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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Berlin Cardinal Has Awakened From his Coma

Berlin Cardinal Wakes From Coma. [Germany] The Emeritus Cardinal Georg Sterzinsky (75)of Berlin has been awakened from an induced coma, according to the speaker of the Archdiocese, Stefa Forner, according to the German news agency 'dpa'. "He's feeling better, but still not good" --- said Forner. In February the Pope accepted his resignation on ground of age, whether or not he is in a coma.

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Berlin Cardinal in Induced Coma

His 75th birthday brings Georg Cardinal Sterzinsky to the intensive care unit of a Berlin hospital.  His condition is serious.

( For already two weeks Georg Cardinal Sterzinsky has been in a hospital in the middle of the Berlin district.

According to reports of the Regional edition of the German boulevard magazine 'Bild' for Berlin-Brandenburg, Georg Cardinal Sterzinsky has been operated upon at the end of January for stomach cancer.

"At that point the health of the patient worsened,  the doctor of the wearer of purple put him in an induced coma" -- reported 'Bild' today.

On last Friday the surgeons attempted a second operation according to 'Bild'.

After the most recent reports the Cardinal should be ready for a fourth operation.

In the meantime the induced coma established a condition so that the Cardinal is not able to speak.

According to reports from 'Bild' the Cardinal's close relatives and ecclesiastical benefactors will gather at his sick bed.

It is self-evident that Cardinal Sterzinsky is being cared for by the Sister-run Franciscan Hospital on Budapest Street.