Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Berlin Capitulates to Leftist Terror

Burning car in Berlin (archive): Pampered terrorists Photo: dpa
Whoever speaks these days about Berlin has to talk about terrorism.   Cars have been burning daily for weeks, police officers are attacked and shop windows of businesses and politicians offices  are repeatedly destroyed. Yes, that's terror. What else would it be?
That national media and federal politics, if it ever addresses the issue, does it just as a side note for a simple reason: The perpetrators are left-wing extremists. Wearing disguises and armed with stones, paint bombs and explosives, they track each night throughout the capital.
Politicians call for discussions and de-escalation
A "black July" was announced with attacks on police officers and all "beneficiaries of the prevailing logic" by terrorists from Riga Street. "As much as you can take is what's allowed!" This is the provocation to the citizens of the city. They are the ones who have to co-finance the terror of dubious "democracy programs" and in the "fight against the right".
But Berlin would not be Berlin if the hatred of the Left was not at  least combined with stupidity and insolence of the politicians in charge. Berlin's mayor, has now called for a "de-escalation approach" something like the quintessential Berliner slum factor. Yes, even talking with the left-wing extremist scene. This should break the "spiral of violence."
Went even further the domestic policy spokesman for the pirate faction in the Berlin City House, Christopher Lauer. His logic: give leftist extremists their squat, then they will stop the violence.
A thought experiment shows all the madness
A thought experiment is enough to understand the bizarreness  of these proposals. What would Lauer and Müller do if  right-wing extremists or Islamists occupied a Berlin trolley and daily attacked policemen and set cars on fire? But would be what's going on.
At least inside Senator Frank Henkel (CDU) has recognized this and just drawn this comparison.Just help the Berliners with this little hindsight. For years, the excesses of the left-wing scene was downplayed, ignored, relativized or even celebrated.
No, Berlin does not need a de-escalation concept and no ominous "civil society". Berlin needs a war on terror.
Link to Junge Freiheit..  Trans: Tancred


Prayerful said...

One really negative legacy of WW2 that strong, sensible policing is verboten. There is surely a happy medium between some small town US force with armoured cars and hesitant officers who would sooner apologize than arrest a perp.

susan said...

hagan lio!

Anonymous said...

The Communists did the same in Germany during the 1920's.(in the 20's they were more violent)

Anonymous said...

Another commie revolution in Germany? C'mon, blackblocks + casseurs in France, the same old story......Europe is on the eve of destruction, too many years of peace, more than 70, in 3000 years a war every 5 years.......cluster bombs on our heads. Only God can save us, let's pray.