Thursday, December 23, 2010

Head of Belgian Church Shocks the Worldings: Comparing Victims of Pederasty to Flood Victims

Editor: We've been very defensive of Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard as he's one of the best things that has happened to Belgian society in  years. Expectantly, the crocodile tears shed by the same media that defended Roman Polanski will now raise an angry fist at the Archbishop.  It does this because it despises the Catholic things he defends.  Frankly, it's the same furor of anger that has met the Holy Father who has been pointing an accusing finger at the permissive elements in society that have promoted child sexual abuse, like Kinsey, substantial portions of Belgium's elite society, and all of those academics who've striven for the last decades to erase the idea of good and evil from the minds of people everywhere.

Archbishop Attacked at Mass by homosexual.

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The following is an article from Catholic Church Conservation:

Le chef de l'Eglise belge choque en comparant pédophilie et inondations

The head of the Belgian Catholic Church, Andre-Joseph Leonard shocked MPs on Wednesday saying that the Belgian Church could compensate victims of pedophile priests, just as it has shown "solidarity with flood victims ".

"The Catholic Church could freely participate with all other sectors of society in the creation of solidarity funds, not because it is legally obliged, but because there is a duty of solidarity with all victims, not only of floods and epidemics, but also sexual abuse, "said the Primate of Belgium.

He spoke in particular cases where the abuser is dead or the actions under statute of limitations, for other cases being for him the responsibility of Justice.


Oliver said...

Why? Why carry on feeding a mouth that's biting us? For as long as the Church has cash in hand, the fingers will carry on pointing.

Tancred said...

Whatever the Archbishop said, however you interpret it, absolutely pales in comparison to the contemptuous and offensive way he is lectured to by the kinds of people who have no business being concerned about anyone's moral uprightness, to say nothing of running the fate of a nation.

Anonymous said...

The victims of pedophile priests are much worse off than those who experienced an act of nature. A flood does not deliberately decide to destroy a person's life, a pedophile priest does. It was ridiculous to make such a comparison, a bit like the recent document that included sexual abuse by a priest and attempting ordination of a woman to the priesthood. Both wrong, but of a different order, and a mistake to include them in the same document. A priest or bishop whom we consider 'traditional' does not mean they are above making mistakes, saying stupid things etc.

Also 'Archbishop Attacked at Mass by homosexual' does seen a bit over the top. The archbishop had his glasses knocked off. I don't know any grown man that would be particularly bothered, perhaps a wack round the head of the man who did it would be fair enough. Why portray the archbishop as some helpless old man, he isn't.

Tancred said...

I don't know. Losing your innocence and sense of well-being at an early age, suffering some psychological damage vs. losing everything you own and let's face it, a lot of the milieu which was created to abet this sort of thing didn't originate in the Catholic Church. It originated from without, degenerates like Kinsey, people in the entertainment industry, academics and professionals like are pretty common in Belgian society.

Actually, Belgium's upper-crust has a bigger problem with criminal abuse of children than does the Catholic Church and this man has no business lecturing the Archbishop on this. He's a politician. He's a Belgian politician, surely one of the biggest frauds on the planet.