necessary for the elderly, it is important for them and their families to know when choosing the facility whether euthanasia organizations have access to an institution or not.

A general access or a fundamental denial of access for euthanasia organizations would be "no solution" in the Commission's view. Homes would differ for their employees as well as residents.

The Commission is of the opinion that homes should regulate and communicate clearly in dealing with euthanasia organizations. "Not only relatives and residents, but also employees rely on transparency, what and if it is possible." This uncertainty could be avoided.

Definitions and Information about Regulations in Other Cities

The recommendation, a twelve-page document, contains further explanations of terms around the topic of "euthanasia", information on regulations in other cities, literature as well as an annex on the approach to assisted suicide by a suicide organization.

The Commission for Gerontology works on behalf of the Department of the Interior. It deals with themes such as old-age policy. (Kipa / com / bal / pen)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Belgian Socialists: Euthanasia for Minors Also

Brussels (  Belgian Socialists want to expand active assistance in dying for minors.  Media reports (tuesday) will apply to youth and children, who "have the maturity and the soundness of judgment, to understand all of the consequences",  can be entitled to undergo euthanasia.  Additionally, there may be a statement of understanding by the parents,  as it says in a drafted bill of the Socialist Party of President Elio Di Rupo.

The Flemish Christian Democrats stress that this is not a proposal of the government.  There are six parties participating in the government.  The proposal originated from Senator Philippe Mahoux, who is according to Belgian media, the "father" of the current assisted death law.

Active assistance in death has been permitted in certain circumstances in Belgium for ten years.  According to valid law a terminally sick patient in full possession of his mental faculties must express the desire to die "voluntarily, considered and repeatedly".  There must also be no hope for improvement.  The illness must make the continued existence for the patient "physically or psychologically unbearable".

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Monday, November 26, 2012

More News Stories -- Resistance Against French President -- Underground Bishop Dies

Resistance Against the Homosexual Comrades

France.  Two thousand French mayors are asking of French President, Comrade Francoise Hollande, that no homosexual marriages are to be conducted. On Wednesday, the speaker of the Socialist government, that no mayor will be able to fall back on his conscience.

Limburg:  Diocesan Speaker Leaves After Three Months

Germany.  Eva Demmerle (45) is resigning from her post as Press Speaker of the Diocese of Limburg after only three months for family reasons.  This was reported by the site ''.  Frau Demmerele made her decision while on vacation.  She was the Press Speaker of the Emperor's eldest son Otto von Habsburg (+ 2011).

Underground Bishop Has Died

On November 6th the Chinese Underground Bishop Samuel Guo Chaunzhen (94) died. This was reported by Vatican newspaper 'L'Osservatore Romano' recently.  The deceased began in 1944 with his priestly ordination.  After the Cultural Revolution he spent sixteen long years in a work camp and under house arrest.  In 1963 the Communists forced him to work in the food industry, so that he could not be active as a priest.  Then 19 years later he could work as a pastor.  In 1983 he founded a Seminary in eastern China.  In 1988 he was named by John Paul II as the Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Jinan.

Hate as an Answer to Truth

Germany.  On Monday the famous Cologne Capuchin, Father Paul Terwitte, in the broadcast 'Hart aber fair" in the forced church tax broadcaster 'ARD' about euthanasia.  In the broadcast Witwer introduced a lady who had been euthanized by a Death Doctor.  The priest asked the husband: "Why should your wife conduct her suicide with the help of a doctor?  Why didn't you find a razor with which she could have cut an artery?"  Already during the broadcast, there was a hate campaign against the critics of euthanasia.  On Wednesday the intimidated priest apologized on ''.  In a forced church-tax broadcaster he should have asked "more sensitive questions".  He still remains, however, an opponent of euthanasia.

Insurance Fund Pays for the Killing of their Customers

Holland.  The Netherlands introduces euthanasia on a health insurance certificate.  The Insurance Fund 'Menzis' has already been working since March together with mobile death teams. The governing body of the Insurer openly lets its members offer euthanasia.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gloria Thurm und Taxis Exhorts the Bishops to be Courageous

Princess Gloria asks, what everyone is thinking: "Where are the courageous Bishops, who dare, to go against the Zeitgeist and defend unborn lives?" A quiet protest scribble won't do: "Opposition is the duty of a Christian."

( Every year about 100,000 children die from abortion -- "if one believes the official figures".

The Regensburg Princess, Gloria von Thurm und Taxis wrote this in an article for the German magazine 'Focus'.

Death instead of Help

The Princess is angry about the numbers, about "which we have unfortunately grown accustomed to."

"Will we really just look on, as we kill our own children?"

She asks, as many Einsteins, Goethes or Manns about death.

That the State supports "this mass genocide", supporting the cost in over ninety percent of the cases, makes this a perfect scandal .

Mothers, who don't desire their children, can give them up for adoption -- continued the Princess.

It's an objection that a mother will not be able to give her own child away once she's given birth.

But: "It is madness, to kill your own life's blood, rather than to give entrust it to another pair."

Not merely, rather, but because of Birth Control

Princess Gloria insists that most are exposed to condoms at twelve years of age.

For that reason every fifth child in Germany is slaughtered:

"For over forty percent of the mothers, it would have been her first child."

Hence ,insists the Princess, don't learn a responsible approach to sexuality:

"Here, there needs to be a revision of thinking -- also on the part of the State."

The schools and "the entire public propaganda machine" must reestablish the value of an unborn person again -- she insists.

Every child is a wonder of nature.

Today they would have aborted Beethoven

Princes Gloria argues, using the German composure Ludwig van Beehtoven († 1827).

He had nine siblings. Several of them were handicapped.

The brutal reality:

"Ludwig van Beethoven would have been prophylacticly aborted, no one would want to take the risk of bringing a handicapped child into the world."

The Princess bluntly insists that almost every mother willing to have an abortion could be persuaded by money not to kill her child:

As far as that goes, she insists that the State would profit when the number of births climb:

"We should promote our human capital, instead of liquidating it."

All of the Union Parties [supposedly pro-life] are Falsely Labeled

Since the introduction of abortion it has been the case that "all of the Union Parties are falsely labeled" -- stated Princess Gloria.

For her it is "only consequent" that now the Christian Democratic politicians should set themselves against the pre-implantation diagnostic for the selection and killing of artificially implanted children.

Bishops are Cowards

For the Princess it is "absolutely inconceivable", why the Church is not causing a decisive storm against this situation:

"Where are the courageous Bishops, who dare, to go against the Zeitgeist to defend unborn life?"

The Princess knows no one among the Bishops, "Who has made an ongoing outcry against this injustice which cries to heaven."

Hopeless initiatives against the mass slaughter were quickly silenced by the media:

"Then Bishops lose the courage, alone of all the concerns, to become unloved."

The Princess holds the mirror before the irresponsible senior Bishops: The cowardice of the Bishops will still be bitterly avenged -- she reckons.

Chemical Club against Minors

Princess Gloria offers a hard judgement against the "Green" extremists.

She exponsed this as "horribly inconsequential":

"One can not on one side promote sustainable thinking and a back to nature while on the other side proclaiming the right to an abortion."

The anti-child pill she described as "a pure chemical club", which is already prescribed to adolescent girls.

Euthanasia hits old and poor

Finally, the Princess turned against the growing threat in Germany of the euthanasia of lives considered to be unworthy of life.

This is dangerous for the poor and the wealthy -- she continued with her analysis:

"Whoever is poor, must consider, that they will be given a fatal injection, because perhaps the room of the elder home is in need of being used and is too expensive."

And: "Whoever is wealthy, has to deal with an inheritance, who hope for a quicker death."

Princess Gloria recalled on this that there are sufficient elderly from Belgium and the Netherlands who are coming to Germany, because they fear to be killed in their own homelands.

The Princess's Fatal Conclusion:

"As soon as human life is not seen any longer as a gift fromm God, the intent will climb to find methods to end it quickly -- freely or not."

For her it would be high ime that the Church should loudly rebel.

Because: "A quiet scribble of protest won't do. Resistance is the duty of the Christian." auf Deutsch.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cardinal Sean O'Malley is Euthanizing his Priests

While Boston College has been funding abortions and birth control, +Sean has been embracing the culture of death.

From "Throw the Bums Out", here, Cardinal O'Malley is moving some of the priests to a treatment facillity for pederasts, although their names have been cleared at a Diocesan tribunal.

Carol McKinley maintains that the six priests are "falsely" accused. Apparently they have been cleared of wrongdoing by the Diocese but are still being moved and having their benefits cut off.

According to an updated article, here, two of the priests, Father Tivnan and Father Plourde are actually missing somewhere between the Canada facillity which couldn't admit them and the home they left in Boston.

Of course, Cardinal Sean is already trimming priests' benefits to save archdiocese pension system.