Thursday, June 6, 2019

Pope Speaks Out on Suicide of Dutch Girl — Demonic Tweets Follow

Where hope is missing: Noa Pothoven and the cruel culture of death.

Edit: now the evil Gabriel will turn on the Pope.

(Rome) Pope Francis found clear words against suicide and euthanasia. He spoke of a "defeat for all". The papal statement was made in response to the death of 17-year-old Dutch girl, Noa Pothoven. A message that is shocking indeed.

Pothoven was euthanized last Sunday because of "depression.” So it was reported yesterday by numerous media. The killing was done in a so-called "Lebensendeklinik" [End of Life Clinic]. By this euphemism is meant no medical device, as the name implies, but a killing device.

Noa Pothoven was sexually molested at the age of 11 and 12, and was raped by two Muslims at the age of 14. The rape caused post-traumatic stress, anorexia and depression. Last Sunday, on the basis of the Dutch euthanasia law and with the permission of the parents, the killing of the girl took place.

However, the news of Noa's euthanasia turned out to be a hoax. It is not wrong, however, that the girl is actually dead, in no less dire circumstances.

Stand by the Sufferer

Therefore, Pope Francis took a stand not only against euthanasia but also against suicide.

The news is so incredible that it is hard to believe. Instead of helping their daughter, the parents agreed to have their child killed. But even the ultraliberal euthanasia law of the Netherlands does not allow euthanasia because of depression.

Because she was denied euthanasia, Noa Pothoven, according to the current reconstruction of events, starved and died of thirst by refusing food and fluid intake. And at home and with the consent of her parents.

Noa herself had announced her death on the social networks, including on Instagram. She herself complained there that she was denied euthanasia, "because I am too young." She would have had to undergo psychiatric or psychological therapy first. Only then could she have been killed at the age of 21, "when my brain is fully mature".

"I'm devastated because I can not wait that long," said the 17-year-old.

The cruel suicide is likely to trigger a new discussion on the further expansion of the euthanasia law in order to "spare" those who "wish" such a dreadful death. 

Today, Pope Francis responded with a tweet to the dire news of Pothov's death:

"Euthanasia and assisted suicide are a defeat for all. The answer to which we are called is never to let the sufferer down, never to resign, but to accept with care and love, to give hope. "

Tweet by Pope Francis.
Tweet by Pope Francis.

On the German Twitter account of the Pope, the majority of reactions were negative. The Christian understanding of suffering and death is barely or not at all present in many. However, in the face of pain and death, the delusion of unlimited self-determination reaches its limits anyway.

Some German reactions of incomprehension to the position of the Pope:

The Kroisos Newsleaf writes:

"One wonders, on which planet this #Franziskus lives ... Go to a hospital, and look at some bodies - people are no longer - who vegetate uselessly under mad pain. To them, death is a true, only salvation. "

Thomas Martin wonders:

"Suffering for the sake of suffering?"

Lady [[[Luna Flausn]]] from the Schnuffel round:

"Does that really fall under self-flagellation?"
Nell Hitchens #noAfD:

"Like Mother Teresa? No thank you."

"And if hope is only death?"

Photographer A. Lauer:

"Who are you that you try to impose your masochism on others?"

The Commentator answered with two tweets:

"Every animal may be euthanized so that it does not have to suffer! And man as a thinking, sensitive being must suffer and vegetate? This is neither Christian nor human! Relatives who think otherwise are selfish & unfeeling. "
"Old man, you are a senile, senile old man and have no idea of ​​real life!"

Colonel Guillaume:

"Comrade Holy Father, are not you of the opinion that every human being must decide this question for themselves? So why are you denying people the opportunity? "


"And who cares about all abuse victims of the church Franzi?"

Sandra Müller:

"Only everyone can make that decision for themselves, their decision must be respected by others. No ifs and buts."

There were other dumbfound reactions published on the pope’s other accounts.

5novembre 2020 writes:

"Jesus decided of his own free will to kill himself."

Gabriele writes:

"Noa needed the only possible medicine: Jesus. The fact that she did not get this medicine is the fault of the world! "

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Twitter / (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred


Constantine said...

What? The parents are not even arrested as accessories to the crime? In most countries starving a child is child abuse. And government "Protective Service" would take the child away from the parents, and take them to court. In the photo the parents are drinking beer and laughing. Nothing funny. Nothing to party about. Bunch of airhead parents!

Anonymous said...

It seems the Dutch government failed in every way possible. They failed to protect Noa from her attacker’s. They failed to offer proper healthcare. They offered zero social services. Concerning the angry tweets directed at the Pope, that is how campaigns work. I wonder if that government will even bother to investigate this death.

Howard said...

How much guilt Noa bears is impossible to say, but it is altogether too clear that her family, her friends, and her community bear A LOT of guilt. How much effort did they put into helping her through life, as opposed to helping her end her life? Now, of course, she has become a celebrity and a heroine; it is hard not to suspect this is what they wanted far more than her recovery. Ugh. I only wish she had had the opportunity to meet privately with Elizabeth Smart, who could have spoken from her own horrific experience to show Noa that Life Is Worth Living.

Kathleen said...

It is evident from the comments that most do not Belief their is a life after death, that is eternal. The pain of Hell, they just refuse to accept.

Anonymous said...

Holland, these days, is a VERY frightening country.

Anonymous said...

When we return to GOD, how far must we descend before we recognize satan.

MdSacreCour said...

This is so sad. I wish the girl and her parents had went to the Grief to Grace website and registered and participated in one of these life-changing, healing retreats designed by Theresa Burke, PHD. Her life could have been filled with new hope and turned out very differently. People are important and deserve the opportunity for real healing and in turn to help others heal through their shared experiences. Suicide and euthanasia are beneath the dignity of human beings.

horneyalltime said...

This so called POPE is nothing more than a JOKE. He seems to think that Islam and Christianity are the same. He also seems to think that Their sharia Law is compatible with the USA's Constitution. He is clearly not thinking clearly at all. He should step down and let a SANE person take over for him.