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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

"With Luther to Pope" -- Eccentric Pilgrimage Action

(Berlin) "With Luther to the Pope"  describes itself as an unusual "pilgrim action."  The Center for Youth Ministry of the Diocese of Magdeburg  has organized, together with the youth organizations of the Evangelical Church in Central Germany and the Evangelical Church in Anhalt is an "ecumenical journey to Rome".
"With Luther to the Pope" leaves a lot to be desired.  In fact,  the "Christian pilgrims" of Catholic and Protestant confession are not intending to pilgrimage to the tombs of the apostles in Rome. They want to present  "Theses and wishes for ecumenism" to Pope Francis, says Vatican Radio .
With its own website,  they advertised for the  800 located participants. "There are at least as many conceptions of God as there are people, and that's good," says the website of the 9th Ecumenical thesis, "Honouring Diversity". What the Catholic and Protestant organizers want to say is that each "idea" of God is indifferent. The bizarre  1st Ecumenical thesis is: "You're different, and that's my luck: I am only, because we are."
These "theories and desires" Although are not fixed yet, but are in "draft". Anyway, they should be 95 theses, in accordance with the obviously idealized model.

Catholic Diocese wants to bring  "With Luther" demands to  Rome

"With Luther to the Pope", its own website

The Bishop of Magdeburg is Msgr. Gerhard Feige, one of the last appointments of bishops by Pope John Paul II. In 2014  Feige appointed by Pope Francis to the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity.
Feige supported in 2015 the demand of Bishop Stephan Ackermann of Trier to change Catholic moral teaching. Feige said it was "finally time to stand open to the unvarnished reality and in the spirit of Jesus Christ, sensibly and fairly to struggle for responsible and life-serving solutions."  What was meant was the recognition of homosexuality, divorce, remarriage, and premarital sex.
This eccentric pilgrim action by a Catholic diocese, which wants to bring the "with Luther" demands to Rome,  finds a parallel to another controversial ecumenical initiative. On October 31, Pope Francis is to participate in  a Catholic-Lutheran Reformation commemoration in Sweden. Pilgrims will also  travel in autumn from all over Germany "With Luther to the Pope."
The patronage for the action has been assumed by  the ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to the Holy See, the former Education Minister Annette Schavan (CDU). Schavan belongs to the progressive ZdK milieu. From 1991 to 2008 she was a  member of the Central Committee of German Catholics [We Are Church types] and held from 1994 to 2005 the office of Vice President. The Forum of German Catholics designated the Schavan appointment as ambassador to the Holy See as an "affront to the Catholic Church".
The German Bishops' Conference has established in 2013 its own project site "Reformation commemoration".
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image. pixabay
Trans: Tancred
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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Volker Beck: When the Prototype of a Political Wind Sower Reaps the Whirlwind

A personal, political "obituary" on Volker Beck or: "I must needs now go."

Guest commentary by Christian Meissner

Berlin ( Even in the Bible it says, "For they who sow the wind will reap the whirlwind." (Hosea 8,7). Volker Beck (Photo) is for me the prototype of a political reaper of the wind who has now been overtaken the storm.

Like no other in his party, he embodied the representation of the ideal, the self-righteous Old Left, who mercilessly portrayed others on the political spectrum of opinion in the strict focus of his higher moral certainty for the general public.

I have even seen it a few times: sorry, but I can't go into it here! Recently he saw me - our paths have crossed politically several times since 2003 - at the Kirchentag in Stuttgart last year during a visit of the members of Alliance 90 / The Greens, after which he then turned mercilessly with piercing eyes and straight in my direction, roared into the microphone and blustered, "idiots" and "imbeciles of the CDU." . This cold ran down my back.

From my own view I can only say: that is the "fair and respectful treatment", that Claudia Roth now asks for him (rightly), is something he has rarely granted to political opponents, least of all the representatives CDU or CSU.

And the "malice" which was poured out for many years on others, is still taken to heart. That's life! It means we should not pour "malice" over him. Has that now anyone actually done?

The fact that the Greens are just now suddenly rediscovering the virtues of civic decency, which they themselves have not infrequently violated in political discourse, in my opinion, speaks for itself.

Many of Beck's downright hateful and verbal attacks in the characteristic style of the Grand Inquisitor on political dissidents - quite a good party tradition - went directly to the person and not the argument or the thing.

At the latest, in 2013 he personally should have - considering the priggish standards that he uses to measure others - suffered much more significant consequences because of a hushed up and ultimately mendacious statement in his very own essay in the anthology "The Pedosexual Complex" (1988).

Conclusion: With respect to his person, Christian compassion and all understanding are now, indeed, appropriate. One can only wish that he gets away from this terrible addiction.

But as far as his so-called political "merits" (C. Roth), and above all, the manner of his "careful", political discourse, I say without "malice", but from deepest political convictions with Michael Kretschmer: "Good riddance" Christian Meissner is the national director of the Protestant working Group of the CDU / CSU (EAK) . archive photo Volker Beck: (c) Wikipedia / Mathias Schindler. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.
Translation: Tancred

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Archdiocese of Luxemburg Signed the Gender Ideological "Charter of Diversity"

"Charta der Vielfalt" Luxemburg -- Even the Archdiocese is on board.
(Luxembourg) they call it "Diversity Charter", which is obviously what it represents: the promotion of "diversity". "Diversity" is one of those "magic words" for a socio-political "reorganization". This includes especially the "diversity of sexual orientation". But some chief pastors surrender naively and bow to the dictates of gender ideologues.

What ideas are behind the " Charte de la diversité "?

The "Charte de la diversité" was first published in France in 2004 and goes back to an initiative of the Institut Montaigne. The Institute is a liberal think tank founded in 2000,  which is funded by many of the largest public and private companies in France.  Its origin in  France is linked directly  with the republican and secular, anti-monarchist and anti-Catholic official doctrine of 1905.
In Germany in 2006, although the historical conditions are quite different, has adopted and published it literally as a "Charta der Vielfalt"   directly from major companies such as Daimler, German Bank, Deutsche Telekom, and Deutsche BP. The whole thing was done with the support of the Federal Government.Chancellor Angela Merkel who appeared personally as patroness.
The official goal of the Charter reads: "to establish equal opportunities for employees." However, the companies are committed not only to the "equal opportunities", but operate as engines of socio-political changes. The Charter states that the "German economy" could develop  "globalization" and "demographic change"  only if it promotes and utilizes the "diversity" (diversity) of employees.
Concretely, the fight against "discrimination" and the promotion of gender ideology and mass displacements of people through migration. For example, the French bank BNP Paribas is one of the signatories of the "Charte de la diversité. This past January 12 they held a meeting, which was devoted to gay-lesbian-bisexual-transsexual milieu of the company. Among the invited speakers was also the spokesman for the Gay Pride France .

"Pact of Steel" between the "strong powers"

The "Charter" has spread to the business level in several countries and coalesced in the most divergent  circles. Private companies, public companies and associations have pledged  with their signature under the "Charter"  to "overthrow stereotypes and platitudes," to combat "discrimination" and to create an "inclusive society".
Every year on May 12, an international Diversity Day is organized. In Luxembourg it will be committed in 2016 for the second time. It is a kind of hard with meetings, workshops, exhibitions, product launches and all will be advertised with its own website. The aim of the rally is summarized in the motto: "Working for diversity". They essay to "change the daily lives of citizens in their homes, influence their habits  and become part of their daily lives".
The objectives are a challenge. No more talk of freedom, self-determination, self-responsibility, free will, freedom of expression. Instead we a "Pact of Steel", so Corrispondenza Romana , instead there is a pact concluded between the "strong powers."  Large enterprises and government institutions join forces to influence the habits and behaviors of citizens. What is advertised as a voluntary step, it is feared, could go faster than thought to a ban for non-compliance and then coercion.

The Promoters

Population displacement and gender theory: cooperation between Caritas and "Charte de la diversité"

It is not surprising when among the promoters of the "Charter of Diversity" the European Commission finds the actual institutional powerhouse of the European Union, just like the Luxembourg family, Equality and Integration Ministry.
Promoters in Luxembourg are the already mentioned Deutsche Bank and all leading financial and investment institutions (PWC, RBC Investor & Treasury Services, IMS, etc.).
Among them is also Sodexo, the world leader in  things dealing with the "quality of life". The Sodexo operates in 80 countries and has 428,000 employees. "Catering, Community Care and Facility Management" are the services for industrial companies, government agencies, hospitals and rehabilitation clinics, retirement and nursing homes, schools, kindergartens, nurseries, prisons and military installations.  Sodexo also plays with the mass immigration business. In several countries, it is in charge of food, accommodation and management of asylum seekers.
The Promoter Committee of the 2nd Diversity Day also includes the American Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg . The American Chamber of Commerce is a private organization and describes himself as a "non-profit". It is present in each case as an association in Austria and Switzerland. The expansion was carried out in parallel with the Marshall Plan for Europe. As the socio-political ambitions show, it is not just about bringing together business people and philanthropic objectives.
The Luxembourg patron of the "Charter of Diversity" is the 43 year-old Family and Integration Minister, Corinne Cahen who is also simultaneously the president of the liberal  Democratic Party in the Grand Duchy, which has been forming since 2014 a coalition government with the Social Democrats and Greens.

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Luxembourg has signed "Charte de la diversité"

It is not only the orthodox and non-orthodox Left and the Jewish Minister who eagerly collaborate, but it is also the Catholic Church in Luxembourg.  Since 2011,  Jean-Claude Hollerich is a Jesuit archbishop of the Grand Duchy.  Msgr. Hollerich studied at the Gregorian University in Rome, at the Jesuit College Sankt Georgen in Frankfurt and at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. At the University of Bonn, he received his doctorate and has lived and worked for several years in Japan.
In 2012 he opposed the abortion law debated by Parliament. The Greens in the country indicated his rejection of abortion as "archaic and extremist" and his defense of the right to life of unborn children as an "anachronistic world view".
At the Second Diversity Day there was a solemn ceremony in which all signatories of the Charter committed themselves publicly to promote "diversity" by concrete actions. Among the signatories in the category of "Company", the subcategory "foundations, NGOs"  can be found   "Catholic Church - Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Luxembourg". The archdiocese is managed as a company with more than 300 employees, which is committed in the collective agreement 'to respect diversity ".

Rejected resignation of Rome

It is thus hard to believe Archbishop Hollerich would not have understood what is represented by the "Charte de la diversité". This isn't the first time the archbishop has stumbled. It was he who signed a new agreement between Church and State almost a year ago. With the state is meant the governing Traffic Light Coalition,  since December 2013.  With this convention, religious instruction has disappeared from Luxembourg school programs and the public subsidies for the Church were reduced by 30 percent. Not even the eagerly encouraged commitment of the Church in social services and education were appreciated. In addition, the maintenance of the churches were left to the Church alone.
Archbishop Hollerich tried to whitewash  this affront to the Church with a quote from Pope Francis, "The Church of the poor is a richer Church." The Luxembourg Catholics understood only too well.  RTL reported "violent tensions". According to media reports,  Archbishop Hollerich wanted to fly the coop because of the disaster. As always, according to the RTL the 57 year old senior shepherd has already submitted his resignation to the Vatican  "for health reasons".
The application will have been rejected by Pope Francis, himself a Jesuit. Archbishop Hollerich was merely "granted" an Auxiliary Bishop. Luxembourg Catholics see in this "the danger that the difficulties are  only going to increase," said Corrispondenza Romana .
Text. Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Corrispondenza Romana
Trans: Tancred
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Monday, July 20, 2015

Stations of the Cross Removed: "Lack of Respect for Unbelievers and Muslims"

Stations of the Cross Removed: "Lack of respect for
unbelievers and Muslims."
(Madrid) The Socialist Natalia Nuñez was elected last May 24th as the new Mayor of Cenicientos in Spain. The municipality in the Autonomous Community of Madrid has a population of 2,073 inhabitants. One of the first acts of the PSOE representative was the removal of the Stations of the Cross in the small town by the pilgrimage church of Nuestra Señora del Roble, the city's patron.
The Mayor charged  the Way of the Cross with a "lack of respect" towards non-believers and those are who "profess the Muslim religion and culture." Nuñez described the Way of the Cross in interviews dismissively as "those stones".
The destructiveness of the "Alcaldesa" of Cenicientos caused quite a stir in Spain. The more so because the Way of the Cross represented by the stone steles  were only represented by the Roman station number, but without a cross or other religious symbol. Their  placement was financed by the citizens with a support of the Culture Programme of the provincial administration for 3,000 euros. It was at no cost to  Cenicientos. Only three months after its construction, now that the local elections had taken place, they were again removed. 

"If Stone Steles Offend a Muslim, Will You Want Tomorrow to Demolish the Churches and Chapels?"

A citizens' committee presented a collection of signatures, which were handed over on July 17 at the City Hall. The committee addressed the mayor the question whether the destruction of the Cross, even presented in this simplicity, shows no "lack of respect towards the Catholics." It calls for the return of the stone steles to their place.
Father Jorge González Guadalix, priest of the Archdiocese of Madrid, referred to the activism of the Mayor as "sectarianism". There is a "will not to respect Catholics and to insult them". InfoCatolica quoted the priest with the question: "How could stone steles without any religious symbol insult a Muslim. He doesn't even know their importance. If naked stones already offend, how much more must then churches and chapels 'insult'? Will they demolish them tomorrow?"
According to Father Guadalix this day is not far off for those who think this way: "The truth is that you want to make an end to   Catholics and with everything that reminds us of the Church. This is an old aim under which Spain has already suffered greatly. The 'fruits of this tolerance' we know all too well," the priest said, alluding to the anti-Catholic persecution in the 1930s.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Tempi
Trans: Tancred

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Beatification of Oscar Romero on the 23rd of May in San Salvador

(Rome / San Salvardor) Curial Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia could not wait. Compared to some of the media he was  unofficially making known the date for the beatification of Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero  before an official announcement was made by the Holy See. The beatification of the Archbishop of San Salvador, murdered in 1980, will be held in the capital of the Central American country this coming 23th of May.
Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia of the Community of Sant'Egidio , since 2012 President of the Pontifical Council on Family, since 1996, postulator for the beatification process and thus, has been concerned almost 20 years with the Causa.  After the procedure came to a halt under Pope Benedict XVI., while  Pope Francis indicated immediately after his election, he wanted to raise Salvadoran Archbishop to the altars.

Martyrdom Recognized

Early January the Theological Commission of the Congregation of Saints recognized the assassination of the Archbishop on 24 March 1980 in the Church as martyrdom in odium fidei. Pope Francis confirmed the decision on 3 February, paving the way for the beatification.
Paglia is currently staying as special envoy of the Pope in El Salvador and will also meet with President Sanchez Ceren. The journey is preparing for the solemn beatification.

Pope Francis comes to El Salvador?

So far as known, Cardinal Angelo Amato, Prefect of the Congregation for the Saints and Beatification Process will preside on behalf of the Pope over the ceremony for the beatification.
Postulator Paglia announced today at a press conference after visiting the grave of Archbishop Romero in the Cathedral of San Salvador. In El Salvador, they cherished the hope that Pope Francis would personally come to San Salvador and celebrate the beatification.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: InfoVaticana
Trans: Tancred

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Bishop of Sioux Falls Crumbles to Marxist Political Attack

Update 8/17/14:  Here's a snapshot of Mr. Alfson's twitter, which is full of advertisments championing the cause of Gomorrah.  He's endorsed by an organization which promotes the normalization of the vice:

Even decadent Jesuit aberrosexual enabler, Thomas Reese SJ,  is celebrating.

Edit:  Marxism is predicated on the idea that the "people" own the means of production and that there is no private property.  Cultural Marxism is an attempt at gaining control of this property for "the people" through cultural means, to bring about a "just" society.   In this case, a cultural issue is being used to browbeat and control who can and can not work at a Catholic institution.  [We have long noticed that most people who work for Catholic charitable organizations aren't even Catholic, and would probably be fired if they were, but that's another story.]

There is a legend, which is quickly becoming a cultural and political reality, that when it comes to the Catholic Church that special minorities who don't agree with Her teaching, have the right to employment in Her various works.  While it is to wonder why those who so vehemently disagree with Catholic teaching would want to work for that institution,  it will become increasingly evident that the Catholic Church's policies and institutions will be controlled more by interested government officials and public opinion, than by Her appointed guardians, the Bishops and clergy.  In this case, as in several others through the years, a gomorrist employee has been dismissed from employment, only to be reinstated in the face of legal threats and public opinion.  One can only question the commitment of an ordinary to his own mission when he acceeds to such pressure.  Whose diocese is it anyway?  We'd expect his predecessor would have fired the employee without much fanfare and people probably would have come to understand that it's ridiculous to expect an institution with which you disagree so fundamentally to make an accommodation, but accommodate him they did.

The current Bishop of Sioux Falls, Paul Swain, is not willing to contend with what is ongoing throughout the Western world, in his own diocese.

Increasingly, the property and the mission of the Catholic Church, will be appropriated by government agencies who will impose values and persons antagonistic to the Church on Her institutions.

A concern for private property is clearly outdistanced by the rights of protected classes.
DELL RAPIDS, S.D. — A volleyball coach at St. Mary High School in Dell Rapids who has publicly announced he's gay says he's being allowed to keep his job. 
Nate Alfson announced he was gay last week on the , and later said he was concerned about his future with the private Catholic school. He is believed to be the first openly gay high school coach in South Dakota. 
Alfson met with school officials Tuesday and later said in an email to and on his Facebook page that he will not lose his job.
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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Subjected to Gender Ideologists

Edit: and yet here's an article at Life-Site which cites an Austrian Bishop, Laun of Salzburg, who cites Pope Francis as being opposed to the gender ideology.

(Rome) The Prefect of the Congregation of Religious, Cardinal João Braz de Aviz, appointed last May 19 has assigned Dorothean Sister Fernanda Barbiero as the Apostolic Visitator for the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception (for visitation see Salus animarum suprema lex - Will he Smashing of the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception Begin Now Too? ). The male branch of this religious community has been under provisional administration since July 2013. "Commissioner" Fernanda Barbiero comes from the same cultural milieu as Marinella Perroni, who teaches New Testament at the Benedictine College, Saint Anselm in Rome. Barbiero and Perroni are members of Coordinamento Theologe Italiane (Italian Coordination Centre Theologians, CTI). Perroni is even one of the founders and has led it for years as president. Barbiero and Perroni are "convinced feminists," as an article in the Journal of pastoral issues "Vita Pastorale" states.

First pioneer of the "Christian Socialism," then the "Gender Theology"

Marinella Perroni, New Testament Scholar at Benedictine University of Saint Anselm in Rome, feminist, gender-theologian, and on the board of the abortion favorable Women's Initiative SNOQ
In the article Perroni referred approvingly the struggle of Christians "for  Christian Roots" only "as a rearguard action" and a "backward-looking strategy." Perroni is a staunch advocate of a "pluralistic world" and the "Conciliar Church". In the 70s  the theologian dreamt of  a new catechetical "faith-literacy course", which was developed as a literacy model in Brazil by Paulo Freire  and his "Pedagogy of the Oppressed".
Who was Paulo Freire? The educationalist Freire referred to himself as a "Christian Socialist", who took the ideas of Marxist "liberation theology" as his own and created a syncretic form of Christianity and Gramsci-Marxism. That was the model on which to Marinella Perroni thought the new catechesis should be based. Perroni was ecumenically stamped by Taizé, in the 80's she was a pioneer of gender theory. She promoted  gender as an "interpretive key for historical analysis." This brought her a tribute from the feminist online journal inGenere  as "one of the most important representatives of the gender-theology '."

Gender Theory "The Big Change" - Abortion as "Women's Rights"

Sister Fernanda Barbiero, "Commissioner" of the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception, with Perroni CTI Member
It's about the same gender theory that after the Fourth World Conference on Women in 1995 experienced a politico-ideological triumph in Beijing, at the UN conference, where Sister Barbiero was hailed as "the big change".  It is therefore no coincidence that Marinella Perroni showed little sympathy for Pope Benedict XVI.. .The German pope had, according to the theologian, been "guilty" of "intervening forcefully against the gender theory" and to have "called homosexuals as enemies of peace."  Perroni was part of the governing body of the  Women's Initiative   SNOQ begun in 2011 that arose as a left protest movement against the then Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who was accused of "sexism". SNOQ defends the legal killing of unborn children as "women's rights".   It was no problem for the gender theologian Perroni.

Masonic provocation: Symbiosis of Church and Lodge in the Character of "Human Rights"

Freemasons gathered in 2009 in the church ruins of San Galgano in central Italy
A few days ago Perroni appeared in the  company of other great "prophets" of the Conciliar Church, with Alberto Melloni, the undisputed head of the "School of Bologna."  Both were speakers at a meeting of the Masonic Grand Orient of Italy (GOI) about the "Secret Council" (see the report of the secret council - Second Vatican and Freemasonry ). Grandmaster Stefano Bisi went so far as to describe the character of  the "encounter and dialogue," as a fusion of the Catholic Church and Freemasonry in the name of encouraging "human rights and freedoms".
Corrispondenza Romana writes: "It is the eternal temptation that always returns, this time in the form of an open provocation". Grandmaster Stefano Bisi said at the meeting: "I would be really  glad to know what Pope Francis thinks of Freemasonry" and he invoked the same, by no means a random date, for which the Grand Master of the Grand Orient would want a papal signal, the anniversary of  the 1870 breach in the Porta Pia which defeated the Roman city walls,  representing the end of the Papal States and is commemorated  by the Freemasons every year as a holiday. "The next September 20th is to be celebrated because of another breach, a breach that is being used to break down walls that separate the different worlds, who would like to meet. There is a great need for connections. That was also the message of the Second Vatican Council," said the Grand Master.

Grand Orient  Makes Pope Francis and Conciliar Church Its Palace

"You can not accuse the Grand Master not to have  spoken clearly," said Corrispondenza Romana . "The extreme clarity is in the message that's sent out with the meeting and published on the website of the Grand Orient."  It says of the Second Vatican Council: This leap "forward of the Church into the modern society appeals to  Freemasonry, today as then,  which is renewed  today, just as it did during those contentious years,  following with interest the changes that are emerging across the Tiber [in the Vatican]. "Vatican II" presented a unique time of dialogue without a doubt  and mutual understanding, which fall at this stage appears to have begun  a new Conciliar era, where everybody has opportunities to link back to it." Grandmaster Bisi and the Grand Orient are pulling out all the stops to make Pope Francis and the "Church of Vatican II" its palace.

Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Delivered to Gender Theologian?

Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception
Deprived of Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception of the Old Rite and the Order line: religious congregation leads to a bull in a china shop.
Given these facts, there is the question of what exactly Marinella Perroni was referring when she recently said in an interview that "big news is possible today, but it needs a serious director" in the Church? The fact is that the cultural humus on which Perroni and the new "Commissioner" of the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate thrive, "is a whole different story,has completely different roots, very different charisms and very different objectives,"  than the traditional  Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception, who have already been robbed of the Old Mass and which  some  now want to inflict a "realignment" upon them in the sense of re-education. The gender theologians have a markedly ideological flip side, the face which presents a  reality as different as the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conceptioncan can only produce misunderstanding and suffering. The Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception with its ​​missionary and  contemplative branch are bound by the traditional Rite,  Catholic tradition, and not  least also the inalienable right to life of unborn children.
The responsibility for this lies with the Congregation of Religious that is handing on "pastoral custody" with the subtlety of an elephant in a china shop on its behalf and  is definitely positioned on a particular side.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Corrispondenza Romana / CTI / GOI / Cronache spawn
Trans: Tancred

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Breaking: Soviet Romero to Be Beatified

Edit: the Reds are invading heaven now, too.  The Patron Saint of Wealth Redistribution.

Breaking: A decision regarding Archbishop Oscar Romero's beatification could be announced soon, say two reports. Both originate from Bishop Gregorio Rosa Chavez, auxiliary bishop of San Salvador, who met with Pope Francis about the canonization process on Friday, and presented with the pope with a letter from all the Salvadoran bishops regarding Monsenor Romero, the martyred archbishop of San Salvador. The first report, from Prensa Latina, is below. The second, from Radio Vaticana's German site, is here:

in German.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cathedral of Cordoba Confiscated and Nationalize? -- Celebration from the Muslim Side

(Madrid) attacks against the Catholic Church have many faces. A recent venture appears in the style of the French Revolution as a snappy "joke”.  In the Spanish Andalusia Church opponents want to expropriate the famous Catholic cathedral of Cordoba and “nationalize" it. The southern Spanish city's cathedral is unique for architectural reasons. It has had an eventful history. Before the diocesan church was established  in 1236, it was used for several centuries an Islamic mosque, to be exact, the main mosque of the emirate and caliphate of Cordoba.
The Government of the Comunidad Autonoma de Analuciacan has legally examined whether there is a possibility of expropriation of the cathedral. The initiators of the expropriation action argue that the cathedral as a unique piece of architecture is a "World Heritage Site". But as such, it can not be owned by a religious community, and certainly not the Catholic Church, but must have its ownership  transferred to  the public. Modern robber barons in the name of the State,  have a lot of experience in which revolutionaries and their epigones of all ages.  Andalusia has been  governed  by a Leftist majority since the return to democracy. The provincial government originates without exception since 1982 from the ranks of the Socialist Party (PSOE).

First "Interfaith" House of God, Now Nationalization for "Cultural Reasons"

Cathedral of CordobaA few years ago the call came  to convert the Cathedral in deference to the Muslims to a place of interfaith worship. A claim, which was rejected by the Catholic Church. Therefore, the new venture aims to profanation and conversion of the church into a museum.
In their anti-clerical urge Spanish secularists making themselves spokesmen for Islamic interests under the heading "multiculturalism". The fact that the Cathedral was previously a mosque, will be brought largely  into play, that a non-denominational solution  had to be sought by the state for the church. A secular group initiated two weeks with an Internet petition, seeking  the expropriation of the Cathedral. They will  rob, nationalize and profane the Catholic Church. The Cathedral of Cordoba should be made into a museum and become a kind of second Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.

Spanish Leftist Petition Signed Mainly by  Muslims

The petition was signed by 88,000 people. "A strange alliance" as a spokesman for the Committee for the Protection of the cathedral said.  It was initiated by the petition of the Spanish Left, and "free-thinkers", but the majority of the signatures came from Muslims. Muslim groups and individuals have taken the ball and immediately mobilized for signing.
The petition has no legal relevance in itself. However, it was also signed by Maria Isabel Ambrosio, the competent Socialist government representative for the province of Cordoba. Ambrosio  also that gave a legal opinion in order to seek ways in which the cathedral could be expropriated and nationalized.
Against the Socialist expropriation a resistance is planning to upset it.  A few days ago they started collecting signatures for a petition on Internet. In it, the government of Andalusia is asked to take care of the real problems of the Andalusians, "instead of thinking about how to rob the Cathedral of Cordoba and expropriate."

Cathedral was Mosque, but the Mosque was Previously a Cathedral

With a plan of almost 180 meters long and 135 meters wide, the cathedral is one of the biggest constructions in the world. Today, it is fondly remembered in the context of multiculturalism and the increased immigration of Muslims to Europe to areas once occupied by Muslims which recalls  Catholic churches, because they had once been mosques. It is seldom mentioned, however, that these mosques were previously Churches that had been expropriated and converted by the Islamic conquerors. This also applies to the Cathedral of Cordoba. On a pagan temple of Emperor Constantine it  was already  a church at the time of the Great beginning of the 4th Century.  Around 550  the Visigoths built a new, magnificent diocesan church, which was dedicated to Saint  Vincent Martyr of Valencia.

Visigoth Diocesan Church was Desecrated in 786   and Expropriated by Muslims

When the Muslims conquered large parts of the Iberian Peninsula in 711, they forced in 714 a division of the cathedral. The Christians remained in only half of the diocesan church, while the other half was availed by the Muslims. A  difficult and conflict-ridden connivance to the detriment of Christians was the result. In 786 the new Muslim overlords had their dominion sufficiently secured so that they did not have to take more consideration for the Christian population. They confiscated the entire cathedral, they broke off the part and began to build a mosque in several phases, especially in the second half of the 10th Century, it  has been extended under the Caliph of Cordoba to  its gigantic proportions.
In 1236 Cordoba was recaptured for Castille during the Reconquista by King Ferdinand III.. The mosque was again converted into a Christian church and made  again into the diocesan church of the city. The largest renovation work was carried out in the 15 Century with the installation of a Gothic nave and early 16th Century by the construction of a Renaissance cathedral in Plateresque style. The Renaissance cathedral rises in the extent of one-sixth of the total mass high above the rest of the building complex.

Archaeologists have Uncovered Mosaics of Visigothic Church

Archaeological excavations in the 30s of the 20th Century, brought back parts, especially floor mosaics of the ancient Visigothic cathedral to light. It reminds one that the cathedral had  probably been a mosque for 450 years, but has been a christian church going back 800 years and was even before that  400 years.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Wikicommons / tempos
Trans: Tancred
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Friday, January 24, 2014

"Inter-Religious and Intercultural Center" Instead of Seminary of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest

(Alghero) After it was empty and unused for more than 40 years, the traditional  Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest  has  negotiated the purchase the former Papal Seminary from Cuglieri in Alghero. The news made ​​some Sardinian bishops so nervous that they were suddenly active after decades of disinterest. The purchase by the Catholic Canons Regular should be prevented. With success.
The 1990 canonically erected traditional Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest , which also has a German branch wanted the former Papal seminar avail as orden own seminary. The community enjoys many vocations, so that the current seminary in Tuscany has become too small (see report Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest Wants to Assume  Former Papal Seminary Cuglieri ).

Withdrawn From Sale Commitment in Sardinia  Region Again

Former Papal seminar Cuglieri is "inter-religious and inter-cultural center" to promote the integration of migrantsThe former Papal Seminary of Cuglieri had been transferred in 1970 by the bishops of the Mediterranean island to Cagliari.  Since then it has stood empty.  It was erected in 1927 at the expense of the Vatican and were purchased in 1976 by the Region of Sardinia. The region has since seen no use until 2012, the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest appeared as an interested party and submitted a bid. 
Initially the region was delighted at the interest and had issued a sales commitment, but this was withdrawn under pressure from the bishops of Alghero and Oristano, again. The two bishops officially spoke out against a traditional  community  and were able to prevail in the Bishops' Conference of the island, although initially other bishops had expressed benevolence.

Bogeyman Tradition - Bishops Wanted to Prevent Establishment

The thwarting of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest by the bishops of the island has now finally succeeded. Last Friday the Sardinia Region and the Chairman of the Sardinian Bishops' Conference signed a common protocol. The former Pontifical Seminary of Cuglieri one of which is to be led by Caritas Sardinia  is going to become an "inter-religious and inter-cultural center" as the press service of the region announced.
The protocol signing was preceded by an agreement between Caritas and the Sardinian Bishops' Conference. The Bishops' Conference announced that the former seminary is for  "humanitarian progress to support the weak  and mercy  to serve as Emeritus of Pope Benedict XVI.  would have desired." [Wouldn't it be great if he publicly repudiated this?]

Instead of Priestly Formation "Interfaith" Integration of MigrantsCuglieri: more than 40 years was the former Papal Seminar empty.  As the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest wanted to set up a seminary, the bishops were active - against the project.

The head of government of the region, Ugo Cappellacci said on the sidelines of the signing protocol that the buildings
"are now home to major national and international project."  To which what "significant" projects it should be accomplished, was not explained. 
Signatories to the agreement are Prime Minister Ugo Cappellacci for the Region Sardinia, Archbishop Arrigo Miglio of Cagliari as chairman of the Bishops' Conference and Sardinian Andrea Loche, the mayor of Cuglieri.
The "inter-religious and inter-cultural center" is to become a "center of the integration of different peoples, that points to the future, as a symbol that integration is possible. Not by being sufferers, but by being encouraged and built up," said the press release.
The Protocol states that "future activity" to take place in the former seminary  will be especially for "education and research" on the topic of immigrant integration in the context of school-based initiatives. The former Pontifical Seminary of Cuglieri is to be for  "promoting the economic and social development and cooperation between Mediterranean countries and a place of encounter and dialogue".
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Cuglieri / ICRSS
Trans: Tancred

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Friday, December 27, 2013

Mass for Fourth Week of Advent Replaced by "Feast of Values" in Stuttgart

[Politically Correct] The abolition of best and most beautiful traditions  in Germany sometimes brings forth wondrous flowers. A high school [Gymnasium] in Stuttgart's Bad Cannstatt is celebrating  graduation on 20 December, a "Multicultural Celebration of the Feast of Values" rather than as a conventional Advent Mass. Ironically, the Catholic Church of Our Lady has even  made their church available for this ethical balderdash. Instead of the Mass of the  4th week of  Advent they committed to a celebration under the motto: "The 4th Thread, What Makes us Free?"  The organizer is the Ecumenical Student Council of Religion and Ethics.
According to the invitation letter from the Gottlieb-Daimler school to the parents, which was forwarded to PI, it reads (to enlarge click on the picture, with a brief summary below) :

So it is logically quite enthusiastically against racism and boasted that the almighty Cem Özdemir himself has awarded them the anti-racism plaque: "School without Racism--School with Courage". In general, the school represents itself as very liberal, whether they were to make  a silly short film, a Ju-Jutsu course or a learning tour of Stuttgart against racism. Such invaluable curriculum enrichments, without which the future intellectual elites of our country would not be socially acceptable and certainly not politically correct, are safely inculcated.
We ask ourselves, where is the much sought courage to keep one's own Christian traditions. Why does   no one have the courage to openly confess to rather than replacing Christian tradition by any favored ethical system? Why must everything be mixed in an ideal world mess, instead of showing some integrity?
Headmistress Verena KingGottlieb-Daimler-school
headmistress Verena King
Katowice Straße 8
70374 Stuttgart
Tel: 0711-952830-0
Fax:. 0711-952830-123

There was also a report taken up by Junge Freiheit with some more back ground on this event:

It was an ecumenical festival celebrated to the assembled students on the last school day before Christmas under the motto: "The Four Thread -- What Makes us Free?".

For this event students of Evangelical and Catholic religious instruction groups as well as the ethics class were called upon the make contributions, explained a letter of explanation by the school, which is published above by Politically Incorrect.   The result of these considerations was that the students were desired to present a multicultural religious service in the Catholic church.

The event was organized by members of the Ecumenical Department of Religion and Ethics at the school "where people from 20 different nations come to learn",  it says on the school's internet site.  "We accept no form of racism, antagonism to women or other discrimination.  We are attentive to appropriate speech."  It is unclear why the school had replaced a Christmas Mass with a "Multi-cultural Feast".  The administration has not made a statement available. (FA)
Translation: Tancred