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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Newspaper of the French Bishops Seeks Lifting of Excommunication for Freemasons

(Paris) On the 26th of November 1983, the Roman Congregation reaffirmed with  Pope John Paul II's  express approval, a declaration of incompatibility of Freemasonry with the Catholic Church.
The ruling was then deemed necessary by then Prefect of the CDF, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. Since  January 1983,  membership was in the Masonic lodge was not explicitly mentioned in the new Code of Canon Law, as it occurred in several countries, there was the assertion, including Austria, that Freemasons were no longer excommunicated. Catholics, therefore, asked Rome for clarification, and that took place with particular haste in November of the same year.
"The negative judgment of the Church on Masonic associations, therefore, remains unchanged because their principles have always been considered irreconcilable with the doctrine of the Church and therefore membership in them continues to be prohibited. The faithful who belong to Masonic associations are therefore in the state of grave sin and may not receive Holy Communion."
This excommunication was reaffirmed and clarified:
"It is not within the competence of local ecclesiastical authorities to give a judgement on  the nature of Masonic associations  which would imply a derogation of what is ruled from above."

La Croix wants a lifting of the excommunication for lodge brothers

Beschürzte lodge brothers
Beschürzte lodge brothers

Nevertheless, there are "wordly Catholics" who brush aside  the excommunication or deny it flatly. "Some people have no qualms about openly showing their disapproval. Belonging to the Masonic Lodge is more important than obedience to the Church," said Corrispondenza Romana .
The most recent example is La Croix , the daily newspaper of the French Bishops' Conference . On January 25, it complained that there are many severe "exclusions" which are really "painful" that only include "Masons," "who profess the Catholic faith".
According to La Croix there are "judgments", like  that justified by the CDF justified and "understood" for a time in which the lodges were avowedly been anticlerical. Today, however, that is, at least according to the newspaper of the French Bishops' Conference, no longer the case.
Instead of a justification for this assertion, La Croix  introduces that omnipresent commitment to "dialogue" onto the field: "Is it really applicable in a context such as the present, that condemnation no longer benefits dialog?" In order to "liberate"  the apron clad brothers from the self-imposed exile from church, the   newspaper refers to the "Holy Year of Mercy", "Why not finally eliminate this charge from the category of 'serious sins' for the Year of Mercy?"
The daily paper of the French Episcopal Conference can think of no reason why the Masons should be excommunicated. To be precise, the newspaper makes no attempt to find a reason. It merely refers to a "past" that is no longer applicable now without explaining when to what and why it should be changed.
"The answer is quite simple. The accusation of grave sin can not be eliminated because Freemasonry has neither changed nor has ever done anything to change. Its goal is to be the destruction of  organic and natural society. It supports  positions and behaviors that are absolutely incompatible with the Catholic faith from an ethical and social point of view and those things about which they rather avowedly disagree, such as divorce, abortion, homosexuality, gender ideology, euthanasia and many others," said Corrispondenza Romana .
If the distance were  reduced, it would be because the progressive part of the Church have come closer with their "holes" to the positions of the lodges, "if it is not  result in a deadly embrace."
The outspoken condemnation on April 28, 1738 by Pope Clement XII. with the Bull In Eminenti   has lost none of its  validity. Most importantly, it leaves no room for doubt. "It would not be bad if those  in the daily newspaper of the French bishops consider it and perhaps would read this excommunication on occasion," said Corrispondenza Romana .

Vienna cathedral minister Toni Faber and his Aproned Lodge Brothers 

Among those who flout the current condemnation of Freemasonry, is Vienna's cathedral pastor, Msgr. Toni Faber. In 2010 he was with the former Grand Master of the Austrian Grand Lodge guest on the private television channel TW1.
When asked about the statement of the CDF and the excommunication upon entry into a lodge,  Faber said: instead of Cardinal Ratzinger we are more obliged  "thankfully, to Cardinal König".  In Austria, "Thank God, it's always" been "that Masons who have asked the Cardinal  König: 'Is it permissible for me as a sincere Catholic to belong in the Lodge,' have always received approval from him."
Faber gave the impression that the attitude to Freemasonry is merely personal judgment call. The "approval" that Cardinal König gave, according to Faber, however, was null and void because he had no responsibility to make the decision.
Faber's outspoken representation illustrates that ecclesiastical regulations are thwarted in the highest places. Faber was open in the broadcast  about his personal contacts with "many" Freemasons, which he invariably called "convinced Catholics", only to boast about them, because he could be sure  to be fear nothing from the supervising office.
The alleged harmlessness of the lodges by Toni Faber in 2010, and now of La Croix is so far that one might wonder why  supposedly "upright" and "convinced Catholics" find it important to live in disobedience to their own Church, to belong to an allegedly so harmless a club.

The video broadcast with Cathedral Pastor Faber, first published on Youtube, since deleted, can still be seen on in German. 

Text: Giuseppe Nardi Trans: Tancred Link to Katholisches... AMDG

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

After 34 Years The Retirement of Egon Kapellari

Bishop Egon Kapellari
(Vienna / Rome) Bishop Egon Kapellari of Graz-Seckau had announced his retirement four days ago. He had just completed his 79th year of life and is expecting release from  his position as supreme pastor of a diocese. Today Pope Francis accepted the resignation of the long-serving and retired the Bishop of Austria.
Egon Kapellari was born on 12 January 1936 at Leoben in Upper Styria. In 1957 he received his doctorate of law at the University of Graz. Then he began at the University of Salzburg with the study of theology. 1964-1981 he was also university chaplain in Graz. In1981 Pope John Paul II. appointed him Bishop of Gurk. The mid-80s Kapellari  was consideredin the progressive climate distant from Rome, the most "Romtreuest" [Most loyal to Rome] among Austrian bishops. When John Paul II. sought to achieve a new direction in the episcopal appointments in the Austrian Church with the retirement of Cardinal Franz König from 1986, it was a quiet time for Bishop Kapellari.

"Quiet" Priest, "no Tribune"

In 2001 he was appointed by John Paul II. from Carinthia back to Styria and appointed  Bishop of Graz-Seckau. At the same time Kapellari was Vice President of the Austrian Bishops' Conference. He is responsible for the areas of liturgy, culture and media.
2011 Kapillari heard a bizarre proposal: priests who do not adhere to celibacy, a fine should be imposed.  Toward   the "priest" initiative, disobedient priests, Kapellari showed himself to be as indecisive as his brother bishops.
In March 2013, Kapellari spoke to Pastor Karl Tropper of St. Veit am Vogau of a ban on preaching, because he had expressed criticism of Islam and homosexuality. Pastor Tropper was come to the attention of the media and was dropped by the bishop and sent to early retirement.
October 2013 Bishop Kapellari had just been appointed the tradition-priest Konrad Sterninnger of parish ministry. Even before the well-known priest entered his new responsibility for three parishes, progressive circles organized a smear campaign against Father Sterninger. The Parish Councils informed the bishop to reject the priest. The Diocese talked about finding a task that  "better" corresponded to "his talents." Since the beginning of 2014 he is the same again provisor the Pilgrimage Church of Frauenberg-Rehkogel in Upper Styria.
In September 2014 Bishop Kapellari forbade a "service for remarried divorcees, gays, lesbians and single mothers" with "Communion for all". The service was organized by a priest, Bernhard Preiss, a disobedient priest of the "priest" initiative and the suspended Deacon Gottfried Url. Kapellari spoke of a rash "go it alone".

However, 34 Years Diocesan Bishop

Both in the cause of Cardinal Gröer (Archdiocese of Vienna) as well as in that  of  almost Bishop Wagner (Diocese of Linz) showed Kapellari a flexible attitude. From progressive he was decried as "conservative", however  the  conservative was  limited, less on the public defense of Catholic doctrine, but rather to  sitting out progressive demands. To them he replicated especially with the neutral warning of a "division" of the Church, without too much content in responding to the questions. In progressive criticism, Kapellari was a "brakeman before the Lord"  (The Lady), therefore, is not entirely wrong. The profile of a strong   preacher of the faith and a spiritual leader who must take responsibility for his diocese, looks different. However, Kapellari never saw himself in a leadership position. "I'm not a tribune of the people," said the quiet, rather shy, episcopal priest in the early years. Nevertheless, he just stood at the head of a diocese  for nearly 34 years. Maybe they in Rome and Vienna are convinced that this is the maximum possible in a time critical of the church. 
The Chapter chose the former Vicar General Heinrich Schnuderl as Administrator. It is expected that Kapellari's successor will not come as diocesan bishop of Styria.
Text: Martha Weinzl
image: Wikicommons (Dnalor 01)

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

For Salzburg's Archbishop, Christ was Not High Priest, But "A Layman"?

(Vienna) On the occasion of the re-division of the diocesan boundaries in Tirol 50 years ago, the ORF invited the bishops of the old county of Tyrol to "talk." 50 years before 1964, the Catholic Church drew  boundaries as a consequence of the    the end of World War to  divide  the former Austrian crown land at the Inn and Etsch valleys. Archbishop Lackner made Jesus a layman in the  question of the shortage of priests.
In 1964, the diocesan borders were adapted to the new international boundaries and administrative units. From the remaining portion of the Diocese of Brixen in Austria was the new diocese of Innsbruck. The old Diocese of Brixen was  extended from the so-called German share of the diocese of Trent and renamed the Diocese of Bozen-Brixen. The reduced diocese of Trent was elevated to an archdiocese. The Bishopric of Trent and the Diocese of Bolzano-Bressanone [Bozen-Brixen] have been subject since 1921 directly to the Pope. Trent has no suffragan dioceses and Bolzano-Bressanone belongs to  a Metropolitan Province. The new diocese of Innsbruck, however, is suffragan of Salzburg, as was the Diocese of Brixen since 798.

Bishop Discussion: 50 years of Diocesan Separation in Tirol

In the ORF regional studios in Tirol, the archbishops Franz Lackner (Salzburg) and Luigi Bressan (Trent) and Bishops Ivo Muser (Bolzano-Bressanone) and Manfred Scheuer (Innsbruck), met to look back at the past 50 years and attempt an outlook for the future.
"We are in a situation of massive radical change and transition and there arises the question: who puts his life, even his profession in the service of God and man? (...) We need pastors, priests, religious, religion teachers, pastoral assistance,"  said the Bishop Manfred Scheuer of Innsbruck, reigning since 2003  and pleaded for an "option for the youth."
"The gospel is and remains unrivaled  back then and now," said the Bishop of Brixen, Ivo Muser, reigning in his diocese since 2001. "Faith should not be imposed but must be made alive visible."
"Everyone is called to be  Church and participate in the pastoral care" said Bishop Muser to Orf again: "For all the importance of the priestly ministry, it is important that we do not just fix pastoral care on the priest alone. We are all called to be Church, to do our part. Each with their own skills, each with their own skills and potential."

Lackner: "We have Forgotten that Jesus was a Layman."

Archbishop Franz Lackner
A topic of conversation was the shortage of priests. The responses of the bishops remained superficial and concentrated to emphasize the role of the laity. With the devaluation of the priesthood and appreciation of the laity, the new Archbishop of Salzburg went the furthest.
The new archbishop of Salzburg, the Franciscan Franz Lackner, reigning since January 12, 2014,  said, "The Future of the Church" will include fewer priests, but that "the laity can take on important and responsible positions in the Church." These tasks should not belittle you, Lackner said. "We have forgotten that Jesus was a layman."
The statement of the Archbishop is on the website of the Archdiocese of Salzburg was taken and distributed without supplementing and amending. Even Martin Luther was clear that Jesus Christ is the true High Priest who knew him as it was known in the Old Testament for the Temple of Jerusalem.  More recent Protestant splits like the New Apostolic Church, emphasize the position of Christ as High Priest. However, the Catholic Archbishop of Salzburg and Primas Germaniae holds Jesus Christ for a layman?
An archbishop who  presents Jesus  as a layman? Son of God, who is under the priesthood? Jesus Christ is not just a high priest par excellence, who gave the Eucharist and the priesthood?  Is Jesus not as God incarnate, from whom all ordination offices pass through the setting up of Peter and his primacy? No succession, which ranges from Christ to Peter to every bishop since then, until the last priest? What would  this succession be  if Jesus Christ had been merely a "layman"?
Salzburg, like all old diocese, selects three candidates from its  chapter for new archbishop to be chosen by the Holy See.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: ORF Tirol / Archdiocese of Vienna (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred
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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Cardinal Burke in Vienna -- Pontifical Mass in Karlskirche on November 4th

(Vienna) This coming November 4th  a Tridentine Pontifical Mass will be celebrated in St. Charles Borromeo Church in Vienna for the feast of the church patron, St. Charles Borromeo. The celebrant will be Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura.
The music will be sung by the Cappella Borromea in the Messa a cinque voci of Giovanni Rovetta (1596-1668) and the hymn from the Graduale Medicæum (1613/1614). The organizer is Una Voce Austria, a Catholic lay association, which is connected in a special way the Holy Mass and the sacraments in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite.
The association is committed to the preservation and maintenance of traditional Latin liturgy, in a special way "for  serving her musical tradition, in particular of Gregorian chant." Una Voce Austria also seeks  "the  transmission of genuine faith, that is expressed in an unsurpassable way in this liturgy."
Last year, Bishop Vitus Huonder of Chur celebrated the Pontifical Mass (see picture).
The Pontifical Mass begins at 6 pm  in the Karlskirche, Karlsplatz, near the State Opera.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Una Voce Austria
Trans: Tancred

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

"Love is Love" -- Cardinal Schönborn's Inclination to Aberrosexuals and a Perverse Logic

(Rome) Archbishop Christoph Cardinal Schönborn of Vienna agreed in the Italian daily Corriere della Sera to praise  homosexual relationships. As to the matter  of the Bishops' Synod on the Family the President of the Austrian Bishops' Conference gave an interview.
In a seemingly already quite unrealistic addendum, he relates, is his appreciation already under the context of the article.  If homosexuals interpret their relationship in sustainability, then, says the Vienna cardinal, homosexual relations are "exemplarily human". The Holy Scriptures, which the Cardinal concealed as far as possible,  speaks of a "abomination in the sight of God," on the other hand.

68er Slogans with 50 Years Delay in the Church

He himself, the Cardinal,  knows a Gay couple in Vienna (!) who live in a registered partnership. As one of the two gay men became ill, the other has "not left his side." Schönborn's exact words were: "It was wonderful, human and Christian, as the one  took care of the other."
This "exemplarily human behavior must be recognized" the cardinal took issue against those who make objections in principle to homosexuality and those who flatter them. A condemnation of homosexuals was not possible, said the Cardinal. And so, what Schönborn did not say, there is no condemnation of homosexuality. "Love is Love" was one of the dumb 68er sayings that seem to have arrived in the Church after an  almost 50 year delay.

Bishops and Priests Should Bow Before Aberrosexual "exemplary human behavior" 

Schoenborn also provided a selective presentation of the Scriptures, in which the Cardinal pitted Jesus against himself and his teaching position. If bishops and priests are not able  to bless them, then they should at least bow before the "exemplary human behavior of homosexual," said the ÖBK-President. "These things must be acknowledged," he added, turning to a condemnation of homosexuals. Jesus told the people, even the tax collectors and prostitutes would enter heaven, a message that should not be forgotten especially by bishops and priests.

"All is love": In Addition to Homosex Polygamy, Pedophilia and incest?

The statements of Cardinal Schönborn was published in the Tuesday edition of the Corriere della Sera. In it, he accepts the thesis of an alleged "gradation" of relations, according to which there are no bad or sinful relationships any more, but only more or less perfect forms ("long form"). This applies to open marriages, premarital relationships, gay relationships, polygamous relationships. Only implicitly, it seems are pedophilic or incestuous relationships are not excluded, neither from the interim report of the Synod or by Cardinal Schönborn.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Archdiocese of Vienna
Trans: Tancred

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bishop Bars "Mass for Remarried and Homosexuals"

Graz-Seckauer diocesan priests have provoked with controversial Masses. Bishop Kapellari puts on the emergency brake. Priest: "We will not completely ignore the ban of the bishop, but also not entirely obey."

Graz ( The Graz diocesan Bishop, Egon Kapellari, has banned a controversial "Mass for remarried and homosexuals" in the parish of St. Margaret, as reported by the "Kleine Zeitung". The one responsible for the provocation was the pastor of the local parish community, Bernhard Preiss. A few months earlier, Preiss had carried out a similar event, then, there were protests by Catholics. Now Kapellari is pulling the emergency brake. Kapellari said to the newspaper: "It was simply an isolated event against the ecclesiastical order which will not take place." The Graz bishop stressed that a priest could not arbitrarily grant simply that divorced and remarried may go to Communion: "That neither the Pope, even I as a bishop, can not do this either. We even take care of remarried and homosexuals in personal conversations in counseling," said the Bishop of Graz.

But Preiss would like to further provoke and shared in his parish bulletin with that he  especially respects the will of the bishop. There will however be considered  "a continuation in another form."  To the "Kleine Zeitung" Preiss explains then: "I do not want to simply delete the Mass, we will not totally ignore the ban of the  bishop, but we will also not entirely follow it either. Now creativity is called for."

Trans: Tancred

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Driving out Clergy in Schönborn's Church

Friday, August 15, 2014 From the local "Conciliar Church"

Cleric eviction in the Schonborn Church 

As the Archdiocese stabs of one of its own, faithful religious teachers and seminarians, without any factual basis  in the back 

For the Socialists under anti-pope-monger Faymann (so the prosecutor has been interested in the former SJ-leader) is Christine Mann, director of the Archdiocesan Office of Instruction and Child Development of the Archdiocese of Vienna, a "reliable partner, representing what is in  common, [ note, Socialist education policy] over that which divides [i.e., the Catholic beliefs]"- Quote of the then socio-Secretarry Easter Mayer with explanatory as well as interpretive editorial comments. In July 2013 Mrs. Mann was honored by the Socialists. Just a note: The shirt hangs on her as a sign of "modern church" apparently wanted  to wear  the out. [Image and citation: Archdiocese Vienna]

Theologian, Priesterseminarist and Religion Teachers

Professor D. (his name is known to us and he can be addressed here at any time) is religion teacher. Or, more accurately, he was.

After completing his degree he moved at first to Austria, in one of the hereditary Catholic lands. He entered the seminary of the Archdiocese of Vienna and began teaching at a secondary school there.

Unfortunately, the  director, likely very modern oriented, was not among his friends; there can be speculation about the reasons for this.

Disciplinary Minimum Standard

 One day Professor D. saw a common situation in today's school life  - he was tattled on. In the classroom. Since it was his religious education,  Professor D.  prevented this. This resulted in  a complaint from a sensitive mother of one of the  pupils, who did not wish that the teacher would mix as such in the privacy of her daughter.

This complaint was  taken up by the administration to explore a possible act of violence by the teacher against the student.

The Archdiocesan School Administration Disavowed Its Own Cleric 

The Archdiocesan school administration was immediately involved (a Schönborn confidante known for controversial personnel decissions ) and the rector of the seminary (the Schönborn Favorite, Tatzreiter ); and suddenly there was also a corresponding abuse commission (!) dealing with the fact that a religion professor at the archdiocese had attempted to enforce minimum standards of discipline.

All this ongoing effort, one in theory really conceivable (maybe somehow sexual?)  determination if an attack by the Catholic religion professor actually took place after half a year, finally, resulted in the withdrawal of said professor from the classroom and in his exit from the seminary.

Professor D. was simply of the opinion,  that he wasn't willing to offer any longer. He has now turned to more interesting job offers.

Why the Vienna archdiocese Rejects Priests

 What may well have been the reasons that the diocesan internal apparatus in Vienna was apparently intensely anxious, to be rid of this man? A man at the beginning of his middle age; a solid character,  at least on the impression of a long acquaintance with him here in Austria; a highly trained and apparently very experienced teacher who  was also willing to undertake the effort of the priesthood to himself.

Because he is Catholic? 

It may have played a part, the fact that Professor D. had simply been too successful with his teaching, missionary to a certain extent. You know what I mean -   religion and the new age, are just  not really compatible.

And hinder the "Church of the Council", which does indeed become increasingly really hard on faithful views, for these prevent these days, as we know,  today's Christianity's adaptation and submission process.

Faith, therefore, as Christ's command to his disciples, to put it in a "contemporary" language, contrasted  increasingly with the unconditional church functionary contemporary "Yes to today's world" (to quote media reports of the Episcopal meeting with parish councils on June 18, 2014 in Mariazell ).

To sum ​​it up succinctly: Professor D. was probably not incompetent enough and above all, he was Catholic. (a member of the Catholic Fraternity !!).

 Rehabilitation After Examination by the Socialist Town Council

 Professor D. was, incidentally, after a thorough review of his case, fully rehabilitated by the relevant city council . But since, he has, after the successful and fraternal cremation of his reputation, as he himself put it,  fortunately left behind the local intra-Church progressivism of Austria now.

However, he remains Catholic, regardless of all of the pastoral efforts directed at him to exacerbate the shortage of priests. A fundamentalist, quite obviously.

See also: Fairness for Father Fabian...   Shönborn's Sexiest Pastor (Sentenced)....

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Monday, July 7, 2014

Dissident Ex-Priest Gives Retreat at Melk Austria for 8,000 Euro

Ex-Catholic and Ex-Priest Drewermann
Edit: Stift Melk is more than 900 years old with a dwindling number of monks.   Truly a decadent community as caretakers of one of the most beautiful churches in what’s left of Christendom.  So this doesn’t come as a surprise.

(Melk) every year in the Benedictine Abbey of St. Lambrecht in Styria there is a so-called annual retreat for the entire convent of the famous Benedictine Abbey of Melk, set in Lower Austria. For several days, all the monks of the Austrian "Escorial" take spiritual exercises at St. Lambrecht.
This year, the retreat took place from 2 July to  29 June.  The guidance of the retreat, which will serve as spiritual exercises a deepening and renewal of faith of the monks was entrusted to the former priest and psychotherapist Eugen Drewermann in 2014.
Eugen Drewermann left the Catholic Church in 2005 and had been suspended in 1992 as a priest after he  had been deprived from his  teaching and preaching  license by the bishop of Paderborn. The starting point were the measures in 1986 by the then Prefect of the Congregation of the Faith, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who expressed his concern about Drewermann's increasingly radical departures away from the Catholic doctrine. For his 65th birthday, Drewermann announced his withdrawal from the Catholic Church.

What Brings An Ex-priest and Ex-Catholic and Benedictine Monks Together?

What might the Melk Benedictine in "spiritual exercises” learn exactly in spiritual exercises from an apostate priest as beaten from the Church?  Certainly not the Catholic Doctrine and the  Catholic Faith, anyway.
Eugen Drewermann is to have received an 8,000 euro fee for the four days of "retreat" from Melk Abbey and celebrated the Eucharist at the daily services in the Abbey of St. Lambrecht. The ex-priest and ex-Catholic was hired on behalf of the Melk of Abbot Georg Wilfinger by Father Jeremiah Eisenbauer who is also a psychotherapist and is also involved with Helmut Schüllers Pfarrer initiative of dissident priests.
A reaction of the Diocese of St. Pölten where the Melk Abbey is located, and the Apostolic Nunciature in Vienna is not yet known.
Text: Martha Weinzl
image: Wikicommons (assembly
Trans: Tancred
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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Pope Francis Excommunicates President of 'We Are Church'

Martha Heizer has been simulating masses regularly together with her husband. Now Rome has cracked down and excommunicated both - Faculty of Theology Innsbruck: Heizer is expected, due to a lack of studies to renounce her self-designation as "theologian"

Rome ( Pope Francis has excommunicated the President of the anti-Roman platform "We are Church," Martha Heizer (67), and her husband, Gert. This was reported by the "Tiroler Tageszeitung" on Thursday. Because the two Tyroleans regularly simulated Eucharistic celebrations, which is a serious offense ("delictum gravius") so were faced with excommunication, ie, they are excluded from the Church's sacraments. Bishop Scheuer wanted yesterday evening to deliver Rome's decree, but this was rejected by both. The President of the platform "We are Church" and those who helped launch the Church referendum were "shocked by the intervention" of Rome.

Already in 2011 Jozef Neviadomski, Dean of the Faculty of Theology of the University of Innsbruck and professor of dogmatics, pointed out that Frau Dr. Heizer is "presented in public media, 'as a theologian'". Such qualification confers on it "the aura of expertise, which she still - at least in an academic context - has never earned". Neviadomski pointed out that Heizer has "neither theology nor religious education studies," but she was been employed "for many years as an assistant in the area of ​​religious education at the Theological Faculty of Innsbruck" as a PhD educator. The Dean stated: "Your teaching has been considered quite valuable to the Faculty but was characterized by systematic usurpation of competences in things theology, a process that was not legitimized by an appropriate effort in study. The fact is that parts of the faculty had advised for years before the rejection of the self-classification as a theologian, that this had the potential for conflict, even as the affected person was its origin."

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Trans: Tancred
Edit: But they're also sending a visitor to the Sister of the Immaculate, according to Rorate.
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Monday, May 5, 2014

Anarcho-Leftists Damage Famous Karlskirche in Vienna

(Vienna) Attacks and vandalism against churches have been mounting in Austria are piling up for several years. On Saturday night, the famous Karlskirche was show with paint pellets and daubed with slogans by left-wing extremists in Vienna. "Police said the damage was enormous," as the ORF reported. The perpetrators damaged several statues with their paint on the outside walls of the church. Anarchist symbols and a dripping font "from repression follows resistance" point to the extreme left-wing "autonomous" way. It is assumed that there are multiple perpetrators. The official line is that there is "currently" no evidence of the perpetrators. However, the left-wing extremist scene in Vienna is very well known to the police.

Arson Attack Against Mary Our Lady Church in Bregenz

Arson against Mariahilf heroes thanks church Bregenz

In Bregenz on Lake Constance unidentified perpetrators engaged on Saturday night in an arson attack on the Mariahilf Church. At about 1:20 AM, a 52-year-old woman discovered the fire. With the help of a a 62-year-old man, she tried to extinguish the fire. She had to be treated for suspected smoke inhalation in the State Hospital. The perpetrators had doused the church door with chemicals and set it on fire.

A canister was secured near the church door. The police are asking the community for evidence in both cases.

In March, several churches of Vienna had been damaged. A 37 year old man was detained and confessed to six acts he is alleged to have done on a "divine mission". The police suspect a single perpetrator in this case. The situation is different in the attack on the Karlskirche, which carries clear political handwriting and reveals hate for the Church.

The Karlskirche (St. Charles Church) was build by Emperor Charles VI. who took a vow during the last plague back in 1713. Its patron is Saint Charles Borromeo. The church was built from 1716-1739 by Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach and completed after his death by his son Joseph Emanuel Fischer von Erlach. The church was under Imperial patronage until 1918. The church has been looked after since its construction by the Order the Cross with the Red Star from Prague. (A Lay association founded by St. Agnes of Bohemia) On November 4, 2013 Bishop Vitus Huonder of Chur celebrated a Pontifical High Mass in the Karlskirche in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite.

The Mary Our Lady Church in Bregenz is the parish church of the Vorkloster-Rieden district. It was built in 1925-1931 according to the plans of the architect Clemens Holzmeister. The parish church is also dedicated to heroes for the fallen soldiers in the First World War.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Wikicommons
Trans: Tancred

Monday, February 10, 2014

[Update] End the “Scandalous” Handling of the Franciscans of the Immaculate -- Pressure Grows

(Rome)  The treatment of the Order of the Franciscans of the Imaculate Conception has become a scandalous case, says Corrispondenza Romana. In contrast, Church internal resistance has been encouraged by some cardinals and by a new international signature campaign, which was launched last Saturday. It is supported in the German-speaking area by Pro Missa Tridentina .
Some cardinals and bishops who appreciate this extraordinary apostolate Order have sent Pope Francis an extensive and detailed documentation on the beneficial action of the Franciscans of the Immaculate  and also the current treatment by the  Congregation of Religious and the Commissioner appointed by them. An "outrageous" treatment of the Franciscans of the Immaculate, who were placed under provisional administration because they adhere to the traditional liturgy and the unabbreviated doctrine of the Church.
Last 4 February the traditional   news agency of the historian Roberto de Mattei Corrispondenza Romana  sent to Secretary of State Pietro Parolin a petition with 8,000 signatures which demands the resignation of the Apostolic Commissioner of the Franciscans of the Immaculate , Fr Fidenzio Volpi.
At the same time, an international petition began on the 8th of February.  It’s a Sign of how much the drastic intervention of the Congregation of Religious is understood in a part of the Catholic Church as a fundamental attack on  tradition and its affiliated communities and believers. The new signature collection is supported internationally by several organizations, this includes the German-speaking Pro Missa Tridentina, in the Netherlands Ecclesia Dei, in Canada, theVancouver Traditional Mass Society , in New Zealand the Ecclesia Dei Society and Una Voce Austria .
With the new international call  "justice and self-determination for the Franciscans of the Immaculate" is demanded. The signatories of the international petition are calling for the restoration of the Order of the Franciscans of the Immaculate Conception or a new status according to their choice. 240 brothers, more than half, have already provided a request last fall for establishment of a new order, without obtaining a response about it from the Holy See.
The petition also calls for full respect and "unmolested implementation" of the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum of Pope Benedict XVI., it frees any priest to celebrate in the Old or the New Roman Rite. A legally binding provision for  the Franciscans of the Immaculate Conception is not being respected. The petition can be downloaded in different languages ​​from the website Pro Missa Tridentina  (here is the English version of the petition ). A detailed documentation of the Franciscans of the Immaculate is presented together with the Dutch Association of Ecclesia Die.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Messa in Latino
Trans: Tancred

Rome's Massive Critique of the Absent Catechesis in Austria

The Rome Bulletin of the Ad Limina Visit of the Austrian Bishops
Contains a Massive Critique of their Activity,
Despite Schönborn's Portrayals. 

Episcopal Whitewash

Cardinal Schönborn is the white washer of his own failings. Just as he explains  the ad limina visit to Rome, as if the Holy Father had just held a contented little chat with the Austrian bishops.

Bulletin of Rome

The Bulletin of Rome for ad limina visit of the Austrian episcopate (VISITA "ad Limina Apostolorum" DEI PRESULI DELLA Conferenza Episcopale DELL'AUSTRIA, 01/30/2014 ) already significantly different, sounds like omission within the Church and diplomatic courtesies.
Subsequently, this is [our translation] the original text (in italics) with explanations of the underlying statements.

VISITA "ad Limina Apostolorum" DEI PRESULI DELLA Conferenza Episcopale DELL'AUSTRIA, 30/01/2014

Dear Brothers,
I am pleased that I will blessed through this intense encounter with you as part of your ad limina visit of the fruits of the Church in Austria and that I should give her something. I thank your President, Cardinal Schönborn for the courteous words that assure me that we will go the way of the proclamation of salvation in Christ together. Each of us is from Christ, the only mediator of salvation, the Church opens up its priestly work according to the senses after and thus helps to make the love of God in the world again presently.
  • Welcome and approval from the Holy Father that the Church in Austria, according to Cardinal Schönborn, still remains  united with Rome. Apparently assurance by Cardinal Schönborn was necessary to reduce doubt in the Vatican.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Austria: More Leaving Church Under Pope Francis Than Under Benedict XVI

(Vienna) in Austria in 2013, there were more than leaving the church than in 2012. Nearly 55,000 Catholics have left the Catholic Church as a corporate body under public law. Thus more Austrians left the Church in the first year of the pontificate of Pope Francis, than in the last year of the pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI. The church leaders wonder about this phenomenon, which they had not expected.
"We would have expected better numbers," said the Bishop of Linz Vicar William Viehböck. Following the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. there was  relief heard from not a few official church authorities in Austria. The reasons are to be sought in the different understanding of the Church. The election of Pope Francis was greeted with cheers. Since then everything will "different" and "better". But the harsh reality has caught up to the diocese now.

No "Bergoglio Effect" -Church Leaders Puzzle

After the election of the new Pope a "a palpable mood swing" had occurred,  says Viehböck. The "mood" does not seem to be of the desired type. A "mood" seems to be no solid foundation for the Church. At the management level, one tries to maintain optimism and push the "Bergoglio effect" to the next year. Negative events would prove to act  even "faster" than positive, says Vicar Viehböck consolingly.
The increase in leaving the Church does not fit the image. It dampens the alleged "change of mood". By leaving the numbers regularly leaving the Church  seen driven by   progressive church policy   in recent years. The withdrawals were attributed to real and fictitious scandals or  the "conservatives" were blamed. Once the fault was because Bishop Kurt Krenn was appointed Bishop of Sankt Pölten, then the alleged "abuse scandal" of Vienna's Archbishop Cardinal Hans Hermann Gröer or because Pope Benedict XVI. wanted to appoint the "hardliner" Pastor Gerhard Maria Wagner as Auxiliary Bishop of Linz.

Numbers of People Leaving Church Exploited by  Progressive Church Policy

The new figures refute this transparent, but black and white image, thanks to support of the media. In recent years  leaving the church had been interpreted by "appointed" sides as an "outcry" against "the log jam" and "backwardness", yet there is currently a conspicuous silence. Church districts which are faithful have been demanding a fact-based analysis for years.  The individualization and dissolution of Church affiliation will be only be promoted rather than stopped by the progressive agenda with destruction of the liturgy, attenuated evangelization efforts and a staff that is no longer really Catholic, but speak in the name of the Church in public.
The increase in withdrawals is 4.8 percent. The percentage of Catholics in Austria's population has thus declined   to a record low. From a Church perspective an exit from the Church is not possible. Through a serious act that violates church doctrine and order, believers can suffer excommunication and therefore the exclusion from the ecclesial community. [Especially if they don't want to support the Liberal Tax-Church regime with its poorly managed healthcare facilities, liturgical abuses and shoddy catechesis.] This need not be explicitly imposed, but occurs automatically upon the act.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Catholic Church in Austria
Trans: Tancred

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Mind Bending Psycho-Confessionals: Jesuits Introduce Lay Psychologists to Confessionals in Linz

In Hitler's "hometown"  the modernist faction introductes an un-Catholic approach to Confession.
Waiting for the first victims: Pastoral shrinks in the confessional of the old Cathedral in Linz - whether they both play the role of the priest is not apparent [screen capture Kirchenzeitung Linz]


Despite  the desperation for  novelty,  Linz  remains the same: one just wants to suck up to the large heap of the consumers of Church contributions who have  little faith and make the Catholic faith unstable. Nevertheless, the reasons for the countless innovations (to innovations, etc.) are proven futile.
In a report  by "Linzer Church Newspaper" the designated secular newspaper of the Diocese of Linz says:
"In the new confessional in the old Cathedral   there aren't only priests are there to talk to  ... for consultation. There is also a psychologist inside offering advice."

The Psycho-Confessional

In the future, a person can not only chat with the priest in the so-called "confessional" of the old cathedral in Linz, but shrinks dig into the depths of souls there as well, if one  becomes consumed by earthly fears and desires. The existence of the soul in eternity would not be in the foreground of this modernist caricature.

The Jesuits Once Carried the Faith 

Under Emperor Ferdinand II, the Jesuits were still mainly a guarantee of the strengthening of the Catholic Faith, model vehicles of the beneficent Counter-Reformation in the inner-Austrian lands.
This has changed fundamentally: Large parts of the Jesuit Order have now the prescribed the neo-Protestant Zeitgeist "church"  and are the bearers of the Modernist movement within the Church.

The Modernist-Jesuits Mock the Sacrament of Confession

"If the sacrament of reconciliation is  to have a future, it needs new spaces and new forms," ​​said the European plain clothes Jesuit of the Old Cathedral in Linz, Fr. P. Michael Messner, whose psycho-confessional doesn't even include a minibar stocked with alcohol.
Also the obligatory couch, on which a patient can make himself comfortable  has been omitted. Despite or  really because of these innovations  the penitent can be hastened down the path to damnation more freely.

Uselessness of Plain Clothes Jesuits

These new forms of the "sacrament of reconciliation" apparently mean that  the priest is forced out of the confessional and a sunshine psychologist gives his two cents where he does not belong.
The priest's role, who for good reasons is subject to the Sacrament of Penance for the forgiveness of (repented) sins, will be laicized and  a signal for the uselessness of the clergy is established.
That God is degraded in psychology to the creation of the mortal soul, is probably the main reason why the shrink may give their two cents in the confessional in Linz.

"Psychologists are the Disease, 
 Whose Cure They Conceal"

These changes are  the expression of boundless hubris, which exactly causes  apostasy, which one then tries to cure with  still more innovations and waste.
This innovation always has  one thing in common: the believers (in this case, the confessional clients) would be removed from the influence of the heavenly.
Despite desperate attempts at innovation in the Tax Church in the land of Austria, everything remains the same: Faith "in God, the Father almighty, creator of heaven and earth" is not renewed, but is significantly flattened.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Servite Prior Bans Traditional Mass to Pilgrims in Austria

(Vienna) A Liturgical scandal occurred in the Austrian Servite  Monastery of Maria Luggau. The prior of the monastery has banned a group of pilgrims, who want to celebrate Holy Mass in the Sanctuary of Mary in the Immemorial Mass of All Ages.  The Fatima initiative that undertakes a pilgrimage to Maria Luggau  annually in October wanted to celebrate the Old Rite. Prior Andreas M. Baur, said the Carinthian newspaper, Kleine Zeitung : "I am critical of the Tridentine Mass. It does not correspond to the spirit of the Second Vatican Council ".

Under Benedict XVI. permitted, prohibited under Francis

In the years 2011 and 2012 the Mass was to be celebrated even without problems and with the permission of Prior Baur in the Extraordinary Form at the request of the pilgrims the Holy Mass. At that time Pope Benedict XVI. was still the leader of the Catholic Church, now the pilgrims are harshly rejected. Benedict XVI. was the one who  with the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum had restored the Old Mass in 2007 to Its full rights of citizenship in the Church. Now, however, that Pope Francis rules in Rome and the prior of the Servite Monastery no longer feels bound to the "rights of citizenship" for the Old Rite as a papally binding arrangement.
"It is absolutely allowed to celebrate Holy Tridentine mass in Church law. To ban us is an arbitrary act," said Anna Stranner of the Fatima Initiative who will venerate the Mother of Sorrows of Mary Luggau in a special way. "A prior can not but be more Catholic than the Pope," lamented Stranner at the unfriendly treatment of the prayer community. As in previous years, a priest would come to Maria Luggau to celebrate the Holy Mass in the Old Rite with the pilgrims.  In 2013 the celebrant would have been  the Austrian military Dean, Siegfried Lochner. So the Servites would not have been so  much as "bothered" that the Fatima Initiative  group of pilgrims, more than others who have been to visit during the year at the church. Dean Lochner is surprised about the cancellation and also angry about the behavior of the monastery superintendent: "I have often celebrated Holy Mass according to the traditional Roman Rite/ But such a brusque rejection of the faithful, as by this prior is new to me."

Prior Baur: "Critical of the Tridentine Mass"

Prior Baur is struggling to justify his decision, which is in open contradiction to church law. He explained that the group of pilgrims had "not involved" him. In addition, he was "being harassed by phone", for "days" by the pilgrims because of the prohibition of the Old Mass. "I'm not going to be forced" said the Servite priest energetically to the Kleine Zeitung  and came to an idiosyncratic understanding of the law. According to Prior Baur the Ancient Mass does not correspond "to the spirit of Vatican II", from which he concludes that this "spirit" breaks the current law.
The diocese of Gurk-Klagenfurt does not want to mess with the monastery and certainly not because of the Mass of Saint Pius V., the diocesan chancellor, diocesan official, and cathedral canon, Msgr. Jakob Ibounig, says of "such Masses", by which he means the traditional rite: "The prior makes the house rules." And anyway: "If he does not want that such Masses are celebrated in his church, this is the legitimate," said Msgr Ibounig.
At least   Prior Baur, whose consecration year is [groovy] 1973, hasn't closed the door completely, to the press: "The tone has to change. I also want to have a talk with the priest holding the Mass. Then we'll see,"  he is  quoted as saying by the Kleine Zeitung .
The monastery with the pilgrimage church of Maria of the Snow in Maria Luggau lies in the diocese of Gurk-Klagenfurt in Upper Carinthia Lesachtal. The pilgrimage goes back to a devout woman, to whom the Blessed Mother appeared in 1513 in a dream and instructed her to build a church on a wheat field. The present church, whose foundation stone was laid in 1515, has as yet no Volksaltar [Cramner Table].  Since 1639 the Servites have overseen the pilgrimage they took over from the Franciscans. Currently, three Servites live in Maria Luggau monastery after a brother from Nigeria joined the Convent.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Wikicommons
Trans: Tancred

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Pontifical High Mass in Vienna’s Karlskirche

(Vienna) On the Memorial of St. Charles Borromeo the  Bishop of Chur, Vitus Huonder, celebrated a Pontifical High Mass in the Saint Charles Church consecrated in Vienna on November 4th. The Mass was offered in the magnificent Baroque church  in the awe-inspiring sacred liturgy of the Immemorial Rite, in which the worship of the Triune God and the realization of the bloodless sacrifice of the Cross of Jesus Christ are commemorated.
This was organized by Una Voce Austria.  There   Mass for five voices was performed by Giovanni Rovetta. The chorale was sung according to the Gradual Medicaeum.  In 1713 during the great plague, the Viennese Emperor Charles VI., promised his patron saint, Saint Charles Borromeo,  who also undertook the pastoral care of plague victims as cardinal and brought them Holy Communion, to build a Church.
It was built according to plans by Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach.  The church was consecrated in 1738.  It has been cared for ever since by the Knights of the Cross with the Red Star, founded in Prague in 1233. From 1783 to 1918, the Emperor exercised itself the right of patronage.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Una Voce Austria