Friday, January 24, 2014

"Inter-Religious and Intercultural Center" Instead of Seminary of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest

(Alghero) After it was empty and unused for more than 40 years, the traditional  Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest  has  negotiated the purchase the former Papal Seminary from Cuglieri in Alghero. The news made ​​some Sardinian bishops so nervous that they were suddenly active after decades of disinterest. The purchase by the Catholic Canons Regular should be prevented. With success.
The 1990 canonically erected traditional Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest , which also has a German branch wanted the former Papal seminar avail as orden own seminary. The community enjoys many vocations, so that the current seminary in Tuscany has become too small (see report Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest Wants to Assume  Former Papal Seminary Cuglieri ).

Withdrawn From Sale Commitment in Sardinia  Region Again

Former Papal seminar Cuglieri is "inter-religious and inter-cultural center" to promote the integration of migrantsThe former Papal Seminary of Cuglieri had been transferred in 1970 by the bishops of the Mediterranean island to Cagliari.  Since then it has stood empty.  It was erected in 1927 at the expense of the Vatican and were purchased in 1976 by the Region of Sardinia. The region has since seen no use until 2012, the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest appeared as an interested party and submitted a bid. 
Initially the region was delighted at the interest and had issued a sales commitment, but this was withdrawn under pressure from the bishops of Alghero and Oristano, again. The two bishops officially spoke out against a traditional  community  and were able to prevail in the Bishops' Conference of the island, although initially other bishops had expressed benevolence.

Bogeyman Tradition - Bishops Wanted to Prevent Establishment

The thwarting of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest by the bishops of the island has now finally succeeded. Last Friday the Sardinia Region and the Chairman of the Sardinian Bishops' Conference signed a common protocol. The former Pontifical Seminary of Cuglieri one of which is to be led by Caritas Sardinia  is going to become an "inter-religious and inter-cultural center" as the press service of the region announced.
The protocol signing was preceded by an agreement between Caritas and the Sardinian Bishops' Conference. The Bishops' Conference announced that the former seminary is for  "humanitarian progress to support the weak  and mercy  to serve as Emeritus of Pope Benedict XVI.  would have desired." [Wouldn't it be great if he publicly repudiated this?]

Instead of Priestly Formation "Interfaith" Integration of MigrantsCuglieri: more than 40 years was the former Papal Seminar empty.  As the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest wanted to set up a seminary, the bishops were active - against the project.

The head of government of the region, Ugo Cappellacci said on the sidelines of the signing protocol that the buildings
"are now home to major national and international project."  To which what "significant" projects it should be accomplished, was not explained. 
Signatories to the agreement are Prime Minister Ugo Cappellacci for the Region Sardinia, Archbishop Arrigo Miglio of Cagliari as chairman of the Bishops' Conference and Sardinian Andrea Loche, the mayor of Cuglieri.
The "inter-religious and inter-cultural center" is to become a "center of the integration of different peoples, that points to the future, as a symbol that integration is possible. Not by being sufferers, but by being encouraged and built up," said the press release.
The Protocol states that "future activity" to take place in the former seminary  will be especially for "education and research" on the topic of immigrant integration in the context of school-based initiatives. The former Pontifical Seminary of Cuglieri is to be for  "promoting the economic and social development and cooperation between Mediterranean countries and a place of encounter and dialogue".
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Cuglieri / ICRSS
Trans: Tancred

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Anonymous said...

Obviously these bishops do not fear any final judgement and obviously they prefer the world over Heaven.

Lynda said...

Oh, yes, the good old "encounter and dialogue" meme - what better way to ensure people continue to abandon the Faith and no one is converted to it.

Anonymous said...

Funny how the name, Giovanni Angelo Becciu, doesn't appear in your article.

Johannes de Silentio said...

Foxes have dens, but Christ the King has no place to lay his head, or something to that effect.

thetimman said...

I agree with the first commenter in toto.

Anonymous said...

Pope Francis is behind this, just like with the Franciscans of the Immaculate.

Anonymous said...

the devil's in the dialogue.

Anonymous said...

Very true. They're putting their souls and ours into even more jeopardy.

But did you consider that Frank the Hippie Pope and his leftist allies will be glorified on earth by the enemies of the Church because of this??

Unknown said...

While I attend Institute Masses, they are a compromise outfit. Their Masses frequently compromise on rubrics also. They say both NO and TLM when put to it and they hide conveniently behind their "full communion" status. The time has now come for them when they will either stand up for themselves & Sacred Tradition or this is what will happen as one liberal modernist bishop after another will try to undermine their fragile position.

Thank God Fellay got a bloody nose when he had the nonchalant arrogance to imagine he could lead The SSPX where Archbishop Lefebvre would not - into the den of vipers and whited-sepulchres at The Vatican in a supposed agreement that would have eliminated them from the list of traditional confraternities in the church.. His incredible naivete or was it pure conceit? has cost The Society dear in terms of defections.

This is the price of compromise with liberal modernist Rome - the old foxes, of which Cardinal Ratzinger was the astutest example, will bring you down to their level and then destroy whatever you have left of The Roman Catholic Faith in the process. The Rome of Tradition has vanished and we are left with an effete Vatican more concerned with leading us down the pantheistic road of apostasy, ecumenism and interconfessionalism through its protestant liturgies than with propagating The Faith divinely mandated by Our Blessed Lord. The best advice to anyone is keep away from this poison and avoid all contact with its inimical philosophies. The post-conciliar church is a political ideology intent on wiping out The Faith on Earth. Its papacies are de facto schismatics who have lost most of their sensus catholicus for a proverbial mess of liberal modernist potage.

The best advice for the Institute is to stand up to the evil NO episcopate and its collegial non-responsible pope who has not got the faintest idea about anything really Catholic except that the institution has given him a wide audience to make endless ambiguous and damaging comments about The Roman catholic faith and to ally himself with its enemies by default.

Long-Skirts said...


Or "little soldier's boot"
Won't tolerate Tradition
Kicked out the Institute.

All peoples integrate
But holy priest formations
That, they'll abrogate.

Despotic tyrants, they,
Ceasars' cecums confining
The gullible-galloping to obey!

Alphonsus Jr. said...

Disgusting, though not surprising. Such things are bound to happen to those who place themselves at the mercy of Judas Council revolutionaries.

Unknown said...

Are the poems of "Long Skirts" available for review, in one place, either on the Internet or in book form?

Tancred said...

Good question.

Unknown said...

I have a cream and chocolate ruffled dress kind of like that that I haven't worn yet. but I love the idea.

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