Saturday, August 16, 2014

Bishop of Sioux Falls Crumbles to Marxist Political Attack

Update 8/17/14:  Here's a snapshot of Mr. Alfson's twitter, which is full of advertisments championing the cause of Gomorrah.  He's endorsed by an organization which promotes the normalization of the vice:

Even decadent Jesuit aberrosexual enabler, Thomas Reese SJ,  is celebrating.

Edit:  Marxism is predicated on the idea that the "people" own the means of production and that there is no private property.  Cultural Marxism is an attempt at gaining control of this property for "the people" through cultural means, to bring about a "just" society.   In this case, a cultural issue is being used to browbeat and control who can and can not work at a Catholic institution.  [We have long noticed that most people who work for Catholic charitable organizations aren't even Catholic, and would probably be fired if they were, but that's another story.]

There is a legend, which is quickly becoming a cultural and political reality, that when it comes to the Catholic Church that special minorities who don't agree with Her teaching, have the right to employment in Her various works.  While it is to wonder why those who so vehemently disagree with Catholic teaching would want to work for that institution,  it will become increasingly evident that the Catholic Church's policies and institutions will be controlled more by interested government officials and public opinion, than by Her appointed guardians, the Bishops and clergy.  In this case, as in several others through the years, a gomorrist employee has been dismissed from employment, only to be reinstated in the face of legal threats and public opinion.  One can only question the commitment of an ordinary to his own mission when he acceeds to such pressure.  Whose diocese is it anyway?  We'd expect his predecessor would have fired the employee without much fanfare and people probably would have come to understand that it's ridiculous to expect an institution with which you disagree so fundamentally to make an accommodation, but accommodate him they did.

The current Bishop of Sioux Falls, Paul Swain, is not willing to contend with what is ongoing throughout the Western world, in his own diocese.

Increasingly, the property and the mission of the Catholic Church, will be appropriated by government agencies who will impose values and persons antagonistic to the Church on Her institutions.

A concern for private property is clearly outdistanced by the rights of protected classes.
DELL RAPIDS, S.D. — A volleyball coach at St. Mary High School in Dell Rapids who has publicly announced he's gay says he's being allowed to keep his job. 
Nate Alfson announced he was gay last week on the , and later said he was concerned about his future with the private Catholic school. He is believed to be the first openly gay high school coach in South Dakota. 
Alfson met with school officials Tuesday and later said in an email to and on his Facebook page that he will not lose his job.
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Anonymous said...

Soon the priests (roaches) will be coming out of the closet too and wow! bet they won't lose their 'jobs' with the 'Catholic' church either! Really - haven't you already covered "who am I to judge?", Fairy Ricca boy abuser concierge and PF appointee, Cardinal Dolan 'bravo' to coming out of closet of football 'rookie', PF holding hands with fairy perverts on his way into church, church baptism of 'children' (purchased goods) of perverts, coming synod where sexual perverts will be given 'the sacraments'. There was a priest AIDS crisis in the 80s and pedophile crisis in late 90s early 2000 and yet all you keep acting surprised as this wave of perversion engulfs our society. IT IS COMING FROM THE CATHOLIC CHURCH and the perverts they have 'ordained' -- who've been coaching our children for years.

Everything hidden will be made known - and let's see what the pewsitters will do then.

Anonymous said...

Cannot deny what you have written. Many unworthy men have been ordained. I once communicated with an ex-priest who became a 'buddhist' (how convenient) and he said he was openly gay in seminary and they ordained him anyway. He had no vocation! He was not there for Christ and for souls.

The loud silence on the part of many of our prelates--and way high--I think are due to several factors: cowardliness, human respect, masonry, sodomy, and those on the government dole with tax dollars funding many 'good' things in a diocese such that the money train is the most respected thing over what is right and over souls. So, lose the tax exempt status already! To stand up for truth is going to cost the faithful and those who are faithful prelates. This is coming whether we like it or not because for decades we have had wimpish leadership and a dumbing down of the faithful such that few know their faith and most are catechized by the world. That is a bad thing.

But what can we expect? The chance to be a martyr for our faith as time goes on--both the white and the red sort.

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that a formal schism is coming. There already exists a material schism so maybe it's best to get it all in the open and let the cleansing begin.

While I have no faith in Pope Francis the person, I have faith in Our Lord's words that the gates of Hell shall not prevail, I have faith in the office of the papacy. Either Francis will have to uphold the Faith in it's entirety when push comes to shove or he will have to resign or be denounced as a heretic if he tries to formally impose anything contrary to the Faith (example: that it is fine for divorced, "re-married" Catholics to receive communion without benefit of confession and amendment of life). I don't know what is going to happen. But I do know that things cannot go on the way they have for the last 50 years. Either the Faith is taught and upheld in it's entirety or it's not, it really does come down to that. People in the church, clergy, religious and lay who do not believe in the Faith either need to stop identifying themselves as Catholic and trying to change the Faith or leave. Until that happens chaos and discord will reign.

Unknown said...

As bishop Swain is my sheperd - you will have to provide more evidence of malfeasance.
Put up or withdraw this topic.

John6 said...

Fr Hesse on Tradition and when a Pope ceases to be Pope

via McTube for YouTube.

Tancred said...

It should be self-evident. The school fired a man who public ally declared himself to be a sexual deviant, and promptly rehired him in the face of public pressure and the threat of what looks like legal action.

Unknown said...

Tancred there is no evidence the person is acting out on his same sex attraction! Until he does withdraw your DISTRACTION!
Put forth real evidence or just remain silent. Remove this topic.

Tancred said...

That doesn't matter. He's clearly making a political statement in the basis of false identity.

Should we allow pedophiles as long as they don't act on their condition as well?

That's next.

Unknown said...

No difference - temptation vs sin is all the difference. You going to kick out an alcoholic that does not drink? Same difference for anyone not giving into any temptation!

Tancred said...

Alcoholism =/= aberrosexuality.

Alcoholics aren't trying to legitimize their vice, at least not as a political goal touching on something as vital as family and society, but even self-proclaimed alcoholics turn their vice into a cult in AA.

Tancred said...

Do you even know for a fact that Mr. Alfson isn't an active sodomite?

I can't imagine that the school did their due diligence, but I will make one clarification and correction. The school never did threaten to fire this man. I thought they had the semblance of a spine, but no, they and the local ordinary are complete invertebrates.

Take a look at his twitter page. It's full of advertisements for causes legitimizing the vice of sodomy.

Anonymous said...

Bill, I’d take a serious look at the people you are relying on to tell you what is a ‘sin’ (here’s a clue: sins don’t change after 5000+ years). Christoph Schonborn in 1987 he became editorial secretary for the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
What is the real agenda Schonborn & you are pushing?
Schonborn shows the last supper as a homosexual orgy in the Vienna cathedral:
Schonborn is a FAN of Conchita Wurst:
Schonborn over-rules a priest and allows an ACTIVE homosexual to serve on a ‘parish’ council: An openly gay man, who is in a registered civil partnership with another man, was elected to his parish council. The pastor over-ruled the selection. The Cardinal met with the man and his partner over lunch and then over-ruled the pastor, permitting the man to serve on the parish council
Here’s a nice SADO MASOCHISTIC CATHOLIC site ‘BONDINGS’ hyping Schonborn’s support for giving ‘holy’ communion to fornicators, adulterers and sodomites: ‘For the most part, the church approaches the [family] issue unhistorically,’ he said. ‘People have always lived together in various ways. And today, we in the church tacitly live with the fact that the majority of our young people, including those with close ties to the Catholic church, quite naturally live together. The simple fact is that the environment has changed.’ . . . .“Schönborn said he regretted that the Austrian bishops haven’t dared to speak out openly on necessary church reforms in the past.
It wasn’t a month ago there was a post on this site about a photo of two men kissing on the Vatican web site. Is that not a sin, Bill, because it’s on the Vatican web site?

Anonymous said...

Bill, you might not care about a Proud Pederast coaching YOUR children, but I know GOD cares about Pederasts coaching HIS children:
"Fitter was 15 when he met the Rev. John Capparelli, then the youth minister at a New Providence church and a teacher at Oratory Preparatory School in Summit.Over the next two years, Fitter contends, Capparelli groped him, photographed him in revealing bathing suits and brutalized him during no-rules "submission wrestling" matches."
"A former Warren John F. Kennedy High School religion teacher, sports trainer and baseball coach used his authority positions to tell students they needed massages to avoid injury, then sexually molested them, one as many as 25 times during the late 1980s."
"But sports as an environment for sexual abuse is hardly new. Experts say it has all the significant ingredients that can lead to such abuse: coaches have close relationships with children and unsupervised access to them, while holding a position of trust and authority that can often keep children from reporting the problems to their parents or other authority figures."
Suppose the man announced he was a woman – should he still be allowed to coach boys? Here’s the question I would ask your bishop: where is this school getting the funds to hire this 25 year old to coach volley ball and baseball? How big is this Catholic school & how much are the parents paying each year? Who hired him or referred him for this 'job'? Stinks to me like some priest or bishop’s boy toy blackmailer living fat off the faithful while corrupting youth whose parents are scraping and saving to give them a “Catholic” education! Maybe like Sandusky he’ll go after the ‘poor’ boys to pimp them to the priest homo network!

Tancred said...

I also have to agree with the anonymous commenter below.

Having an admitted sexual attraction to children should automatically disqualify one from teaching children.

Tancred said...

You sort of run off the rails by suggesting this man is having a sexual relationship with the Bishop, it's just that sort of thing which makes it difficult to present what's true as being credible.

Elizabeth D said...

Monsignor Swain was the pastor of the parish I currently belong to, before he was ordained a bishop. He's a good one. There is nothing in this article that suggests the school even apprised him of this matter. Blame the school, blame the homosexual activists for seizing any opportunity to undermine and humiliate the Catholic Church. Why smear the bishop when you don't know anything about what he thinks? Often the school leadership are poorly formed Catholics with some non Catholics mixed in, and a diocese has a difficult time managing the schools. What could be more counterproductive to calling on him to correct the situation, than attacking the bishop contemptuously and making all sorts of insinuations about him? What foolishness.

Very poor approach, Tancred.

Tancred said...

Actually, the Diocese did issue a statement which is in the linked article above, saying they were ok with keeping a man on their staff who is clearly an advocate for normalizing the aberromarriage, including endorsement of NOH8 and various GLBT organizations as well.

From the above referenced article:

"The Roman Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls issued a statement Tuesday night saying "all persons, whatever their attraction, are to be treated with respect, compassion and justice," the Argus Leader newspaper reported.

"The statement said same-sex attraction does not disqualify someone from serving the church, though it added a clarification for cases of same-sex or opposite-sex lifestyles deemed "not chaste."

Anonymous said...

I didn't suggest it was THE bishop - many dioceses have serveral bishops, also 'msgrs', chancellors and maybe just a homo network that takes care of each other and gets jobs for each other and each other's 'friends' - I am suggesting THE bishop be asked to investigate the hiring and whether this job existed prior to Nate's hiring. When has 'volley ball coach' been a job at a high school?

Tancred said...

Fair enough.

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

Any proof of improper activity he will be history.
Same for any church official that does not act.
I do not make threats I only act being like a good marine taking responsibility for my own 9 sqare yards.

Unknown said...

Wait a minute everyone. It seems to indicate that he has homosexual attractions but is not living a homosexual lifestyle. There is a big difference. There may be a pretty women in the office that I find attractive, but if I don't commit adultery in my mind or heart with her, I have not sinned.

I do think that the coach is becoming a public scandal because of this and the diocese needs to make a clear statement about Catholic teaching and this situation. This is a teaching moment for them in South Dakota.

Tancred said...

He promotes gomorrist organizations on his twitter, but does it really matter?

Tancred said...

You don't have to be very observant to see that this volleyball coach is an activist for the destruction of the church.