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Friday, March 31, 2017

Brothel Owner Charges Austrian Cardinal of Being Regular Visitor

Edit: as one of the commenters at points out, it is unlikely that a Viennese Cardinal would go to such a place where he could easily be identified, and another points out that whoever it was didn't pay enough money to keep her absolute silence. The teller of the tale, Nina Janousek, is mordantly obese and has had two heart attacks, hence her stated reason for writing the book is that she will die soon. It's also a strong indicator of her character that she named Charley Sheen, but favorably, as one of her best customers, since he enriched some of her girls and was very generous. She said, "the best kind of Kavalier."

A bishop was also implicated.

It's not enough that +Schönborn benefits from selling pornography, and honoring aberrosexual Communist "artists", or throwing faithful priests under the bus, but it probably isn't him she's violating her professional discretion over.  We should already know that +Schönborn has done far worse things already than visiting a brothel.

Austria's most legendary brothel operator has published an explosive book and also charged an Austrian cardinal, who has regularly visited the brothel

[] The owner of the Nobelbordell Nina's Bar, Nina Janousek, published a book on Friday, which also explosive as regards the Catholic Church. The book tells of how prominent suitors came and entered. Among other things, she tells about the "sexual preferences" of a cardinal. According to the report of the newspaper "Österreich", the Cardinal did not spend much money in the establishment. He chose a girl and retired with her to the student room. After sex he stayed alone back there. "As I later learned from one of my ladies, he prayed for a while, probably asking for forgiveness, because his lust had led him to the bar, and after this devotion, he always left my nightclub in a hurry."

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Berlin Cardinal Wants More Socialism and Women Cardinals

Since Pope Francis sees himself as the “Pope of the Poor”,  the clergy is lined up “stirred and uncertain in a good sense”.  Cardinal Woelki:  “In Germany we will make it clear, what Church is really about:  That we won’t live any more for money and status, rather more for social justice and more on love, which are those things which are priceless.”

Taxation of Disposession

In a discussion with the Berlin “Tagespiegel” on Easter Sunday 2013,  Cardinal Woelki endorsed a stronger taxation of estates, explicitly the increase of inheritance taxes for a more equitable distribution between rich and poor.

Number of Hartz-IV Receivers Remains Constant

In the same breath the Berlin Cardinal wants to increase the length of unemployment benefits.  The number of unemployed has dropped, yet the number of Hartz-IV receivers has not sunk.

A connection with (unwilling) willingness to work in parts of the Hartz-IV recipients is not something Cardinal Woelki sees.  Cardinal Woelki also doesn’t betray us, since he wishes to reduce the number of Hartz-IV recipients.  Mandatory resocialization courses for Berlin-Kreuzberg dwellers?

Cheap Apartments in Kurfurstendamm?

Even the homelessness is very closely connected.  In Berlin there are 350,000 residences at moderate addresses.  373,000 Hartz-IV households and a further 500,000 low income households compete for these.

Cardinal Woelki sees a great danger that “many in the center will be pushed to the margins of the city, as is also the case with other large European cities”.

In a (system Cardinal Woelki describes as a “good system”)  free market economy, the centrally located real estate is even more highly valued than would be encountered in the (industrial and trade ) peripheral areas.  As if that weren’t enough, the rents and sales prices are higher.

Nazi-Church Tax is a “protected system"

The Church-tax which was directed to the dispossession of the Church is defended by Cardinal Woelki:  “It is a protected system, through which the church members make contributions for the maintenance of ecclesiastical commitment.  Through that they also do something for the common good.”

Cardinal Woelki: Women as Cardinals

As regards the false content of the commentary of the “Tagespiegels” (Claudia Keller and Rainer Woratschka): “In canon law it may even be possible, to name women as Cardinals” to which the Cardinal answered “somewhat” surprisingly: “You are right.”

And also:  “Even at the level of the Universal Church women must be more significantly connected to responsible positions.  The Pope needs good advice and one should be well consider, how the advisory boards in the Vatican should be occupied.  We were very pressed just days before the conclave, to get to know each other for the first time.”

The erroneousness of the Cardinal, who “isn’t one of the narrow minded"

If Cardinal Woelki had now explored the theological and canonical foundations for his positive answer to “Cardinaltrixes”,  we would have been grateful.

Already on Katholikentag in Mannheim the Cardinal dumbfounded with a private theory on homo-depravity: “I consider it as conceivable, that there, where people are acting responsibly for one another, where they live in a stable homosexual relationship, that it can be regarded in a same manner as heterosexual partnerships.”

“”: “Homo-Kardinal"

The Catholic internet site has dubbed Cardinal Woelki for that reason with the honorary title of “Homo-Kardinal”. (previously even borrowed from Cardinal Schonborn)

For the adoption of a “distinction”, the gay homo-lobby decisive but really not courageous enough:  “For such implicitness he can’t distinguish himself."

2012 no Priestly Ordinations in Berlin

Thus he was named as the Archbishop of Berlin and had been created by Benedict XVI. as a Cardinal with a productive mission: the growth of priestly vocations.  In the year 2012 there hasn’t been a single priestly ordination.

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

New Berlin Archbishop a Surprise: Auxiliary Bishop Rainer Woelke

Editor: He studied at Holy Cross in Rome and is more conservative than what might have otherwise have been. He wasn't on the short list chosen by the locals either. This was likely a personal choice.

A difficult birth.  The successor of the deceased Cardinal Georg Sterzinsky as Archbishop of Berlin will be made public shortly.
Auxiliary Bishop Rainer Woelke

( at 12:00 o'clock the Cathedral Rector Stefan Dybowski, like the 'Angel of the Lord' will announce the Archbishop of Berlin.

It will fall about the Cologne Auxiliary Bishop Msgr Rainer Maria Woelki (54).

The Archdiocese of Berlin has about 400,000 Catholics on paper.

The region of Upper Pommerania and part of Brandenburg belong to this Archdiocese.

The previous Ordinary, Georg Cardinal Sterzinsky († 75)died on June 30th a few days ago.

Previously, Curial Bishop Josef Clemens (64), Cologne Auxiliary Bishop Heiner Koch and Berlin's Auxiliary Matthias Heinrich were hot candidates for the office.

Msgr Woelki studied Catholic Theology from 1978 - 1983 in Bonn and Freiburg.

He was ordained on June 14th 1985 by Archbishop Joseph Cardinal Höffner in Cologne Cathedral.

After pastoral activity as chaplain to St. Marien in Neuss, as Minister of the Kolpings family Neuss-Zentral, Military Pastor and chaplain to St. Joseph in Ratingen, he was made the Archbishop's chaplain and personal secretary.

From 1997 to 2003 Msgr Woelke was Director of the Theological Faculty of the Albertininum in Bonn.

Pope John Paul II named him in 1999 as a Chaplain to His Holiness.

In 2000 he was at the Papal University of Holy Cross -- which is directed by Opus Dei -- in Rome where he received a Doctorate for a dissertation on the theme "The Parish -- an Article on its Ecclesiological Localization" [ „Die Pfarrei – ein Beitrag zu ihrer ekklesiologischen Ortsbestimmung“]

Pope John Paul II named him as titular Bishop of Scampa in 2003 and sent him to be Auxiliary Bishop in Cologne.

Joachim Cardinal Meisner consecrated him a Bishop on 30. March 2003 in Cologne Cathedral.

Co-Consecrators were his predecessor Auxiliary Klaus Dick and current Auxiliary Bishop of Cologne and current Bishop of Hildescheim, Msgr Norbert Trelle.

Joachim Cardinal Meisner named Msgr Woelki as the Episcopal Vicar for questions of Doctrine and Ecumenism and charged him with the East Pastoral District of the Archdiocese.

In 2003 he was elected as resident Cathedral Rector.

Since 1 Juanary 20005, Msgr Woelki has been Diocesan Vicar of the Permanent Diaconate and since 1 January 2006 as responsible for the North Pastoral Area.

He is a member of the Commission IV "Spiritual Professions and Church Service" and VIII "Science and Culture" of the German Bishops Conference.

Church insiders get more important Diocese than Berlin.

The Archdiocese is attractive for that reason, because the coming Archbishop will be put into the ring for elevation to Cardinal.

As one of the first official acts the new Bishops will be requested to visit the Pope on September 22.

The naming of Msgr Woelke for Berlin is probably a first step, toward being later sent back to take over the Archdiocese of Cologne.

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