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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Libya Introduces Sharia -- The Result of the "Arab Spring"

(Tripoli)  Sharia is the basis and "source" of all law in the North African Mediterranean state Libya. A committee will now consider all applicable laws and regulations to determine whether they are in accordance with Islamic law.Two and a half years after the outbreak of the "Arab Spring", the results are devastating: a torn country in which various islamist groups and clans have controlled  whole regions and now has also saw the introduction of Sharia.The Libyan Parliament decided last Wednesday the introduction of Islamic law. The Sharia have to submit to all laws and regulations of the country. Therefore, the Parliament set up a commission to review all legal standards for compliance with the Sharia. Provisions that are not compliant with Shari'ah must be abolished or replaced.

A country in chaos

Two and a half years after the outbreak of the "Arab Spring" and little more than two years after the assassination of "revolutionary leader" Muammar Gheddafi by the rebels supported by NATO, the oil-rich Mediterranean country is in the depths of chaos. Several armed militias, independent of the State militias  parts of the territory under their control. They fight each other and the state. The real power has the Grand Syrtis in hand.  The transitional government has already declared Sharia as the basis of the entire law after the fall of Gaddafi. Now this has been officially adopted by Parliament.
The new law shows that the Islamists who were suppressed by the old regime, are becoming an ever more dominant factor in Libya. The Islamist militias have forced the Parliament to introduce Sharia  with violence and threats to the government, which can hardly exercise authority in the state, hoping thereby to appease the most extreme groups of Islamists. What is meant is mainly Ansar al-Sharia , the "followers of Islamic law," a Salafist militia  which is connected to Al-Qaeda.  An offshoot of Ansar al-Sharia exists in Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt, Mali, Morocco and Mauritania.

"Sharia is the Law"

Mohammed Al-Zaroug of the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood Party of Justice and Construction declared contentedly: "Sharia is the law. Now no one can say that the Parliament does not work with Shari'ah." Ibrahim Al-Gharyani of the. Alliance of National Forces said: "The law already contains hardly any laws that contradict Islamic law." The Muslim Brotherhood holds 17 of 80 seats in parliament, the Alliance has 39 seats.
Also on Wednesday, the Parliament appointed 60 members of a commission to draft a new constitution for Libyan.Christians, who can hardly move freely in the government-controlled capital of Tripoli in Libya. In the rest of the country they are fair game.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: As Sabhab (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Arab Revolt Continues in Egypt as Christian Churches Are Burning

So much for the “Arab Spring”.  We predicted an Arab Revolt long before this happened, when the various media organs were rhapsodizing about the wonders of Democracy.

A report from Pro Christanis’ Facebook group reveals:

Update - Egypt - 14.08.2013
24 churches burnt down today15 orthodox7 catholic and 2 protestant churchesCopts' houses attacked in Cairo, Alexandria, Sohag, Minya and SuezChristians' shops and Bible publishing houses also attacked A priest and his wife were kidnapped and hold captive by Muslim Brotherhood

And the atrocities continue, link.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Berlin's Archbishop Understands Car Burners' Pain

"These acts are a cry for help: When people burn altar-tables, then it's a protest and an expression of their hopelessness.'
( Besides the so-called Neonazis or a Traditionalist, you can be anything in Nazi-mad Germany.

Even car burners.

In an interview with the "Swabian Times" for the 3rd of September, Archbishop Rainer Woelki of Berlin found sympathetic words even for these last mentioned. Their acts are "a cry for help", answered the all-understanding one to the question, if whether the waves of leftist car burning in Berlin bode a new kind of terrorism. He continued: "when people burn cars, it is a protest and even an expression of their helplessness."  

So much understanding for the non-believing

  The Archbishop says he has developed, after only a week, a "deep understanding for the spiritual life of the overburdened, unbelieving people of the city of Berlin". He invites the motorists of the city, to consider the Bishops' words:  

"We should go and ask ourselves sincerely in our hearts, if we were not overly quick in our harsh judgment of those hopless people, who cried out to us for help with their bbq lighters. How could we assume, they are simple criminals?

Let us ask the Lord for forgiveness!“

It was even a nice Protest

Archbishop Woelki's may not sit well with many of Berlin's motorists. The faithful Catholics of Berlin, however, are deeply grateful for his words. Because in the same sense that Msgr Woelki has certain understanding for this even, he would understand how those horrible altar-tables in Berlin churches could be ignited.

That would be a wonderful sight in the light of the coming Papal visit, to express "hopelessness", which burdens the modern Liturgy in Germany.

Every burned up altar-table would be a real cry for help for the faithful people, who can't go into the Church any more, to have to endure the self-satisfied Conciliar comic, who has planted himself in the place of the Holy of Hollies. [Many NO spaces have a "Presider's Chair" where the Eucharistic Lord should be.]

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Iraq: Catholic Family Man Murdered

Editor: Catholics were in Iraq long before the Muslims. Don't forget that, at least.

Kirkuk ( idea) In Northern Iraq a 29 year old Christian was murdered.  The body of the family father with three children Ashur Issa Yaqub was found on May 16th by Police in Kirkuk.  As the aid organization Open Doors (Kelkheim bei Frankfurt am Main) reported, his body revealed signs of torture and bite wounds. Hands and arms were tied and the head had been completely removed.

According to reports of a local pastor, members of the terror network Al Kheda pressured his employer to dismiss the construction worker \because he was Christian.  Yaqub, who belongs to the Chaldean Catholic Community, was abducted.  Al Kaida fighters demanded a ransom of about 70.000 Euro for his release.  According to estimate by Open Doors, which cares for Christians persecuted and oppressed world wide, the situation in Iraq has significantly worsened.

Christians have lived almost 2.000 years in Iraq.  In the mean time their numbers have been decimated because many of the attacks of Islamic "extremists" happen to them.  1990 figures show that around 29 million inhabitants and 1,4 million Christians were present, now there are about 200.000.