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Monday, January 4, 2021

Following Purge of Left-Wing Fruitcakes at EWTN -- Voris is in Talks to Merge With EWTN

 Edit: you heard about the ouster of the black power sistah, Gloria Purvis.    There has also been a purge of lackadaisical and uninteresting content, not to mention basically heretical, bemoaned by boomer ecclesiastics like the Deacon's Stench, Father Larry and Judaizing heretics like Dawn Eden.

But is it really wise for EWTN to hitch its Opus Dei wagon to Voris, what with Doug Kek and Michael Warsaw who've overseen the general decline of EWTN to just another Evangelical Protestant television station with even worse production value than 700 Club?  Still, Voris is nothing if not an accomplished, award winning journalism.  It was the appearances of good journalism and orthodox Catholicism that drew people to Voris in the first place, but now we're not so sure about this self-appointed savior of Catholic orthodoxy. 

Do Voris and his housemate even go to church?


Friday, September 18, 2020

EWTN Takes Down Caviezel Interview Deeply Critical of Bishops and Clergy -- It's Back Up -- Mel GIbson's New Movie is Coming

 Edit:  Heard this from Michael Hichborn. James Caviezel talks about his new film and the importance of witnessing Christ, especially when there's a cost to it in the Middle East. EWTN took this down previously, because later in the interview, he criticizes the Bishops, but it's back up for now.   I'll try to make a copy of it in case EWTN decides to shoot it down again.  He even explains at one point that many in the hierarchy hated Mother Angelica. 

It's a sad day if you can't tell the difference between a priest, a bishop and a pastor when they become politicians and the priests who do speak out are persecuted. Why isn't the hierarchy standing up to the state?

The interview starts at 45:30.


Thursday, June 4, 2020

Evil Magic Circle Bishops Scrape and Bow Before the Marxist Consensus -- Francis Approves and Sets up Press Op

Hapless Boomers Venerate NewSaint George Floyd and the Site of His
Drug Induced NewMartyrdom Credit: Office of Gov. Walz

Edit: this  pre-planned social engineering media project has brought out hilarious levels of preemptive groveling on the part of the clergy and the laity.  Mexican Supreemacist, Bishop Mark Seitz, Archbishop Hebda, Mark Shea and Dale Ahlquist are going crazy to show their overlords just how much they fear them more than God almighty.

It is interesting to note that Minnesota's cancerous Hebda, despite being Coadjutor for Ex-Cardinal McCarrick in Newark, New Jersey and a personal secretary for Cardinal Donald Wuerl, this magic circle Bishop claims almost complete ignorance of what was going on with respect to predator Cardinals and senior clergy.

Let's also not forget that one of the Principal co-consecrators for his ordination was even the evil Cardinal who allegedly participated in a drug-fueled gay orgy, Cardinal Coccopalomerio.

Birds of a feather.

Speaking of gay, in an effort not to be outdone by the clergy, the grey eminences of the lay apostolic magisterium,  Mark Shea and Dale Ahlquist were present at today's George Floyd memorial in a downtown Minneapolis Church. How Interfaith! (If you didn't think the Chesterton Society was a joke before...)  No doubt this theological Laurel and Hardy team wanted to rush to take a knee, break a lance, so to speak, for this Marxist agenda.  Let us pray that the natives don't detect their insincerity and respond with violence!  Will Mark do irreparable violence to his knees as he kneels for the first time in decades?!  Nature has a way of sorting these kinds of things out!

Finally,  Mexican Supreemacist, Bishop Seitz is being honored by Bergoglio for kneeling, but not to the Eucharist or the Holy Name, which gets you fired, but to show his solidarity to a Marxist agenda, as we said.  This pope approves heartily!

Give us Barabas say the Bishops and the self-appointed lay authorites!  Give us Saint George Floyd!

Denver Newsroom, Jun 2, 2020 / 05:38 pm MT (CNA).- Minnesota clergy, including Archbishop Bernard Hebda of St. Paul-Minneapolis, participated in a silent walking protest Tuesday afternoon to the spot where George Floyd died in police custody last week, stopping to pray at the memorial that had been set up for him. 
Hundreds of local leaders from Christian denominations and other religious traditions were present for the prayerful event.

“While many faiths were represented, there was great unity as we prayed for justice and peace,” Archbishop Hebda said in a tweet Tuesday.


[Catholic Spittle] It’s called “taking a knee,” and many professional athletes around the country have made the gesture publicly to protest police brutality. Lately, even police officers showing solidarity have kneeled around the country before those protesting the May 25 killing of George Floyd, who died after being filmed pinned to the ground with a knee to his neck, constrained by a police officer in Minneapolis.

Until June 1, no Catholic bishop had publicly participated in the gesture but that day, Bishop Mark Seitz of El Paso, Texas, became the first. Surrounded by priests from his diocese who also kneeled with him and holding a “Black Lives Matter” sign, he put both knees on the grass at El Paso’s Memorial Park, where a protest had taken place a day earlier and closed his eyes.

Was he nervous?

Monday, August 22, 2016

NCR Purge: Simcha Fisher is Fired from NCR and EWTN

Edit: after years of attacking faithful Catholics and clergy, their reign at the Neoconservative news organ, The National Catholic Register, Simcha Fisher and Mark Shea have finally been dealt with.  They've been what's wrong with EWTN for a long while.  We've certainly been calling for these people's ouster for a long time. Now, how about Steve Graydanus.  Has anyone forgot that they fired the Cankerous?

There's nothing more despicable than these kinds of people who feed off the American Church.

What took so long?

Was Carolyn McKinley's post what did her in, after she went on a profanity laden rant attacking clergy and faithful Catholics who found fault with her effeminate man friend?

Also covered here...

Finally, remember when the fabulous John Paul Shimek attacked faithful Catholics in a blog which was quickly removed by the editorial staff of NCR?  Things are definitely moving for the better, especially if the comments section were any indication. They were chalk full of intelligent comments from faithful Catholics objecting to his awful blog.

Perhaps things ARE turning for the better at the network gone wrong?

Friday, December 20, 2013

Not only Burke -- Brotherly Purge of Francis the Merciful

(Rome) The Vaticanist Matteo Matzuzzi analyzed the reasons that led to the removal of Cardinal Burke from two Roman Congregations within a few days for the daily newspaper Il FoglioHe sees the main reason in a "completely opposite" understanding of the Church. An interview with Cardinal Burke, published on 12 December  by EWTN finally led  to the fracture. Cardinal Burke expresses  doubt as to whether the Apostolic Exhortation, Evangelii Gaudium could be regarded as part of the papal magisterium at all. The background is also the great influence that the cardinal wielded under Pope Benedict XVI.  on the appointment of bishops in the United States. Part of the American Church saw the opportunity to get rid of this influence under Pope Francis, and to assist them accordingly. Obviously, they met with success. Matzuzzi speaks of a "purge" against the clergy, who are closely related to  Pope Benedict's understanding  of the  Church.  Because of the inflationary celebration of Pope Francis as a "reincarnation" of the "benevolent" Pope John XXIII.,  Matzuzzi writes  of the connection not without a finer, deeper significance between the "cleansing" and the "benevolent Francis". And once again  this signifies the dislike of the new Pontiff against tradition.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Canonist Speaks in Father Corapi's Defense

Editor: We were right about Father Corapi. This railroading going on is what's happened to many a loyal, orthodox priest over the last fifty years. Turns out that his loyal "fan club" also had a certain genius of the laity about him. It is also apparent as of the writing of the explanation by Father Michael Sullivan JCL, that the network gone wrong, can probably line up for some serious crow since they weren't actually required to remove Father Corapi's broadcasts based on an as yet unsubstantiated denunciation, and have put the protestant Billy Graham on in his place.

As mentioned below, Father Corapi was not treated fairly according to the canon law.

Father Corapi on Administrative Leave - An Update from Rev. Michael Sullivan, J.C.L.

Fr. John Corapi has been suspended from priestly functions because of an accusation against him from a former employee. There seems to be a great deal of speculation and confusion regarding what this entails.

When an accusation arrives at the desk of a Religious Superior or a bishop, the procedure calls for a quick, confidential assessment as to the veracity of the accusation. With the advent of the Dallas Procedural Norms the necessary pieces of information required before imposing administrative leave varies from diocese to diocese and Order to Order. In most cases, if an accuser knows the name of the priest, the location at the time of the alleged incident and the year the priest was serving, the accusation is considered “credible.” The accused is supposed to be provided with the opportunity to respond to the accusations in a face-to-face meeting with his Superior prior to the imposition of suspension or administrative leave. In Father Corapi’s case, this never happened.

When a priest is on administrative leave he is to refrain from any public actions as a priest, such as offering Mass or hearing confessions, or from dressing as a priest in any public forum. The decree from his superiors clearly spells out limitations upon Fr. Corapi, but does not preclude him from speaking publicly provided he does not dress as a cleric and does not offer Mass publicly. Fr. John Corapi has observed these directives. Church bodies are to observe these limitations, though the order does not apply to lay organizations or Church organizations beyond the scope of what has been decreed.

Several Catholic media sources have removed Fr. Corapi from their outlets. This is over and above what is required by canon law and the Dallas Norms. Nothing in the order placing Father Corapi on administrative leave precludes distribution of previously recorded materials. Santa Cruz Media is in full compliance with Canon Law and the administrative leave under which Fr. Corapi is functioning.

Fr. Corapi is doing all in his power to cooperate and work with his Religious Society to see that this allegation is quickly cleared up and he is allowed to return to full ministry. The length of this administrative leave is strictly up to the Society and their process of inquiry before a decision is rendered.

We continue to ask everyone to pray for Fr. Corapi, for the accuser and for a quick resolution to this matter.

God bless you,

Rev. Michael Sullivan, J.C.L.

H/t: Pewsitter

Monday, March 21, 2011

Ave Maria "Catholic" Boondoggle Now Bottom Ranked Law School

Dominoes recently changed its strategy and its product in the face of unfavorable reports about its product.
Frank Lloyd Wright isn't what you should be emulating, unless you like ugly as sin.

Perhaps Ave can make its image and product more attractive by eliminating the Catholicism contained in it? Its "Law" School is ranked at the bottom tier. Hey, c'mon now. It's one of the top-ten Law Schools in Florida.

As noted previously, Ave has a habit of supporting local Frankenstein labs, ugly architecture, pentecostal weirdness and the lowbrow Americanist, Tom Monahan, pizza king.

Photo stolen from, here.

And Stop Wearing Ugly Vestments and Bath Robes

Of course, Tom Monahan isn't the only neo-Con to be taking it on the chops. EWTN is getting hit, but they deserve it.  Still, we're a little concerned about due process here.  The Hen house is out of control over at Anchoress with calls all around to perhaps, maybe possibly, presume guilty until proven innocent? Anchoress is correct that Father Corapi isn't a divinity, but for a lot of people, he's the only virile and mostly orthodox male voice talking about Catholicism any of them hear.  Understandably, a lot of people are very loyal to Father Corapi. Understandably so, I repeat, because for many of them, Father Corapi was the first dose of real Catholicism they ever got; you always remember the people who fed you when your Bishops, parish priest or religious sisters left you to starve. [Editor: I'd never seen a straight looking, straight acting priest before Father Corapi] Anchoress may not want to give Father Corapi the benefit of the doubt, but she'll go to bat for the generally cowardly, less than orthodox and litigation shy American Bishops.   Here's a sample of what the Cancerous writes in response to an e-mail poster who said that Father Corapi is the only voice of Catholicism:

What astonishing nonsense; what an untruth! What a slanderous and diminishing insult to the thousands [We've met a handful out of hundreds personally, but even so, there's a RING of truth in what he says.] of fine, orthodox faithful priests and religious, deacons, seminarians and lay people [inclusive language is never a good sign] who put their whole hearts and souls into serving this church and its truth with fervor, courage and complete fidelity. [Not sure she has the same concerns or idea of fidelity we do, but we're just mean old Traditionalists, here] Fr. Corapi is a very fine preacher and a priest who has worked with the Holy Spirit to bring many souls back to Christ or to a deeper understanding of the mysteries of his Bride, the church. To say anything more than that is to betray something unhealthy beneath all the admiration.[Not so sure the Cancerous understands what the man was saying, or whether or not she would know orthodoxy if it showed up on her doorstep wrapped in filthy rags and suffering from leprosy, anyway...]  Corapi, I am sure, would be the first to refute that bizarre claim as the unloving, uncharitable, un-church-serving slander it is. [That might be true, but he always reminded people that there were a lot of Bishops and priests out there who didn't know what they were doing].

In any event, neo-Conservatives like the Anchoress, being for the most part, Straussians of one sort or another, don't have as much of an objective concern  about truth as would be hoped, they care about appearances, and a culturally determined scale between means and extremes that are based more upon their own prejudices and mental blocks than they are on reality or things as they are.  You see it on Catholic Answers all the time, and it's really what is part of the problem with personality cults in the first place.

Make no mistake, Father Corapi is himself a neo-Conservative who insisted at one point that failure to participate in the American electoral process consisted in a serious sin. Come now Father, don't you realize that Republicans promise big and deliver the other side's agenda when it comes? That's what comes of lacking a reverence for principles, of the truth, but never mind. Perhaps this will re-alloy Father's love and appreciation for the truth?

In any case, in Father's defense, it's important to highlight what's been going on with the abuse hoax and how it's served to complicate things.  Wow, if it's not bad enough dealing with the hen house, you've got to deal with the cowardly administration taking seriously any accusation, no matter how uncredible, or even false, against you, and putting you on administrative leave.  This makes a man look guilty before he's been declared innocent; or depending on your Pharisaical point of view...   In any event, the Pharisees are out for blood and whether or not Father is guilty, he's absolutely right.  His reputation and the good work he did, the reason why people were willing to pay hundreds of dollars to hear him speak, is damaged.  Here's what Father said, and it's spot on, priests are falsely accused and it seems very likely, especially if we can believe Father Corapi, that this is one more example of that:

"On Ash Wednesday I learned that a former employee sent a three-page letter to several bishops accusing me of everything from drug addiction to multiple sexual exploits with her and several other adult women. There seems to no longer be th...e need for a complaint to be deemed “credible” in order for Church authorities to pull the trigger on the Church’s procedure, which was in recent years crafted to respond to cases of the sexual abuse of minors. I am not accused of that, but it seems, once again, that they now don’t have to deem the complaint to be credible or not, and it is being applied broadly to respond to all complaints. I have been placed on "administrative leave" as the result of this."

Photo stolen from, here.

More stuff on Father Corapi, today:

Also, Doctor Kopp made a point about Father Corapi's wealth.  Not only was he collecting substantial fees for his skills as a speaker, but he won a substantial amount of money from a lawsuit recently.  Can you say, "out of court settlement?"

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Benedict Groeschel of EWTN is clueless about Saul Alinsky

Not only did Father Groeschel host a Paulist on his show, which is a strategic mistake of colossal proportions in itself, but he also was clueless when Saul Alinksy, who wrote a Marxist guide to "community organizing" dedicated to Satan, was mentioned. Most people are familiar with the Paulists themselves and their present reputation for being big on challenging church teaching and welcoming the spirit of the world. The founder of the Paulists, Isaak Hecker himself, was mentioned by name in Leo XIII's encyclical Testem Benevolentiae in the most unfavorable terms.

Father Groeschel, no stranger to hippiedom himself had no idea who Alinsky was, that's pretty surprising in itself, almost as surprising as having consistent orthodox shows on EWTN, a network gone wrong that don't promote crypto-marxism in one way or another... In any event, the Paulist gave a defense of Alinsky that he was a good friend of Jaques Maritain, which surprised us again, because unlike the author of the romancatholic blog, we don't regard Maritain very highly at all and offering him up as an endorsement of Alinsky doesn't bode well for either men, considering what they in fact were in the end. Mauritain in addition to having a strange definition of being, doesn't believe in the existence of Hell according to Romano Amerio, author of the monumental Iota Unum on page 697 and 698. (h/t to RB)

h/t: Barb Kralis

Here's the story by a blogger who saw the show...

Read Hillary Clinton's Senior Thesis about Saul Alinksy, here...